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  1. [MAC USER] Bodyshop help, please?
  2. Help with skintones
  3. How to find right file from bodyshop and Upload it
  4. Cloths look fine till put on a SIM, why?
  5. Problems with creating Alphamaps ...
  6. Hickeys in progress, need opinions.
  7. Help?
  8. Kids clothing!
  9. OUCH! New graphics card.... and it shows!
  10. I need help making skins!!!!
  11. Help me with modelling a sim.
  12. Opinions on this please..
  13. Alpha file template help!
  14. Photo to Sim
  15. Who is it??
  16. in need of help with reflective clothes
  17. Christian Bale - Sim Advice
  18. My First Clothes - Formal Dress
  19. where can i get a program to make outfits please help me
  20. Problem with meshing...
  21. I downloaded some hair styles but its not working..It's invisible.. ? lol help please
  22. *INCOMPLETE* Skinning Tutorial :: Feedback Requested
  23. Bodyshop help please.
  24. Can ya dumb it down for me?
  25. cinderella
  26. Extracting young adult meshes
  27. add elf ears w/out changing rest of face
  28. Bodyshop Error
  29. Pleaaaasssseeee Help !!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT
  30. Opions please - Edited 6/18/05
  31. What do you think: rock people
  32. Help, Please!
  33. help please..
  34. Programs
  35. Can someone help?
  36. Celebrity Sims
  37. help
  38. sims > sims 2 skin conversion?
  39. Editing Work Clothes?
  40. i need to know how to make a one eyed sim
  41. Can someone with SimPe help me?
  42. Hats? Catears?
  43. Create a child swimsuit?
  44. Pleats, Darts, Slopers & Patterned Fabric &c.
  45. Patch/skins conflict?
  46. shoes!!
  47. Metallic Skins?
  48. Young Adult skins not converting!
  49. nicer bum meshes
  50. How do I edit Premade Sims in bodyshop?
  51. **Copying from 1 skin to another**
  52. Add picture to t-shirt with the white background
  53. Problem with exporting skin from bodyshop
  54. custom skintone question
  55. How do I change clothing gender?
  56. Need Help with editing alphas with photoshop please read
  57. Changing clothing category with SimPE
  58. Hair and Clothes Problems
  59. Replacing Skintones Already Used
  60. Help with replacing defalut nudeskin
  61. A little note to creators
  62. Medievalish Nightgowns
  63. New skintone
  64. What the heck is up with the bunnies?
  65. Changing Sim Clothing?
  66. Orphaned Meshes - what do I do with 'em?
  67. [Tutorial] Alphas!
  68. Replacing Default Job Costumes
  69. Voyager sim help
  70. Sim Bride Clothes
  71. How to unlock hidden outfits?
  72. Unable to make high heels
  73. Is it ok to remove projects?
  74. prison wear????
  75. Making sleeves look like sheer fabric
  76. Master Mesh List - submit your meshes here
  77. Normal Mapping... Necessary? Also - Skinning method
  78. UPDATED /// titi's Guide to Making Clothes Featuting T.V Characters (With pics!)
  79. Need help with YAdult skins and pj's
  80. Elf ears?
  81. NEW - Black Baby Phat Outfit!! Opinions Please??
  82. Terminate...........
  83. Help me (How to create new hair mesh) ???
  84. sitcom
  85. "Nothingness"
  86. How do I enable hairstyles for all ages
  87. To unload Winzip is problem
  88. How do i create new skin meshes.
  89. simple bump map question
  90. Need help with default skin replacements - Morague?
  91. Female Child mesh
  92. Sideburns and Goatee Facial Hair
  93. Help with Skinning project - need advice
  94. Bleach characters , death god hakama's
  95. Converting a Whole Outfit Mesh to Bottoms Only
  96. Realistic Skins????
  97. Puzzled about hair for [agegroup]
  98. Help! Please! Skins packaging??
  99. Altering a pre existing skin.
  100. new sim for you to download
  101. Louis's nude skins
  102. Help needed with blending seams
  103. Faces from photos
  104. Need help in a Body Shop workaround...
  105. Default Skin Tutorial Request
  106. Bodyshop and the teen male
  107. Making Contacts
  108. The sim girl on the inside of the box
  109. pregnant sims normal clothes?
  110. Do u prefer bodyshop for skinning or other programs?
  111. Custom Clothes not showing up in the game at all
  112. Newbie in Need
  113. How do i package clothing from bodyshop for uploading?
  114. New Here: Want to know to reskin a shirt
  115. Hair for Drow Males.
  116. unlocking to recolor hidden in game clothing
  117. Reflective Skins
  118. How can you make cool outfits with paint?
  119. Covert adult outfits to teen
  120. Wheres nude patch
  121. What kind of "tool" do you use to make new outfits etc.?
  122. Direct3D error
  123. Question Concerning Hair Meshes - Why Always Set as "Custom"?
  124. Clothing with simPE
  125. Maturnity Clothing.
  126. Help! Trying to recolor bunny family with bodyshop
  127. BodyShop isnt working
  128. Outfit not showing up, but in game.
  129. Toddler Swimsuits
  130. How Do I.......
  131. Where Are the Skins with tattoos???!??
  132. exprot texture failure
  133. Help- I messed up retexturing
  134. Body Styles
  135. University
  136. How do you do tattoos without PaintShop
  137. BuNNy Glitch?
  138. Uploading from Body Shop
  139. In game created skins extracted..help!!!!
  140. Tell me what you think:
  141. my Riddick WIP, hints please.
  142. Problem skinning torso mesh
  143. I don't get it
  144. Real Quick Question
  145. Covering the face
  146. alien skins, what do you think?
  147. Bodyshop doesn't export skin correctly
  148. Paying attention to details
  149. Problem with meshing for University (adlt-fem)
  150. compressed skin files
  151. My skins!
  152. Can someone please help me?
  153. help with bodyshop - botched skins
  154. Eye Color Tutorial
  155. What causes Error Code 0?
  156. CAS screenshot help
  157. How to install skins
  158. how do i package clothes and stuff i've made?
  159. The Basics,Probably sound ignorant.
  160. Geek shirts: A work in progress
  161. Quality of my custom clothes and stuff??
  162. Converted Adults to Young Adults In Sims 2 without EP
  163. Sims Cribbling "self make-up" skintones: Need help!
  164. Looking for a leather tutorial/tips
  165. Odd problem,assistance appreciated!
  166. Help Installing Custom Content From Body Shop(continued)
  167. A 'good' mesh gone bad pt. deux (updated 3-27-05)
  168. Just wonderring what you all think...
  169. Help Installing Content Made By Body Shop
  170. Constructive help please(left eye,teri hatcher,stone cold and snoop dogg)
  171. A Huge Thanks Alot to whoever locked my thread
  172. Question before uploading
  173. Looking for Beyblade Sims
  174. Zebra!!!!!
  175. Does anyone know where to find a skin with freckles?
  176. Dreaming of a Posing Program.....
  177. How do I use these files?
  178. How to create a bump map....
  179. Installed now what
  180. Help Requested: Hidden Models
  181. problem exporting textures?
  182. The sims body shop
  183. Partly transparent area when creating a clothe
  184. Changing NPCs
  185. Lost a skin.. ( I didn't think of a better title)
  186. Workaround to enable GeForce 6600/6800 Bump mapping
  187. Converting Young Adult clothes TO Adult?
  188. That blasted gray base model!
  189. adjusting a hair mesh?
  190. renaming female hair to male hair
  191. Clothes minus the skin flaps?
  192. Shiny hair - what is the secret
  193. Question on Skinning
  194. the skins @ body shop
  195. Help With Male Hats and Hair
  196. Packaging Recolors.....
  197. secret society texture and lifo file
  198. Tell Me What You Think!
  199. Skinning Face Technique
  200. Extracting Skins/Genetics etc.
  201. Attaching/Detaching vertices in MilkShape?
  202. Converting adults clothes to Young adult clothing?
  203. Help with creating hair
  204. Replacing old skins
  205. PhotoShop Hints and Tricks
  206. Body Shop Hints and Tricks
  207. Clothes mesh limitations?
  208. 20 gowns coming for Uni-added men clothing
  209. Does anyone else have trouble with the Social Bunny "Hair"?
  210. Paine from Final Fantasy X-2
  211. How do you make PVCs?
  212. bitmap identification
  213. anyone who does hair meshes...help
  214. Something called photoskinning??
  215. Looking for a skinner needing free hosting (yes im serious)
  216. caveman or neanderthal
  217. Different colored eyes?
  218. How do I upload Clothing and things i created in bodyshop and homecrafter?
  219. Convert Clothes from YA to Adult
  220. Young Adult Nude/Base Skin?
  221. Please help Young Adults!
  222. what is EP-Ready?
  223. Can you replace default skins?
  224. Oscars 2005 Skins (UPDATE: 3 more added)...
  225. uploading help!!!
  226. Looking for a Mesh
  227. I want the bunny
  228. Star Trek Skins
  229. What's on my new mesh?! (Moved)
  230. Alpha channeling: the final project always comes out "crooked"
  231. Invisible Skin Mesh! Help!
  232. ok whre do i put the downloads?
  233. Question about custom meshes on clothes
  234. What's the Point of BodyShop?
  235. help with body shop
  236. Converting Male clothes to Female
  237. New tutorial - no meshing required.
  238. Meshing, Milkshape and UV Maps... help!
  239. Need help with recoloring shades (glasses)
  240. What program
  241. Bump Map doesn't work :-(
  242. Fauxhawk Ponytail
  243. Create a clothing.
  244. Starting from the ground up
  245. Help With Skin Tones!
  246. MiniTutorial: How to change the look/skin colour and/or the face of an existing skin.
  247. Switching formal to everyday ...
  248. Skins for new sundress stiletto heel mesh..
  249. Facial hair coloring
  250. Adding Bump (normal) maps in clothes