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  1. Stuck at "Processing" Eviction
  2. Sims 3 keeps crashing when I try to launch it!!!!!!
  3. Toddler not aging up.
  4. Never ending saving
  5. Recommendation to Avoid Problems
  6. Festival Prize Tickets Multiplying
  7. Terrain paints get mixed up?
  8. All of a sudden crashes all of the time
  9. Sims3Launcher has stopped working... but it still is working!
  10. Doors, Windows, Objects, and Sims Snap to Miscellaneous places Even Snaps to the road
  11. 3 Weeks with no response: Coupons don't actually create discounts? // It's $250! That's 70% off $250!
  12. NRaas mods crash my game.
  13. Sims 3 Launcher No Longer Recognizing Downloaded Items
  14. Mermaids and MasterController: Not swimming correctly edition
  15. Sim that doesn't exist causing Errors - how to delete it?
  16. Game crashes, ACCESS_VIOLATION - tried a lot already (including DEP)
  17. Paper delivery to the front door only
  18. Sim can't advance in athletic skill, stalled at level 6
  19. My Sims 3 Mods/custom Content Will Not Work!!!
  20. Any way to place pets in vacation neighborhoods?
  21. Issue unsaddling/brushing horses
  22. Sims will download, but in Make-A-Family, they revert to default items and clothes and features?
  23. Non-playable (ghost) babies disappeared?
  24. Devil's Port Download
  25. Second generation can't be played -> Too much lagging!
  26. buydebug makes Edit Town and Save stuck
  27. Sims 3-It says cc is installed but when i close the launcher and re-open in its gone. WHAT DO I DO :,(
  28. Pose Player for Toddlers not working.
  29. Please help Sims 3 object image bug
  30. Please help!!!!
  31. Will a default skin-replacement conflict with non-default skins?
  32. All saved sims and mods failing to work/show up in game (mac)
  33. Sims stuck in bushes outside lab
  34. mod folder completely disappeared?
  35. Cats and Dogs look weird
  36. Help
  37. Population Corruption
  38. can you make a streaker a job?
  39. Dating a foreign sim, the game treats date weirdly
  40. TS3: CC won't load (been problem-solving for 2 days)
  41. Can't open The Sims 3 on my Mac due to "unknown error."
  42. Slight Lot Graphical Glitch
  43. Coupons don't actually create discounts? // It's $250! That's 70% off $250!
  44. Quick question concerning TSR
  45. Very Slow. Tried Everything. Read Everything. Tried New.
  46. Done everything right and mods still doesn't work
  47. Community Lot Hours & Functions
  48. Delphy Dashboard "error" message
  49. Unable to extract download-can't get mods in game
  50. trying to remove accesorie from a store hair!!
  51. Bridgeport Crashes When Loaded
  52. Sims face tool
  53. Package files will not load at all [SOLVED]
  54. Custom world requirements?
  55. Sims3packcleaner will not open
  56. My game keeps closing down when i open it! *solved*
  57. Textures not loading/replacing
  58. How do you download a packaged sim?
  59. Custom Skins- Listed In Alphabetical Order In CAS?
  60. Game crashes everytime I throw a party
  61. Sims 3 Freezing (All Expansions)
  62. After Installing Mods
  63. Sims 3 complete EP run smooth?
  64. s3pe not working
  65. I cannot log into my launcher
  66. Door Locks Don't work!
  67. My sims 3 game isn't recognizing my .package files??
  68. Sims 3 keeps freezing
  69. Objects and inter-household relationships lost when moving towns?
  70. Sims 3 won't recognise graphics card and slow performance (tried editing the .sgr files but still problems).
  71. Children Face Glitch
  72. Mod not showing?
  73. Crash to desktop- video card not recognised?
  74. Electronics not working.
  75. The sims 3 won't install
  76. Descendants show up in "future control panel", but they don't live aywhere?
  77. CAW "Edit in game" Glitch and Save error [SOLVED]
  78. Serious Error with Custom World [Solved]
  79. Island Paradise Lifetime Rewards not showing up. Please help me
  80. How much .packages using S3PE ?
  81. System Requirements
  82. Do I delete all "conflicts" using Delphy's Dashboard ?
  83. I don't have all EPs but I want custom lots that require them
  84. Can't change sim's gender and some pre-made sims don't appear
  85. Pets are constantly resetting
  86. Sims change outfits EXTREMELY slow
  87. Sims 3 black screen!
  88. Problem with download
  89. I click the play button and it just goes black?
  90. Glitchy graphics when zooming out and blurry graphics
  91. What happens if I have two face overlays installed?
  92. How to quickly find a sim experiencing routing issues
  93. Nothing Works at all - CC
  94. testingCheat not working right
  95. Dropbox porting?
  96. Relationships disappeared
  97. Missing Breast Morph Bug
  98. helpp! sims not working!
  99. Installing Sims3Packs through launcher takes centuries to load
  100. Origin and Sims3 Starter pack CD
  101. Package files used to show up and work, now they don't.
  102. Canīt run Sims3Dashboard in Mac with Mono
  103. Moonlight Falls School not working.
  104. XCAS tattoo
  105. Random outfits
  106. 70s, 80s & 90s Stuff disappearing.
  107. Patch cannot be downloaded through Launcher
  108. My sims keep getting up out of their seat
  109. CC needs to cooperate
  110. Sims 3 stops working and crashes while saving ONLY
  111. Graphics... (Posting again due from wrong placement)
  112. Mods and CC are not showing up in game?
  113. Bug with the sims 3! help
  114. Sims 3 mods are not working
  115. Sim stopped using motive mobile
  116. CC package files cause really bad lag
  117. How To Switch to Desktop While Playing Sims 3 on a Mac?
  118. Crashing, Game is telling me I have current version, TS3 Crash Log Analyzer says I have version 1.0.631something
  119. Can't install package file
  120. Sims 3 1.63 & 1.67 Crashing upon loading a save
  121. Game crashing, I don't know what to do!!! :(
  122. Game doesn't even start.. Crashes immediately after pressing play and even after bypassing the launcher(and I have tried almost everything)
  123. Removed eye defaults still there
  124. Problem with floor elevation/sunken floor
  125. Unicorn parts unlock-can't uninstall
  126. Roomate Help
  127. CCs with "Directly-Attached" CCs, always bad?
  128. Games crashes randomly to black screen have to reboot
  129. Sims like to get stuck in-between floors...
  130. How do i install mods?!
  131. Does default skin disable non-default skins?
  132. The Sencoring does not work
  133. Game locks up when I replace doors?
  134. "insufficient graphics capability"
  135. Having trouble installing Seasons after patch 1.67
  136. import changes in edit town to another save
  137. My mods aren't working
  138. Black "frame" around the eyes - what 'component'?
  139. "The sims 3 has stopped working"
  140. Grandma's Canning Station jams missing descriptions and causing problems
  141. Can not place any community lots!
  142. Stupid housekeeper service
  143. Installing custom content... Plz help urgent
  144. Mods do not work in game.
  145. Install Order?
  146. Skyboxes in CAW
  147. Do I have to install all CC before installing a Lot?
  148. Missing Mods Folder
  149. Is there a fix for black ceilings in screenshots?
  150. Checking EP/SP requirements
  151. Sims 3 Framework mods not working
  152. Mods not working in Sims 3
  153. Reset Sim and Late Night apartments.
  154. Game Not Wanting To Update, Even With Superpatcher?
  155. No books in one particular save file
  156. My plumdroid has a glowing area above it's human eyes
  157. Help About Cas Loading Screen Stuck
  158. Weird Late Night Installation Glitch?
  159. Female Sims hair dissapears
  160. Textures blurry in game but not in CAS?
  161. Offer Plasma
  162. The Sims 3 Crashing after 1.67 update.
  163. .package not working (FRAMEWORK)
  164. How to change the format from .ZIP to .PACKAGE
  165. .Package/Sims3Pack problems on Mac.
  166. Custom Content Compatibility
  167. anti "autonomous outfit change" mod?
  168. Why wonīt it work?
  169. The game doesn't finish loading I'm losing hope
  170. Installed unofficial game modification?-FIXED
  171. Can't install store content
  172. Issue with Launcher, Updating / Patching, and Launching The Game?
  173. Unknown error when downloading STORE and EXCHANGE contact!
  174. Packaged Files
  175. Dow
  176. PLEASE HELP: Can't find the file for these bad CCs:
  177. Issue with placing lots in world
  178. New Graphics Card not recognized-Solved over at NRaas
  179. NPCs on Community Lots?
  180. Mod!
  181. I Can't Access My Saved Games or CC
  182. package cc into a custom house file
  183. -600 Sims 3 Can't Be Opened?
  184. Pose Player Not Working (All other mods are)
  185. My mods stopped working
  186. Game crashes when I try to switch families
  187. Launcher not viewing/ loading (pic included)
  188. missing folders upon installation
  189. remove reward
  190. PLEASE HELP! Simss working really slowly!
  191. Cannot Access my Phone or computers
  192. Updated world texture/render propblem
  193. Custom music ruined by gnomes
  194. Mods are not working (Installed correct resource.cfg + framework)
  195. Fix for Prism Art Studio sound glitch?
  196. Teen sim can't get pregnant with mod
  197. Sim can't leave lot!
  198. No popular spots in Monte Vista!
  199. Only 1 Save File Freezes, Nothing To Do With CC.
  200. Game freezes when selecting active household
  201. Hair problem, please help :(
  202. DCBackup
  203. Create-a-Sim full of junk
  204. Custom content says it doesn't require any exp/stuff but when installed it says there is an error requiring certain exp/stuff
  205. Please Somebody Help Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  206. Weird happenings
  207. The files that ends with .rar
  208. where do I get the serial code for register?
  209. The Sims 3 Patch Downloader
  210. "testingcheatsenabled true" cheat not working for mailbox
  211. Can't beat the lag
  212. Pet Store
  213. Bridgeport mixologists poof off juice station after University Life is installed. Nraas Conflict?
  214. Sims 3 CAS Hairstyles not loading!
  215. Nraas mod is not working correctly
  216. Graphic Problem
  217. This is Sims 3 Problems , Help me pleaassse! :'(
  218. My MODS Package files wont show up
  219. How to install mods on ubuntu (14.04) under wine?
  220. The Sims 3 options menu is frozen
  221. Loading hang after editing a building in Edit Town.
  222. Help The main page is messing
  223. Rabbit hole rugs help
  224. Fat slider does not have effect on CC
  225. Is my game considered an Origin or Steam download?
  226. Pose Player Won't Show Up, But It's Apparently Successfully Installed?
  227. Pose Player Sculpture Making
  228. My dogs can poof off fence.
  229. Pose Player
  230. Stagnant Relationship Meter
  231. Game Lag after family going to Champs les Sims. (travelDB.package responsible?)
  232. Having some issues with my new PC (Windows 8.1). - All expansions/no stuff packs, moderate CC.
  233. Manually deleting homeless Sims and abandoned vehicles?
  234. No Chatting with Toddler??
  235. Need Help Its To Slow
  236. Sims3: Custom content [skins, makeup] not working anymore
  237. The sims 3 pets keeps crashing :(
  238. my settings keep resetting!
  239. Game only recognizes built in Graphics Card and not the extra card
  240. Widow is naughty for kissing her new husband?!
  241. Not all hair colors are showing up
  242. Bloated game
  243. Can I use default skins in conjunction with defaults?
  244. Buildings Changing Lot Size
  245. downloading error
  246. Patching order?
  247. getting control of a visiting sims 3
  248. into the future problems
  249. Mod Scripts Found
  250. "Cannot connect to EA servers" pop-up (know why but not how to fix)