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  1. Save errors... ( delete this, it's solved)
  2. Custom Content - Graphical Issues?
  3. Won't Start
  4. Why are my vampires immortal??
  5. Moving expansion packs from one drive to another?
  6. sims 3 university life jersey graphic glitch
  7. Sims 3 mods won't work
  8. Sims 3 - Windows 8.1 [Create a Sim Crash]
  10. My game is crashing,lagging and just not working!
  11. Sims 3: Not Saving - FIX
  12. Users>(Name)>Downloads
  13. Loading a new world hangs infinitly at 99% complete.
  14. Launcher won't open- .net framework issue?
  15. None of my supernatural creatures are showing up ingame because of mods. NONE.
  16. I need some lines of code, if anyone knows them...
  17. What is this moodlet?
  18. Family gone after loading game, one Sim missing entirely (Image-heavy)
  19. Help with format....?
  20. Question about Process Monitor Log
  21. Does a twinbrook.world file with fixes exist?
  22. Game doesn't recognize my card even after following steps to fix it, please help
  23. Collection Folders Not Showing Up & Disappearing
  24. Default sliders don't work
  25. Issues - I have them
  26. Nraas attraction question
  27. How do I install mods?
  28. Reinstalled The Sims 3 on Windows 8.1 from Origin. Mods mysteriously don't work anymore
  29. Help me with CC
  30. Can't attend parties
  31. Game started to crash
  32. object not focusing in the catalog
  33. OMG! There is no sunset valley listed on my world dropdown menu!
  34. Cannot Save My Game
  35. Wrong Lot and sim names
  36. Crashing on loading screen
  37. Installing Save Games
  38. Downloaded Sims - Blackscreen Sims dont work
  39. Moved misplaced .package files into right folder, but no package CC is showing up
  40. Floating hair on children
  41. im stuck on the sims 3, ive been trying to install nraas debug enabler but it dont work
  42. Mod Package Issue
  43. I Really Need Help!
  44. Anyone else get this fun glitch with facial textures in Create A Sim? (pics)
  45. Can't Control Family!
  46. Missing Mods when loading onto Mac
  47. Instructions on how to download Mod items?
  48. Sim3pe And Mono Crashing?!??!
  49. Can't figure out how to export my world with CAW!
  50. Limiting townie babies
  51. Altering Sims 3 packs into package files issue.
  52. My Game Keeps Crashing?!!!!!
  53. How to download
  54. Where'd They Go??~~~
  55. Long-time issue with CC from this site.
  56. I've tried just about everything...
  57. Problems with downloading and finding CC
  58. Sims 3 Crashing.
  59. Custom Content Issue
  60. CC Magic help. Multiple sets containing some of the same CC possible?
  61. Into the future...empty?? :C
  62. Graphics glitch when zooming out
  63. Loading times are too long.
  64. Mods folder showing up empty, but everything is still in my game.
  65. Add any lot size mod does not work
  66. Missing personality traits
  67. Resorts Cause Script Errors & Don't Work In Custom World
  68. Where do I get the newest resource.cgf ?
  69. How do I install a sim into my Sims 3 game? (Mac Desktop BTW)
  70. Certain characters in package file names slowing down game?
  71. The Sims 3 Keeps crashing...
  72. No school bus
  73. Custom Default-Replacing Skin isn't working
  74. cc wont work suddenly
  75. NRAAS portrait panel is breaking my portrait panel and causing lag :(
  76. CAS not loading because of custom sims?
  77. I accidentally deleted a skin that I used for one if my sims, and now...
  78. ITF Elevators Crash My game
  79. Insect spawners work rarely if at all since Update 2.67
  80. Not working
  81. deleted
  82. Help please? No play button for game.
  83. Fixing beds and tubs for pets
  84. Apartment help - NPC's more interested in lobby than NPC suit
  85. Custom skins: Only a few showing up
  86. Activation Codes not working with game, and origin
  87. Hella Lagging
  88. Library clean-up/reshelving
  89. University glitches/map icons not showing for certain sims
  90. No lot value for apartment complex with npc doors
  91. I can place Dive Lots in other Worlds just fine, but with a few caveats...
  92. Can't place relics?!
  93. patching
  94. Version after patching to 1.67
  95. Into the future help!
  96. Need help with cheats.
  97. Neighborhood problem
  98. CRC Error
  99. Very slow loading times
  100. Unable to even enter Sims name in Create A Household.
  101. my skins don't show up in the sims 3
  102. My sims cannot interact at all, no pie menu, after downloading woohooer mod
  103. Sims won't age
  104. Miss Support Folder
  105. Where on my HD are LIBRARY Sims and houses saved?
  106. Game can no longer handle any mods/cc?
  107. How to get ex sims back together?
  108. Furnature wont rotate?
  109. where is the download button for 10 new CAS Sliders (Breast, Hip, Waist, Butt, Head and more)
  110. Intro movie still playing, what should i do?
  111. launcher opens multiple windows, duplicates sims3packs, installs nothing?
  112. Getting Mods to Work After Reinstall
  113. Downloaded SIms
  114. HELP with display pedestals in the sims 3 into the future.
  115. nudity
  116. CC magic problem.
  117. hard drive
  118. I can't install new sliders, i don't understand why
  119. Overrides. What is is used for?
  120. Can't Limit FPS?
  121. Question on TS3 and Origin
  122. I Seriously Need Help!
  123. Custom Content Causing my Game not to Load FREQUENTLY
  124. No text in UI
  125. Sims game will not load after downloading mods
  126. Multiple Profiles makes CC invalid?
  127. Isla Pardisio constantly freezes?
  128. Game load fast with tons of CC?
  129. Loading so slow....
  130. .sims3.backup errors?
  131. I can't get contacts to show up?
  132. Create a World Broke my Game.
  133. ITF world only showing University housing options
  134. How do I install package files?
  135. CC Installation Not Working!
  136. Game CTD when moving a family into a new house
  137. Can't install this content?
  138. No MDMP files after crashing
  139. Help deleted my remains from the Egyptian Gallery
  140. Isle of the midnight sun won't let me put my sims in base game version
  141. Oh God the horror [Help me find and delete some NASTY cc]
  142. Sims 3 Serial Code Not Working
  143. can you help me please :(?
  144. Sims taking forever to change outfits
  145. Major performance issues with mods
  146. "Device 0: Cannot run this title" error [SOLVED]
  147. Nearly ALL files in my EA/SIMS3 folder are blank sheets that windows doesnt know how to open
  148. I can't play after patching?
  149. Cops won't break up party
  150. Crashed while saving
  151. Help!!
  152. Performance Questions & Laptop/Desktop Advice Request
  153. Game not loading after sim returns from University
  154. Teen Female Sim Suddenly Has Male Voice
  155. Package files quit working
  156. Mods Not Working
  157. Help with expansion packs?
  158. Can't place lots!
  159. Can I rename rabbit holes without CAW?
  160. Macbook air OS X - pathway the tutorial says to use doesn't exist
  161. Installing .rar or .zip files
  162. Jam session no sound glitch?Not able to update to latest patch!?
  163. Stop inactive families from gaining money?
  164. Pose Player MOD not working! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
  165. [Yet Another] Can't Install .package files.`
  166. manual mod installs
  167. Game Crashing & Corrupted worlds
  168. [Help] Mods Folder
  169. Reducing Island Paradise lag
  170. Smoking Mod - Game closes when I click at the pack of cigarettes
  171. Help
  172. NRAAS Master Controller
  173. Deleted Sim while at university
  174. Sims 3 compatible laptop
  175. toddler sim not aging up in overstuffed household
  176. Some mods work, some aren't recognized? Thanks for reading!
  177. No sims in neighborhoods? I'm losing my mind
  178. "No interactions available" for ovens
  179. Sim child has Imaginary Friend trait, can "Turn Into Toy"
  180. How to put an object out of my home lot
  181. Help!! :(
  182. Red Water And Fucked Up Files
  183. Interaction Menu Lag/Delay
  184. Trying to find your excellent tutorial on what is located in the different Sims3 folders.
  185. Pets causing Crashing now Crashing caused by uninstalling pets, Help?
  186. Do I really need the EA download manager
  187. Where to add "Mods" Folder?
  188. custom skins wont load
  189. Insufficient Graphics Capability Crashing Help?
  190. EP clothes show up as store content?
  191. My CHT_CN file is missing in the StaticPages folder!
  192. Game keep crashing I've tried everything.
  193. Help Please
  194. Need some advices
  195. Installing a new expansion pack and mods
  196. Is the video card I purchased good?
  197. Animal Glitches
  198. SimBot Constantly Shorting Out
  199. Device Config Log is empty and TS3 won't recognise my graphics card
  200. iMac and the sims 3 graphic card problem
  201. What the dickens is going on in my CAST??
  202. Sims 3 on Windows 7 loading very slowly!
  203. .Package help
  204. Error During Startup
  205. CC showing up/not showing up in game
  206. EA's stupid glitches.
  207. Sims 3 loading black screen
  208. Getting rid of CC that was hidden inside other CC or sims
  209. Custom Content not installing
  210. My sims wont go fight fires in the firefighter career
  211. Ambitions-Firefighters keep going to work!
  212. Constant Freezing
  213. No graduation ceremony?
  214. My married sims won't woo-hoo.
  215. Custom Music...
  216. I Installed a .package file that I shouldn't have
  217. Is there a software that could detect a problem in a game out there?
  218. "Please make sure you have the latest software update" My game is up to date
  219. My CC magic won't work anymore!! Help ):
  220. My Sim can't perform?! (Showtime)
  221. Mermaids without tails?
  222. Can't load a new world or a saved game without a certain merged package file?
  223. Unable to use rabbit holes since Island Paradise
  224. Problem with CC showing up after upgrading to OS X Mavericks (SOLVED)
  225. Errors, Content Patch and black screen I'm begging help.. :(
  226. New Skins Not Appearing (or "What the Heck Am I Doing Wrong?")
  227. CAS graphic problem + game running slowly
  228. Loading screen crash, need to delete a certain file?
  229. Mods won't install - I've followed the instructions exactly
  230. Major problem
  231. Sims 3 Blueprint Help?
  232. Crashing glitches
  233. Installing Sims 3 Expansion Packs (some bought, some downloaded as a torrent)
  234. Newer Worlds Lagging/Freezing/Crashing
  235. Black screen while saving?
  236. S-Club Lashes Don't Show Up In My Game?
  237. Why Is It Not Working Bob?! (AKA - game won't read mai mod scripts!!!)
  238. Funny Glitch Involving Auto-Deletion of Saved Games
  239. Game crashes at exact same time and date, no matter how many times I reload game or start from previous autosaves
  240. My Blender don't show texture when I use 3d model to make pose?
  241. Lunar cycle won't change and game freezes!
  242. [Glitch] My baby has no eyes
  243. Wrongly failing styling jobs, and Sims.ini "Lot Transition Tuning"
  244. Relationship constantly falling with no interaction
  245. When ever my game finds a mod it says "Disk Authorization Failure".
  246. Sims 3 Download Manager fails to initiate fully
  247. Help Please || installing modes
  248. Random Custom content added to game without being downloaded?
  249. too many Script errors after editing town..
  250. Mod Help