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  1. New objects with screwy shadows
  2. Previewing custom animations in milkshape at specific time rate? is this possible?
  3. making a sims 2 body animation base for teen sims? disable hair joints? how can i do this?
  4. Chimney link to fireplace - Numenor's Enhanced Templates
  5. TS3 to TS2 Conversion
  6. Can Sims 2 Custom Wedding cake Meshes Be Converted to Sims 2 Birthday Cakes?
  7. coffee & espresso
  8. need advice, planned object
  9. Desk's footprint is blocking the path to my object
  10. SimPE's object workshop doesn't see all objects.
  11. can you turn the tv dinner tray into a non edible decorative object?[solved thank you!]
  12. Interactions not working on custom object
  13. my game
  14. donwod
  15. How do you clone the GDMC, SHPE etc.?
  16. How to update custom stereos for Bon Voyage
  17. Looking for textures of maxis original build stuff
  18. Bounding box problems
  19. Fallout 4 to the Sims 2 idea (or even sims 3/4 if that's your thing)
  20. Fit a neighborhood object to the terrain?
  21. Trying to create custom plate for sims2
  22. Converting Sims 2 to Sims 3 default objects Help!!!
  23. Only one bedding for custom mesh?
  24. Unslaving an object
  25. Outdoor Ceiling Lamps [keep for BHAV info in post]
  26. Career Icon - Where has my transparency gone?
  27. Is there a reason there are no custom-sized driveways?
  28. Creating standalone clone fails
  29. Up-to-Date Photo Studio Tutorial?
  30. Removing outdoor shadows
  31. Help on locating recolors
  32. Change material and stop sound effects calls don't always work
  33. Why are my custom doughnuts overriding one another?
  34. Objects reference not set to an instance of an object? Error message
  35. No joints, cloning an armoire?
  36. How to change the food group meals?
  37. Claimes of custom made items crashing games
  38. SimPE help!
  39. Converting objects from Sims 3 to Sims 2 deco
  40. Force Direcotry of Compressed Files?
  41. Blueprint Overrides
  42. How Can I Remove Outdoor Shadows From A Cloned Object?
  43. Looking for tutorials
  44. Slot number out of range
  45. Creating a custom major: Becons
  46. Is the Sims2 Holiday pack Basegame compatible?
  47. Custom food
  48. Help needed. Custom cookies disappear when sims pick them up to eat.
  49. Still having trouble with assigning guids in objects.
  50. Posting a tutorial to MTS
  51. How to recolor custom items for sims2
  52. Strange shadow on mesh/texture
  53. Meal will not show up in assigned meal time when clicking on fridge.
  54. How to add more servings to drinks and instant meals?
  55. Problems with GUID reassigning.
  56. Collection Files
  57. How do I make deco objects to accessories?
  58. new window won't show on diagonal walls
  59. Build DXT is not available in SimPE
  60. I've learned how to mesh and now the textures
  61. How do we add a custom thumbnail to a new custom object? Or can we?
  62. How on earth do we edit the Z rigging on a car? - SOLVED
  63. I'm sure this question has been asked multiple times: Why isn't my custom lipstick showing in the sims2
  64. I want to create a custom pie: Is it possible to recolor without meshing?
  65. How do I recreate a pie from "Berry pie" when cloning
  66. Help me about "Paul's reaction test object"
  67. I need some HELP! :) PLEASE!!! With subsets & CRES
  68. Making a modular stair recolourable
  69. Custom pieces for a chessboard?
  70. making cereal
  71. Custom cellphone keeps crashing my game, help please :)
  72. Problem with posebox crashing game?
  73. Help ? Editing In Game Name
  74. slaved object compatibility question
  75. Animator wanted for new chair.
  76. Problem with food animation
  77. Generating an NPC on demand in a residential lot
  78. Concerning: Creating Templates for Paintings
  79. Taking off rails - Solved Leave objects to the experts and admire from afar!
  80. Train Pain, Help required
  81. Testing Object Recolour
  82. How convert to Sims Stories?
  83. Help with creating new mesh?
  84. Career Coding Question
  85. Tutorial: Retaining Object Animations in your new package
  86. Newbie creator Question
  87. Help needed with default bedding
  88. Cloned object not functioning
  89. Help! SimPE freezing up
  90. Game crashes - NL only
  91. Help troubleshooting an object error
  92. making a box with open/closed states?
  93. Custom Furniture?
  94. Making new meshes recolorable
  95. How do you make custom guitars?
  96. countertop cutout from sink
  97. How do I recolor a bed?
  98. Flipping Sign Sides
  99. Barstool not moving towards counter
  100. Is it possible to make a new state for objects?
  101. Wall Shadows
  102. Milkshape crashing non-stop
  103. Getting SimPe to clone EP items
  104. Toyota Supra
  105. Stairs
  106. Toyota Yaris
  107. Renault Clio 1.2 16v 2003-
  108. Repository question
  109. !!!
  110. Shrinking bird mesh- feasible?
  111. running into a Milkshape export problem - resolved
  112. Simpe - Material definition
  113. I need help making Wheelie
  114. Help with a wide door
  115. MilkShape, Blender 3D, UVMapper, or Wings 3D ??
  116. Cloned University object availability
  117. UV Mapping Help
  118. Changing the direction lighting is thrown
  119. Packaging Paintings...
  120. Creators Tips on New Objects?
  121. GreenHouse Roof?
  122. Recolor question
  123. Help checking my tutorial :) hehe
  124. Monorail Mesh?
  125. Recoloring a Subset that is not available
  126. Stair building question, any thoughts ?
  127. Hi New to creation and just wondering?
  128. Object Connection in new Milkshape mesh
  129. Candle Mesh
  130. Wonky Skin in SimPE?
  131. Error Message: Warning:ProblemsWhileParsingFile
  132. Recoloring New Mesh/Packaging Download
  133. coloring new objects
  134. Cheap Clothing Rack (changing the actual rack)
  135. Quick shadow question
  136. Help on Making.......
  137. Updating mmat's at a staircase
  138. Question re: GUIDs
  139. Celebration Party Chairs
  140. Problem with bird mesh (split from another thread)
  141. New Crib Mesh, advice on how to.
  142. Tutorial - How To Make Your Very First 3D Object Using Free Resources
  143. Sims 2 CC Delete Broken ???
  144. USING SIMPE for 1st time
  145. Rotate a object in wings3D
  146. Question about misc. disconnected vertices cluttering up the field
  147. Linking mirror reflections
  148. Awnings??
  149. Build DXT Not Functioning
  150. Meshing a refrigerator
  151. My recolors are overwriting originals
  152. Items not showing up for recolor in SimPE
  153. Unwanted Transparency
  154. Recolors for a custom window?
  155. My objects replace the original ones.
  156. Milkshape smoothing question.
  157. Too dark shadows on Neighbourhood Object
  158. Problem with floors made in Homecrafter
  159. Can't recolour EA Meshes with Object Workshop
  160. Simpe wiz or photoimact
  161. Making a neighbourhood object placeable on lots
  162. I want to make a magazine or newspaper
  163. Changed the texture on chair and now!!
  164. Custom content recolors not showing in game
  165. Resolved - Milkshape and UV mapping for objects - Can we use it?
  166. How to recolor the amplifier of the guitar?
  167. vehicle recoloring
  168. Help with creating window railings
  169. Smoothing Groups for Object Meshes.
  170. No thumbnails in Object Workshop
  171. Alpha channels - Suddenly they won't import.
  172. how to make a store sign ???
  173. Making a dresser
  174. Custom Object Reflection (?)
  175. Bed Mesh not using EA bedding
  176. 1 tile angle desk
  177. Question about Childs Toys
  178. Womrats - is this possible?
  179. Is it possible to make an object for two seperate functions?
  180. How do I change the file tipe of my screenshot?
  181. Making a seperate object NOT A RECOLOUR
  182. New Cars
  183. Changing Car animations with SimPE
  184. help with texturing
  185. New Bed Mesh Question
  186. Odd Shadowing Effect on Textures
  187. Multiple "texture packs"
  188. Making Cars and Invisible Driveways
  189. Animation?
  190. SimPE not working properly?
  191. Make my own posters
  192. Custom Doors - Gender Specific
  193. Are all objects clonable?
  194. Can I build my own recolor package for a non-recolorable object?
  195. What determines the Image Size in Buy Catalog Thumbnail?
  196. Issue with recoloring custom content
  197. Making a mirror
  198. Transparency problems
  199. My self-created custom paintings wont show up!?
  200. Unexepected error message reguarding GMDC file
  201. How Do I: Create my OWN Textures for my custom mesh?
  202. Floor plants on surfaces
  203. Please Tell Me There's An Easy Way To Make My Curtains Go Down With The Walls
  204. **Please Read**
  205. Yo
  206. Would it be possible to...?
  207. hmm, the legs of my imported table are invisible...
  208. Help making an object for a technologically challenged person
  209. "animating" a dresser
  210. Removing the reflection
  211. What Makes Doors 'Flip' Back & Forth?
  212. Folder of my recolor's mesh is empty....
  213. Custom Fountain Creation Question/Advice
  214. Help needed in meshing with Blender v2.4 and UV mapping with UV Mapper
  215. How Can I Make a Maxis Object My Repository Object?
  216. Multiple subsets with the same name??
  217. creation of mp3 player?
  218. Adding bumpmaps to object recolors/bedding?
  219. Lighting problems
  220. Making stuff pack items available
  221. Problem with SimPe site?
  222. Crested vs Non-Crested Birds
  223. Cutting away from objects in Milkshape?
  224. Help please
  225. SimPE website down ?
  226. Square Dining Table
  227. Creating a recolorable object from a Maxi clone
  228. Help needed for making a "wall board"
  229. gamespace for 3D modelling
  230. delete this :)
  231. Change Placement Height
  232. Any solution for too much vertexs?
  233. Making an object diagonal??
  234. Quick question about light colour
  235. Quick Question about Editing Textures
  236. Milkshape 1.8.0 Question.
  237. Recolors of Maxi objects not being saved in lot package
  238. Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  239. Creating Objects with holes? using wings 3d
  240. How do you create an object
  241. Troubles with hottub and its GUIDs
  242. Mirror surface on object-is it possible?
  243. What is a Mesh Tool?
  244. Adding lit and unlit states to a non-lamp object
  245. OFB lockable gate darker than it should be
  246. werre do I?
  247. Is The Repository Technique -- New Question Added In Reply Post :)
  248. Texture for dresser clothing...
  249. How do I work on seasons stuff in simpe _now_?
  250. Vertices,Faces, etc.