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  1. Help! My Sims Clothes Are Gone!
  2. Loading Crash since patch 1.24.3
  3. Missing routing fix in Bridgeport?
  4. Compressed package files causing massive slowdown?
  5. 10 CAS sliders from Jonha
  6. Sims 3 Mod
  7. Disapearing road and ground textures.
  8. Flirty status to friendly status repeating?
  9. Sim Freezes when taking picture with camera, but not with cellphone
  10. A few bugs with generations and LN
  11. Sim won't have baby boy.
  12. Corrupted dcdb7.dbc : impossible for me to check the file
  13. Game freeze when entering live mode after editing high rise.
  14. Sims change, but don't at the same time
  15. Dep Shutting down game even after Turning off
  16. Game freezes since I installed Win 7 - SOLVED
  17. Missing from Program Files (x86)
  18. Sim can't get "band" interaction to show up
  19. Small issue with game launcher (Solved!)
  20. sims 3 Pose PLAYER Problem
  21. Sims 3 Generations Cane problem?
  22. Sims disappearing and other extremely bad sim glitches!
  23. All families are not playable! Crashing to desktop!
  24. Custom Content Un-Installs By Itself ? ? ?
  25. Carpools/School Bus Arrives Late
  26. I thought I fixed this already!
  27. Bridgeport does not load.
  28. CC not functioning
  29. Game freezes immediatly after loading file, I've tried everything
  30. So I ticked the "run without custom content" box in (installed content)
  31. Game crash to desktop;evnt vwer says TS3W.exe; CLA says cause is unknown
  32. Problem With Patching
  33. CC Suddenly Not Showing Up In Game
  34. Custom Stencils (DDS Plug-In & CAS Texture Unitool)
  35. Is it possible to change the game music? (like in CAS, BuyMode, loading screen, etc.)
  36. How do you make Sims 1 custom content work with The Sims 3
  37. 1.17g of clothes slow down loading to Sim World
  38. Why is my Sim is taking forever to get anything done!?
  39. Wrong .Pack default
  40. After I play Sims, Internet browser will pop up but never load.
  41. how to uninstall sims3pack files that do not show in launcher?
  42. No longer receive Writing Royalties after finishing a book.
  43. How do I shift my house on the lot? (Sims 3)
  44. Game freezes when first entering a lot.
  45. Teen Maternity Clothing Not Showing Up
  46. Game Crashes when playing family.
  47. Missing Work Loop (Medical Career)
  48. Can i have more then one Butler?
  49. I can't toggle between my Sims and it's ruining my family.
  50. World Adventures related freezing: only freezes after returning home
  51. Installed this CC and now I can't uninstall it - Closed
  52. Items disappearing from buy mode?
  53. CC hairs don't show up in CAS thumbnails
  54. Loading suddenly down to tortoise speed
  55. Can't update game.
  56. Game crashes randomly, laggy and slow to load anything
  57. Bizarre serious CC/Sims problem
  58. Game won't load after installing Master Controller
  59. Supid !#*@*#&@* EADM
  60. Game Mods help
  61. One Of My Sims Won't Take His Clothes Off To WooHoo/Shower!
  62. Can't access UI Mod--CAS Basics--See Your Non-Default Skintones?
  63. After installing Town Life, everything is just destroyed
  64. Any custom content that I have uploaded in numbers of ways has never worked...
  65. Service NPC's getting jobs
  66. Is my computer compatible with Sims 3? Why does it keep freezing?
  67. Issues with aging?
  68. Problem with unofficial modifications and "unable to start" error
  69. Dashboard False/True Status
  70. Game Loads Super Slow.
  71. Game Keeps Crashing/Freezing During CAS
  72. Game Crashes when try for a baby
  73. Please Pleaaase help! I am practically almost in tears!
  74. Pathfinding issues with toddler sim
  75. Simpack files installed via launcher but not showing up
  76. .package files not working
  77. Sims 3 Town-Life, can't change the skin tone of imaginary friends (made real).
  78. Create-a-world help...
  79. Glitch w/Vampire, serving wine and turning another Sim
  80. No more nectar for mah simmies!?!
  81. The Sims 3 Create A World Beta Still Not Working
  82. Build/Buy Mode Light Problem
  83. Sim skills are not present
  84. Unable to start game
  85. How To Make MA Sims Outfits Available For MT With Cheats?
  86. PLEASE HELP ME! Outfits Glitch?
  87. I am no longer able to install or uninstall Sims3Packs
  88. downloading lots questions..
  89. Custom content (packages files) not showing up on my sims (Mac OS X 10.6.8)
  90. Can't install Patch 1.42 after uninstalling Generations?
  91. Omni Plant Gift stuck in Inventory. Help!
  92. My family is here... but their house/entire progress isn't!
  93. Sims 3 Stops Working After I Update Base Game
  94. Need Help Following Steps To Get S3PE To Work On Mac OS X 10.6.6
  95. Extracting Sim
  96. Packages
  97. help, the screen turns blue, but controlling bar still works
  98. Can't patch from 1.22.9 to 1.24.3?
  99. How run Custard other .exe
  100. Custom content won't show up in game?
  101. Installed Sims3Pack does not show up in Launcher.
  102. Launcher problems and more.
  103. Some .packages and all of .sims files doesn't work...
  104. 7zip help
  105. mods framework, clean install, all EP+SP, proper help?
  106. Somethings wrong with my mods...
  107. The Sims 3 CAW Memory Error
  108. "You have installed an unofficial game modification that does not match your current version of TS3"
  109. Invalid File Error when patching
  110. Actions interrupted at same time every day
  111. Since Generations EP is installed, Crash and freeze randomly occured
  112. CC showing up on wrong colours/patterns - is it harmful?
  113. Custom Content Stopped Working
  114. EA Folder not in 'Documents' Folder, showing up in 'Program Files' instead
  115. Non default skins
  116. Any way to change my martial arts outfit?
  117. Game Freezes as soon as I select an item in Buy/Build Mode?
  118. Sims3pack files supposedly install.. HA not really though.
  119. Store items and the launcher
  120. Computer crashes (blue screen) after installing Twallan SP Mod: Error Code 12
  121. Visual and access issues with high rise buildings
  122. Long lags and exponencial saving size.
  123. Skills disappeared and all my npc's are joining one profession
  124. Uninstalling help!
  125. Sim disappears when arriving at the vacation destination
  126. Crash log analyzer help...
  127. Objects flash red
  128. Kicking sim out - stuck on 'Processing'
  129. Cannot create new sims
  130. Sims randomly stop what they're doing
  131. How to restore old saves?
  132. No zoom on live camera
  133. Custom Content help?
  134. Strange messed up textures
  135. Deleted my downloads in the launcher by mistake........
  136. Skin - Body mods not working
  137. Not Supported on This Architecture
  138. NoIntro Mod Not Working?
  139. Sim can't interact with others
  140. Notification of Out-dated mod "Continue" or "Quit"
  141. Sim not arriving at destination when travelling
  142. game keeps asking me to update?
  143. game keeps asking me to update?
  144. Unofficial game modification... but I didn't install any CC!
  145. Horrible Game Lag When Loading a Town After installing Generations w/Mods
  146. Unable to mass install sims3pack
  147. Script errors on many of my sims
  148. Is there any way to restore family links?
  149. Sim gives birth to twins, one baby and father disappear.
  150. Sim doesn't show up on vacation -resolved-
  151. My sim is a pyromaniac/ immune to fire, yet I don't have the option to light anything up..
  152. Only mean interactions allowed for Sims
  153. My Sim's baby/toddler becomes unresponsive after save game load.
  154. My sim is concerned as dead even though she's not!
  155. Relationship with dead sim still in effect?
  156. My sim won't get pregnant?
  157. Error Code 12. Is there any way to fix this?
  158. A serious error has occurred while loading Sunset Valley.sims3
  159. Why is my game running so slow?
  160. Degrading relationships
  161. Update Error Installing Williamsburg town / Longview Crashes the Game
  162. Can't make a parent of the houshold?
  163. Game Freezes, then crashes
  164. .package not working? framework folder?
  165. Can't Reinstall Sims3 in Parallels, XP
  166. Riverview and Custom Worlds
  167. A sim can't travel because of boarding school bug
  168. Patch, Game nolonger recognize mod folder [Resolved]
  169. Claims that expansion packs are no longer there ... ?
  170. Shoes - Legs turn pink, feet disappear.
  171. My Sims are freezing at objects?
  172. How to change work clothes of an NPC
  173. Slow loading of save game
  174. My sims won't stop screaming?
  175. Cannot Update/Patch Game - Invalid File Found
  176. LN fish still missing from HELS aquarium
  177. UnlockOutfits cheat not working?
  178. Help Please with game graphics!
  179. Patch Installation Problem
  180. Where do the sims3packs go?
  181. [SIMS 3: GEN] "Disc Authorisation Failure" error
  182. package files dont work
  183. keeps asking me to update game?
  184. Problem with boarding schools
  185. Hello there, just a 'little' problem with new patch and generations
  186. The Sims 3 Launcher Log Error
  187. Can't view entire household in sim panel *after latest patch update!
  188. No Intro CC not Working Properly?
  189. CAW tool not matching... how to patch?
  190. Can I erase a completed skill challenge from the journal?
  191. Game crashes when loading neighbourhood, Red Neighbourhood before
  192. I've saved my Sims 3 file after my computer spazzed..
  193. Custom Career not showing in game?
  194. My sim/household disappear after vacation
  195. Mailbox randomly disappearing?
  196. Sim can't interact or sleep
  197. Stop crashing while loading, gosh darnit!
  198. Create a world won't work; where the absolute latest version?
  199. Town Life Stuff - Not reading CC
  200. Default replacement eyes don't seem to apply to premade characters.
  201. Sims 3 Crashes, 30 sec. into gameplay
  202. Saved Game wont load
  203. Create a World~Add roads to existing town?
  204. Custom Content - Some folders missing?
  205. Disk Authentication Failure
  206. Sim 3 Pack cleaner
  207. Crash after seconds of gameplay
  208. Help plz >.<
  209. TS3 Help! Installed Fast Lane Stuff....
  210. Unofficial Game Mod Warning, I could pull my hair out! D:
  211. Insanely long lifespans; can't adjust or stop sim aging
  212. Moodlets not working
  213. Distorted screen during game play
  214. Game crashing on mouse over/click of windows
  215. Can't play main household and screen stuck on "Processing"
  216. No Electronic Arts folder in Documents? o_O
  217. Sims 3 Community and Residential Lots Won't Show Up
  218. Custom Careers?
  219. package files & custom content..
  220. Installed Sims showing up weirdly?
  221. Stuck on a Black Screen after "trying" to fix Riverview problem
  222. Starter question...
  223. So many problems I kind of want to throw my game out the window
  224. Can't turn off the.... well, moaning :P
  225. I only have Sims 3 base game and why is this happening to my sims?
  226. Cheat box doesn't appear after patch 1.22
  227. Unofficial Game Mod that does not match Current Version
  228. Corrupted save - how can I investigate and find the culprit?
  229. Snarky teens won't stop snubbing!
  230. Invisible Custom Sims
  231. Insufficient Memory!
  232. Launcher crashes after installing generations
  233. Error when loading CAST?
  234. Helper Monkey help
  235. Error during startup. See Log for details.
  236. Game Crashes to Desktop w/ A Constant Low Buzzing from Speakers
  237. Broken family line
  238. Everytime I try to update it says "invalid file found"
  239. Sudden extremely slow loading times
  240. Actions keep cancelling?
  241. Invalid File Error Still Occuring During Patch
  242. Textures on objects load slow when zooming in from Town
  243. Patch 1.24 BSOD, Wtf
  244. Duplicate sim after returning from vacation
  245. Nraas Animator Crashes my game after update
  246. Invalid File Error help
  247. Edit Town Help
  248. old buttlers taking weekly pay when not employed
  249. help on how to get rid of horse skin?
  250. The Case of the Technicolor Eyebrows