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  1. Please Help!
  2. Deco disappearingg on my outside walls
  3. CC Mess
  4. Need Help! Sims 3, sim personal menue not working
  5. Help With Custom Music
  6. Vehicles disappearing in university
  7. Keep getting same script error causing game to crash
  8. The Sims 3 quits unexpectedly - I have tried everything
  9. Stumped on what to try next for stalled loading, stops either at 99% or 60%
  10. Game crashes randomly and frequently,almost impossible to play.
  11. I need help
  12. Role Sims disappear over time
  13. Mods not working after following instructions, tried various things
  14. help please
  15. Age/Story Progression glitch and Save Sim to Bin glitch
  16. Crashing if I place a Diving Spot
  17. Journalist sim can't interview, teen slinks everywhere
  18. SPN installed but no Occults in town ??
  19. Zoom out- detail problem LOD ?
  20. Rabbit holes cannot be placed on any lot in 'edit town'
  21. cant leave university life
  22. Game crash due to insufficient graphics capability?
  23. Problem Moving to University
  24. Adding residents to commercial lots
  25. Installed a island world that loaded without bridges, what can I do?
  26. Help! Arcadia World Won't Load!
  27. Please Help me Modify a package file.
  28. I Cant Play My Favourite Family???
  29. Military Career questions
  30. How can I change the sims 3 to run on windows 7
  31. new laptop
  32. How to use S3PE for allowing World-specific Beetles/Fish in all Worlds?
  33. Is this normal re: leave teens alone in Generations?
  34. How do I make a SIMO work on custom careers?
  35. Cc Issue
  36. used to be able to do this....
  37. Should i care about TS3 slowdown (CAS and in cities)?
  38. Odd Invisible Puppies?
  39. SIMS 3 WONT START!!! "Unable to start game /Service initialization failed 0x024e424f"
  40. {solved} extracting lots from a save i cant open
  41. Apartment glitch where sims attempt to open their neighbor's doors instead of using bathroom fixtures
  42. Unstable trait removes my sim's traits [solved]
  43. Game crashes in CAS even with high specs and after trying other fixes.
  44. Not enough Virtual Memory? [SOLVED]
  45. Error Code 12/Crash when moving towns
  46. CC Doesn't show up when converting sim3pack file to packaged file
  47. The Sims 3 forgets I have expansion packs.
  48. Any ideas what to do?
  49. Rental Lots with Twallan's Story Progression mod
  50. Crashing in build/Buy mode
  51. The Sims 3 Pause's Every 3 Seconds
  52. Can somebody help?!
  53. SOLVED: Map Tags/Icons are missing for half of my SimFamily
  54. Island Paradise Help?
  55. Basement pool windows in 1.67
  56. Piano music continues after you stop playing. [SOLVED]
  57. CC windows no longer work properly
  58. Sims 3 Voices reverting
  59. DCCache
  60. How to remove CC from .sim files ?
  61. Improper stray pet interactions, no adopt option, interactions disappear from queue
  62. Recommended Graphics Settings?
  63. Lots
  64. Backing up and restoring expansions
  65. getting sims 3 to recognise graphics card
  66. Radeon RX 460 nitro not detected by sims 3.
  67. Setting FPS limit for CAW?
  68. Problem with water colour
  69. Pathway for world/routing Fix (SOLVED)
  70. Error During Start Up
  71. FogEmitter
  72. Okay I got the Careers thing sorted thank you but
  73. Can you edit skill challenges?
  74. Is Dragon Valley SUPPOSED to be really dark?
  75. Nraas careers mood is not working
  76. Does game cache somewhere the dll files of S3SE resources?
  77. s3pe & presets
  78. Pool objects wont work
  79. Werewolf voices remain low pitched even in human form
  80. It looks like you have installed an incompatible game modification
  81. How do you convert sims 4 to sims 3
  82. Merging CC Questions?
  83. Re-Categorization Helper Mod Not Working
  84. .sims3pack files are shown as a brown box in my launcher
  85. installed items are not showing-up in my game
  86. HELP ME to move this to Sims3 section: Sims are not swimming, issue with lifeguard career
  87. Mods Aren't Showing Up.
  88. Crashing but no idea why
  89. Cannot use certain sizes in windowed mode after SweetFX
  90. How well will this laptop run Sims 3?
  91. sim-guests stuck at the wedding
  92. Road & one terrain paint turns to muddy brown only in EIG
  93. Travelling to the future
  94. Sims 3 Lerp Duration not working (Help 2017)
  95. Strange error when trying to travel
  96. Screen is dark for some reason?
  97. Code not working
  98. Haven't changed anything but game now takes over half hour to load!
  99. Floating head, feet, shoes, bracelet for an outfit... and nothing else. SOLVED. (Finally!)
  100. Fixed: Blocky yellow spikes when zooming out of lot
  102. Username change request
  103. bridges missing in custom worlds
  104. Help my CC is not working
  105. My sims 3 crashing when i added mods
  106. Can't find Cc skin so what happens if I play the save!
  107. Appaloosa Plains missing?
  108. Female Adult CC Hair Showing Up On Female Babies
  109. Long delays when changing clothes/going into shower/going into bed/starting exercise/etc
  110. CC via Mods folder stopped showing up in game and appear as notepad documents in mods folder
  111. Sims3.com CC Furniture Crashes Game When Clicked On!
  112. Moved My CC Files Around & Now Some Won't Work In Game
  113. Game not loading at all
  114. Fixed Sunset Valley with Roaring Heights' sea color
  115. What coulnts as a "bathroom fixture"?
  116. The Store Isn't Working
  117. Game refusing to save new games
  118. Install button launches my game instead of installing custom content
  119. I wonder if someone could walk me through--is it even worth it at this point.
  120. Pregnant sim stuck in labor but won't give birth or go to hospital or move, reset lot, error trap records error when I try to send her to hospital
  121. .package files not showing up
  122. My camera isn't working.
  123. How do I open a Linux Auto Package file on Windows 10???:
  124. one side of double home not usable?
  125. the ground isn't level (raised), sims can't go onto lot??
  126. Lags Out After Costume Makeup
  127. This keeps popping up :/
  128. Dark screenshots/ dark screen in window mode
  129. Merging CC
  130. I Can't Buy Simpoints
  131. Old and maybe senile
  132. [Solved] Unable to Limit FPS on Sims 3 1.69
  133. Attic Roofs and Normal Walls?
  134. My game plays fine!..but the loading..
  135. My Installed Content un-installs it self!
  136. WA - Glitch on "Knowledge of the Past" quest
  137. Is there a way to extract (clone) hairstyles from already merged package file with s3oc?
  138. Taskbar under game
  139. Weird crashing issue when viewing a lot
  140. TS3 poor performance on SSD
  141. High GPU Load
  142. A stubborn fridge ... can't make fresh meals
  143. I need help avoiding 'puddingface' using NRaas SP
  144. The Sims 3 NRaas - Story Progression for Active Household
  145. S3PE Issue
  146. Error Code 12 When Saving
  147. My sims body is glowing!
  148. No "The Sims 3" folder anywhere?
  149. Unusual cc problem - solved
  150. Game won't save after going into build/buy.
  151. Accessories and clothes for teens disapearing
  152. How to prevent Sims 3 from changing game speed on its own?
  153. Black feet?
  154. Where is my founder? Invisible Sim
  155. Deleting an object out of grid
  156. The game crashes at the same spot in Create-A-Sim
  157. Mods not showing up
  158. Registry backup to ease reinstallation?
  159. Sims 3 Mods Not Showing Up
  160. Sims 3 Not Recognizing Graphics Card
  161. PosePlayer Help
  162. This website canot display page
  163. Fairy's Can't use the Bloom Interaction!
  164. Installing custom content for OS/X?
  165. what are some things to help with lag in game play?
  166. (Resolved) Getting Create-A-World to work in a custom file path installation?
  167. how many ways can I share a sim?
  168. Can't lay a pool
  169. s3pe Grid button grayed out
  170. using sims 2 custom content in sims 3
  171. sims 3 graphics card not recognized
  172. Some custom sliders don't appear, some appear
  173. Custom contacts tutorial/help?
  174. Items Stretching and Blurry Images
  175. Graphics Card Unrecognized
  176. Graphical error, maybe terrain bleed, in Sunset Valley in the street nearby the Town-Hall
  177. Phone Bug
  178. Everybody wants to put the baby to bed
  179. Laucher installs only some CC from store; other CC gets failure message
  180. Sims 3 crashing after 10 minutes
  181. "Fault on Write Access" and .dbc files
  182. How do I cap fps with gtx970?
  183. [Fixed] Slightly Transparent Dogs and Cats - No CC/Mods/Store Content
  184. "Ad Not Available"
  185. Deformed Sim! Help!
  186. cannot run mods: Fixed!
  187. Would digital download from Gamestop work with Steam?
  188. Can somebody please help with this (graphic?) glitch I'm having?
  189. "Application has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware"
  190. Problems with CC in launcher
  191. Saving game screen never stops "spinning"; sims3.backup folders not being created!
  192. Sims 3 has stopped working + fun bonus issue with CC
  193. Some content cannot be loaded and was replaced - way to find which one? (or identify store item)
  194. [SOLVED] Used Kuree's Save Cleaner, now every other CAStable object on my lot has turned white
  195. Twisted / Distorted Body Glitch
  196. Problems with files
  197. APOLOGIES. I wasn't sure where to post This is RE: ModTheSims2.com the site itself.. Image problems. Anyone else?
  198. Horse ageing bug
  199. Crashing when saving after building
  200. CC Magic crashing Sims 3?? PLEASE HELP!!!!
  201. nraas - MasterController issue with looking up sims names
  202. Where Does nraas MC Have the Option for Increasing Slider Capacity
  203. Launcher not accepting my password/installing store content
  204. Jewelry Making Station Audio Bug (SOLVED)
  205. Sims 3: How to get it to match my AMD Radeon card! PLEASE HELP!!
  206. Custom Content Not Working
  207. Messages in Top Right Corner
  208. Outfit issues: Only everyday clothing for all categories (including shower)
  209. Can expansions bought on Steam still be transferred to Origin?
  210. No fluff on Pets on Radeon card
  211. My game has been "Saving" for three days
  212. Sims Stops cooking halfway through
  213. My Game Won't Load
  214. Options Keep Resetting To Default After Every Restart
  215. Digital Fishiness Wall Display from Late Night(?) freezes game in Buy Mode
  216. S3OC hidden flags
  217. The Sims 3 Found My Graphics card but itwon't match!
  218. Sims 3 Won't Load Or Takes Hours To Load
  219. Question about a step in the tutorial on how to get the game to recognize a new graphics card
  220. Floor texture blurry, but sims and objects are ok?
  221. Can't Find Answers To This Launcher Glitch
  222. Crash Log Analyzer - TS3w?
  223. My game is crash (Custom Content)
  224. Save errorr - Mothe!#%!$#@ Code 12
  225. Sims 3 Major Issues - Not Recognizing Anything
  226. Help with graphics card not being recognized
  227. I'm supposed to be able to have 8 sims in a household, right?
  228. Default replacement eyes and aliens.
  229. Sim missing from CAH, available on Edit Town
  230. Game freezes Hour or so into gameplay
  231. On a scale of 1-10, how borky is this?
  232. Catalog Content list for EA DLC - Does it exist?
  233. Massive Lag on interactive load screen
  234. Deleting Skintone Ramps from a Package File
  235. Seemingly Endless "Sims 3 Has Stopped Working" ?
  236. Private account - I shouldn't have any friends
  237. If I moved my family to a different town, can I delete the previous town's file from Saves?
  238. Packages not working!
  239. Hair Issue Outside of CAS
  240. Making a town and then the loading screen
  241. My game will not load! [Please move to 'Sims 3 Help']
  242. I deleted the files in the Download section in the Sims 3 Launcher. Must I redownload every .sims3pack file if I want to reinstall the game in the future?
  243. The latest GeForce Experience update messes with my game and I can't disable it
  244. Need help to create a special window
  245. Sim cannot change or progress
  246. Sim can't return home after vacation. !!!
  247. How to stop kids tantrum?
  248. How do I keep animals from being made in SP
  249. 'Greet a descendant' won't fulfill the opportunity
  250. Converting Male Hair to Female