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  1. Please help me
  2. Two Architectural Designer Portfolios in Inventory
  3. Can I fix a corrupt Sim file?
  4. CC Magic uninstall and any other way to install sims3packs
  5. Investigator does not get cases
  6. tried to uninstall Into The Future with steam, keep getting an error message
  7. Launcher won't install store content; refuses to believe my game is updated
  8. Running on water
  9. Some noobish questions that can't be answered by Googling
  10. We are in 2014 => Any new way to get rid of Error 12 and memory crash ?
  11. Help!!
  12. Sim's items are missing or disappeared (inventory glitch?)
  13. Mods file won't show
  14. Custom Buildings/Apartment not placing properly HELP!
  15. Sim's faces and hair change after changing to different set of clothing
  16. how to set get storage mod to work
  17. Supernatural Sims are Human.
  18. Breast deformities
  19. i think my game is broken
  20. Patching High End Loft Stuff in Europe
  21. Some mods not working (some are?)
  22. Terrains disappear when zooming in
  23. I can't Download with Mac :(
  24. Is anyone else having trouble with package files?
  25. How to properly backup my CCs, pre-made Sims, Lots, etc?
  26. I Can't Have Babies After Moving
  27. Mods only show in "plan outfit"
  28. Free will doesn't work
  29. Registration Code Invalid
  30. game crashing to desktop randomly
  31. All CC,Store Content and Saves disappeared.
  32. CC all of a sudden won't show up, tried uninstalling but still won't work
  33. Loading Problem
  34. Is There A Lot Analyzer Program?
  35. EA edited Sign wont show up in Game
  36. Any way to patch to 1.67.1 manually WITHOUT the EA website..??!??
  37. Custom content installed through cc magic is no longer showing up in the game
  38. Something possibly graphical is causing my game to crash
  39. Please help me.
  40. Bug with mod for body sliders and a question Help me!
  41. Delphy's Multi Installer - No support so hope someone can help me here
  42. PLEASE HELP!!!! Sim Not Turning Into Mermaid
  43. I cannot extract the file from a 7zip archive
  44. "Must have internet access to verify the games owner."
  45. Adult base game hair appearing on children/wrong age group
  46. Can I use nondefault replacement skins in addition to default replacement skins?
  47. Skintone not showing up
  48. Relationships aren't showing up
  49. Game not recognizing my graphics card
  50. Bypassing Origin
  51. Heartbreaker LTW
  52. I need major help
  53. Change current town to a foreign town partially solved
  54. Custom Content that needs more expansions then I have
  55. Pose player not showing up?
  56. Pet Bug Please Help
  57. need help with flashing walls on a lot
  58. scripting mod getting naked
  59. Dark graphics after creating mods folder.
  60. Can't travel back home from future
  61. Install Mods not working (Sims 3)
  62. Pose player issue!
  63. Stuttering in Sims 3. Please Help!
  64. Superpatch? ((Solved!))
  65. Female sim donating sperm at hospital
  66. Hair/Accessories glitching up in game
  67. Having a BIG Problem Installing Packages. ):
  68. Mod's aren't working
  69. what mod did i just download
  70. Foreign Destinations(and the University) will not load.
  71. "Must have internet access to verify user."
  72. Downloading Custom skin ?
  73. Store Content Not installing?
  74. Household Glitch
  75. Resource cfg- Very frustrated
  76. Infinite baby glitch, broken family tree glitch, unplayable sim glitch, career glitch...
  77. Where, or How?
  78. how do i get my sims 3 game to have a 60fps cap or Vsync?
  79. sims 3 mod is not working..
  80. It's not Letting Me Upload Sims!
  81. My sim doesn't return from boarding school
  82. Cheats Decided to Stop Working!
  83. Sims 3 Showtime. Venue set items going into family inventory after a gig.
  84. Backing Up Sims 3 Store Content - New Instructions??
  85. No Worlds in the Drop Down
  86. CAS backgrounds
  87. Mods and CC killing the game
  88. Is there a way to use an fps limiter for the Origin version of the game?
  89. Installing Mods: Failure
  90. Stuck on town loading screen
  91. [Help] Sims 3 Faces reset to EA default when leaving Create - A - Sim
  92. Camera Mode Help
  93. Adding items to inventory
  94. My pets keep "resetting".
  95. How to replace NPC cars with custom cars?
  96. Won't let me install Riverview after reinstall, "game not fully patched"
  97. Game freezes, yet animations still run.
  98. Can't interact with certain objects and pets
  99. Mods Not Working, please help?
  100. Seasons Uninstalled but still getting Soaked moodlet
  101. Sims 3 launcher not installing CC
  102. My game won't uninstall
  103. How to save Sims and Games and reinstall them
  104. SOLVED My Sims refuse to age
  105. Graphics Card Unrecognized?
  106. Sudden and dramatic graphics improvement for no apparent reason???
  107. How to install framework setup right with a new computer running with windows 8
  108. Low graphics is game play
  109. mods folder
  110. Help! I can't play My Sims 3 Game....
  111. Seemingly Unsolvable Issue
  112. One Sim is Slower than the Others?
  113. Around the Sims3? Is it safe?
  114. Custom World Installed As .Package File Not Showing Up
  115. eat prey option not displayed
  116. sims runs really slow
  117. Freeze everytime I run the game
  118. Not responding solved
  119. I don't see animations .-.
  120. Three is a crowd for ramance keep pop up
  121. one laggy sim
  122. installing from Origin
  123. Clean up Custom Files
  124. Why are some CAS CC deformed and looks weird on my sim?
  125. GraphicsRules.sgr Windows 8
  126. "Unable to start. Please reinstall base game."
  127. Can two sister teens go to Prom together?
  128. Mod showing up in some games and not others?
  129. mods are not working, am i doing something wrong?
  130. Origin Problem?
  131. Origin Problem?
  132. Worlds Installation
  133. My packages
  134. nraas mods not showing up in game?
  135. Can not enter create household after install sims.
  136. Mods not showing up in game, No mod scripts found, or store items found!
  137. Dark inside house
  138. How do I troubleshoot which mod makes my game crash?
  139. Game won't start at all after installing Awesomemod?
  140. How to stop immigration?
  141. Do sims in the regular town still age when you send a sim to University?
  142. uninstalled and reinstalled game to set up graphics again to fix crashing now unknown cause for crashing
  143. My game lags and didn't before
  144. A lot of problems with the game
  145. Sims3Launcher.exe is not responding... ughhhh it's getting me crazy
  146. I think I really messed up the EA file plz hlep
  147. How can I get rid of censorship when sims are in baths and shower?
  148. Cannot install this mod no matter what!
  149. Both NoBuildSparkles and NoIntro works, but nothing else
  150. Launcher - black screen
  151. I can't find a SavedSims folder?
  152. Skins/.package not showing in game?
  153. Game won't even load
  154. CC problem that makes my game crash
  155. CC Not installed, but still showing up in game
  156. followed steps to fix crashing and graphics issues now devicelog empty wont run graphics at all now
  157. Sims 3 fire sound on loop!
  158. I need help with my NRass
  159. Sims won't visit city hall lot
  160. Custom and store content not showing up in game
  161. Difficulties with the skins in sims 3
  162. I've downloaded content but it doesnt show up in the Launcher downloads file.
  163. Invisible baby?
  164. Install or uninstall custom content wont work.
  165. Eyelash gap (Solved: Face shape/eye socket height)
  166. I did the wrong framework install, and my game won't start.
  167. Map Tags missing
  168. following steps to fix graphics crashes and lost original graphics rules sgr
  169. Problem with creating Tv Channels
  170. Game is being RUINED....Please help
  171. I can't download the pattern tool from the official website.
  172. Is sexysims2 safe? (custom content safe to download?)
  173. is it possible to install different expansions per user in windows 7?
  174. Game only runs when youtube is on O.o
  175. Half of my mods aren't working.
  176. outfit reset
  177. Wall TV Placement
  178. SIms 3 Launcher Won't Come Up!
  179. *fixed* Menu glitch after the latest patch (1.67.2)
  180. Installed pack cleaner and now I can't download cc SOLVED
  181. Can't fix the lag/freezing
  182. Sims won't move, but everything else does
  183. Packages sometimes show up
  184. STC FAIL woohooer / teen-YA go steady
  185. How do you organize your saved sims?
  186. CC Patterns Multiplying in Create-A-Style
  187. My game keeps freezing up (Frozen soild.. Beyond return)
  188. game keeps crashing in CAS (tried everything)
  189. Red lines emerging from Sims bodies when indoors
  190. Is it possible to make a sim selectable without making them the active family?
  191. My game won't load with EA neighbourhoods
  192. Black screen during or after exiting
  193. Need serious help with Sims 3 Custom content that i installed VIA Launcher
  194. No woohoo skill?
  195. Nraas Mods not Installing
  196. I can change my sim's life state but my sister can't?
  197. Where is the mods folder for TS3?
  198. Mods will not work
  199. Broken Launcher?-Fixed
  200. Car wheel doesn't spin
  201. Problem with mods!!! Help!
  202. Mods downloaded properly, but won't show up in game
  203. Yet another problem with intermittent lag
  204. Help finding where TS3 Helper Monkey installed mods.
  205. .package files in my mods folder is not working after i downloaded cc.merged
  206. All the above with problems
  207. Crashing from CAS
  208. Mailbox always has "Get Mail" option - glitches when used
  209. Works without mods, but not with
  210. TSRWorkshop: Error index. With names correct of groups.
  211. Which strings do I edit in the Getting new graphics cards recognised by the game
  212. Black Screen Before Game Start Up
  213. My sims are always found "unroutable" in Bridgeport even when they are sleeping...
  214. Sims wearing random jewlry in the shower/hot tub/thinks it's a simbot?
  215. Serious error in Sims 3.
  216. Game crashes as soon as I go on live mode
  217. Sims 3 Doesn't Work On Windows 8
  218. s3pe failure to launch
  219. Save errors... ( delete this, it's solved)
  220. Custom Content - Graphical Issues?
  221. Won't Start
  222. Why are my vampires immortal??
  223. Moving expansion packs from one drive to another?
  224. sims 3 university life jersey graphic glitch
  225. Sims 3 mods won't work
  226. Sims 3 - Windows 8.1 [Create a Sim Crash]
  228. My game is crashing,lagging and just not working!
  229. Sims 3: Not Saving - FIX
  230. Users>(Name)>Downloads
  231. Loading a new world hangs infinitly at 99% complete.
  232. Launcher won't open- .net framework issue?
  233. None of my supernatural creatures are showing up ingame because of mods. NONE.
  234. I need some lines of code, if anyone knows them...
  235. What is this moodlet?
  236. Family gone after loading game, one Sim missing entirely (Image-heavy)
  237. Help with format....?
  238. Question about Process Monitor Log
  239. Does a twinbrook.world file with fixes exist?
  240. Game doesn't recognize my card even after following steps to fix it, please help
  241. Collection Folders Not Showing Up & Disappearing
  242. Default sliders don't work
  243. Issues - I have them
  244. Nraas attraction question
  245. How do I install mods?
  246. Reinstalled The Sims 3 on Windows 8.1 from Origin. Mods mysteriously don't work anymore
  247. Help me with CC
  248. Can't attend parties
  249. Game started to crash
  250. object not focusing in the catalog