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12th Oct 2017, 10:18 AM
Yes I downloaded Crowborough (http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=575543) to play with my sims in, and I made this because I began hating the trash can of mine -w-'

So let's go on with the stoooory!

Melody - a life alone
A life alone for Melody started out to be quite lonely. Nothing special happened other than Lucas would come by once in a while. But now when she was alone was she forced to be the one repairing everything, so an hour before school did she get up to try to stop the leak in the shower. It was hard work, but she did it.
School went fine with no problems and and as soon as she was home could she call her Boyfriend before she had to go to work. When alone you need to work. The conversation mostly went on about a tour out. Maybe in the future.

The daughter of the household fastly threw herself over the first homework. School was an exciting thing but she already knew from her mom, that if she wanted to be successful did she need to do all her school work as a priority.
As important the girl found school as important did William find that he wanted to be in the music career. One day he might be lucky enough to become the best to play a piano in the whole region. He knew he still would have to enter the Criddlehood university but he would continue to follow his heart if so.

Hello hello, welcome to the witch house. A day of studying and a day of painting, a good day it seemed. At least... unto I forgot feeding one of the witches ._.
With this speed is the graveyard filled up before I am anywhere done... I should really feed my sims...

I also forgot the old lady in the Melissa household ._.
great they all die...
Also Incredible the mailman just go on with his day...
And Alice was kipnapped by the aliens... I feel lucky for having this happen twice in my game for the first time in like 10 years stuff like this happens...

12th Oct 2017, 5:30 PM

Nice pictures.

I hate it when my Sims end up dying on me for something other than old age. I either just don't save or I resurrect them. You are going to leave them as dead yes?

I of course love to have my Sims get abducted.

12th Oct 2017, 5:36 PM
Oooh, two deaths! :blink: I've not played with witches a lot, are they difficult to keep happy?

Poor Alice, was the kidnap a red or green memory for her?

Lovely pictures, OnayaW! :lovestruc

12th Oct 2017, 9:24 PM
You got some great pictures.

Melody will be very busy keeping her home up and going to school. She will hopefully have time enough for her boyfriend and fun, as well.

The Ramaswamis seem to be hard workers, whether doing school work or practicing the piano. They have a good understanding that success comes from hard work.

Oh no! That poor hungry witch, and the old lady!

The alien abduction will be fun for us. I hope it was fun for Alice, too.

12th Oct 2017, 10:04 PM
@lordtyger9 I keep all my sims dead if they die. That way I can have a mix og old age, completed goals and uncompleted goals plus it seems slightly more realistic to.

@simsample no they are not hard to keep happy. They are like normal sims. not anything special about them besides they shine and can magic.
The memory was green though for Alice, right after she wished to meet an alien... she is an alien but let's not tell her that. Or tell her that her kids are aliens ._.'

@Cher64 yes, the kids have the typical personalities of their assigned gender for some reason, so I try to make them a little more unique with work hard like the parents, since apparently my ramaswamis love working ewe'
I can't wait to see if Alice got pregnant which is my hope, it's my second alien abduction, the first with a college student, Alice came in as second by accident and I was happy in the current moment she was a family sim because the social worker came and was like: "Your children are alone, but I'll give you a second chance" I was so lucky ._. like, heck I didn't want Lily and Lillian in the adopt system!

13th Oct 2017, 3:43 AM
@lordtyger9 I keep all my sims dead if they die. That way I can have a mix og old age, completed goals and uncompleted goals plus it seems slightly more realistic to.

@simsample no they are not hard to keep happy. They are like normal sims. not anything special about them besides they shine and can magic.
The memory was green though for Alice, right after she wished to meet an alien... she is an alien but let's not tell her that. Or tell her that her kids are aliens ._.'

@Cher64 yes, the kids have the typical personalities of their assigned gender for some reason, so I try to make them a little more unique with work hard like the parents, since apparently my ramaswamis love working ewe'
I can't wait to see if Alice got pregnant which is my hope, it's my second alien abduction, the first with a college student, Alice came in as second by accident and I was happy in the current moment she was a family sim because the social worker came and was like: "Your children are alone, but I'll give you a second chance" I was so lucky ._. like, heck I didn't want Lily and Lillian in the adopt system!

I figured that you would let them stay dead.

Unless you are using a Mod to permit it College Students can not get pregnant, are you using a mod that does?

13th Oct 2017, 4:32 AM
@lordtyger9 no
I am not
And actually
College students can get pregnant
But the coding of the game don’t want them to without you damaging the coding

19th Oct 2017, 11:03 PM
I figured that you would let them stay dead.

Unless you are using a Mod to permit it College Students can not get pregnant, are you using a mod that does?

Not the case, actually... I had a sim away at college, who went on a date downtown when she was a junior in college. First semester. They woohooed in the photobooth and i got the little chime. I selected "try for baby" only because i was curious what would happen, since I didn't think YAs could get pregnant. She finished her exams, went on to her second semester as a junior, completed that and her entire senior year. Had a graduation party, moved home, back to Pleasantview, and BLAMMO! baby bump! Longest gestation known to simkind! A few days later, she had her twin boys. And actually her dad was like 2 days away from dying, so I had him drink the elixir of life so he could play with his grandkids a little bit longer, but the Elixir failed because his mood, and he dropped dead on the spot, 2 hours before the birth of the twins. Wah-wah-wah-waaaaaaaaah...


23rd Oct 2017, 7:03 AM
@grinevilly I know they can get pregnant, I had a girl once upon a time but in my case the game glitched and and she gave birth on the college...

23rd Oct 2017, 10:11 PM
@grinevilly I know they can get pregnant, I had a girl once upon a time but in my case the game glitched and and she gave birth on the college...

Wow, that's some glitch! I was just relating my story to illustrate that YA sims can, indeed get pregnant... urban myth that they cant (like jumping up and down afterwards. 8 ) hahaha. ...you just dont typically find out until months, even years later, when they graduate and pop out a couple kids. It's not a miracle. Just a delayed reaction. hahahah


27th Oct 2017, 9:56 AM
For this time I followed Maria in the Almars family, simply because I needed to spend some time on her now... and because she had some wishes I needed to fulfill to keep her out of red... and then she rolled the child wish... So here we go

It all started with Maria wished to go bowling, she never really ended up bowling but she ended up in the bar, watching a pink guy, literally... he is pink...
I found out the other bar guy was blue...
Well good to see, I just call them all aliens or alien hybrids if they have human ears ^^
I actually enjoy seeing the CC skin plus it makes them look a little better.

either way, Maria and pink guy (I know the pun here) actually came pretty good out of it and got to 80 in that thingy before she took home. By this time they were friends...
So when Maria was home I of cause called him, because she wanted to get married and have a child and stuff, family sim, so
the first call didn't end up all well
But I called him again right after and he said he would love to come by. Sims are the worst liars ever xD

But anyway, the little invitation to her home went so well he moved in and asked her to marry him, she said yes VwV
and just to fulfill her damn wish:
yeeeaaah, the update is slightly boring but hey, I had to pay some focus to Maria, she was getting lonely now Lucas only study and sees his girlfriend ^^

27th Oct 2017, 6:17 PM
Sims are the worst liars ever.
So true! :lol:

I don't think a little love story like this is boring, so thank you for sharing it.

28th Oct 2017, 5:57 AM
So true! :lol:

I don't think a little love story like this is boring, so thank you for sharing it.

Thanks ;;
I suck at love stories of though

28th Oct 2017, 7:14 AM

It was a good story though and not boring. No Worries.

6th Dec 2017, 8:54 AM
Sorry for no gameplay update
I have been extremely busy
on the other hand I have been playing all the characters you guys don't hear about because they aren't relevant

My boredom make me dress the not so important sims in very weird ways

6th Dec 2017, 10:42 AM
@OnayaW I love Maria and her pink guy! It's nice when the game generates some unique NPCs. :)

The bearded guy looks interesting- what's his name? Is he one you made?

6th Dec 2017, 2:03 PM
@OnayaW I love Maria and her pink guy! It's nice when the game generates some unique NPCs. :)

The bearded guy looks interesting- what's his name? Is he one you made?

My game generates a looooot of sims with weird colored skin xD
But I rarely see the big ears around so I am happy they came on him VwV

I dont remember his name - the bearded guy - he was in the university and I wanna play them all out before Lucas goes to university so to make that happen am I playing all the premade but I just redesign them xD
So it is funnier

11th Dec 2017, 7:41 AM
I'm never tired of the randomness this game makes
The mailman at the college VwV
She is pretty...


11th Dec 2017, 7:47 PM
Finally got time to play something else than the stupid college soooo

Two young adults
fell in love, had woohoo and now she is possible pregnant (mod)
Yes, yes

Allerward and ...his cheating
No news under the house of the Elderik Family.
Well Nearly, Actually Allerward did some chores while Ellevier was at work and also took care of Infinity :D
Good dad!
unfortunately Allerward's late work hours means he is home in the middle of the night... inviting his girlfriend! They seemed to have a lot of fun as they both decided to sing and dance (for some reason?)
The unknown Ellevier next morning kissed her husband, unaware of him dating his girlfriend in all secrets.
How long will it hold?

At the Roselands was not everything fine. Cyd invited Alice Mellissa home, Paul's previous lover, in hope they all could settle it, only to find Paul kissing Alice. In all sadness and anger, the day ended in a break up and Paul stood again on the street, hopeless, what was he gonna do. Alice would properly not take him back but just maybe...
This town has survived its first drama, but how will it go, and where will it end?

12th Dec 2017, 5:33 AM
Ahh so much Drama.

Nice that the one couple are goin gto have a baby.

12th Dec 2017, 7:23 AM
@lordtyger9 yes, much drama, much cheating and it's gonna be interesting with the couple because they are three students in a three roomed house. I may end up needing to have the brothers share room.

12th Dec 2017, 8:10 PM
Laila Roseland
Laila Roseland called her Parent, Cyd, to hear if the rumors was true, only to find out he really did break up with Paul. She didn't take it too heavy though and seemed she understood it was the right call. Even though both Cyd and Paul had been having earlier loves in their lives, did it not make it right that Paul cheated with his ex.

Melony continues
Saturday had hit and Melony thought it was an amazing idea to invite Lucas, her boyfriend, over for a sleepover VwV
A welcoming kiss VwV
Melony even made food to him because he was hungry but she had just ate before he got there.
unfortunately she couldn't sleep at night so she began meditating, she must still miss her parents?

There isn't anything noteable from the RamaSwami household buuuut...
stop being so rude Allerward, she was just trying to call her friend
and for some reason Alice walked into the house even though no one at all invited her? She just came there after Laila called Lily. Laila Ramaswami, not Laila Roseland... I have two... dammit
She went strait for the money thing and walked away again... should I be worried over this?

Naenae the... not witch
After Trail's passing did Naenae decide to not to be a witch anymore. So She is not a witch anymore. WHOOPWHOOP.

17th Dec 2017, 10:57 AM
Well i got the mod


Let's start at the Almars. Everyone remember pink boyfriend, so this round I decided to make a few makeovers, not only on him (but on Paul to!)


Yes. Now you can laugh but I enjoy a few crazy makeovers now and then VwV
Besides it makes them slightly more personal.

But pink alien enjoys his life at the Almars. He is happy in the little home VwV

There didn't go long before him and Lucas became good friends even though he was a lazy type and Lucas an active type, but they shared many interests together and apparently both likes to play the guitar, so they came really good out of it and it makes it very easy for Maria to have a boyfriend again VwV she deserves a better man after her ex husband VwV No more abuse... but it isn't good he is a lazy ass, it means Maria will have to kick him some more.
And Maria is happy for him to! Very happy. She hopes that she may be available to raise children with him for once without being in need of a divorce!

At the college was it a bit different, remember that guy who already have been abducted once? well he now have been abducted twice, but he enjoys it according to his green memories ._. So yeah, he enjoys the alien stuff but he is a knowledge person sooo... but seriously wth is the luck for a sim to be abducted twice in a game?! I thought for years getting abducted was nearly impossible!
His two roomates got a child but I found first mistake in the college baby thing, the baby have not gotten any skin or hair color from parents, so that's a minus...
I mean really, there is no trace of the parents in the child at all. And I'm pretty sure these two are the parents!
It seems their child has either brown or black hair which is impossible since they don't have it at all?
I also realise I may need to play with the numbers for the CC skin since a lot of sims have gotten the CC skin, also the NPC's so...
At least the nanny at the college is pretty
So yeah...

PAUL TIME, so since Paul was thrown out from Cyd's home did he move into a little apartment (Unfortunately the picture disappeared? I know I took one but it's gone...) and the first person he invites by was Alice. To woohoo in the closet. Why Paul. Why?! (No seriously they did it themselves and I was like... seriously?)
Also seems it's the only thing on his mind.
I did give Paul a bigger makeover but I also lost that picture so here is one with only the makeup I did on him ._.
I promise I'll show the full makeover for this playboy in next round with him, but since he is the first character in a round it may take a while ._.

17th Dec 2017, 2:52 PM
Good Pictures. I like how the stories are going.

17th Dec 2017, 6:29 PM
Good Pictures. I like how the stories are going.

Thank you

But are you the one clicking dislike on all my posts?

18th Dec 2017, 3:36 AM
I think the pink boyfriend has a really interesting face, and not just the colors. The nanny is pretty, and she looks like she'd be nice.

it's a good thing the one dude really likes aliens and being abducted!

18th Dec 2017, 8:19 AM
I think the pink boyfriend has a really interesting face, and not just the colors. The nanny is pretty, and she looks like she'd be nice.

it's a good thing the one dude really likes aliens and being abducted!

I know the pink guy is really interesting but I don't like his wish because of how old Maria have gotten, - get 6 kids married -
But yes he has some interesting features besides his giant ass ears xD

And also yes, that one guy there loves aliens have been abducted most, at least he is not unhappy about it xD and he do get his wishes fullfilled XD

18th Dec 2017, 9:18 AM
In the home of the Elderrik family could it be found risky that Allerward double dated. He knew he many years ago agreed to take care of Ellevier for his family. It was how it had been and even though they years ago only had come together for the pure sake of their families had they in the later years started to actually love each other, but was it now good, now where Allerward dated another woman in town? It wasn't easy at home, hiding his love for his so called best friend, and Ellivier unknown as ever trusted that he finally only was with her. After a long work day would Allerward come home to Ellivier and treat her as she was the only one in the world. He did question how long it could keep going, how long he had back before Ellivier would hear the rumors, catch him cheating. He didn't know yet and he was scared to even know the time. He had to play family dad and husband for the sake of those two. for the sake of Ellivier and their child Infinity.

At Cyd Roseland would he have to celebrate two birthdays for the little ones. Michael was soon getting older and so was Mombai. Cyd took the choice to stay home from work to be there for them and to celebrate their birthdays. Michael was first to the cake, even though there was no party did Michael turn out to be happy and very very energic. As soon as he hit his "growth" did he run around the house, nearly running on walls!
But Michael was happy, even though his fathers had been divorced and Cyd now stood with all the kids in the house, had Cyd managed to make them all happy again, even without Paul around VwV
[Note: I really like the features of Michael so far. Gonna be interesting to see what will happen!]
Mombai was just as happy for the special home party with Cyd, but to the events would it show up that he would grow up to be a very serious man, taking life very very seriously. Who could know the little green man would become so serious. Cyd was in slight worries but hoped that even Mombai could be happy and relaxed and get a better lovelife... [honestly though, Cyd and Paul might have the worst love lives in town]

Before we go further
let's take a little break from stories because I am giving a slight warning for those who well, won't be very happy for the next chapter. Let's just say, sims fucked up in it, rather Laila Roseland did and uhm... Paul...
Also since he visited a sim house, here is the update on Paul's look that I lost pictures of last time.
well at least he can look good while dating nearly a sim from every household ene' My mom actually commented on it, because behind scenes is he doing waaaayy more than needed, example being with 2 men and 3 women and had woohoo with 3 of them ._. the women only though, I caught him with the men on commercial lots. Welp. also the reason I rarely show my commercial lot visits is because my sims are either shopping or just getting friends for work, so it's not so important.

Now on to... uhm, Laila and Paul, what are you doing? O.O
Unknown about it had Laila invited Paul home to her little home, wanting to see how he was doing, she wasn't expecting that the man who helped raise her had come further on in life where he had... become hot? Unaware of the year there had passed was Laila in all her surprise over her "step" father. He took care of himself, he dressed properly. She didn't remember this from those days at Cyd. She rememberd he always had a sorta okay style, but didn't remember the proper dressing. Paul being the unfortunately perverted guy he was didn't care if he helped raise Laila, no, he was happy, and even happier if they could get some... bed time.
[Note: Believe me, i had a cringy time in this home...]

Naenae... and... Paul...
[I freaking swear I am not making Paul date all these people on purpose, but he becomes friends with people so freaking fast! and then he begins flirting with the characters and... shit happens...]
Naenae, Naenae, lonely mother to two girls. After Trail's passing had Naenae been down, feeling a bith sad with the whole situation she was left in. She called her friends around and the first to answer, saying he could swing by was... - we all know this shit by now - Paul. Unknown about he was a playboy did Naenae allow him to come by. Paul told her he could help her feeling better, so he kissed her, Naenae blushing, and unfortunately fell for his smart tricks which led to... a time in the bed. Naenae ended up pregnant with Paul's child, but still felt happy. She wasn't all alone, she had Paul, hadn't she?

Mellissa! No paul yay
[but no seriously, that guy is everywhere... and to be honest... he was by Alice... afterall, she was his first woman... or alien?]
At the home of the Mellissas did Lily stay outside a whole day, playing with their dog, looking through the telescope and just... have fun. In the unfortunately events of the long and hot sommer had Alice forgot to give her daughter some suncreame, which made Lily all red in the face! OUCH! Lily wasn't pleased to get the order - STAY INSIDE - for rest of the day, if anything she was a little sad, but followed her mother's orders with a smile. Lots of water was needed for a cooldown.
The twins' birthdays was coming up and Alice brought some cake to celebrate! Lillian wanted to go first, happily as ever, excited to "grow"
It was finally time to become a teen! and he did it with a very happy smile!
[look at how pretty he is *wanna touch his face* ehm... nevermind]
Lily on the other hand was scared, she loved being a child, she didn't wanna grow up, but had to know she needed to. Afterall, it was her birthday-
To Lily's lucky point did she become just as pretty as her mother, a little green alien with the prettiest of hair and the prettiest face, the luck in it.
and in the end, being a teen wasn't such a sad thing again!
[I had a lot of time yesterday to play the whole town VwV, just not the college, but I can inform I fixed some skin problems there did bother me before.]

19th Dec 2017, 7:05 AM
Great Pictures. I think the Aliens are very good looking.

Do you use ACR by any chance? I don't recall if you said that you used ACR or not. I am just wondering. It seems to me that a lot of players that I know use ACR, so I thought I would ask.

19th Dec 2017, 8:42 AM
Great Pictures. I think the Aliens are very good looking.

Do you use ACR by any chance? I don't recall if you said that you used ACR or not. I am just wondering. It seems to me that a lot of players that I know use ACR, so I thought I would ask.

Whats ACR?
No seriously I have no idea what ACR is so I dont know if I actually use it

19th Dec 2017, 10:38 PM
Whats ACR?
No seriously I have no idea what ACR is so I dont know if I actually use it

ACR stands for Autonomous Casual Romance. It is a Mod by twojeffs with description here (http://www.simbology.com/smf/index.php?topic=19.0).

19th Dec 2017, 11:08 PM
ACR stands for Autonomous Casual Romance. It is a Mod by twojeffs with description here (http://www.simbology.com/smf/index.php?topic=19.0).

nope I don't and the description doesn't want me really to install it since Paul is making the kinda only big drama in the neighborhood.
sooo. I'm fine without it.

19th Dec 2017, 11:59 PM
nope I don't and the description doesn't want me really to install it since Paul is making the kinda only big drama in the neighborhood.
sooo. I'm fine without it.

Well I do agree with you about ACR, I don't have it myself as I want to be in control of what my sims do most all of the time.
I was just wondering if you had it.

20th Dec 2017, 4:23 AM
Poor Ellevier, trusting in Allerward while he sneaks around and cheats on her. :cry:

Cyd seems like a good dad and it can't be easy, doing it by himself. I like Michael's features, too. They're very mature-looking and it will be interesting to see him as he ages. Mombai looks sad and worried; I hope he can also find some fun and happiness in his life.

Paul really does get around! :lol:

Lily is the most adorable little girl, even with the sunburn, and she's a gorgeous teen.

This was a fun update.

20th Dec 2017, 6:40 AM
Yeah, Ellivier is way too trusting!

And Cyd is doing fine even with two kids around him and his Son there refuse to move.
But yes, hopefully Michael we’ll be a good looking man when he gets older.
He is interesting since many of my sims has a more rounded features and Michael seems less round in it

Yes Paul get around a loooot! Heck, he is the one who gets around most! But he is fun. Can’t wait to see his world crumble.

I love Lily because she is so pretty like her mom

@lordtyger9 ACR Just sounds really boring and complicated. Special the no jealousy

12th Jan 2018, 10:43 AM
So I got to regenerate some pictures from last round there had appeared black or blue and thanks to one of my photoediting programs I could regenerate the picture to go a little in on more details than before.

To start out something I had lost from last round was Infinity growing up.
So here it is.
Honestly She is less scary now but her frog eyes still creep the hell out of me ene' WHY JUST WHY

Honestly this picture I only wanna show because I love it -w-
so yeah. I just love it. Oh yeah note: I deleted the skin that the girl had, since it spawned on waaaaaayyyy too many sims.

Laila did rise in her job, she is now a substitute teacher
I am yet to know whether she got pregnant or not. I know that plantsims can become pregnant but are more unlikely as they can create clones of themselves.

and here is a picture of Paul that my friend needed for her drawing xD She wanted to draw paul so I needed a lot of pictures xD
And I also just got to play the start of the current round and uhm, Paul did a lot on a day.
Woohoo with neighbor in the morning before job
woohoo with coworker after job
woohoo with neighbor's best friend at night after a date?
So yeah. He did a lot, and he is wishing to make out with a sixth person. at least I found that one person I had seen him flirt with when one of my sims went shopping...

14th Jan 2018, 12:41 AM
Oh I am not at all recomending ACR, I don't use it myself.

Really good pictures.

It seems that Paul was acting more like a Romance Sim than a Family Sim to me. That is how I have Romance and Popularity Sims act. lol

I only have Default Skins in my game, no others.

14th Jan 2018, 10:18 AM
Oh I am not at all recomending ACR, I don't use it myself.

Really good pictures.

It seems that Paul was acting more like a Romance Sim than a Family Sim to me. That is how I have Romance and Popularity Sims act. lol

I only have Default Skins in my game, no others.

I have been thinking on removing the last batch of unnatural skin colors but aliens
I might remove it

Pauls pure existence is just to create drama in the town ewe
But no honestly His wish is raise 20 puppies and kittens and im Here like


15th Jan 2018, 4:07 AM
Oh my word, Paul! That's quite a day.

15th Jan 2018, 7:57 AM
@Cher64 I know, I think I'll have to buy the aspiration changer machine for him ^^' I honestly play him as a romance or plessure sim, and I think I'll continue with that, so his busy days will make sense... even though I have to admit it kinda makes sense for him xD

15th Jan 2018, 8:02 PM
Before beginning with Paul, here is my favorite picture of the round:
and a short on Allerward Elderrik:

Allerward, as usual, was still doubledating. He had his wife, but Danielle was more interesting than Ellevier. A date, out. Outside his home, where he could flirt all he wanted with Danielle. She loved it. Every moment.
The date was a great success
As usual did Allerward keep the farcade up over for Ellivier. Actually, she believe he loved her more. He had been active in bed, making her pregnant again, with his second child. She had been cuddled for more. She felt like they finally, after many years, was loving each other for real. Her husband seemed to love her and their future child.
Their daughter, Infinity, had thrown herself out in learning how to play the violin (or viola? whatever)... so yeah. She goes the musical way?

Blopper time
so while Allerward was rubing and talking to the baby did Danielle pass right by them with flowers and then Ellivier walked by. Like. DAMN NO WONDER YOUR HUSBAND CAN CHEAT ON YOU.

First of all, I shifted Paul from being a family sim to be a romantic sim ^^ Viola -w-'
Paul had a really long day in this round, As I repeat now, the morning went, with him woohooing his neighbor. When he was done with his job, he woohood his coworker. Next up is there of cause, he would have gone home to Laila... He had begun coming up in the age and he knew. Laila was kind, but only really wanted him to woohoo with, not that Paul actually complained. No he was happy. The more woohoo on a day for him was better.
After woohooing Laila did he take home to Cyd's exwife, Naenae, to woohoo with her. He also got blasting news while visiting her, because she was pregant. With his child even. (IDK how many Naenae will give birth to, and he has 4 children so far...)
After Naenae he took home to Alice. Greeting her with a kiss, like always.
And he also only visited to Woohoo her...
The story after here is he must have gone on date with his neighbor's best friend and he also woohooed that guy sooooo.
All in all. Paul got 6 woohoos on a round.
He did make out with another person, Remember the Almars family? Well Maria is pregnant... though not with Paul's child. At least her husband's child.
Nope, Paul flirted with her husband:
Welp... that's... that's a thing now.

Trace grew up from child to teenager (trace was the little girl in Naenae's household talking about woohoo after she was adopted...)
She is incredible pretty. Like hell girl, WHY ARE YOU SO PRETTY.
pregnant Maria:
Will she even have space for the child. Lucas has 2 days back before he goes to college ;w;

15th Jan 2018, 10:26 PM
It suits Paul to be a Romance Sim. Looks like he was having a wonderful time.

What is Paul's current LTW?

Note that One of the LTW for Romance Sims is to woohoo with 20 different sims, you should have go for that at some point. :giggler:

15th Jan 2018, 10:46 PM
@lordtyger9 actually he wants to date 20 people at once.
He is up on 7 right now /w\’
13 to go before he dies. I guess I can pull that off. Gonna have him send to commercial lots a lot though.

15th Jan 2018, 10:54 PM
@lordtyger9 actually he wants to date 20 people at once.
He is up on 7 right now /w\’
13 to go before he dies. I guess I can pull that off. Gonna have him send to commercial lots a lot though.

I don't know of a LTW to have someone date 20 people, For Pleasure Sims there is one to have 50 First Dates and there is one to have 50 Dream Dates. For Romance Sims there is one to have 20 Lovers at once and there is one to have 20 Woohoos.

I don't play Pleasure Sims myself.

15th Jan 2018, 10:56 PM
I don't know of a LTW to have someone date 20 people, For Pleasure Sims there is one to have 50 First Dates and there is one to have 50 Dream Dates.

I don't play Pleasure Sims myself.

Paul is a romance sim and he went from family sim. His LTW is to date 20 sims at once.
Ive seen it a few times
Its one of the rare ones

15th Jan 2018, 11:11 PM
Paul is a romance sim and he went from family sim. His LTW is to date 20 sims at once.
Ive seen it a few times
Its one of the rare ones

I just checked the Sims Wiki and I did not find that one. How can one have 20 sims at once on a Date with him anyways?

15th Jan 2018, 11:34 PM
I just checked the Sims Wiki and I did not find that one. How can one have 20 sims at once on a Date with him anyways?

Not that type of date
Date like

16th Jan 2018, 3:07 AM
You get the greatest pictures of the kids playing; I'm loving those.

Poor Ellivier. She's really convinced herself that her marriage is good. Can we somehow blame her pregnancy for her complete lack of observation? Or maybe she just didn't want to see those flowers. :rolleyes:

Does Paul have anything to do with all his children, or does he leave it all up to their mothers? He's got a lot of stamina, I'll say that for him. :lol:

Trace grew up so pretty!

This was a fun update. I get a laugh out of Paul's adventures.

19th Jan 2018, 11:59 AM
I tried to remember taking pictures of homes, but I think I missed a home or two.

Paul's home
Paul's home is small, since he is rarely home anyway and always around with one or another sim. I can though tell he only woohood 3 times this round...

NaeNae's home
NaeNae lives in a two floor house with Grace, and her daughter (who's name I have forgotten)
A little new is on the way too!

My New sims' home
So I had to move my college sims into a home, and I decided that the two parents of Mia got to live in luxus. Mia got to live with Arnold, her uncle. I'll explain in next post!

Arnold's home
Arnold lives small in the apartment beside Paul (Well here is one of the sims Paul had woohoo with ahahahaha

Laila Roseland's home
I have moved slightly around on the things since this picture due to Laila being pregnant VwV

Almar's home
Yes, Maria gave birth, I just need to fix the skin VwV'

Allerward's home!
Allerward actually lives in the biggest home in the town VwV

RamaSwami's home
So yeah, that was the home's I remembered to take picture of this time VwV

19th Jan 2018, 3:37 PM
I love seeing floor plans and how the homes are decorated! Thank you for sharing.

19th Jan 2018, 3:47 PM
I love seeing floor plans and how the homes are decorated! Thank you for sharing.

I just noted one of the pictures Ian wrong oh no!

20th Jan 2018, 10:51 AM
Mia and Arnold and his brother and his brother's wife?
So, yeah, Mia!
She is beautiful isn't she. Unfortunately her parents was not so invested in taking care of her in college, but the hardworking Arnold Hunbary, her uncle, who not only did study hard but also took care of Mia every single day. It was so bad that he took Mia home to him, knowing he could save money for the time Mia would go to college (I say 20K per child so some families can only send 1 child to college and so ;w;) but Arnold knew that his brother couldn't save up and took matters into his own hand... also he knew that her parents didn't take care of her VwV
oh yeah, Mia's parents:
they didn't even care that Arnold took Mia, no they just smiled and lived life right away.
unfortunately was Arnold forced to hire a nanny to go shopping for him and Mia, and well, Paul was there and Paul dislike the university unfortunately, or the song or both idk.
but at home in the apartment building could Arnold say sorry and tell Paul he had already heard well and asked if Paul could help him with Mia. Paul being Paul, was yeah.
But Paul being Paul, won the heart of Arnold VwV' So yeah, Arnold fell for Paul -w-
but who knows, Maybe Paul can be good for this gay ass. Yes I choose for Arnold to be gay but he like kept it away?
Arnold got the wonderful job of a Elementary School Teacher where he will work hard to earn money to the time Mia would have to go to college VwV
But honestly, Arnold is a good uncle down to the core in the little home VwV

So Paul had to study to go up in work VwV
Also I took this pic idk why though
and Mrs RamaSwami has a crush on Paul
and she shows it in whole her body language to!
Paul also visited Laila, since she now is pregnant VwV
Yes she is pregnant with his child!


There didn't happen much but I got a good photo of Cyd and the daughter. not his actually blood related daughter but hey
Allerward's home
OH NO! Allerward was caught by Danielle kissing Ellivier. Their love is now over.
also he lost the fight...
poor allerward.
Ellivier went to give birth in the middle of the night to!
The baby looks less creepy than Infinity. Also they got a boy if I remember right!

that was about what was interesting for this round OwO'

20th Jan 2018, 5:13 PM
Thank goodness for Arnold; Mia is so much better off with him. She is really pretty, and I love her hair. Do you remember where you got it?

Of course Mrs. Ramaswami has a crush on Paul; who doesn't? :lol:

20th Jan 2018, 6:30 PM
Thank goodness for Arnold; Mia is so much better off with him. She is really pretty, and I love her hair. Do you remember where you got it?

Of course Mrs. Ramaswami has a crush on Paul; who doesn't? :lol:

I think maybe I got it off tumblr? The hair.
But else no I dont remember. But yeah. She is a pretty little girl VwV

And yeah! Of cause xD
I wonder if her husband has one to then xD
Because Paul is with everyone. Someday it will go wrong.

26th Jan 2018, 8:52 PM
Cyd came to scold uhm... I forgot her name again, but his biology daughter saw his anger towards her "big sister"
and she was very sad to see that side of her father
But her and Michael had lot of fun after the event
I also caught Lily and Lillian making homework together
So far so good.
this is from a round or two ago, some pictures that didn't appear before I opened them in my Paint tool sai :/

26th Jan 2018, 10:11 PM
Nice Pictures

27th Jan 2018, 8:00 PM
I like the pictures, especially how they tell the story of the little sister being upset about her older sister getting in trouble.

30th Jan 2018, 12:09 PM
Arnold and Paul

Arnold, Arnold, Arnold, your love for Paul is Naive... but cute... so I'll let you go.
You are so pretty, so smart, yet act so dumb
But you smile. Do you ignore the rumors? Or do you hope it's you and Paul forever? Will you be there through all his drama? though all his lovers? or will you cry in the end?
We should have known, Paul would date others, without your knowledge, just in the same block
He is friends with everyone you know, but everyone is just ignoring the fact. No one wanna see the truth.
The strong fall for Paul, The weak lose to Paul, the inbetween dreams of Paul.
Also Caution as Paul may break you arm when greeting you.
Everyone knows, Paul is a busy man, knows many, and sometimes there isn't time to sleep in bed, so the couch is the place.
His early morning showers that everyone would enjoy to look at
Everything in between
Some people also grow, like Belladonna.
Teenagers wearing pretty tired faces in these parts of town, is a common thing
Their hardworking parent, never home, makes them responsible for the younger childrens.
and yet no one looks at the real hottie in town because everyone is too busy with Paul
a kitten would steal the bed from the big ones
The big ones would act like kittens
If you are a plant, watch out because the fireflies will come inside your house
kids, teens and adults, everyone age, even Sanjay, with make-up at least
But watch out when you send your kid to school, the busdriver with one eye, may need a new job... because of his hair...
Priya worked hard, a promotion was in place
And her husband. whatever.
Birthday, birth, strangers in house
So much happening, because no one invited him inside...
Also the skin isn't anymore in the game due to the update
But love was in the air, at the Traill house
Belladonna and Grace, two young girls, in love.
Sour and Angry, Lillian hammered the piano
Unfortunately he wasn't the only sour and angry citizen of Crowbroughed

Lucas came to the day he had to go to college, saying goodbye to his girlfriend, a little sad.
Again, rumors may have been heard that Maria gave birth, but Cyd wasn't here to greet that.
An alien, an elf or a human?
Lucas's girlfriend has the weirdest dreams, spread your legs Maria. It should rain. No... no...
Lucas on Uni

Maria helped Lucas move, had helped saving up to lend a house while he studied.
She smiled and smiled, proud of her son, proud of how far he had gotten from the day they moved away from her ex husband.
But it was also a time to cry, to say goodbye to her son, to say goodbye to the days where he lived home
May one last hug be in place?
But Lucas was happy, he knew it would do well and he knew his mom wasn't alone either.
unfortunately there went fire in his telescope
And Lucas studied hard, college was not as easy as home.

30th Jan 2018, 11:57 PM
Paul is a Slut.

I like him though.

Great Pictures

31st Jan 2018, 1:50 AM
I didn't know fireflies came into a plant sims house, very interesting! I never played with Plant sims so that's why I don't know. I think Paul is the town town merry-go-round.That kitten in the huge bed is an adorable picture, and I also love pictures of kids playing together like they did here with pillows and water balloons. So is Cyd a plant sim because he has plant hair a few post/pics ago or is he a sea captain now from the latest pic where he is being angry or does that sea captain hat convert his hair to human hair?

31st Jan 2018, 4:33 AM
@lordtyger9 I love Paul but yeah
He is a slut. Woohoo with everyone

Ah about the sea captain: the reason it shows hair is just where he is in his career. He is still a plantain though.
The fireflies is properly just a game mistake since there is nearly no ground on lot so I think they spawned inside by mistake. Nothing dangerous according to hoodchecker.

31st Jan 2018, 3:32 PM
Oh Arnold. Your heart is destined to be broken.
Belladonna is so pretty, and she and Grace look like a sweet couple.
Why are so many sour and angry?
I'll bet the stranger who invited himself in never imagined he was going to be attending a birth!

Paul may break your arm when greeting you.
The busdriver with one eye, may need a new job.

23rd Feb 2018, 10:11 PM
Guys I am back with positive news, I got my game fixed!
I runs smoother than ever (but does anyone know how that water mod can be fixed? the water is black and that annoyes me...)
anyway, as you can see on the picture the water in my hood isn't in squares anymore. The animations in households also works again if we see away from everything does a mini interaction animation when i open the household (toilet splash and so)
This means I can play again.
The families load a little slow if they are big or live in apartments but the animations works again and i'm happy with that.

24th Feb 2018, 4:35 AM
Guys I am back with positive news, I got my game fixed!
I runs smoother than ever (but does anyone know how that water mod can be fixed? the water is black and that annoyes me...)
anyway, as you can see on the picture the water in my hood isn't in squares anymore. The animations in households also works again if we see away from everything does a mini interaction animation when i open the household (toilet splash and so)
This means I can play again.
The families load a little slow if they are big or live in apartments but the animations works again and i'm happy with that.

Really glad that you got your game fixed. The water maybe wrong because of a mod conflict have you checked?

24th Feb 2018, 7:27 PM
I'm so glad you got your game fixed.

26th Feb 2018, 8:27 AM
VIOLA. More. I had a friend by and we both played sims, so not all pictures are so good!
I don't really remember much from Cyd's house, nor from Allerward's house as I played those a month ago, so it's mostly just pictures about them, though I've concluded any child of Allerward will get a frog face ._.

Now, so I have Ashley and Joshua, Joshua is still looking for a job, unfortunately nothing good has come out of it yet :/
And Ashley didn't do well on his job unfortunately and ended up with that a demotion was needed :/
Not really the best ever, special because it's soon is bill time so :/

At Mombi's home came it to realization that he needed a job. They had bills to pay, and even though they had 7000 similions were they still in need to have a job.
Mombi looked around mostly, and became a starter VwV
so far, so good!

Mia grew up in to a child! So of cause there was needed some refurnishing now where she no longer was a toddler! She is still pretty as ever though VwV
The refurnishing was a dinner table, a new bed and moving her toybox in to the kitchen. They don't really have much money to do with so >_> Gotta survive with this.

Laila Roseland (Cyd's first plantsim child) got a child VwV' Paul's child of cause... there is about 9 children now there can't marry each other because of Paul, so for my second (and my first 3rd gen child) is it pretty... not well situation.
So yeah

At the Ramaswami's were there two birthdays! First Sanjay, who is the neighborhood's first elder!
Then Laila who became a teen
So yeah

Cyd's first child, his daughter, and the Ramaswami son is now a couple VwV
He kept crying when she went to school though :/ IDK what was up for that, and then he cried because he couldn't take care of the baby (Another of Paul's children :/)
So yeah it was weird.

And Paul visited Alice :3
They seemed to have fun! In a few rounds are the twins going to uni! Can't wait to see how they'll be and look.

Also at the Waters did Lucas' little sister grow in to a toddler and I can now see her traits way better than before.
She has blonde hair, since her father originally had blonde hair, and brown eyes, which I think is from her father. She got the elven ears as the first child to get those. My before halfblood aliens are now elven people, since I had to delete the skin cc, so yeah (OwO)/

to Melony and Lucas VwV
Melony began on Uni, quite rich with 26000 simelions :') Her parents left her a lot so~
But she became quite a pretty young lady VwV
She though came to discover that Lucas had survived on chips. Which is incredible as his cooking skills are full. Most of his skills are full.
But well, they became a couple pretty fast, like they are BFF and have 100 in both friendship meters so a single kiss, woooop and they were a couple.
and they didn't wait long either..
OH and Lucas was abducted!
So yeah. That was that!

26th Feb 2018, 1:47 PM
Good Pictures.

I love Abductions, so yeah very good.

26th Feb 2018, 4:29 PM
Your sims all aged up nicely, and Sanjay is quite a dapper elder.

I'd say that maybe Lucas is lazy and that's why he doesn't cook, but a lazy sim wouldn't have so many high skills. Maybe he just really likes the flavor of chips. :lol:

26th Feb 2018, 5:27 PM
@Cher64 he is actually only 2 points in logic from having everything in max xD
and he surely will have that before leaving college. I will soon also have a second 3rd gen child as Melony is pregnant... She wants 6 kids for her lifetime want, better start in college!

26th Feb 2018, 6:48 PM
Hi Onaya! I'm glad to hear you got your game fixed, and it's nice to get a look at your sims. I've got to say, Mia is my favorite by far. She's so cute! Who are her parents again?

I'm also curious about the name Mombi. Is this something you've made up? It has a certain charm to it that I really like.

26th Feb 2018, 7:59 PM
Hi Onaya! I'm glad to hear you got your game fixed, and it's nice to get a look at your sims. I've got to say, Mia is my favorite by far. She's so cute! Who are her parents again?

I'm also curious about the name Mombi. Is this something you've made up? It has a certain charm to it that I really like.

Mias parents is Mombi and Melody Hunbary

Yes I just came up with Mombi
I was like
What to call him?

I get the confusion a little since Mia live with her uncle Arnold there is brother to Mombi VwV

1st Mar 2018, 10:26 PM
I had like 40+ pictures so I had to cut them down a lot. Let me say it like this: A lot happened really!

In the Pitts home was it getting dirty so Joshua spended some time cleaning, which was needed, a lot.
In Melody's and Mombi's home was it finally time for them to get married after living together for some years and after he finally had a job to affort marriage for them VwV
After they got married though did Melody want another child after her failure with taking care of their first child which already did do her sad. It was hard, even though she just could call Arnold and ask for them to meet up, but she knew Arnold was too busy to take a day free to be able to make up for such an advent.
It bothered her a lot.
Also Javier (Maria's husband) thought that it was okay to come and join Melody in watching TV in the middle of the night. They hadn't greeted him and they didn't know him, so he just walked inside for some reason and sat down to watch TV... I wonder if Melody feel bothered by his random apperance...
At Mia and Arnold did Mia look into possibilities for her to earn some money herself despite her age, but she could win money prizes if she started to some sport, but how would they afford it in the first place, she thought. She wanted to help Arnold out as much as she could. She even helped him with the chores. Taking out trash and cleaning their bedroom, but she could see on Arnold he was getting both tired and stressed of working so hard to take care of her. Despite that he still insisted to help her with her homework as he was a teacher, even if he was tired he still wanted to help out. But she was happy that he took care of her. Mia knew by this point he wasn't her real father and she had only very faint memories of her real parents, so she was happy where she was.
Paul began dating a new guy, not very pretty but he was good at woohooing and for that was Paul happy enough. (Paul woohoo count for this round: 9 times)
It shows up that Cyd is still in love with Paul even after they broke up, I caught the picture in a lightning second when i saw what he talked about...
But Cyd was getting up in age. He was getting old and so he became an elder, he was as cranky as ever, but else he seemed to be fine. Michael also went from child to teen but he shouldn't expect to actually be able to date anyone with that ugly face -_-' he is still ugly and I thought it would go over but noooope, good luck Michael, good luck.
Also their guest kept walking around with his arm like this after cake and kept making eating sounds. Seems like he had a good time ._.
Allerward actually spend some actual time with their son, aye, I forgot they had gotten a son, but I like that cc he has for his hair, it makes him cute actually, now I just need to see if he will be prettier as he get older because frog face.
Maria and Javier took a time by Maria's coworker, Laila Roseland. Which was perfect because Rosa had birthday while they were there and Laila got a stronger friendship with Maria and a new friendship with Javier. I also tested the toddler piano out for fun.
I've just noted that Maria's model has a better stand than Javier has (he is lazy so) so she stands taller than him.
I didn't exactly get a picture of Rosa's face.
Naenae was running poor. 3 children and only 1000 simelions. She didn't expect for them to make enough money for her to even send one child to college. Both the girls started working to and even though Naenae was high ranked on her job, was it still impossible to earn enough money in time to send a child to college.
But Paulina had birthday.
I also confirmed Naenae doesn't give birth to pretty children.
For some reason did Javier wish for Lucas to be abducted by aliens, he also wished to love more with Paul... well that must be next round!
Anyway, I took a look into pretty girl's personality... and are sad she is grouchy as hell.
Also Javier wants a child more. and he took time to learn his child to walk. And in the middle of the night was he abducted. IDK what's up for my game but everytime someone is awake at night they get abducted...Though no one have been pregnant so far.
Melony gave birth! Yes She got pregnant last round with Lucas' children so. They got two boys, Osu and Uso. so most of their play went on Melony and Lucas teaching the kids some skills.
And a cute toddler pic for the sake of it

1st Mar 2018, 10:52 PM
Thank you

But are you the one clicking dislike on all my posts?

@OnayaW I think you must have meant "disagree" at least that is what it says on my page, I have "agree" and "disagree".

However No I have never clicked dislike or disagree on one of your posts.

I rarely ever click disagree on anyone's post. I maybe might have clicked "disagree" once or twice so far on someone else's posts, but I can't recall which post if I have done so and I am not really sure that I have. Not something that I do, for the most part if I do disagree about something, I just don't comment.

2nd Mar 2018, 5:43 PM
@lordtyger9 it was forever ago? Ive realized since it wasnt you!

2nd Mar 2018, 9:55 PM
Melody seems quite comfortable (in her undies? or is it her swimsuit?) watching TV with a random stranger who entered her house.

My favorite pictures are the set with Arnold and Mia. I'm so glad she ended up there.
The toddler piano is really cute, too.

I've had sims go around for a sim-day or so with their arm like that. It does eventually go back to normal.

he also wished to love more with Paul
Of course he did. Doesn't everyone? :lol:

2nd Mar 2018, 10:58 PM

Everyone loves Paul O3O

Also my favorite moments are also between Mia and Arnold but I really wish there was a mod where it is the adult on the lot (or the singular apartment in this case) there would follow them to university instead of their parents :/
But that is just an opinion from my side!

3rd Mar 2018, 9:30 PM
That's a great idea for a mod. It doesn't seem right that a parent who has been uninvolved all along suddenly shows up to escort the kid to university.

4th Mar 2018, 11:50 AM
I'm sorry for having no Mia and Arnold picture for this round but they really didn't interact in this round at all! Arnold came too late up so he went right for work only to when he came home to spend some time skilling up -w-'

At the home of Ashley and Joshua were it a calm autumn day! it had just been summer, but since summer was hot was it nearly impossible to sit outside and eat breakfast, so they spend some time this morning to eat some pancakes together. If we would not mind they have a desk and pc outside due to I had no space inside their house ;w;
Ashley choose a too little apartment really! -w-'

Javier and Alphine (Well her lastname is not Melody anymore so) had a little flirting going on. -n-' Javier, weren't you like? married? The same goes for you Alphine... but both are young and Alphine is much younger and Javier's wife Maria -w-'
And uhm, Mombi was abducted ._. He was looking at the stars when he was abducted - I swear everytime one of my sims look on stars they get abducted!
I don't know if he is pregnant yet due to he came home right at 7AM where my "round" ends.

Cyd never sleeps, at all really since he is a plantsim so he spnd some time outside to get some sun VwV which he seemed to enjoy a lot now where he is also a retired criminal mastermind. He had a shift in jobs halfway through it all.
also so far there is money to one can go to college VwV
And Michael tried to fix the computer that he broke, which he did suck to but he did it.
Since Cyd is awake at night does he spend the night, painting paintings. He haven't so much else to do now where he doesn't work anymore.
So yeah

It's also Infinity's birthday! She did become prettier as a teen but still have a bit of the frogface back so >_>
I will admit she doesn't scare me so much more.

Laila was training Rosa to walk, which went really well actually.
Also here is a close-up of Rosa's face. most of her traits comes from Laila... so yeah, no purple eyes here.
Also Paul shifts clothing in this game pretty often if you ask me. Another discovery of Paul's closet.
He really came by Laila to see his daughter, which I'm impressed over him lately is he is seeing his so called children.
Going on with Paul, he is really bad at Fishing. He sucks. I found his weakness ahahahaha
And uhm, this happened...
They don't live together yet, but so far, so good. Currently are Paul having a fun time, and also here is some of his friendships and lovers
Also we shouldn't believe that Paul stays true to Arnold at the current moment.
Paul morning picture

other news is Mrs Ramaswami is pregnant again! This surprised me really, because I didn't do try for baby, but just like Laila she was just suddenly pregnant without try for baby, I guess the game may have been catching up to the earlier failed try for baby but I don't really believe so?
Also, Lillian knows what's up with Paul! Either that or Lillian is aromantic, one of them.
And Javier was abducted... again... why does all my sims get abducted when I wanna train them to logic points?!

4th Mar 2018, 12:04 PM
@OnayaW I agree with you about the Parent that is doing the dropping their child off at University, I would like it if there was a mod or two to address the isssue. I don't think there is though.

You have been having a lot of Abductions lately, I wish that I had so many. :lol:

4th Mar 2018, 4:41 PM
Aw, Priya looks so charming with her cropped hair and maternity clothes! Paul's conquests are pretty numerous, that has got to be hard to maintain. It seems he has a preference for men.

4th Mar 2018, 5:35 PM
@lordtyger9 way too many abductions. it's like no matter who stare through a telescope the aliens are like: I'm gonna kidnap you.

@bbostic8 That with Paul is hard to keep, luckily he is free 3/7 days so i invite his lovers over for a few hours, then throw them out, get a new in and all that xD I have to maintain 20 at once for him to be happy ._. lifetime wishes may suck at times...
And actually, not really, He is standing in the simPE to have no interest in any gender...

4th Mar 2018, 7:53 PM
Maybe Paul is maturing just a tiny bit and actually wants to be a father to his children. I know he won't let that get in the way of his love life, though. :lol:

Priya looks happy about her surprise pregnancy, and she looks good.

15th Mar 2018, 9:33 PM
I had to play double up on Melony and Lucas as I forgot them ;w;
Anyway Here we go

Some cuddly picture first, because let's start sweet with these two!
Melony is pregnant bc she keep rolling wants for a baby ;w;
So lots of cooking
It's a little baby-girl, She is named Harmonia... and she is a grumphy b*tch. Well all the girls there have been born lately have been angry...
But already having two baby boys are hard
It became Harmonia's birthday
She is a pretty little girl though
You thought 2 boys was hard? now try it with a third child!
Cute cuddly picture
How to entertain 3 small kids?
The boys' birthday came up! also Melony is pregnant again...
OH NO... now they have 5 children ;w; it became two boys I have called Jack and Jackson!
I had to add a extra room for all the babies ;W;
Time to do homework! Believe it or not Osu, your parents are doing this to!

Now to the Melissa family...
Time to tune the Piano, and Lily is on the job!
and Alice, became an old woman! since it was her birthday!
Paul was by...
I sent Alice out to buy new clothing and oh-oh! Paul got caught cheating!
Her new clothes aren't pretty but it's better than nothing
But Paul being Paul, won Alice's heart again... unfortunately...
And a burglar came by oh-oh!

Arnold, Arnold, it's hard to take care of a child, so... the owner of the building helped... uh what?
Bill came up, and it was time to pay. Arnold has new clothes for the next stage of his tired life and the fact he isn't super young anymore!
as I said before, Arnold get some help to entertain Mia, while he clean their home and take care of the place! bc it's sunday. He also took some time to enjoy a little hobby while being slightly free of Mia for the day.
And cooking for them both was needed.
Time to sleep... Mia is adorable...
A little hug between the two. Mia is thankful to have such a nice uncle.
Now, everything else...
I think Ashley is beginning to regret the marriage...
Paul is winning the heart of Maria
A Genie on the lot of Cyd Roseland, but it was Belladonna to find it...
Michael is a lazy sim, he is mostly playing computer, but he broke it after the game and Belladonna had to fix it...
oh-OH! (She survived though, firefighter to the rescue, thank you cyd!)
A friend made a couple to be i my game, so now they are a part of my rotation...
Ass starring
Maria and Javier always invite themselves inside people's homes and here they began a pillowfight at the new couple's ground!
Well, another boy had birthday
He became better looking as he grew older
Paul playing with his daughter... (WTF PAUL, when did you decide to be all dad like... at least towards one child?)
Laila gave birth to a boy!
Sanjay talking to his friend about how old he feel
Piano playing
Homework is to be done!
I.... I... she isn't that pretty, but not that ugly either
OH NO, A burglar!
The fight is on (The police won, again)

16th Mar 2018, 1:00 PM
Missing pictures from the Waters home:

17th Mar 2018, 10:36 PM
This was a nice update with lots of fun pictures.

Sounds like Harmonia does not live up to her name. She is really pretty, even if she's got a grumpy nature.

Alice aged up nicely; she's still quite pretty.

Arnold has an unusually helpful landlord, doesn't he? I still love Arnold and Mia together.

24th Mar 2018, 5:41 PM
I'm not the best editor ever, I'm learning. Anyway, I decided to play around with the pictures. If people like it, I'll continue with doing it and if you don't I'll stop doing it. Basically. So please give your feedback on this!
Though small things I may change in the feature: Water color. Since water in my game is black did I play around with it to make it blue O3O



We are starting with a typical morning with Arnold and Mia. Eating breakfast. As usual. Nothing new here.
After that did Arnold play with Mia while she was waiting on the schoolbus to arrive O3O'
The landlord was by, and was actually fixing something that I didn't know could break. What a surprise.
When Mia came home from school did she watch some TV while waiting on her uncle to come home from work, since he always are so busy working...
And they ended the day by a little good night dance before going to bed

Paul took some time to talk in phone with all his lovers, since he needs to keep being in relationship O3O'
And he got a new lover to!
And then with all the calls and some time with a new lover did he go to bed

Well Maverick had a friend over and they decided to have a pillowfight in his sister's room... (I totally didn't open simpe to find his name lol)
It was calm when they went to sleep but...
A fire in their backyard and none of them took the phone :/ so luckily infinity did
and Maverick is a good boy which surprises me, but he cleans up after himself so I like him...

Laila Roseland
Rosa Maria grew up to a child, I kind of like her look so that's good. Black hair and green eyes though. I wonder where the black hair comes from though... bc Cyd has brown hair... I guess it's a standard for plantsims... so their human offsprings gets black hair...
Paul was by as usual to celebrate his daughters birthday. I'm highly surprised by his sudden father role ._.
It's properly until Rosa is older that she will be smarter than her mom and not ignore the fact he is wearing an engagement ring on his finger!
As I said before Laila is ignoring that engagement ring, but then again, everyone is ignoring it...
And Jesper became a Toddler!

Asaroth is mostly homegoing as his lifetime want has to do with kids! So he spent his day painting and cleaning!
and some kissing/hugging between Asaroth and Avarus obviously

Lily going to school obviosuly and seems like they hired a new driver after him the last... I wondered if he crashed with that no eyesight?
When Lily came home from school did she spend some time Painting. Many people paint in this city man ._.
Minuses and Plusses about photoediting is that Alice's hair won't be white ._.
On the other hand photoediting make them look radioactive green

William Ramaswami
William started in college where he would have to live in a dorm! Sanjay followed him to the college
Though Sanjay could have taken some other clothing on
Right after starting at the college was William writing his term papers, afterall, the Ramaswami kids are taught to do everything they can do become the best they can!
William took care of himself, fixed his hair, grew a beard, but his ugly nose was not a thing he could fix, unfortunately.
But he seem to frustrate his roommate a little in some chess. Seems like William is good at playing chess!
And he tried flirting! Maybe next time not be in underwear William, Just saying!

Lucas Almars
Time to feed the small ones!
And then their birthday came up and guess who forgot to take pictures of the toodlers... me...
The boys had friends over, hanging out...
But Jack and Jackson wasn't the only one having a birthday, Harmonia had birthday to!
All her traits seem to come from Lucas of.


Mikael and Belladonna playing chess against each other...
Priya, getting older...
Kids hainging out, and lets hope he wasn't driven over...
Cyd Scolding Grace again...
And uh... She was doing her first homework

25th Mar 2018, 8:42 PM
I could look at pictures of Arnold and Mia all day long. :lovestruc

I always smile when Paul comes up, because I know his love life is going to be entertaining. He's such a player! I wouldn't like his behavior in real life, but he's a really fun character.

The first time I had a kid like Maverick I was shocked. It's nice, though, to have a kid who actually has fun cleaning.

Rosa Maria looks like a pretty smart kid. I'll be it won't be long before she's asking Paul some uncomfortable questions. I also like how Jesper grew up. He and Rosa have interesting, more mature faces than many toddlers.

I hope Asaroth will get his wish and start a family soon.

I definitely have more faith in this busdriver. Lily is really pretty.

Looks like Sanjay had to go right from work. William dresses up to play chess, but not to impress the ladies. I think he's got that a little backwards. :lol:

Harmonia is still really pretty, too. It looks like Jack and Jackson are doing well and making friends.

25th Mar 2018, 9:43 PM
@Cher64 the two oldest boys are Osu and Uso. Jackson and Jack is the toddlers
Though poor Harmonia for being the only girl ;w;

Also thanks for every other comment!
Paul is indeed a fun character to play! Always busy because he knows so many sims!

26th Mar 2018, 3:38 AM
@Cher64 the two oldest boys are Osu and Uso. Jackson and Jack is the toddlers
Though poor Harmonia for being the only girl ;w;

Also thanks for every other comment!
Paul is indeed a fun character to play! Always busy because he knows so many sims!

I don't like the changed colours. Me I think you should keep the colours the same.

I love Paul. He is so very sucessful.

1st Apr 2018, 11:17 AM
I'm back to no photoediting VwV bc someone didn't like it.

Ashley and Joshua
Ashley and Joshua wished to adopt a kid, unfortunately they didn't have space in their old apartment and so moved to a new apartment there had two bedrooms so they could adopt a child VwV
On the top of the building they could play some basketball together, so they did.
Mombi and Alphine Hunbary
Mombi was off from job so he spend some time to practice some dart gaming VwV
Alphine is pregnant again, maybe she is ready to be mother now? But Mia is not gonna move back to them. But let's hope they can take care of this child VwV
Mia and Arnold
Mia had a friend over and they played happily on the playground together!
And Mia held a little food fight against her tired uncle, but he found it funny, so all is fine.
Arnold goes early to bed these days, knowing that Mia is helping cleaning up after dinner.
And he loves waking up to another happy day with Mia. He cherish her as his own.
Paul Bubbleland
So, dating, dating and more dating, basically it's all Paul ever do is dating. Today he started out with inviting his neighbor by.
Then said goodbye to that neighbor and invited another neighbor by
and uhm, he invited his friend by. He invited Allerward by... yes, Allerward is apparently into both genders? Dammit Allerward. Well at least if we were to see it at sims, two "sexy" guys are dating each other, and Allerward isnt unknown to cheat so...
But after Allerward did Paul need to haul some simmers in for some love, and how do you do that? by freestyling of cause.
And the plan worked so
And since Paul works at night did he at 2AM make dinner for himself.
Cyd and Michael Roseland
Cyd began reading about anger management, maybe that could help him being less disliked in the community, he thought.
After reading about anger management was he ready to forgive Paul, and invited Paul, surprised by Paul's look obviously, but he charmed Paul under his feet so.
Michael despite being lazy and sloppy actually cleaned the dog bed.
Allerward, Ellivier, Infinity and Maverick Elderrik.
Maverick spend some time in the pool on a hot summer day. He has his father's skin.
Ellivier is pregnant again and Infinity properly asked in to how her mother slept these days after the cheating disaster years ago.
Unfortunately it seems Cyd still haven't managed his anger fully... But Infinity was just as angry and actually started a fight I didn't get a picture of.
Allerward is getting older, but he hides it better this time that he is cheating than last time. Example don't invite your lover into your own house when your wife is home.
Ellivier had cooked the family hamburgers for the dinner and they had a family dinner together everyone. at once.
Laila, Rosa Maria and Jesper Roseland
Laila took some time to teach Jesper how to walk
And Paul was by as Usual and Rosa wanted to show some dance moves of to her father.
Soon enough he joined her on their weird smustle dance. Guess they have more in common than can be seen.
When Paul went home did Rosa spend some time playing computer and the cat played with her feet or the chair, I never figured it out.
After Jesper had learned to walk was it time to teach him how to talk.
Their newest and youngest member had birthday!
And that was the only thing there happened in that household. i didn't get a picture of the baby as a toddler unfortunately. I forgot it.
Grace took care of the bills, because Naenae didn't...
and apparently redhead is best friend with every child in the neighborhood. Okay.
Lily, Lillian and Alice Melissa.
Lily, doing chores, as usual.
Lillian is finally picking up good grades in school after what happened when he was a child, though to say, he now willingly making his homework
Lily, doing more chores, like fixing the bathtub.
Child doing chores, I forgot her name, dammit.
Javier and Maria adopted a child ._.
Javier is science, so he got kidnapped... by aliens... again...
William Ramaswami
William had to get a bodypoint for his art studies, so he took time to train in front of the TV
After training was it time to write his term papers!
And try to flirt, with the right clothes on, to say it helps, a lot.
and he took his piano with him to college so
The boys mostly play with each other
and soon enough they realized they needed a bigger table for family breakfast!
But when mom goes to school can Uso finally sit down and eat his pancakes
After breakfast did Harmonia and Osu play chess together
Meanwhile Uso played with Jack and Jackson
And Melony gave birth, again.
it became a little boy named Izuku
They learned to get a bigger table for family breakfast, so they all could sit and eat together. Today Lucas cooked their meal.
Uso, Osu and Harmonia played with Jack and Jackson since mom had to look after them alone when their father goes to school, and so its easier to have them all in one room.
And Izuku's birthday came up
And last but not least, Uso and Harmonia puts all the study pressure unto Osu.

2nd Apr 2018, 5:59 PM
Sorry I got the kids confused in my last response. The photo editing did something strange to the texture, at least the way I saw it on my screen. Some of the colors didn't blend into each other as smoothly, so the pictures looked less realisitc. However, if you enjoy the editing and want to play around with how the pictures look, go for it! I'll read your stories and enjoy them either way.

Oh dear. I hope Alphine can do better with this child, and I hope she never decides she wants Mia back. That would break a lot of hearts, including mine.
It's wrong of me, I'm sure, but I hope Paul never changes. I get a kick out of seeing how many conquests he can have each turn.
It seems Allerward is learning the wrong lessons. He's learning how to cheat better, instead of learning how not to cheat at all. :lol:
Paul and Rosa are cute together; I'm glad he has that one little bit of parenthood in him.
I hope William realizes that being properly dressed helps him impress the ladies.
All the Almars kids are turning out pretty cute.

Nice update!

12th Apr 2018, 11:51 AM
Mombi and Alphine
They moved to a new, but smaller apartment as their money began running a bit thin. They needed somewhere good to raise their kid so they couldn't move to a tiny apartment, like Mombi's brother did.
Mombi decided to buy a cheap junk car and fix it all by himself (He may have watched some youtube videos on how to do it)
Pregnant Alphine took a nap on the couch a couple of times throughout the day
And Mombi decided to take care of his look, look a bit more like a father you know.
Joshua and Ashley
The child they adopted finally came to their home, but they saw how they needed to take care of this child...
So they brought him new clothes and trimmed his hair
His name is Cedric and so they played with him
looks like a family of fun!
Arnold and Mia
Dinner came around, Arnold is nervous and tired most of the time. He is worried he can't be the good support for Mia as he wants to be...
Good morning sunshine people
toast for breakfast today
Paul is happy today
Lover nr. 20!
cooking! with a very stiff face. maybe he regretted cooking salmon?
And then time to hit the bed
Michael and Cyd
Michael cooking
Michael had a serious day so he did his homework
Cyd writing a novel
Ellivier and Allerward
Allerward was at work so they got leftovers and toast
And Ellivier gave birth!
Laila and Rosa
Rosa played around with the cat
Laila dated another guy in town OAO
OH-OH!(she said yes)
Kittens were born
Rosa was fine with her mother marrying another man. She didn't complain...
Rosa played with Jesper a bit!
Time to learn to walk
The nanny didn't take care of the toddler so she ended up outside. In rain.
...Traill family
Dinnertime which Naenae rarely actually make!
Even Naenae began dating another guy than Paul. She wanted something steady. A marriage to say!
All Paul's girl lovers leave him huh?
I cheated a little and made Asaroth pregnant with Avarus' kids. because they got twins. girls.
Lily, Lillian and Alice
These two are hard to seperate from each other. their bond is so good that they might even live in same building when they are done on uni!
And at least Alice is still dating Paul?
And Alice loves to play with their dog (Or cuddle their dog)
He must begin to be an old boy!
William Ramaswami
Study, study, study, but time to write his term papers!
And then dance a little to some music
draw me like one of ya french girls
William now wears glasses! IDK if he looks better but he does look smarter
And his dating is going steady and well!
Melony and Lucas
Okay I had to play this family twice as eh, the kids may have been taken away, so I went out without saving lol and the kids was back obviously!
I don't want the kids to be taken away!

Melony concluded she can't cook so there was burned toast to breakfast!
Lucas was busy playing with Izuku
Cedric made his first best friend with Osu, and Osu was happy to have Cedric as a friend!
Birthday for Jack and Jackson!
They grew up pretty well
and Osu and Uso playing. I really love the sound they make when they hit each other!
Lucas finally got some time on his hands to play his guitar!
and time to make homework

12th Apr 2018, 8:02 PM
Mombi's new look is very nice. I hope he does more than just look like a father, though.
Cedric's new clothes and hairstyle are great, and it looks like he's going to have a happy family.
Oh Arnold, stop worrying. You're the best thing in Mia's life and you take great care of her. You love her dearly, and that matters more than anything else.
Is Paul ever not happy? He leads a charmed life!
Cyd and Michael are leading a quiet life, but it seems fulfilling.
Looks like Ellivier will be busy for a while, taking care of her new baby.
I'm glad Rosa seems to get along well with her new step-father-to-be.
The nanny's not so good, but it looks like no real harm was done. This time.
I don't blame Naenae for wanting something more permanent than Paul could ever give her.
Asaroth will be super busy with twins!
I like how close Lily and Lillian are with each other, and I always enjoy seeing sims interact with their pets.
I think William looks good with his glasses. I worried that he would be too serious, but he is managing to be studious AND have a good social life.
It seems someone is complaining a bit about Melony's burnt breakfast. Jack and Jackson grew up very nicely.

I enjoyed this update on everyone and seeing how their lives are progressing.

30th Apr 2018, 9:13 AM
Almars' new house (Lucas, Melony + kids)
So I had to make a house for the big family, this was inside their budget of 40.000 simelions.
Family photo?
Osu and Uso playing together
Some other kids doing stuff O3O
Izuku had Birthday

Ashley was working all day, so Joshua spent some time doing some stuff, like making hotdogs for the whole building.
and then spent the following time to clean the apartment

Alphine and Mombi Humbary
It was time to give birth after a morning bath
Mombi was actually a really good father, taking good care of his new kid O3O at least he is doing it right this time.

Paul and Arnold
1: Both these household was out of sync with being one day behind
2: Be ready for future drama
Anyway, Paul is waiting on retire, where he following want to open a homebusiness where he sells flowers, so he already began spending some time making flowers before retiring VwV
The time had finally come! Arnold and Paul is getting married!
After they moved together they moved to a house on the country
Arnold and Mia playing together. Mia is happy to have her own room to VwV
Mia's birthday came up
It said puff when she tried to lit the party thing thing
She is a good girl though, cleaning the shower after using it.
Cyd came to scold her after she had looked through the telescope, but Mia just fought against him instead of crying.
Paul's birthday also came up. I'm so sad I had to say goodbye to adult paul as he became an elder ;w; this just means his death is nearing and that thought makes me sad.

Cyd, Belladonna and Michael
So Phontos died .__.
and Belladonna and Michael talked about right after

Random picture of Allerward

So Laila got William's room after William went to college and used the new but old but new computer to play games on
Priya be strong

Laila Roseland
Laila invited Paul to Jesper's birthday party, Though Paul was more busy with the cat
Time to celebrate
IDk Laila's plan in the part she invited Paul over... when she is married ._.

Got married...
Grace went to university, for the saving Naenae worked whole Grace's life for.

The girl's aren't that pretty
Time to learn to talk

Piano playing. Angry piano playing.
Paul came by as usual

Maria played with her girl like she used to play with Lucas.
Meanwhile Javier cleaned the garden.
The baby had birthday
then Maria had birthday to

Criddlehood University (technical sim state university)


Dorm room
So Lillian and Lily began on university ^^
I'll say they ended up a little more lucky with clothing, but I still sent them out shopping clothes, mostly hoping for Lily to meet the pretty NPC guy there walks around...
Anyway, Grace working on term papers
Lily and Lillian dancing
Grace and William began dating. Yes, seriously.
but Lillian and Lily still stays together as best friend forever ^^
Lily invited Paul to the dorm, wanting to showcase to him how far she have gotten in life! though they began having a small party in the middle of everything

30th Apr 2018, 9:35 PM
I like the rooftop gardens on the first house.
I hope Arnold isn't fooling himself that wedding vows will stop Paul from dating everyone, and I mean everyone, else in the hood! I suspect being older won't slow him down much, either.
Mia is growing more beautiful each time she ages up.
Priya has certainly kept herself in good physical shape.
Looks like Grace may have gone ultra-casual when she left for uni. :lol:

7th Jun 2018, 8:18 PM
so, I haven't replied to this thread in some time, and mostly because I've been busy, but I've met a new problem with my growing neighborhood:
I don't like subhoods and I am running out of space in the main hood.
I obviously could still play (but from what I can see, I eh, May be in need to reinstall UC and the whole shit because I can see things in my neighborhood going slowly down (example Melony can't celebrate birthdays for other sims etc. and she can't hold toddlers and babies either)
The neighborhood is lightly curropted - I even checked with hoodchecker - and oh boy the list was long after my last gameplay -

Of cause If I were to reinstall the game and start new Neighboorhood have I've been thinking on remaking whatever sims you guys wanna see comeback! Though be in mind: If you wish for Lucas to return, will Maria vanish. The same counts if you want Lily and Lillian to return, then Alice will vanish.
A sim I will make return though, would totally be Paul - and I may start his youth over O3O May, I enjoy him as elder to, but you know, he is way more fun as Adult.

Pls vote here