View Full Version : I want a world, just like the world that married dear old dad...

Emmett Brown
10th Oct 2017, 4:33 AM
The worlds I make in CAW suck. I have the artistic talent of a chimpanzee with a bad case of the diarrhea. You just want to forget you've seen my worlds and my houses. Seriously, my worlds are technically correct, but even a Scotch Spartan would find them dull and boring.

And playing the same world over and over again gets boring. Need a Money tree? The seeds are there. Moonstone? Look here. Life fruit? Go to the garden and look in the corner by the hedge. Death flower? Right there. Death fish? Yeah, it's in the ocean at the end of the trail that passes through the park.

Playing your own worlds is also boring... you know exactly where everything is. It's like playing dungeons and dragons by yourself. Why even bother?

What's a good world?

10th Oct 2017, 6:31 AM
I agree with the game getting a bit dull when you're too familiar with a world. It can also happen if you're one of those players who have to edit the hell out of lots in a new world, then you see where all the spawners, plants, and whatnot are hiding (but not on purpose, and I've become one of those players). Imagine my surprise when I couldn't find a death flower in the main graveyard in Barnacle Bay (oh, they put it 'there' instead!).

CAW is for the brave, creative, talented, able. I suck at CAW, just CAW. Never got beyond trying to figure it out a few times. Congrats on conquering the beast, and I'm sure your worlds and houses don't suck. Thanks for the chuckles though :)

10th Oct 2017, 8:36 PM
I have 5 worlds in progress in CAW now so don't get bored easily as switch back and forth working on them. 3 are new ones and 2 are reworking old ones. I have played many worlds as have moved my 34 generation family every generation or 2. As long as I can build, I am happy.

26th Oct 2017, 3:14 AM
Just create A sim named: Johnny Test.
That could liven up your world a bit.