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  1. Roof Decor Color Error
  2. Very Serious Problems w/Black Screen/Crashing When Game Loads
  3. Foundation Style basement Inundated in Dragon Valley
  4. The Sims 3 and Sims Medieval on Windows 8/10
  5. Lost saves following restore
  6. Can't get custom content to show up...
  7. Display Drive Error
  8. Packages not working because i accidentally changed them to a winrar file.
  9. SOME mods are not showing up when playing?
  10. Ugly/random automatic memory screenshots
  11. Sims FROZEN in Dragon Valley (Visual Effects still Work)
  12. Installer won't accept my product code; other Windows 8 concerns
  13. Mastercontroller Pollinate option not showing up on teen, Pregnancy Controller option not showing up when she was pregnant, have moved to new town
  14. Can I merge mods if the game isn't going to be patched any further?
  15. How do I Make My Own Rabbit Hole Rugs?
  16. How do I use custom buildings downloaded?
  17. Am I allowed to request help about a mod from SexySims on here?
  18. Sim from Sims3Pack CC isn't showing in Edit Town list of households
  19. If I move my sim to a different town, will I be able to edit the other households in the previous city?
  20. Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire in Moonlight Falls: Cannot Place
  21. i'm a moron...
  22. sim. pack question
  23. Weird Eyebrow/Forehead Glitch???
  24. Is there another way to uninstall CC sims3packs other than the launcher's uninstall?
  25. Barn Doors Vanishing - see pictures
  26. House In a crater
  27. Camera Mode Not Working View Going Straight Down?
  28. Sim Can't Descend Stairs Into Basement Through Foundation
  29. It still won't show and I've done it correctly
  30. Changes to Videocamera.ini file not registering in-game
  31. Velocitygrass Blueprint maker, some objects are missing.
  32. Can't start a new game.
  33. Unable to return from University to Isla Paradiso - infinite loading screen.
  34. Stopping sims in inactive households from earning (still got nraas)
  35. Not able to access all expansions/stuff packs since Origin update (SOLVED)
  36. Game Crashing While Running Process Monitor
  37. [Fixed]Impossible to return in neighbourhood after placing room markers
  38. Sims hunger bar is empty when moving them in.
  39. Can't find the grave
  40. sims can't transfer to library
  41. Pose Player Glitch - Poses don't work from the waist down!
  42. Fun stuck at halfway, using Relativity and Master Controller
  43. Problem with Ep data
  44. Spawning a random Sim into the Household?
  45. With Late Night and Supernatural Installed No Favorite Food Blood Type for Vampires
  46. My expansions disappeared.
  47. Owner of an IF can't rename it
  48. Loading saved game REALLY slow and crashing
  49. S3PE Crashing On Import
  50. Ask out on date: am I missing something?
  51. [FIXED] Roommates glitch - no phone option to disable the service
  52. Random music playing, but radio is off
  53. Car pool drops sim in a position he can't move from.
  54. Sims 3 crash and CLA update 1.69
  55. CC Magic crashes when rebuild
  56. Possible fix for DBPF corrupt/package in another package?
  57. Include CC in EXPORTED World
  58. Nraas story progression - game crashes after importing saved settings
  59. Where is this awful, awful full outfit from? I want to get rid of it
  60. Sims 3 Store Items Won't Download!
  61. Game ctd before loading, doesn't recognize graphics card
  62. Windows 10, Origin, and TS3 Mods/CC - Where to install?
  63. Recategorize Sims 3 Store Clothes
  64. How to change the order of memories in a scrapbook
  65. Unable to Interact.
  66. Town library flooded with duplicate books, what to do?
  67. Save is no where to be found!
  68. S3PE Crashing
  69. TS3 is too bright and saturated?
  70. Base game Jaw, Cheek, & Lips sliders not working, already have mod to increse sliders
  71. Graphic Card not detected
  72. Better Quality Storytelling Pictures?
  73. Origin load error
  74. little blue plus signs appearing in build
  75. Launcher forgots what exp i've checked
  76. Game lags a lot, and objects take forever to load/show up, and will sometimes have the mesh show up without the textures and take a while to load the textures. Game lags even more after I put my computer in sleep mode.
  77. Travelling to Countries (WA) and University (UL) takes over an hour
  78. Dbc file
  79. Sims Stuck in Celebrating Swiftgrow Gardening Station loop
  80. Suddenly, my mods folder disappeared!
  81. Help! Neighborhood not aging after move!
  82. [Tutorial] Setting Up TS3 Graphics in Windows 10 and Dual Switchable Graphics
  83. Life States not working
  84. TS3 is using my graphics card, but my DeviceConfig file says it is not?
  85. "Sit" on Uber Sani-Sim Toilet Weirdness
  86. sims crashes after minutes
  87. Most Up to Date CC Merged?
  88. Mods don't work....
  89. magic bar drops to zero and stays at zero when Needs Static
  90. Crashing buildings...
  91. How do i prevent CC magic from installing lots/sims/worlds?
  92. Is There A Way to find what CC was used in a sim that is packaged as .sim3pack?
  93. Will this laptop play Sims 3 good or better?
  94. A special outfit on child causes a glitch and I don't know how to fix it.
  95. Game keeps crashing in live mode after five minutes.
  96. My pictures aren't showing up.
  97. My Sims 3 Save Isn't Loading!
  98. T-shirt pitch black glitch
  99. Glitching Package format hair
  100. No "Electronic Arts" folder in Documents?
  101. Infinite loading screen on fresh install/no CC
  102. How to stop Dresser from changes to inactives?
  103. All Packages crashed and not working
  104. Can't Place stairs Underneath Basemant
  105. Recovering overwritten save?
  106. CC wont work/appear with 1.69 update?
  107. Cannot Load Game on New Computer even with Minimum Requirements Met
  108. How do I move all my saves to a new hard drive?
  109. Dissapearing Sims, Random Pregnancy and Infinite Bicycles
  110. Family crashes after 5-15 minutes of gameplay
  111. Game Crashing - unplayable
  112. Can I select all EPs and SPs on the EP and SP Manager?
  113. Sims 3: Lots are not rendering at high detail even though the setting is at 8?
  114. Nvidia 965m, slow performance
  115. Game randomly crashed. This is the third time.
  116. Why pink windows?
  117. My sims won't have their first kiss
  118. Any way of "Making mom"?
  119. s3pe settings error
  120. Installing TS3 through Origin WITHOUT updates
  121. TSRW will not install. . . Asked for assistance in April at TSR - still waiting !
  122. Default Eyes Replacements
  123. Launcher crashes at downloads menu.
  124. How I fixed the "Service initialization failed (0x0175dcbb)" problem.
  125. Game Crashes at Initial Start-Up- Newly Installed
  126. set relationship Nephew/Uncle
  127. Overrides for Store Content
  128. Launcher not working on Ubuntu 16.04
  129. Sims 3 won't load!
  130. After Origin claimed TS3 and Supernatural were fully installed, a box pops up saying the download is at 90% whenever the game is launched.
  131. Save not found, still in folder
  132. Custom Content Problems.
  133. Dance animations, help needed.
  134. Overwatch and AwesomeMod
  135. Some mods don't work
  136. Problem with new graphic card guide
  137. Cannot find Blender rig and plugins anywhere. [SOLVED]
  138. Unending Saving Screen after Editing a Lot
  139. IN_PAGE_ERROR causing game to crash before getting to the menu screen after loading
  140. Bridgeport refuses to load
  141. Launcher does not offer update to 1.69
  142. Child sim not aging up to teen [solved]
  143. Resource.cfg is crashing the game every time I launch it
  144. Adjusting age sliders and now it says they all age up in 0 days?
  145. Wcif Bridgeport With All Expansion Lots
  146. ceiling mirror
  147. can I change the drive my game stores saved files on?
  148. Remove all cc from launcher {solved}
  149. Irremovable gate post {solved}
  150. Game constantly crashing when placing large houses
  151. Strange Custom Sims in Sim Bin [Solved!]
  152. Can Delphy's Dashboard "skip" some bad CC ?
  153. Uncommonly Good Opportunity won't happen?
  154. Sunset Valley waterfall not working?
  155. Family tree + graves/ghosts when moving to a new world?
  156. Grass loading weirdly (fixed)+some other minor issues
  157. Creating a New world affect game play?
  158. Still having a hard time on Vacation adventures
  159. Coverting packages to .world files
  160. How many package files would be recommended to compress into one file?
  161. My sim keeps running everywhere
  162. FPS limiting on high-end GPU causing me to be unable to log into my TS3 profile/simport
  163. Created custom world which crashes but .dll seems fine
  164. Origin does not recognize expansions installed on PC
  165. Bohemian Garden Set now working
  166. Accessory tattoo suddenly blurry
  167. Custom content not showing in game
  168. Playing offline doesn't work because Origin
  169. VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR on while playing Sims 3 on Windows 10
  170. A serious error has occurred. It is strongly recommended you restart the game. ??
  171. Found:1, Match:0
  172. these oppertunites are anoying
  173. Creating a mod to automatically resurrect Sims
  174. Solved! Is it safe to move Sims 3 Documents folders found in OneDrive to Documents folder on my laptop's hard drive?
  175. How to use templates in CAS?
  176. NVIDIA 3D Settings for TS3
  177. Confused about Install path for Sims 3 card.
  178. Reinstalling world due to bug with CAS but can't figure out how to do so
  179. CAS Pets Advanced Mode Won't Work?
  180. Game immediately crashes due to unrecognized graphics card. I'm having trouble understanding the guide to fix it.
  181. Game loads about 95%, stalls
  182. What is S3SA file?
  183. Version & Critical System Failure
  184. Custom music does not play on Wall stereos but works on regular stereos
  185. Helping with building my computer.
  186. Making a collection file
  187. delete dcbackup?
  188. In Windowed Mode cannot change screen size to fit screen correctly
  189. Way to update custom content for the newest game version patch
  190. Matched card but not found?
  191. Game crashing {SOLVED}
  192. World that I created seems to be correctly installed but isn't showing in the drop-down menu when selecting a town
  193. How do you reliably get the Almanac of time?
  194. Installing Origin SIms 3 expansions without getting 1.69 patch
  195. Why is this mod needed?
  196. Game Crashes on game load
  197. CC skin attached to save file?
  198. Delphy's Sims3 dashboard error message
  199. Laucher won't install nor unistall CC
  200. Anyone had a washed out and bright desktop when minimizing sims ?
  201. caw-weird fuzz?
  202. Is there a way to stop new patches for sims in origin?
  203. Lines through screen when in fullscreen
  204. Master Controller won't install, even after following through directions on the Nraas site
  205. Downloaded content in wrong place in game
  206. Can't install sims3Packs
  207. CAS keeps changing my premade sim's clothes!
  208. [Solved] Strange necklace keeps appearing on everyday outfits but can't be removed on CAS
  209. Skuversion.txt Missing or Corrupt?
  210. Unable to exit Build/Buy Mode + Recover Sims from the Bin...
  211. Creating Custom Content on Mac Basics?
  212. Wcif These Eyebrows/Sim?
  213. What is an 'OFF' file?
  214. "Shiny" Face Glitch? [Solved]
  215. I need the sims 3s bin's original resource config file
  216. A question about resource.cfg files and subfolders (split thread)
  217. glitch or something
  218. Sims 3 Freezing & Crashing
  219. helpppppp! the sims 3 isla paradiso freezes every 5 second
  220. Cannot find CC that I want to uninstall?
  221. Mermaid scale CAS parts
  222. Question about selling nectar
  223. Windows 10/new computer...How to set up mods/CC...is it different from previous OS?
  224. Buy Debug endless loading
  225. Awesome Mod and NRaas 2016
  226. Extracting Lots from a Save File? (.nhd file) [RESOLVED]
  227. My sims are green?
  228. A seriouse error has occured.
  229. Fixed: Need help with a mod
  230. A problem regarding visitors
  231. Crahing right after loading a family...
  232. Why do my sims put use objects from their inventory to family inventory?
  233. Create-a-sim problem (materializing materials)
  234. Will my laptop run the sims 3? Or should I stick with the sims 2?
  235. Can you have a roommate in Oasis Landing?
  236. Sims can't use some items
  237. Kuree's save cleaner for Windows 10?
  238. Guiders Aren't Showing Up + Sledgehammer Flash Won't Go Away?
  239. Sim's skill bar won't improve?
  240. Holograms refuse to show up
  241. Glass looking cc,borken cc and downloading sims
  242. "Shop by recipe" blank in grocery store
  243. Is this a good laptop for Sims 3 gaming?
  244. CC keeps disappearing from my world!
  245. Help getting new graphics card recognised
  246. Can you have default replacements as sims3pack files?
  247. Sims 3 package file mods don't work/don't show up in game
  248. Sims 3 Won't Load Anymore
  249. Delphy's Dashboard Help
  250. Change mermaid top with master controller