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  1. Squirrel + cats, is the squirrel safe?
  2. (video) Fireplace can't be moved or deleted
  3. Is there a way to install premade families?
  4. Master Controller add sliders.
  5. Celebrity Skins
  6. My Witch-Sim cannot cast spells on other Sims! (Sims 3)
  7. Game stops working after using too much memory
  8. Downloaded sim: .sim vs. .Sim3Pack, how to get sim to look like its author's screen?
  9. OneDrive
  10. Can't share Lot- but can save to bin
  11. Roofs appearing on first floor (video)
  12. Blue lot problem
  13. More Camera Mods?
  14. Trouble buying store stuff
  15. How Do I get my reward packs?
  16. How can I categorize clothing as random costumes?
  17. Game Freezing After CC Deleted
  18. Unrecognized graphics card
  19. Custom cars
  20. How can I refresh my pose without Sims 3 restart?
  21. Game keep crashing at first load screen
  22. Ok so either I have to buy a new laptop
  23. Sims And Foals Disappearing
  24. Trying to download amusement park, doesn't work
  25. Unable to get mods working
  26. How Do I get Sims to share a duble bed?
  27. Getting ScriptError_Desktop files every time I run the game...
  28. Using Traveler Mod in City Worlds
  29. Edit multiple sims at once?
  30. More Permanent Fix for SRam Reset Workaround?
  31. Doing the 100 Baby Challenge, can't woo a tourist sim. [SOLVED]
  32. My FPS drops while in build mode.
  33. Game freezes leaving buy or build mode
  34. Where has this nose mask skin come from?!
  35. The sims 3 custom content won't show up
  36. Sims 3 Movie multiple housholds?
  37. Cannot get anatomical parts to show up
  38. Is there a way to organize CC in build/buy mode?
  39. My Mods Won't Work
  40. Curved colonial stair rail glitch
  41. The toddler's bedroom is broken...
  42. Sim Body Hair in CAS
  43. totally problems
  44. Can you move multiple books at a time to a shelf?
  45. Sims 3 crashing in create-a-sim
  46. My Sims 3 has no shadow!
  47. The Sims 3 Functionality With the Steam Controller?
  48. Renaming .package files??
  49. Hair Question
  50. Sims won't go into Rabbit Holes and nothing seems to help
  51. Mortarboard Problem
  52. Pose player addon's look at
  53. Question about FPS limiter usage in EIG mode in CAW [SOLVED]
  54. [Sims 3] EP's/SP's from Origin downloading but not installing ?!
  55. buying from shops
  56. Steam suddenly needs Origin to open my game and Origin is blind to my exp
  57. EPs, SPs Need Updating?
  58. Sims 3 - Sim Resets when watching TV
  59. Why wont it regeister my game?
  60. Overcrowded School
  61. Black console in Create A World
  62. Why are only people my sim hates in my mausoleum?
  63. Can't install mods and fresh game
  64. Custom content detection
  65. Game won't load fully
  66. Images are Missing When Opening/Importing Original EA Worlds Into Sims 3 PE
  67. Around the sims, conflicts with...Around the sims...(SOLVED)
  68. Need CC Help Again lol {SOLVED}
  69. Are Sims3Pack files really better?
  70. Trying to adopt stray cat but interactions vanish
  71. Junk continues to "appear" on home lot
  72. Some Rabbit Holes not working correctly (appearing as regular lots on town view/not on lot list)
  73. Invisible Fairy Wings
  74. CC is odd...Please Help!!
  75. Clothing options for each category
  76. How do I visit a community lot?
  77. Corrupt (Not a DBPF) lots from The Exchange[SOLVED]
  78. Launcher Glitches red Xs - Hard to uninstall stuff
  79. Not able to place floor tiles?
  80. Moving User Files back to my SSD - Junction or is there a better way?
  81. Master Controle added an unwanted dog to my family
  82. what are promises and wishes?
  83. Bug with MasterController [Resolved]
  84. Can someone help ?
  85. camera glitch?
  86. Game Crashes Within Minutes of Loading
  87. CAW crashing for EIG mode - tried everything, help?!
  88. Sims3 has stopped working WINDOWS 10
  89. Recategorizing clothing items HELP PLEASE!
  90. So what are simpoints and how do I get them?
  91. Ignoring My High Performance card?
  92. Edit Town issues in vacation world
  93. Sims 3 is non-respondent!
  94. Twallan's Debug Enabler
  95. Converting from Sims Medieval to Sims 3
  96. (solved by reinstalling)
  97. Stuck CaS
  98. Connection To Server Lost
  99. Interaction Glitch
  100. Bathtubs crash GF's game!
  101. Uninstalling the Mod for Installing the Package files
  102. Game asks me to debug "unhandled page fault" every time it gets to loading screen
  103. Does renaming .package files make a difference to my game speed?
  104. Sims 3 doesn't recognize my GTX 960.
  105. Sims 3 & External Hard Drive
  106. Can't Access Memory Scrapbook
  107. Custom Paintings are Blank?
  108. DLL files and fixing the borked pre-Pets CC issues
  109. "Unofficial game modification" Error. Is uninstalling my last resort..?
  110. My Game crashes when I'm exiting the game if I used Build and buy in my season. Sometimes
  111. Windows 10 issues
  112. Launcher resets expansions used
  113. Could working CC suddenly stop working?
  114. My Mods folder disappeared
  115. Sims keep changing the channel?
  116. Sims 3 Materializing Materials Issue [SOLVED]
  117. [Nraas Overwatch] Number of stuck vehicles in my world increasing? [SOLVED]
  118. Take photo of Dragon Cave Opportunity (photo won't register)
  119. Is there a Mod for leaving sims in other towns?
  120. My sims are all black, gray, and splotchy?
  121. Finding Default skins in game
  122. Launcher
  123. Windows 10 pre-CC .package file prep/instructions
  124. How do I get my sims games saved when i restore my computer?
  125. Installing Custom Worlds
  126. Part of mods doesn't work
  127. Babysitter keeps on coming...
  128. Ghost Hunter Profession Glitch...
  129. Super Duper Mega-Slow Boot Time
  130. Can I use this old mod?
  131. Sims3Pack Files wont download to game or launcher
  132. Teenage Sims had birthday party, but the game is still registering he is in Elementary School. [FIXED!]
  133. 1.67 rather than 1.69
  134. Hair Glitch
  135. Motives & Skills Frozen
  136. Sims 3 CC lots won't show up
  137. Game refuses to load at all after CC merging
  138. Sims can't cook
  139. Not sure if my game is not responding or just loading really slowly...
  140. Needs not deteriorating
  141. Mermaid glitch
  142. Clean Install Windows 10 Freeze
  143. Custom Content/Mods not working (It mustn't like me)
  144. Getting errors from S3PE [SOLVED]
  145. Sims 3 keeps crashing, won't get past loading screen?
  146. Viewing Package Files *SOLVED*
  147. Why dosent my expantion packs work after installing CCs??
  148. What went wrong with....? (SOLVED)
  149. cigarette smoking mod no longer functions correctly
  150. how to get to know the name of content in s3pe
  151. Can Only Play for 20 Minutes Before It Crashes to the Desktop
  152. Can't delete collections
  153. Omni Plant
  154. How do I paint this?
  155. S-club's eyelash removal mod and sliders for their eyelashes
  156. Help with deleted file from base game
  157. Installing package files
  158. wasn't I able to extract accessory with s3oc?
  159. Cheat bar will not open
  160. New Install Won't Run
  161. how can I make a mesh? (SOLVED)
  162. Yet another Graphicscard.sgr/GraphicsRules.sgr problem. Help? [SOLVED]
  163. Nraas Traveler question
  164. Sims 3 crashes while loading saved game
  165. Adding Fireflies with Fog emitter
  166. The Infamous Game Camera Stuttering I Can't Get Fixed
  167. Strange texture on some CC (and on specific EA things, like certain hairs)
  168. This item crashing my game
  169. Launcher won't Luanch
  170. Sims disappearing and ErrorTraps notifications?
  171. Custom Worlds Glitch
  172. My .package doesn't show up anymore?
  173. Everything in the correct place...
  174. Can't place lots
  175. Can I move the Electronic Arts folder to D drive?
  176. World Adventures/Ambitions Icons
  177. store items -> package
  178. Game crashes almost right after loading a game
  179. My game is laggy...
  180. CAP Advanced Mode Isn't Working
  181. Skintones and new default eyes not showing up in game
  182. Rotating hesitation FIXED
  183. blurry graphics under water.
  184. Baker's station not working
  185. Sims 3 Won't start at all (Removed Mods Folder)
  186. Can't seem to enable script mods in the game
  187. Launcher turns white with red X
  188. Are some corrupt items and store conflicts good to merge or keep seperate/delete?
  189. NRaas
  190. Is there any way to make TS3 use more RAM?
  191. How to use templates?
  192. Unable to use MTS CC.
  193. Dolphin's / jimhs Magic Gardening Gnome
  194. CAW Is very slow/unusable (Laptop)
  195. Sims interactions menu delay
  196. Next ranked chess opponent never shows up
  197. Content from uninstalled EPs still in my game
  198. Package file issues - not showing up.
  199. How many water planes is too many?
  200. Sims 3 won't save?
  201. installed file is a adobe reader file
  202. Wall listed as "Style"?
  203. Graphics glitch; 'hidden' lots; general gameplay questions
  204. Expansions Aren't Appearing In-Game
  205. game will not load after installing CC Magic Mod
  206. main menu and loading screen
  207. Sims Think I'm In A Fight!!! HELP!!!
  208. Sims store content
  209. Some achievements not showing up or not working
  210. No Mouse?!
  211. Slow ultra speed
  212. Mods not working, have no clue what's wrong Please Help!
  213. Within the sims 3 content to appear sims2packages files
  214. How to convert objects of Sims2 to Sims3?
  215. Sliders, and the different categories.
  216. Supernatural Sims not acting as Supernatural Sims
  217. Problems Installing Superpatch
  218. Problem with Resource.cfg file
  219. Curtain wall print?
  220. Mods/Packages folder not working - Content not showing up in game
  221. Newly created vampires have normal sim motives but still act like vampires
  222. Plumbots and Household Limits
  223. Transferred Save to New computer- won't show up
  224. DeviceConfig reading Found 1 Matched 0 - but graphicrules was edited correctly
  225. Downloding help for Mac osx Mountain Lion
  226. Teenage's boob glitch on CAS
  227. I have some eye problem (solved)
  228. game don't save during/after party
  229. No more Servide NPC
  230. Can't download Pose Player!
  231. Can't start CAW: memory is corrupt?
  232. Running the sims through Dropbox
  233. Game crashes every time I go into Buy mode after birth of alien baby
  234. Merging CC?
  235. Graphics quality spontaneously(?) lowered; where to look for cause?
  236. Framework not working after patch to 1.69.
  237. .Packages not working but .CC is?
  238. Package Files won't show up ingame.
  239. [Solved] Sims 3 startup error?
  240. Launcher won't install or uninstall content
  241. using the Sims compressorizer program?
  242. Black(ish) Screen but Sound and Launcher works just fine...Have not found this exact problem anywhere..
  243. Changing Hair
  244. Can't edit certain sims in CAS?
  245. My sister's game will not let her tell Sims to interact with eachother
  246. Freezing/Crashing just as magician is about to perform
  247. Into the Future Bot Workshop reset Error
  248. Strangetown
  249. Is this the Blue Lot issue
  250. Unable to load save on re-installed CAW world