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  1. Buy Mode CC crash my game
  2. Mailbox problem
  3. Game Gradual Slowdown?
  4. Eyebrows wont show in CAS
  5. placing trees in edit town
  6. .package File won't extract with 7-ZIP [SOLVED]
  7. Graphics Glitch In Create A Sim
  8. Nraas story progression
  9. Deleted Glitched Sim, can't find him after restart
  10. Help! Default eyes broke EA's eyes!
  11. Water Balloon Fights everywhere, any time. Is this normal? (resolved)
  12. Windows 10
  13. CC Pattern overwrites other patterns and spreads like a virus?!
  14. Game crashed twice after new family was made, once while moving family into house, once while in Buy Mode
  15. Custom content downloading issues
  16. Unable to save after CAS
  17. Launcher launches a black screen
  18. Lot Button?
  19. please help me I can't open the s3pe (found)
  20. Backup folder got deleted
  21. Certain mods aren't found by the Sims 3?
  22. Can't save anything in EIG!
  23. Uninstalling Origin
  24. Neighbourhoods and save not showing on start up (Patch 1.67, all expansions)
  25. "Unable to start. Please reinstall the base game."
  26. no addon lots please
  27. Sims 3 keeps crashing
  28. Cc magic Keeps Loading The Launcher It Wont Load The Game
  29. How to install Worlds as package files, please?
  30. Dog marking not showing up on dog?
  31. 2 problems
  32. Help Improving Live Performance? Save Cleaners and Merging Packages?
  33. You call that naked?
  34. OMSP from granthes showing in live mode
  35. There was an error during startup...
  36. Mods for Windows 8
  37. Crash with Nrass Master Controller with game patched on 1.67
  38. Game won't recognize radeon r9 270x graphics card. SOLVED
  39. game focus not leaving venue when the sim does (Lucky Palms)
  40. Graduations not happening when sims become young adults
  41. Materializing Materials
  42. Guys, I Think I broke France.
  43. Disgusted moodlet won't disappear
  44. Passingby Launcher with Origin
  45. Just installed the game - already crashing
  46. Device Config not Showing Nvidia GPU
  47. How to install mods for Sims 3 on Windows 10??
  48. Clothing slots
  49. Band mods?
  50. mods no longer appearing in game
  51. WA "Enabled Pull Lever" missing from torch wall light
  52. Sim won't change to his work clothes
  53. Half tiles
  54. Sims 3 - Sims not arriving at University
  55. Export World Failed
  56. My hair won't show up in CAS
  57. Midnight Hollow Terrain Color Change
  58. One more slot .package | not hiding everywhere
  59. Sim stuck in hill
  60. How can I change Twinbrooks lake into ocean?(or place a lot in the lake?)
  61. After pressing finish button in CAS game becomes completely unresponsive
  62. Is this what Monte Vista is supposed to do?
  63. Clock freezes, everything else is fine
  64. Keeps crashing. No matter what.
  65. Uninstalled the Mod folder
  66. windows ten security module cannot be activated
  67. group with roommate
  68. Catalyst Chemistry Lab Station - can't discover a potion
  69. I really can't seem to get .package files to work.
  70. Late Night High Rise loading error
  71. Sims 3 won't use my Nvidia GPU and integrated graphics makes the game crash
  72. Soothsayer's Crystal Ball No Chairs Work
  73. My sim does not want to work!
  74. packages file help
  75. Sims 3 on Windows 10 - No Custom Content Working
  76. Randomized sims have all kinds of odd sliders, even when I have no mods in
  77. Amb. Firefighting crash!
  78. Custm body
  79. I want to get into the game faster
  80. Game Crashed When Graduation Occured
  81. Odd error message when trying to uninstall an object (Solved)
  82. Sim won't change out of sweats.
  83. Weird Face glitch with Base game Hair
  84. Actions never happening and super zoomed camera (CAP)
  85. Can I delete the files in the downloads folder after installing it?
  86. I'm looking for a good laptop to play sims3 with.
  87. Sims 3 has Stopped Responding Crash
  88. My colors arent saving.
  89. How to take screenshots with SweetFX?
  90. Get rid of the bleepin' gnomes?
  91. Help! Forever stuck in "sneaking" animation!
  92. Grim reaper refusing to show up and collect dead Sims
  93. Glitchy textures in Game?
  94. Script Error
  95. Are this incompatible, the reason they're not showing up in game?
  96. When I delete stuff from my Sims' inventories the object appears on the ground beside them
  97. Windowed mode displaying incorrect screen size
  98. Help! Can't grab and delete objects.
  99. Sims throw routing failures when directed to go through doors
  100. Downloading Sims from the Exchange isnt giving me any .sim files?
  101. Will my laptop be able to run Sims 3 + some expansions?
  102. Some .sims showing, others just randomly don't!
  103. Where do these holes come from? (pictures included)
  104. I can only see one level of my houses at a time
  105. CC won't load into my game any longer
  106. Game Freeze In CAS
  107. Create A Pet Advanced won't show up!!!!!
  108. Sims 3 Stuck Loading Screen
  109. Sims 3 is on my SSD C Drive. Documents are on D. Run even better if I put EA Folder on SSD C drive?
  110. Unknown Error When Installing!
  111. Mod not showing up?
  112. The Sims 3 folder is NOT located in My Documents
  113. Sims crashes because graphics card issue
  114. Serious lag/choppyness on Decent (Quad-Core) Gaming PC
  115. How to find out dated CC or mods?
  116. Stop Inactive Sims From Becoming Performers! (Showtime Expansion)
  117. Graphics glitches on new graphics card
  118. Base game rock and stone patterns have disappeared
  119. Finding a default skin in my downloads
  120. Bookshelves not displaying all the books: found them
  121. Cant acces grocery store help !
  122. Need help with my mods.
  123. Materializing Materials
  124. CC magic force close. Please help
  125. My Teen Sim's homework disappeared
  126. Issue with a Sim's inventory and lag
  127. Problem with deleting foundation stilts
  128. Installed Mods Folder ok, Test package file working but other package file is not working (i..e. pose player)
  129. Nraas Mods Suddenly Crashing?
  130. Black screen after launch
  131. Custom content not showing up ;-;
  132. Vampires don't t bite
  133. How to integrate new animations to Kicker's mod
  134. .PACKAGE Content Probs
  135. Is there a limit to the number of scripting mods you can use? [Resolved]
  136. "Sims 3 Has Stopped Working" message?
  137. My Game Won't Start Up
  138. Accidentally deleted DCcache files, please help.
  139. extrem loading family time
  140. My Sim Won't Go to Work
  141. Custom Content Istallation on a Mac
  142. Invisible Sim
  143. TS3 Digital: How to be sure I'm getting everything?
  144. My sliders stop working
  145. Help!
  146. Not Responding
  147. Downloading lots without launcher
  148. Could someone take pictures of a sim for me?
  149. White outlines on little foundations
  150. How to retrieve TS3 EP's from another computer?
  151. Lighting problem with my furniture when I put a window (furniture too bright)
  152. Need help installing any mods.
  153. Another graphic device not found question (seriously please help)
  154. Terrible screen crash
  155. Sims 3 won't open after launcher
  156. General Slowness
  157. How do I replace the music for CAS, build/buy, neighborhood, load screens?
  158. Freeze with Seasons-Please HELP!
  159. Bathroom Troubles
  160. Nraas Mastercontroller!
  161. Sims 3 won't work when I download custom content!
  162. Using non-default skins
  163. EP\SPs not showing up in library
  164. 3 hours to load!
  165. Sims 3 not starting AT ALL
  166. Black/Dark Grey Weirdly Shadowed Skin?
  167. Returing to The Sims 3 after 3 full years, trying to get everything up and running as I had it in 2012, but...
  168. Cannot sign up for a profession?
  169. Move Objects On question!
  170. PLEASE HELP! The Sims 3 launcher "error during startup" after updating to 1.67 patch
  171. .Package files MOSTLY not showing up
  172. A Way to Manually Install Expansions?
  173. The sims 3 keeps shutting down my computer
  174. Slider Problem
  175. Sims 3 Won't Work After Downloading "Download the ready-made FrameworkSetup.zip"
  176. Accidentally deleted DCcache files!! Help!
  177. FamilyFunds NOT working....
  178. Insufficient Memory Crashes (But I have 16 GB of RAM?)
  179. Installing Doors, windows & other custom content
  180. Very Unusual Crashing Problem
  181. Please, I want to know how to remove the mosaic / censorship / blur.
  182. Code 13 - with Windows 10?
  183. I cannot place anything in the lot
  184. Needing some assistance with recognizing the card
  185. My saved game isn't there
  186. Desktop crashing
  187. Sims 3 All Expansions Incredibly Laggy with little CC
  188. TS3 World Help!!!
  189. Need Help with TS3 Mods
  190. It doesn't load
  191. CAW not letting me edit Twinbrook
  192. Accidently deleted a lot
  193. Sims 3 Crashing after i downloaded master controller
  194. Shadow on 1 wall FIXED
  195. Help!
  196. Game card cannot be recognized by The Sims
  197. Plenty space inside, why must sims run outdoors to do everything?
  198. edit existing world in CAW
  199. Does the Sims 3 work with Windows 10?
  200. I'm not able to have mods on this old laptop
  201. My launcher keeps crashing
  202. My David Beckham sim has pigtails
  203. Teen voices randomly changing
  204. Which the sims game do you recommend?
  205. Trying to get Sims 3 to recognize my graphics card using the wiki article
  206. Cannot Find Graphicscard.sgr file (solved)
  207. OT (sorta) could you send me a link to a laptop
  208. My sims won't save
  209. Messed up outfits
  210. New to CC/Hair and Makeup Options are Gone???
  211. Texture Memory 32MB Override - Significant Camera Stuttering GTX 970
  212. Where have all the explorers gone? (Resolved)
  213. More bad CC
  214. Unwanted unremovable tattoos (solved)
  215. HELP! Please:/
  216. Weird top thats on my men sims and baby sims!
  217. Blue Mod Bar & No sim on the side of the screen
  218. Game too shiny
  219. I think Pets is causing my game to freeze.
  220. Incredibly dark screen
  221. The Sims 3 freezes computer on first load screen
  222. Guys I've deleted my electronics arts folder in my documents!
  223. Script error!!!
  224. error message " cannot load game, it might have been saved to another expansion pack"
  225. Weird water issue?
  226. Unexplained lag in live mode
  227. Total disaster!
  228. Mod installation?
  229. Townies Aging with Story Progression Off and Aging On
  230. Virus from TSR??
  231. Game keeps freezing after weird bug.
  232. Installing Setra (and possibly other worlds)
  233. food stuck in family inventory
  234. World Adventures freezing on loading screen
  235. sims getting buff for no reason.
  236. Sims 3 Launcher not installing Sims 3 Packs (OS X)
  237. Only one sim in large household selectable, portraits still visible
  238. OnProcessEventCallback in Build and Buy Mode ...?
  239. Resetting Relationships, and Lagging towns
  240. Can't Merge Custom Content!
  241. Dashboard "Bad Compression Flags"
  242. Mod wont come up
  243. Safely uninstalling premium content that has been used on multiple savegames/worlds
  244. Booting up the game takes forever! (I counted!)
  245. Making a Car Slower?
  246. When installing expansions, do you need to patch them inbetween each one?
  247. A houseful of sims but I can't play any of them!!
  248. V7 Ticket Machine/barrier to entry Money Collection Question
  249. Spiders (and Sims) are crawling (walking) through the wall ...?
  250. Tearing and lag