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  1. Game immediately crashes due to unrecognized graphics card. I'm having trouble understanding the guide to fix it.
  2. Game loads about 95%, stalls
  3. What is S3SA file?
  4. Version & Critical System Failure
  5. Custom music does not play on Wall stereos but works on regular stereos
  6. Helping with building my computer.
  7. Making a collection file
  8. delete dcbackup?
  9. In Windowed Mode cannot change screen size to fit screen correctly
  10. Way to update custom content for the newest game version patch
  11. Matched card but not found?
  12. Game crashing {SOLVED}
  13. World that I created seems to be correctly installed but isn't showing in the drop-down menu when selecting a town
  14. How do you reliably get the Almanac of time?
  15. Installing Origin SIms 3 expansions without getting 1.69 patch
  16. Why is this mod needed?
  17. Game Crashes on game load
  18. CC skin attached to save file?
  19. Delphy's Sims3 dashboard error message
  20. Laucher won't install nor unistall CC
  21. Anyone had a washed out and bright desktop when minimizing sims ?
  22. caw-weird fuzz?
  23. Is there a way to stop new patches for sims in origin?
  24. Lines through screen when in fullscreen
  25. Master Controller won't install, even after following through directions on the Nraas site
  26. Downloaded content in wrong place in game
  27. Can't install sims3Packs
  28. CAS keeps changing my premade sim's clothes!
  29. [Solved] Strange necklace keeps appearing on everyday outfits but can't be removed on CAS
  30. Skuversion.txt Missing or Corrupt?
  31. Unable to exit Build/Buy Mode + Recover Sims from the Bin...
  32. Creating Custom Content on Mac Basics?
  33. Wcif These Eyebrows/Sim?
  34. What is an 'OFF' file?
  35. "Shiny" Face Glitch? [Solved]
  36. I need the sims 3s bin's original resource config file
  37. A question about resource.cfg files and subfolders (split thread)
  38. glitch or something
  39. Sims 3 Freezing & Crashing
  40. helpppppp! the sims 3 isla paradiso freezes every 5 second
  41. Cannot find CC that I want to uninstall?
  42. Mermaid scale CAS parts
  43. Question about selling nectar
  44. Windows 10/new computer...How to set up mods/CC...is it different from previous OS?
  45. Buy Debug endless loading
  46. Awesome Mod and NRaas 2016
  47. Extracting Lots from a Save File? (.nhd file) [RESOLVED]
  48. My sims are green?
  49. A seriouse error has occured.
  50. Fixed: Need help with a mod
  51. A problem regarding visitors
  52. Crahing right after loading a family...
  53. Why do my sims put use objects from their inventory to family inventory?
  54. Create-a-sim problem (materializing materials)
  55. Will my laptop run the sims 3? Or should I stick with the sims 2?
  56. Can you have a roommate in Oasis Landing?
  57. Sims can't use some items
  58. Kuree's save cleaner for Windows 10?
  59. Guiders Aren't Showing Up + Sledgehammer Flash Won't Go Away?
  60. Sim's skill bar won't improve?
  61. Holograms refuse to show up
  62. Glass looking cc,borken cc and downloading sims
  63. "Shop by recipe" blank in grocery store
  64. Is this a good laptop for Sims 3 gaming?
  65. CC keeps disappearing from my world!
  66. Help getting new graphics card recognised
  67. Can you have default replacements as sims3pack files?
  68. Sims 3 package file mods don't work/don't show up in game
  69. Sims 3 Won't Load Anymore
  70. Delphy's Dashboard Help
  71. Change mermaid top with master controller
  72. [Solved!] Can't Launch game from Origin or the Shortcut
  73. Script mods not appearing in game.
  74. A way to check a mod/package files without installing it in game?
  75. Neighborhood screen freezes when loading certain households
  76. Broken inventory
  77. [STEAM USER] I want to move my game onto my external drive. Help?
  78. Transparent line/wave on my screen while in game?
  79. Stable FPS and game freezes
  80. Packaged cc and downloaded sims wont show up
  81. Hey,I need your help buying laptop for ts3 (all EPs)
  82. Sims chrashes while loading a world and sometimes wont open.
  83. Sims can't leave lots in custom neighbourhood
  84. Sim's face oddly textured
  85. How to unistall package from compression which consist of many mods?
  86. CC downloading problem
  87. Cannot do anything with item in inventory
  88. Pond Water is invisible...
  89. Slow LOD switching
  90. Problem with edge smoothing
  91. Can I play University Life's world as normal worlds?
  92. Sims and pets keep going to middle of yard to perform interactions
  93. Missing or corrupt Skuversion.txt
  94. The Sims 3 slight lag
  95. Career Mods Not Working
  96. What Settings Should I Use?
  97. My jaw sliders will not work...
  98. The Sims 3: Pets Unrecognizable Video Card
  99. content wont load/install ?
  100. Black screen when starting game!? (FIXED!)
  101. getting rid of frog head (SOLVED)
  102. Slider Issues
  103. My game updated to 1.69, HELP.
  104. What does this script error mean?
  105. Can The Sims 3 gradually destroy a graphic card?
  106. Help my sims 3 children
  107. Issue with Seasons Moodlets: Not appearing
  108. Packages Crashing Game
  109. Can't see the retextures in my CC.
  110. Is there a way to fix this ??
  111. Best Nvidia Control panel settings. [Solved] Thank you!
  112. how can get rid of paparazzi (not the sim, but the character)? (solved)
  113. My sims can't adopt child because "scripterror" >:(
  114. Location of Edit Town families
  115. Black spots in ceiling
  116. How do I change the name of a rabbit hole?
  117. Windows 10 and Sims 3 HELP! ((SOLVED))
  118. Placing lots
  119. What's a girl to do?!
  120. The sims 3 has stopped working
  121. Mods working but no script mod pop ups in main menu
  122. Does selling stuff to inactives fill their inventory forever?
  123. Using S3PE to clean up game files?
  124. Sims 3 Dashboard Error/Can't Continue
  125. Objects changing place by themselves.
  126. Can't see the isnide of a Sim's house.
  127. Lifeguard Career
  128. Sims misbehaving?
  129. Inactives hiring babysitters, is that normal?
  130. Corrupted Vacation World [Solved]
  131. Can someone please suggest an order that my mods should be in?
  132. Making friends overnight...?
  133. 32 bit: Understanding the root of the problem
  134. Is it safe to delete ICON files for a town in S3PE?
  135. Sims can't watch TV, nor intereact with it, and also can't buy them(SIMS3)
  136. Clone multiple OMSP's at a specific height?
  137. CAS not loading/No birthday? [Solved!]
  138. Squirrel + cats, is the squirrel safe?
  139. (video) Fireplace can't be moved or deleted
  140. Is there a way to install premade families?
  141. Master Controller add sliders.
  142. Celebrity Skins
  143. My Witch-Sim cannot cast spells on other Sims! (Sims 3)
  144. Game stops working after using too much memory
  145. Downloaded sim: .sim vs. .Sim3Pack, how to get sim to look like its author's screen?
  146. OneDrive
  147. Can't share Lot- but can save to bin
  148. Roofs appearing on first floor (video)
  149. Blue lot problem
  150. More Camera Mods?
  151. Trouble buying store stuff
  152. How Do I get my reward packs?
  153. How can I categorize clothing as random costumes?
  154. Game Freezing After CC Deleted
  155. Unrecognized graphics card
  156. Custom cars
  157. How can I refresh my pose without Sims 3 restart?
  158. Game keep crashing at first load screen
  159. Ok so either I have to buy a new laptop
  160. Sims And Foals Disappearing
  161. Trying to download amusement park, doesn't work
  162. Unable to get mods working
  163. How Do I get Sims to share a duble bed?
  164. Getting ScriptError_Desktop files every time I run the game...
  165. Using Traveler Mod in City Worlds
  166. Edit multiple sims at once?
  167. More Permanent Fix for SRam Reset Workaround?
  168. Doing the 100 Baby Challenge, can't woo a tourist sim. [SOLVED]
  169. My FPS drops while in build mode.
  170. Game freezes leaving buy or build mode
  171. Where has this nose mask skin come from?!
  172. The sims 3 custom content won't show up
  173. Sims 3 Movie multiple housholds?
  174. Cannot get anatomical parts to show up
  175. Is there a way to organize CC in build/buy mode?
  176. My Mods Won't Work
  177. Curved colonial stair rail glitch
  178. The toddler's bedroom is broken...
  179. Sim Body Hair in CAS
  180. totally problems
  181. Can you move multiple books at a time to a shelf?
  182. Sims 3 crashing in create-a-sim
  183. My Sims 3 has no shadow!
  184. The Sims 3 Functionality With the Steam Controller?
  185. Renaming .package files??
  186. Hair Question
  187. Sims won't go into Rabbit Holes and nothing seems to help
  188. Mortarboard Problem
  189. Pose player addon's look at
  190. Question about FPS limiter usage in EIG mode in CAW [SOLVED]
  191. [Sims 3] EP's/SP's from Origin downloading but not installing ?!
  192. buying from shops
  193. Steam suddenly needs Origin to open my game and Origin is blind to my exp
  194. EPs, SPs Need Updating?
  195. Sims 3 - Sim Resets when watching TV
  196. Why wont it regeister my game?
  197. Overcrowded School
  198. Black console in Create A World
  199. Why are only people my sim hates in my mausoleum?
  200. Can't install mods and fresh game
  201. Custom content detection
  202. Game won't load fully
  203. Images are Missing When Opening/Importing Original EA Worlds Into Sims 3 PE
  204. Around the sims, conflicts with...Around the sims...(SOLVED)
  205. Need CC Help Again lol {SOLVED}
  206. Are Sims3Pack files really better?
  207. Trying to adopt stray cat but interactions vanish
  208. Junk continues to "appear" on home lot
  209. Some Rabbit Holes not working correctly (appearing as regular lots on town view/not on lot list)
  210. Invisible Fairy Wings
  211. CC is odd...Please Help!!
  212. Clothing options for each category
  213. How do I visit a community lot?
  214. Corrupt (Not a DBPF) lots from The Exchange[SOLVED]
  215. Launcher Glitches red Xs - Hard to uninstall stuff
  216. Not able to place floor tiles?
  217. Moving User Files back to my SSD - Junction or is there a better way?
  218. Master Controle added an unwanted dog to my family
  219. what are promises and wishes?
  220. Bug with MasterController [Resolved]
  221. Can someone help ?
  222. camera glitch?
  223. Game Crashes Within Minutes of Loading
  224. CAW crashing for EIG mode - tried everything, help?!
  225. Sims3 has stopped working WINDOWS 10
  226. Recategorizing clothing items HELP PLEASE!
  227. So what are simpoints and how do I get them?
  228. Ignoring My High Performance card?
  229. Edit Town issues in vacation world
  230. Sims 3 is non-respondent!
  231. Twallan's Debug Enabler
  232. Converting from Sims Medieval to Sims 3
  233. (solved by reinstalling)
  234. Stuck CaS
  235. Connection To Server Lost
  236. Interaction Glitch
  237. Bathtubs crash GF's game!
  238. Uninstalling the Mod for Installing the Package files
  239. Game asks me to debug "unhandled page fault" every time it gets to loading screen
  240. Does renaming .package files make a difference to my game speed?
  241. Sims 3 doesn't recognize my GTX 960.
  242. Sims 3 & External Hard Drive
  243. Can't Access Memory Scrapbook
  244. Custom Paintings are Blank?
  245. DLL files and fixing the borked pre-Pets CC issues
  246. "Unofficial game modification" Error. Is uninstalling my last resort..?
  247. My Game crashes when I'm exiting the game if I used Build and buy in my season. Sometimes
  248. Windows 10 issues
  249. Launcher resets expansions used
  250. Could working CC suddenly stop working?