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  1. Hi, could you help?
  2. Object Cloning
  3. How to move in-game animations from one object to another?
  4. Recolouring Neighbourhood Objects?
  5. help
  6. Objects visible from neighbourhood
  7. texturing in MILKSHAPE?
  8. Creating a new console with own controllers?
  9. New Window Mesh Problems
  10. UVmapper
  11. "Alpha" Mesh for Wall Decor?
  12. Free Object creating tool
  13. Vending machine Texture
  14. Milkshape
  15. How to clone plants/trees and fireplaces?
  16. QUID's ?
  17. I am making a vending machine, please help
  18. Counter help
  19. How do you re-colour objects 4 TS2?
  20. Nvidia DDS Tool
  21. Changing price/value by BHAV ??
  22. What did I do wrong
  23. Sim Pe help!!!
  24. Why does my cloned object continue making queues?
  25. Programa para La Sims Dos
  26. New SimPE mesh tutorials anyone?
  27. Toaster i'm going crazy !!!
  28. Curious about something
  29. Help!
  30. modding problem - distorted map
  31. 3D Max mesh importing and exporting question
  32. Why arn't my recoloured objects packages in savedsims?
  33. !HELP! Extracting Album pictures...
  34. Help fixing Open/Close function of a new gate
  35. how do you make a NEW object without replacing an already made on?!
  36. Help
  37. bump mapping, we all love it...
  38. Question About Creating Paintings
  39. Where do I find Wroughtwright Iron Age Fence.
  40. Modelling Problem
  41. Truespace Files
  42. Which program?
  43. Help with Staircase Recolour
  44. Object wont go into game!
  45. Texturing
  46. Help with making cars!
  47. Help for making a guitar
  48. simspe photostudio question
  49. General Mesh Questions PLEASE HELP!
  50. Help needed on new wallpapers
  51. oject behavior
  52. Big Problem, Please Help If You Like My Creations.
  53. invisible table
  54. What Now someone help please!!!
  55. how can i clone an object but make it not replace it
  56. Modelling/Texture need help please!!
  57. milkshape help with 5dg
  58. I Need Help!
  59. Opinion time
  60. Bugattis best car
  61. New car bmw 530i
  62. Where are the Christmas Stuff Found?
  63. Guitar Clones
  64. How to Recolor Lamps?
  65. My first 3D Object. But please help!!
  66. placing items on a new tile?
  67. Help with Milkshape Plug-ins please
  68. Poly Reduction - Pointers please
  69. Ultimate Unwrap3D problem......
  70. .obj import to Blender Problem
  71. So how do people make these OBJ in the 3D programs?
  72. Rugs won't stay in transparent texture.
  73. object out of clickable area
  74. Carrara: exporting textures?
  75. Need Help : Add 3 recolors modifiable
  76. Reducing light intensity....
  77. Need Help: New Arcade Game
  78. Armoire troubles
  79. Pixelated texture - Help!
  80. Where do I find diving board and pool ladder to recolor in sim pe?
  81. Can this effect be done in the sims 2?
  82. texture mapping tutorial for 3d max!
  83. ***TEXTURE PROBLEM*** please help =\
  84. Candle tray going mad!
  85. On and Off states, stereo texturing prob
  86. New problem with texture...
  87. colonial shower/tub recolor
  88. People come in here IMPORTANT
  89. preblem with texture/mapping?
  90. Christmas Objects location?
  91. Problems With Milkshape 1.7.6
  92. Can anyone help me??
  93. HELP: an object laid on a wall?
  94. change the design mode price
  95. The tutorials are a little....out of date.
  96. How to edit shadows
  97. REQUEST - Tutorial for making recolours of Numenors Wall Window set
  98. Cloning kitchen counters
  99. Bedding recolour not showing up.
  100. Car's Footprint?
  101. Adding placement tiles
  102. Getting metal and glass for building?
  103. Creating Custom Pictures
  104. Presents and ornaments recolorable yet?
  105. Trouble with hydrogarden
  106. Please test: New Technique for sets.
  107. Have Objects creation Problem!!!
  108. Meshes and materials by me.
  109. Object Listing per EP's & Original Sim2
  110. 3DS Max Tutorial?
  111. Mac help
  112. Spiral Staircase help
  113. Please help me understand the car
  114. Could You PLEASE help ME?
  115. What's The Best Meshing Program??
  116. Easiest way to change the price and colour of a car?
  117. Help Wanted - Snowglobe Wannabe :)
  118. Changing Description of Items you recolor?
  119. Is it OK to change function of downloaded items I haven't made?
  120. texture mapping problems
  121. Couch cushion animations
  122. Can you make a boneless car
  123. How do you recolor cars?
  124. New object, not a new mesh....Having problems!
  125. SMD Plugin for Max 3?
  126. Bah. MilkShape hates me. :O
  127. Image issue: Custom career Icons transparency issues.
  128. Public Payphone Recolour Problem
  129. need colour values for stdmatdiffcoef
  130. Help- Invisible object!
  131. Consoles controller problem
  132. i need some help please
  133. Is it possible to remove blue vibrations from karaoke machine?
  134. Surfaces sizes - do it have to be the same always?
  135. Crinkled Mesh
  136. Two texture files...
  137. Meshes on a mac and flat meshes as guides?
  138. How to edit the shape of a rug?
  139. LithUnwrap Material Assignment
  140. About creating objects...
  141. Am I doing this right?
  142. Telling Sim to get into top bunk
  143. Objects - Whats in a name
  144. Can Somewhone Build A Horse Foal for me?
  145. Can't pick up newly created object.
  146. Help with wall decorations
  147. Recoloring Custom Made Objects
  148. Recolor question concerning nightlife
  149. How do you make objects?
  150. the first cadillac escalade drivable 2005 what eveybody been waiting 4 and other cars
  151. star wars Lightsabers
  152. Animated GIF into a picture?
  153. How to make an inset shelf into the wall?
  154. 3dsMax viewport problem (fixed)
  155. Pearlescent Effect?
  156. List of sites and poly count for thier objects
  157. Texture Files
  158. Help with Milkshape?
  159. can some one tell me what you use
  160. How the heck do I make Objects?!
  161. Pirates of the Carribean..... wanna help?
  162. Help Needed: Bump Map Format Conversion
  163. Strange mesh problem
  164. hacking foods
  165. This may have been asked a million times, but...
  166. An object to change visitors clothes?
  167. How do I recolor a Car?
  168. Adding a subset.....HELP
  169. Help needed quick!
  170. help on cars
  171. Please Help!
  172. Basic, how do you build a sim from scratch?
  173. No Body Shop since patch
  174. MilkShape closes
  175. Mod help **3D help**
  176. Cinema 4D CE
  177. Help with Custom Content!!!!
  178. Request for paintings!
  179. my meshes :D
  180. Link texture to an other object
  181. Custom beds and bedding query?
  182. Objects that can be used diagonally
  183. How do I create a custom neighborhood decoration?
  184. Question about recoloring hats - help please
  185. I Need a tutorail for guitar creation
  186. How to Joint vertexs to make hair more smoother?
  187. Obj Format Problems
  188. New Mesh Repositories?
  189. Problem with uv-mapping/exporting to GMDC?
  190. Add texture to new meshes
  191. New accessory mesh replaces default
  192. How do I make pbjects for ts2????
  193. Creating an independent archway
  194. 3ds max and correct settings for MAX2OBJ exporter
  195. Car Meshes
  196. CREAT HAIR & CLOTHES MESH/problems
  197. Having troubles to 3d preview with SimPE
  198. Latest version of Sims PE...where are "Accessories"?
  199. Odd problem with deleting groups in MS3D.
  200. Just For Info New MilkShape Release
  201. Can anyone please teach me how to create custom paintings by SimPE?
  202. I am having a 'flipped' problem with the new SimPE Plea. help
  203. ANNOUNCING: Sims 2 Content Installer Packages
  204. Need help with new guid
  205. Roof questions
  206. Think my 'dresser' texture is suffering from 'split personality'
  207. SimPE won't import my Mesh!
  208. making hair mesh (texturing and duplicating) - help!
  209. Objects floating?
  210. Files replacing each other:Please Help
  211. Positioning wheels, doors and lights? (NL car)
  212. I Need Help with importing body Mesh
  213. ummmn, how do i get this to work??
  214. Making Nightlife Cars
  215. How do you make bedding?
  216. The BEST 3D software?
  217. Old version of CEP
  218. MikShape 3D help Please? anyone?
  219. **Extreme noob**Wallpaper making
  220. Help Wanted! CLICK HERE!
  221. Simpe Cloning Issue
  222. Exploding body meshes
  223. how do i add an alpha group to a bodymesh ???
  224. Snap-on toolbox collection
  225. adding bones to a existing skeleton
  226. hair mesh / simpe problem
  227. Problems with Milkshape
  228. Hair Meshing w/ Wings 3d
  229. Social bunny mod help please
  230. any way to add an alpha to the "simple_mirror_reflection"?
  231. i need help with textureing clothing
  232. How about creating a bigger arch?
  233. Replacing Default Content
  234. Make NEW paintings...???
  235. BHAV editing: Video game stand
  236. Question about audio for objects
  237. Need help recoloring objects
  238. Does altering hair meshes remove their motion?
  239. Creat clothes with Wings3D
  240. why i cant uploads my files
  241. Help On Uploads
  242. Help: Converting female hair mesh to male hair.
  243. How can I add an image in Simpe ?
  244. Electronic Advice
  245. how recolor new meshes without any texture iet
  246. SimPE and Nightlife Expansions
  247. 3D Studio max and Wavefront obj files
  248. Hi long time no see - Need HELP with a packagde?
  249. Parts of the new mesh are unviewable
  250. 2 Long dinning tables w/chair - free models...[back up]