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  1. Need Help making VS Lingerie, please!!
  2. Questions about skintones ! [1 New question]
  3. Converting Female hair to male hair.
  4. how do i make custom hair
  5. I need some help with creating sims.
  6. Why are the Preview Pics Blurry in BodyShop?
  7. Makin lenses (on glasses) 2 coloured?
  8. Possible to convert male hair to female ?
  9. How to recolor the clerk uniform?
  10. Get Bodyshop mannequin invisible undies ? [RESOLVED]
  11. Tutorial On Making Realistic Hair Textures?
  12. Crosseyed?
  13. Custom hair
  14. Question on recoloring textures
  15. Better Quality
  16. replacing maxis default eyes....
  17. Need help decreasing the shine in custom skins
  18. Recoloring hair?
  19. baseball cap not showing up when changing outfits
  20. Some skins look awful in low graphics, others look ok. Why?
  21. Question about one of texture some accessories has.
  22. Face Maker
  23. Editing custom downloaded skins?
  24. Possibly need a volunteer...
  25. Beauty marks?
  26. Wanna Help Me Out (Please?)
  27. Creating & Saving new Alpha channel file(s). How?
  28. pic skinning gimp
  29. How do I add to (not replace) default skins?
  30. packing skins made with bodyshop
  31. black recolors
  32. Bare legs help
  33. Question re disappearing custom skins
  34. GIANT pixels
  35. How do I make skins?
  36. Why do I have 6 bmp files exported? Answered, thanks.
  37. updateing help. has got imgs to help.
  38. changing an existing outfit
  39. How do I make Pets show up in Body Shop?
  40. How can I do default vampire eyes?
  41. bodyshop hack-please help!
  42. Layers
  43. PaintProgram
  44. What's wrong here?
  45. Tutorial help
  46. Problem with Recolor and NPC Replacer
  47. Images of UV maps for default meshes
  48. Bump maps/materials how to add them thx and sorry :3
  49. Need Advice on How to Match Up Hair Textures
  50. Skins for only one age group?
  51. Finding good texture images
  52. bodyshop default.. can i change it
  53. Hair recolor not showing correctly in game
  54. This looks interesting can anyone translate?
  55. Theoretical: Is it possible to make White Shiny Latex/PVC?
  56. How to make a full body makeup(not skin)?
  57. tattoos on sims ?
  58. My next move.
  59. Need help with an accessory: TXMT's and XMOL's
  60. Changing default eyes with SimPE... COMPLETELY LOST!!!! *edit*
  61. Help For Newbies: Bodyshop and Q-xpress (Not A Question)
  62. Converting Sims 1 skin to Sims 2
  63. Creating makeup for any skintone?
  64. How to have custom skin tones work like Maxis-NOT how to replace defaults!
  65. Noob skinner
  66. Help me please! Textures over mesh?
  67. Making accessories available to both genders?
  68. recoloring clothes.. to white ?
  69. Need help eradicating neck seam
  70. Transparency
  71. Barefoot gown & shirt meshes?
  72. How can I Make a new Pet Skin
  73. editing clothes ??
  74. Help me
  75. Bizzaro problem with material definitions. ETA: Now with bizzaro stealth glasses!
  76. How i can create make-up?
  77. How do I do this
  78. Attempt to alter existing defaults gone awry.
  79. Easiest way to get all the default skins in a neighborhood replaced without bodyshop?
  80. help meeee
  81. How to remove headbands from hair?
  82. Default Vampire Eyes Don't Work
  83. too many unwanted/unused items
  84. facial texturing image
  85. Photoshop question...
  86. Question
  87. Please Help Me!
  88. How to make default replacement eyes
  89. Lace Edges - Any Tips?
  90. Gap between hair and hairline mask
  91. What did I do wrong?
  92. fixed bunch of stuff on my sim's face, too many marks...
  93. ┐how to replace my sims?
  94. Why is the inside of my sim's mouth is like grey and not black?
  95. 1 eyebrow that changes colour when I swap hair colur?
  96. can you help me
  97. 2 quick (hopefully) questions =)
  98. HELP ME!!!! I dont know how to do this part
  99. Attempt to alter existing defaults gone awry.
  100. beginner question
  101. So how do I make a default replacement package from scratch? ETA: I'm stuck. :(
  102. How to change the mannequins face in BoduShop?
  103. Missing hair thumbnails for ages above toddler
  104. Whats the best program?
  105. Recolor projects crashing explorer
  106. Default clothes in bodyshop
  107. How can I make a neck tattoo?
  108. shirt image quality
  109. Help or tutorial on creating male suits(formal)
  110. WHAT??help mee<3
  111. I think it should be here...
  112. What is this?
  113. Clothing reflectivity
  114. Gimp Problems in Recolouring *tutorials already tried*
  115. Don't know where to start..HELP!!!
  116. Help!!!!
  117. sorry
  118. How would I make an item that is on a sims arms?
  119. How can I change a teen outfit into an adult one?
  120. Question regarding turning skin and eyes into default.
  121. Question
  122. I have 2 questions
  123. I want to make a skin for a mesh that's in the game, but doesn't show up in BodyShop
  124. how can i make
  125. Having trouble "painting" edges
  126. Just a quick BS question
  127. Please Help!
  128. Help Me Please I Need To Know
  129. How to make custom earings/necklace/rings?
  130. how do I remove elf ears from a sim?
  131. Change Skin for M/F Baby/Child/Toddler?
  132. How can I make skintones using GIMP?
  133. Help with coloring default hair
  134. Need Help with Photo Skinning!!
  135. Natural Redhead Project - you know you wanna. ;) LAST SUBMISSIONS DUE 3/31/08
  136. Removing unwanted content from sims2pack files
  137. I need a little help with making default eyes and skins
  138. Default Eyes for Sims
  139. Are Downloads created with pets BS not compatible for people who don't have pets?
  140. Seeking advice- making skin look metallic/glossy
  141. Is it possible to make an outfit for girls an option for boys too?
  142. How do you package a texture to a custom mesh?
  143. PETS owners: How to create BodyShop recolours compatible with older games.
  144. Help with bodyshop recolouring please
  145. Help with Paint.Net
  146. how do you make skintones?
  147. How do you make Glitter?
  148. Replacing default hair textures?
  149. making sim clothes
  150. Quality loss after importing to game
  151. How do you make a male's Sims look like this?
  152. Skintones?
  153. How to make revamped eye files show up?
  154. Anyone Know Where To Find Bodyshop Mechanic???
  155. BMP format gets compressed w/o permission
  156. I need Help with Full Face Make up categories
  157. Adding textures to custom hair mesh
  158. how to make an outfit shorter or longer
  159. Pets Custom Markings?
  160. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  161. Saved sims files are simpe files?
  162. Hairy Male?
  163. Mesh Question
  164. Okay to rename makeup package files?
  165. Bodyshop Outfits
  166. contact lens tute? ^_^
  167. help !!
  168. Eyelashes?
  169. Help with a Mask
  170. Um, how do you make parts of Sims bodies bigger? or smaller?
  171. Ummm...How do you change the size of images in GIMP?
  172. basic bumpmap question
  173. Why are some of my maxis recolours not showing up?
  174. question about recoloring custom meshes
  175. Installing Custom Skins
  176. help with hair, please!
  177. Clothing/Mesh Question
  178. Arm tattoo to be wearable with clothes?
  179. Placement of Sneakers (Shoes)
  180. Converting Clothes
  181. Clothing pages for photoskinning?
  182. Help Please!!
  183. recolouring Eyes Using GIMP.
  184. Clothing category problem
  185. Questions about Skinning..
  186. my Custom Content won't show up whatever i do! help?
  187. Tiny Packaging Question
  188. Does any body know where a good tutorial is for making realistic makeup
  189. Another eyebrow question, arrr.
  190. How do you add reflection to clothes?
  191. How do you make, make up?
  192. Wrinkles on Handpainted Clothes
  193. clothing I make in Bodyshop not showing in game
  194. sim creation.
  195. How do i install custom content to recolour in body shop?
  196. Changing Genders to just one Gender
  197. Looking for help re: creating skin tones
  198. Face skins
  199. I have a BumpMap question
  200. How do you remove things in body shop?
  201. My Clothes Have Low Quality Blocks On Them
  202. I need help
  203. changing resolution of bodyshop
  204. Finding a Base Clothing Mesh
  205. SimPE converting to Adult clothes from Elder
  206. Adding shoes
  207. How do you recolour the glass lences on glasses ?
  208. Problem creating Skin textures
  209. Original Sims 2 clothing
  210. My game is rejecting the hex edits I've done in SimPE.
  211. Problem Showerproofing a Whole Body Mesh
  212. Create shorter hair by modifying the alpha PLEASE HELP!
  213. Can someone help me with some clothes?
  214. Eyes Recoloring ? (is it possible ?) *Solved (Yay !)
  215. Bodyshop mannequin
  216. my 1st try at recolouring the bottom half.(PLEASE HELP)
  217. tutorial for making custom jeans?
  218. Create Facial Piercings?
  219. See through clothing
  220. Stupid question
  221. Still Rejected?
  222. Makeup help? Black and white template?
  223. Handpainting a hair texture?
  224. My custom content is -still- blurry
  225. question about naming my genetic creations
  226. how to make shiny textures like latex
  227. How to meet the mts2 texturing standards
  228. Face and Body skin filename 'Map' - Here
  229. Tutorials On Creating Eyebrows - Solved :)
  230. Fishnet design
  231. Logo Help!
  232. Texture help Urgent!!!
  233. creating costume makeup not showing up?
  234. Turning clothes from bodyshop to packages
  235. Anyone know a good skinning program other than photoshop?
  236. Associated Mesh Files HELP
  237. Gettign rid of nailpolish
  238. Getting part of an outfit without the entire thing
  239. pleace need desperate help
  240. sleeves?
  241. this probably has a simple solution
  242. Request for Someone to Make Specialty Default Skins (See inside)
  243. question about using bodyshop
  244. Replacing default eyes
  245. Beginner Alpha Editing
  246. Help with trying to make a body skin effect.
  247. Catagorizing custom eyebrows.
  248. Altering Defaults
  249. Replacing existing ingame sim's skin tone.
  250. how do I edit and replace npc skins?