View Full Version : Tutorials for General Modding

  1. Tutorial: How to get rid of unwanted memories (global mod)
  2. Making your own custom vacation destinations with custom hidden vacation lots, custom locals and custom tourists
  3. Tutorial: How to delete a sim.
  4. Tutorial on How to Create No Idles
  5. How to Fix a Sim Stuck on a Business or Vacation Lot
  6. Mini-tutorial: Adding a custom queue icon to your self-interactions.
  7. Tutorial your own movies/TV show on Sims TV
  8. Tutorial for hiding Maxis Items
  9. Tutorial: Exploring the “EA Games” Folder (User Folder)
  10. TS2 - Creation of Custom Default Maxis Radio Stations
  11. Cereal Food Tutorial Updated.
  12. Do-It-Yourself Pet Coat Customization - With Tutorial and Blank Template .packages!
  13. Tutorial: Customize the Previews of lots (SimPE required)
  14. How to Create a Global Mod - Step by Step Tutorial
  15. Tutorial: Beginners Basic BHAV tutorial -in wysiwyg form-
  16. Tutorial: Making seasons-friendly trees
  17. Custom Sound for Sims2
  18. Memories - Changing and removing {tutorial}
  19. Small Tutorial: Extracting In-Game Music
  20. Tutorial: Making a better interaction - Entries, exits, skills and motives
  21. Tutorial: Unlocking Hidden Floor Tiles
  22. Making Your Own Custom Plate For Your New Food - By Travis - Tutorial
  23. Tutorial - Animating Food Start To -Finish- PDF Now Available
  24. Data Types for Simantics Users
  25. How to Make Social Mods
  26. Tutorial for retaining animations using milkshape (Based on the foods)
  27. Custom CAS Tutorial
  28. SimPose2. How to load up Meshes in SimPose2
  29. Tutorial: Making Your First Custom BHAV
  30. Tutorial: How to change the Loading Screen Background! (No SimPE required)
  31. Numenor & JWoods Modding Infocenter - for advanced lessons only!
  32. Changing Icons For Existing Collections
  33. Tutorial: How to Replace NPC's
  34. Tutorial: Converting Videos for Sim TV Viewing
  35. Tutorial: Changing the Color of The Sims 2 Control Bar!
  36. [University Only] Tutorial: How to change the starting screen.
  37. Tutorial: Changing the Main Menu Screenshot for Custom Neighborhoods
  38. HOW TO: Batch-convert recolours to EP-ready format
  39. Turorial Requests for DatGen
  40. Programmer's Guide to BHAVs
  41. Tutorial - Custom Television Channel
  42. Food Tutorial for Creating Cereal' W/Pictures
  43. Tutorial: How to make a new buyable videogame
  44. University File Lists for Modders/Hackers
  45. New BHAV Tutorial
  46. New TTAB Tutorial (Editing Menu Options and Importing Code)
  47. Attention Modders: GUID Database Reminder & Tutorial
  48. SimPE for the Technically Challenged
  49. A Neighborhood hack to reveal hidden objects
  50. Cataloging Your Custom Content
  51. How to clone an in-game object