View Full Version : Looking for someone to make me... because I constantly fail at it!!!!!! HELP!

3rd Dec 2017, 2:57 PM
Hi all,

However narcissistic this may sound, though I've been playing the sims for years now, I never can seem to get "me" right. I don't think it's an OCD issue.. I just really am not that great at CAS and spend most of my time on houses. If any of you are up for it, I'd greatly appreciate it! Custom content, whatever you'd like, as long as I have the ability to download it.
I'd prefer it on the sims 3 because I love using create a style and building with the sims 3, so I tend to use it more.

I'm really, sincerely hoping someone out there can help my dilemma.

If anyone's interested, I'll send you my instagram handle or something like that!!!

Thank you <3
Kylee :lovestruc

3rd Dec 2017, 3:56 PM
I get so fedup of all these requests, so excuse me if I'm being short. Requests are not allowed on this site.