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16th Feb 2018, 4:36 AM
I know this isnt in the help section but I couldn't figure out how to move it there :blink:

Anyways, I've been having some issues with sim babies lately. I think its because of some boots I installed into my game, as I was reading up on them and they apparently are commonly known for not being restricted in the baby clothing category, causing the babies to become half pure black or white, depending on the boot color they get. I also got a side bug that I thought was also part of this, but apparently not. When my sim had her twins, the first baby came out with the boot glitch, and I thought that was fine, but when the second one came out, I didn't even get to look at her. Her sim portrait pixelated into black pixels, completely. I shut down the game in fear that it was going to break. Second time I loaded up the game, it happened again. When the babies are born, the world glitches the F out. White broken areas project out of the ground a flash around for a few seconds before stopping. I think I got the boots out of the game, as the babies no longer spawn with them on, and the pixleated portrait is fixed (i think, on my third test run it didn't happen) but the white pixel issue is still persisting. Can anyone help me fix this? I can't really play the sims without babies :cry:

16th Feb 2018, 10:39 AM
Hi there, I think you have bad cc in your game, some of my babies had those boots on and the screen sometimes flashed of white or some sort of color, and as for the babies being half pure black or white, that's also bad cc, you should find it in your game launcher, here's a link to explain a little better http://findingbadccsims3.blogspot.com.es/2012/06/how-to-fix-baby-glitches-in-sims-3.html

Sorry if this is not what you meant about the baby glitches and all that.

17th Feb 2018, 9:28 AM
I've had a toddler and a child glitch out and become deformed from wearing adult clothing from military and law enforcement careers after they got assinged to those careers in a corrupted save and the outfits were base game career outfits.This can also happen when a sim is deleted from a save incorrectly like that one where my children glitched because Claire Ursine had died and her baby got taken by the social worker.