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Fix for blurry clothes and textures
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Like many people here, I was having problems with my clothes and other textures blurring in the game after playing for a while. The game would start out with sharp graphics (all settings on high) and after playing a bit the textures would just suddenly blur, and nothing you could do in game would fix it.

My card is an Nvidia 6600GT, more than enough to handle the game, it's definitely not overheating, and I tried many different drivers. I also removed most of my custom content just to rule that out as well. Nothing helped. All my game settings were on high, but I did try many different settings in the graphics options in game, and still nothing helped.

Finally, I decided to give it one last shot and go into the Nvidia control panel to change some things, started the game again, and the problem is fixed. I let the game run four hours on its own to see if the clothes and things would blur again, but they stayed crystal clear. I did this on two separate occasions to be sure.

Here are the settings I used. This fix was posted elsewhere and everyone who tried it (except those with Intel integrated graphics) said it worked.

In game graphics settings:

All on high but turn smooth edges all the way down. You'll be using your card settings for the anti-aliasing/smooth edges instead (4x). It looks just as good this way.

In Nvidia control panel (ATI should be similar):

To get to the control panel, right click on desktop, choose properties, settings, then advanced. Click on the tab that has the name of your video card. Mine says 'Geforce 6600GT'. Click on performance and quality settings (or similar). The settings you're changing will be under global driver settings. Be sure to tick the box to enable the advanced options to be shown.

Antialiasing (4x - be sure to uncheck application-controlled)
Anisotropic Filtering - (2x - be sure to uncheck application-controlled) - This is optional
Image Settings - High Quality
Vsync - Application Controlled
Force Mipmaps - Bilinear
Conformant Texture Clamp - Off

I also went into Color Correction settings and bumped Image Sharpening up to about halfway and Digital Vibrance to Low. These settings tend to make your game look more Maxis-like.

I hope this will help someone. I know how frustrating the blurring clothes issue is, and I'm relieved it's finally fixed for me.
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