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  1. Skintones and new default eyes not showing up in game
  2. Rotating hesitation
  3. blurry graphics under water.
  4. Baker's station not working
  5. Sims 3 Won't start at all (Removed Mods Folder)
  6. Can't seem to enable script mods in the game
  7. Launcher turns white with red X
  8. Are some corrupt items and store conflicts good to merge or keep seperate/delete?
  9. NRaas
  10. Is there any way to make TS3 use more RAM?
  11. How to use templates?
  12. Unable to use MTS CC.
  13. Dolphin's / jimhs Magic Gardening Gnome
  14. CAW Is very slow/unusable (Laptop)
  15. Sims interactions menu delay
  16. Next ranked chess opponent never shows up
  17. Content from uninstalled EPs still in my game
  18. Package file issues - not showing up.
  19. How many water planes is too many?
  20. Sims 3 won't save?
  21. installed file is a adobe reader file
  22. Wall listed as "Style"?
  23. Graphics glitch; 'hidden' lots; general gameplay questions
  24. Expansions Aren't Appearing In-Game
  25. game will not load after installing CC Magic Mod
  26. main menu and loading screen
  27. Sims Think I'm In A Fight!!! HELP!!!
  28. Sims store content
  29. Some achievements not showing up or not working
  30. No Mouse?!
  31. Slow ultra speed
  32. Mods not working, have no clue what's wrong Please Help!
  33. Within the sims 3 content to appear sims2packages files
  34. How to convert objects of Sims2 to Sims3?
  35. Sliders, and the different categories.
  36. Supernatural Sims not acting as Supernatural Sims
  37. Problems Installing Superpatch
  38. Problem with Resource.cfg file
  39. Curtain wall print?
  40. Mods/Packages folder not working - Content not showing up in game
  41. Newly created vampires have normal sim motives but still act like vampires
  42. Plumbots and Household Limits
  43. Transferred Save to New computer- won't show up
  44. DeviceConfig reading Found 1 Matched 0 - but graphicrules was edited correctly
  45. Downloding help for Mac osx Mountain Lion
  46. Teenage's boob glitch on CAS
  47. I have some eye problem (solved)
  48. game don't save during/after party
  49. No more Servide NPC
  50. Can't download Pose Player!
  51. Can't start CAW: memory is corrupt?
  52. Running the sims through Dropbox
  53. Game crashes every time I go into Buy mode after birth of alien baby
  54. Merging CC?
  55. Graphics quality spontaneously(?) lowered; where to look for cause?
  56. Framework not working after patch to 1.69.
  57. .Packages not working but .CC is?
  58. Package Files won't show up ingame.
  59. [Solved] Sims 3 startup error?
  60. Launcher won't install or uninstall content
  61. using the Sims compressorizer program?
  62. Black(ish) Screen but Sound and Launcher works just fine...Have not found this exact problem anywhere..
  63. Changing Hair
  64. Can't edit certain sims in CAS?
  65. My sister's game will not let her tell Sims to interact with eachother
  66. Freezing/Crashing just as magician is about to perform
  67. Into the Future Bot Workshop reset Error
  68. Strangetown
  69. Is this the Blue Lot issue
  70. Unable to load save on re-installed CAW world
  71. The Sims 3 Problems in Saves
  72. Upon installing a new world, old one dissappears
  73. Graphic rules sgr file is needed :(
  74. Greenish blurry objects?!
  75. Unswitchable family bug in new save game after sudden profession gain+promotion {SOLVED}
  76. Custom Content Showing up in game but not in the launcher
  77. Where can I find "resource config?"
  78. ***SOLVED***Can someone please help me get SImfest to work?
  79. Question about a PC I want to get please help if you can
  80. Are ad removal tweaks causing store stuff to not show in-game
  81. Sim Menu Delay
  82. Quistion about lot saving
  83. !Help! Objects are partly missing & won't re-install
  84. [HELP!] Tomb Creating - Ctrl + Shift + Click Not Working
  85. Halp! Where are all the urns!?
  86. GraphicsCard and GraphicsRule.sgr help
  87. Coat glich plx help me!
  88. Electronics Folder Not Installed In My Documents
  89. Game reset after defragmentation of computer
  90. Milkshape - "select" tool not working
  91. I am missing a mod file
  92. No books... at all.
  93. Name, Skin, Age, Gender, etc cant be changed
  94. A perhaps easier way to un-merge CC?
  95. Toddlers Don't Grow Up into Children *SOLVED*
  96. Can't change roof color!
  97. Can't get SKIN TONES to Show Up in CAS
  98. Help Please with unwanted CC attached to World I'm Making
  99. Trrees Disappearing Underground?
  100. Is this maybe a glitch? Lot problem.
  101. Default eyes are still showing
  102. Horses losing their colouration.
  103. If you have bad lag ISLAND PARADISE might be your problem
  104. Game keeps asking me to choose a location
  105. Sims lose their free will when owning a dog.
  106. Odd CAS glitch, eyes flashing and disappearing
  107. Big Issue: Libraries not displaying custom households or lots
  108. I had mods that worked but now they don't
  109. Lag caused when a specific sim is selected.
  110. Help! How to go back to a previous patch?!
  111. Is there a faster way to get access new cc?
  112. HELP! I cant seem to access any custom content in the sims
  113. Can't open content
  114. Windows 10 and Sims 3 + EPs, will it work?
  115. Processor / GC using
  116. Game crashing randomly a few hours into play
  117. Middle Click Drag Freezes Game?
  118. Unable to uninstall a Sims 3 expansion(?)
  119. Which game is most likely to be "friendly" with my low-end laptop?
  120. Getting rid of .package files
  121. Share a Sims3Pack doesn't work
  122. Help!
  123. Anyone with a mac?
  124. Magician Shows Warped to both extremes
  125. Photobooth, Jam and pillow fight wishes spam because tourists problem
  126. Custom Animations not playing.
  127. A Serious Error Has Occurred While Loading..
  128. no books in university bookstore
  129. Custom Lot Says "Error missing EP or SP" but I have all the required
  130. Can't install custom world
  131. Big save file?
  132. Which patch do I need?
  133. Setting up FPS Limiter?
  134. Teen woohoo mods crash my game.
  135. Download detail question
  136. Game won't even start up!
  137. TS3 crashes regularly since last update
  138. Memorie problem
  139. Trying to delete custom content that just won't die.
  140. Accidently reset Open with: path for PACKAGE File (.package)
  141. Sims 3 has to be re-started two times about 80% of the time
  142. 2 spawner quistions
  143. Buy Mode CC crash my game
  144. Mailbox problem
  145. Game Gradual Slowdown?
  146. Eyebrows wont show in CAS
  147. placing trees in edit town
  148. .package File won't extract with 7-ZIP [SOLVED]
  149. Graphics Glitch In Create A Sim
  150. Nraas story progression
  151. Deleted Glitched Sim, can't find him after restart
  152. Help! Default eyes broke EA's eyes!
  153. Water Balloon Fights everywhere, any time. Is this normal? (resolved)
  154. Windows 10
  155. CC Pattern overwrites other patterns and spreads like a virus?!
  156. Game crashed twice after new family was made, once while moving family into house, once while in Buy Mode
  157. Custom content downloading issues
  158. Unable to save after CAS
  159. Launcher launches a black screen
  160. Lot Button?
  161. please help me I can't open the s3pe (found)
  162. Backup folder got deleted
  163. Certain mods aren't found by the Sims 3?
  164. Can't save anything in EIG!
  165. Uninstalling Origin
  166. Neighbourhoods and save not showing on start up (Patch 1.67, all expansions)
  167. "Unable to start. Please reinstall the base game."
  168. no addon lots please
  169. Sims 3 keeps crashing
  170. Cc magic Keeps Loading The Launcher It Wont Load The Game
  171. How to install Worlds as package files, please?
  172. Dog marking not showing up on dog?
  173. 2 problems
  174. Help Improving Live Performance? Save Cleaners and Merging Packages?
  175. You call that naked?
  176. OMSP from granthes showing in live mode
  177. There was an error during startup...
  178. Mods for Windows 8
  179. Crash with Nrass Master Controller with game patched on 1.67
  180. Game won't recognize radeon r9 270x graphics card. SOLVED
  181. game focus not leaving venue when the sim does (Lucky Palms)
  182. Graduations not happening when sims become young adults
  183. Materializing Materials
  184. Guys, I Think I broke France.
  185. Disgusted moodlet won't disappear
  186. Passingby Launcher with Origin
  187. Just installed the game - already crashing
  188. Device Config not Showing Nvidia GPU
  189. How to install mods for Sims 3 on Windows 10??
  190. Clothing slots
  191. Band mods?
  192. mods no longer appearing in game
  193. WA "Enabled Pull Lever" missing from torch wall light
  194. Sim won't change to his work clothes
  195. Half tiles
  196. Sims 3 - Sims not arriving at University
  197. Export World Failed
  198. My hair won't show up in CAS
  199. Midnight Hollow Terrain Color Change
  200. One more slot .package | not hiding everywhere
  201. Sim stuck in hill
  202. How can I change Twinbrooks lake into ocean?(or place a lot in the lake?)
  203. After pressing finish button in CAS game becomes completely unresponsive
  204. Is this what Monte Vista is supposed to do?
  205. Clock freezes, everything else is fine
  206. Keeps crashing. No matter what.
  207. Uninstalled the Mod folder
  208. windows ten security module cannot be activated
  209. group with roommate
  210. Catalyst Chemistry Lab Station - can't discover a potion
  211. I really can't seem to get .package files to work.
  212. Late Night High Rise loading error
  213. Sims 3 won't use my Nvidia GPU and integrated graphics makes the game crash
  214. Soothsayer's Crystal Ball No Chairs Work
  215. My sim does not want to work!
  216. packages file help
  217. Sims 3 on Windows 10 - No Custom Content Working
  218. Randomized sims have all kinds of odd sliders, even when I have no mods in
  219. Amb. Firefighting crash!
  220. Custm body
  221. I want to get into the game faster
  222. Game Crashed When Graduation Occured
  223. Odd error message when trying to uninstall an object (Solved)
  224. Sim won't change out of sweats.
  225. Weird Face glitch with Base game Hair
  226. Actions never happening and super zoomed camera (CAP)
  227. Can I delete the files in the downloads folder after installing it?
  228. I'm looking for a good laptop to play sims3 with.
  229. Sims 3 has Stopped Responding Crash
  230. My colors arent saving.
  231. How to take screenshots with SweetFX?
  232. Get rid of the bleepin' gnomes?
  233. Help! Forever stuck in "sneaking" animation!
  234. Grim reaper refusing to show up and collect dead Sims
  235. Glitchy textures in Game?
  236. Script Error
  237. Are this incompatible, the reason they're not showing up in game?
  238. When I delete stuff from my Sims' inventories the object appears on the ground beside them
  239. Windowed mode displaying incorrect screen size
  240. Help! Can't grab and delete objects.
  241. Sims throw routing failures when directed to go through doors
  242. Downloading Sims from the Exchange isnt giving me any .sim files?
  243. Will my laptop be able to run Sims 3 + some expansions?
  244. Some .sims showing, others just randomly don't!
  245. Where do these holes come from? (pictures included)
  246. I can only see one level of my houses at a time
  247. CC won't load into my game any longer
  248. Game Freeze In CAS
  249. Create A Pet Advanced won't show up!!!!!
  250. Sims 3 Stuck Loading Screen