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  1. Insufficient Memory Issue, I'm hopeless
  2. Camera mode zoom problem
  3. Female Adult Sim Upper Body Glitch
  4. custom content present but not showing up
  5. No options to learn the songs from WA, any suggestions?
  6. How to convert teen-elder hair into toddler-child hair?
  7. Horse Tack Issue
  8. Green lots
  9. Brand new to Sims 3, please help with a dating question
  10. Just installed LN, game keeps crashing?
  11. Zooming In and Out problems
  12. Uploading avatars with a background??
  13. Can't access home, can't view complete neighbourhood
  14. Some package files don't work.
  15. Ctrl + Shift + C not working in Sims 3?
  16. Black Screen [SOLVED]
  17. More than 8 sims?
  18. Trying to install cc manually
  19. Young Adult-Teen relations don't work with Woohooer
  20. Has anyone noticed a tiny cube on a horse??
  21. Game pauses in live mode fixed
  22. When selecting somewhere to live in Uni, the check-mark to start playing is blanked out.
  23. Zooming In-and Out became horrible, no mod installed
  24. Game Thinks Sim is Still Pregnant
  25. Cursor Disappeared [Solved!]
  26. Inside the package files
  27. I can't install mods into my game.
  28. While in building/buying mode, I can't open the pattern menu!
  29. [SOLVED] Create-A-Pet "sitting pet glitch" issue.
  30. Fixing a custom content Package file
  31. Family tree gets broken off when sibilings are sent to Sim U
  32. Loading Issue
  33. Scientific Specialist LTW
  34. While saving, an Error shows up and my file goes bad.
  35. Help, butler quit on her own, can't hire new butler unless I call her over and dismiss her, she won't come over!
  36. Babysitters won't leave!
  37. Annoying dog problem
  38. Custom skins don't show up in-game.
  39. No Babies with All-in-One Bathroom? lol
  40. My Game Won't Load
  41. Problems With Zip Files
  42. TS3 and FPS
  43. Changing ghost with out tombstone to human
  44. Wont install?
  45. Moved game to new computer, downloads not showing up
  46. Way to play without the disc?
  47. Game won't exit
  48. Sims Cannot Interact With Anyone! Heeeelpppp!
  49. Games crashes when I click the Mac n Cheese
  50. Crashing in CAS/Graphics Glitch
  51. (Solved) Poseplayer not showing up in misc. decor
  52. Game still tries to access Featured Items despite being read only.
  53. How do I make a collection package file to go in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Collections/User" file
  54. The launcher has slowed down
  55. HELP! Moved neighborhoods, cant get back to original?
  56. Help! Everything has gone!
  57. Help!! No .package
  58. Sims 3 Pose Player issue
  59. Missing icons in the Map view.
  60. my sims 3 wont save new games in a right way
  61. CaS weird crash?
  62. Sims 3 Wont Recognize My Graphics Card... Help!
  63. Sims 3 Stuck In Create A Sim Mode, Game Can't Exit Without Completely Shutdown Computer, Lifetime Wishes Comepletely Gone
  64. Glitchy Outerwear (Everyday outfits with gloves added on) and Extra Objects Listed In Buy Mode
  65. Part time job problem
  66. Which no horse shine default mod must I use?
  67. Problems with mod package files - some will and will not work (S3)
  68. Resolved: Questions about mixed disk and digital installation
  69. Relativity and Mastercheatscontroller wont work anymore.
  70. S-club
  71. 'Easy Fridge'
  72. My terrain is disappearing in CAW when I put a lot in
  73. objects turning grey forever and the texture changes.
  74. Barn Door + Seasonal Marker?
  75. sims picture not showing up, no money, map mode gone weird. help!?
  76. Missing house picture - SOLVED
  77. Sims are dissapeared- but really dissapeared.
  78. Sims 3 Keeps Crashing!!!
  79. Can't load any saves after deleting scriptcache
  80. Creating a mod for communication/interaction with other sims ???
  81. Text disappeared, Time Portal animation disappeared after reinstalling base and 10 x packs, nothing working
  82. pets
  83. Inactive/Uncontrolled sims don't maintain their needs
  84. School crowded, can't enter!
  85. New laptop, old instructions
  86. Sims 3 Framework Not Working
  87. Fps
  88. SOLVED - Can't click on item to delete it (String Lights)
  89. Game File in Starlight Shores freezes when loading
  90. Weird Error I think?
  91. Sims 3 Component Isn't Working
  92. I lost all my SC
  93. Correctly Installing My Games, Mods, and Custom Content on an F: drive?
  94. Rabbit Holes Turned Into Community Lots.
  95. Followed all FAQs,and Guides yet no solution.
  96. Red Neighborhood
  97. Kid not getting any wants + old phone showing up etc...
  98. All Installation Windows Icon Bouncing then Crashing on Macbook
  99. My Game Won't Start Because My DeviceConfig.log File Is Blank. What do I do?
  100. Graphics rendering lags, while game proceeds apparently normally
  101. Game freezing no matter what I do!
  102. Really getting rid of roommates for good
  103. cannot install mods
  104. Is a IRC chanel exist for custom content help?
  105. Sims not going to work
  106. Unable to install custom worlds using various of methods
  107. No mods/package folder on TS3 (Origin Digital Version) ?
  108. Sims 3 has stopped working error
  109. NRAAS Website Not Working!
  110. Mods Won't Work.
  111. Not all Packages loading in game - I have about 70 installed, but only about 20 are loading.
  112. How do you disable 'Stupid' trait from from Awesomemod?
  113. Problem with 7-Zip
  114. Misty windows, help
  115. Nraas Story Progression: How to get specific notifications??
  116. Babies being born with no face..?
  117. Help with CC Magic
  118. REQUEST: These Lolita dresses please!
  119. What does Nraas Careers mod do exactly?
  120. [EDIT TOWN] - Lots
  121. Launcher won't load game or Install CC
  122. Game lags too much and is anooying to play.
  123. How to
  124. stupid Error code 12!!
  125. How do I use NRAAS Dresser mod?
  126. I keep having too reinstall all of my custom content
  127. Crashes When Loading Particular Save File
  128. Infinite saving loop + Continuous loading loop - any solutions?
  129. Deleting .Package Files ? [Solved]
  130. Moving Sims into library - what gets lost, what do they keep?
  131. sunset Valley and Isla Paradiso
  132. My Installer won't work, it just goes black when i try and install cc.
  133. Is my computer to blame...
  134. Cannot patch Sims 3
  135. Mods to fix corruption/trying to PREVENT corruption. Advice?
  136. Does my laptop meet the game's standards? AND Why won't my game open?
  137. Can't scroll left with mouse, cant build foundation or walls, cant place objects
  138. Can't uninstall anything through the launcher?!
  139. Porblem with instaling the world
  140. Used games: Can I register one stuff pack now to use all online things?
  141. Game randomly crashes after exiting CAS
  142. Problem with custom skins/eyes
  143. I need help downloading
  144. What are those "contact lenses"?
  145. CAS froze
  146. Package files and mods still showing up in game after uninstalled
  147. Custom Content Not Showing Up in Game
  148. Unable to unlock Divers Den
  149. CC? Again...
  150. FSIViewCountTracking and .bin files
  151. Edit Town Mode in Moonlight Falls - Only able to set up 2 Waterfalls
  152. Help!
  153. Installing sims without launcher
  154. ContentPatch.package questions
  155. No door/White block failed object.
  156. Sims 3 Game Glitch! Help?!
  157. Missing sim after stuck aging check
  158. Deliciously Indulgent Bakery Stocking
  159. Help with the launcher
  160. Not all Custom content showing up in game
  161. Lots?
  162. Game won't load after installing certain amount of custom content
  163. Make up doesn't look right ?
  164. Everything turns blue
  165. Question about Installing Sims 3 + add ons to drive D
  166. Invisible sims
  167. Loading takes FOREVER
  168. All of my package files show up with paint icon
  169. Deleted my DCCache Files
  170. Stuck at "Processing" Eviction
  171. Sims 3 keeps crashing when I try to launch it!!!!!!
  172. Toddler not aging up.
  173. Never ending saving
  174. Recommendation to Avoid Problems
  175. Festival Prize Tickets Multiplying
  176. Terrain paints get mixed up?
  177. All of a sudden crashes all of the time
  178. Sims3Launcher has stopped working... but it still is working!
  179. Doors, Windows, Objects, and Sims Snap to Miscellaneous places Even Snaps to the road
  180. 3 Weeks with no response: Coupons don't actually create discounts? // It's $250! That's 70% off $250!
  181. NRaas mods crash my game.
  182. Sims 3 Launcher No Longer Recognizing Downloaded Items
  183. Mermaids and MasterController: Not swimming correctly edition
  184. Sim that doesn't exist causing Errors - how to delete it?
  185. Game crashes, ACCESS_VIOLATION - tried a lot already (including DEP)
  186. Paper delivery to the front door only
  187. Sim can't advance in athletic skill, stalled at level 6
  188. My Sims 3 Mods/custom Content Will Not Work!!!
  189. Any way to place pets in vacation neighborhoods?
  190. Issue unsaddling/brushing horses [[UNSOLVED]]
  191. Sims will download, but in Make-A-Family, they revert to default items and clothes and features?
  192. Non-playable (ghost) babies disappeared?
  193. Devil's Port Download
  194. Second generation can't be played -> Too much lagging!
  195. buydebug makes Edit Town and Save stuck
  196. Sims 3-It says cc is installed but when i close the launcher and re-open in its gone. WHAT DO I DO :,(
  197. Pose Player for Toddlers not working.
  198. Please help Sims 3 object image bug
  199. Please help!!!!
  200. Will a default skin-replacement conflict with non-default skins?
  201. All saved sims and mods failing to work/show up in game (mac)
  202. Sims stuck in bushes outside lab
  203. mod folder completely disappeared?
  204. Cats and Dogs look weird
  205. Game Crashes Right Before Family Loads!!
  206. Help
  207. Population Corruption
  208. can you make a streaker a job?
  209. Dating a foreign sim, the game treats date weirdly
  210. TS3: CC won't load (been problem-solving for 2 days)
  211. Can't open The Sims 3 on my Mac due to "unknown error."
  212. Slight Lot Graphical Glitch
  213. Coupons don't actually create discounts? // It's $250! That's 70% off $250!
  214. Quick question concerning TSR
  215. Very Slow. Tried Everything. Read Everything. Tried New.
  216. Done everything right and mods still doesn't work
  217. Community Lot Hours & Functions
  218. Delphy Dashboard "error" message
  219. Unable to extract download-can't get mods in game
  220. Bridgeport Crashes When Loaded
  221. Sims face tool
  222. Package files will not load at all [SOLVED]
  223. Custom world requirements?
  224. Sims3packcleaner will not open
  225. My game keeps closing down when i open it! *solved*
  226. Textures not loading/replacing
  227. How do you download a packaged sim?
  228. Custom Skins- Listed In Alphabetical Order In CAS?
  229. Game crashes everytime I throw a party
  230. Sims 3 Freezing (All Expansions)
  231. After Installing Mods
  232. Sims 3 complete EP run smooth?
  233. s3pe not working
  234. I cannot log into my launcher
  235. Door Locks Don't work!
  236. My sims 3 game isn't recognizing my .package files??
  237. Sims 3 keeps freezing
  238. Objects and inter-household relationships lost when moving towns?
  239. Sims 3 won't recognise graphics card and slow performance (tried editing the .sgr files but still problems).
  240. Children Face Glitch
  241. Mod not showing?
  242. Crash to desktop- video card not recognised?
  243. Electronics not working.
  244. The sims 3 won't install
  245. Descendants show up in "future control panel", but they don't live aywhere?
  246. CAW "Edit in game" Glitch and Save error [SOLVED]
  247. Serious Error with Custom World [Solved]
  248. Island Paradise Lifetime Rewards not showing up. Please help me
  249. How much .packages using S3PE ?
  250. System Requirements