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  1. Error when loading CAST?
  2. Helper Monkey help
  3. Error during startup. See Log for details.
  4. Game Crashes to Desktop w/ A Constant Low Buzzing from Speakers
  5. Broken family line
  6. Everytime I try to update it says "invalid file found"
  7. Sudden extremely slow loading times
  8. Actions keep cancelling?
  9. Invalid File Error Still Occuring During Patch
  10. Textures on objects load slow when zooming in from Town
  11. Patch 1.24 BSOD, Wtf
  12. Duplicate sim after returning from vacation
  13. Nraas Animator Crashes my game after update
  14. Invalid File Error help
  15. Edit Town Help
  16. old buttlers taking weekly pay when not employed
  17. help on how to get rid of horse skin?
  18. The Case of the Technicolor Eyebrows
  19. Sims wont stay at party
  20. Helper Monkey?
  21. Broken Sim
  22. Solution to disappearing body hair glitch yet?
  23. Game crashing after new mod..?
  24. Lots uninstalling on its own?
  25. Game crashes after seconds of live play
  26. Intermittent Freezing Issue :/
  27. CC .package files will not install.
  28. Stuck in "Create a style" in CAS (Create a sim)
  29. All services set at $50?
  30. Midget Glitch: Less Hilarious in Legacies
  31. [FIXED] Custom styles / hair colours /walls / floors / EVERYTHING won't save to catalog.
  32. excavation sites 'blocked'? + earthquake cheats not working
  33. Problem with lots & doubt about refreshing files
  34. EDIT: sims now aging but now lagging occurs
  35. Resource.cfg makes my game not load
  36. Objects disappear when placed
  37. I don't know if it's a generations problem...
  38. Please help bushes dont render all the way
  39. Quick question: Can I uninstall CC that comes with a pre-made sim without damaging it?
  40. I need help. Moved mods from one PC to another.
  41. pools
  42. Custom .package content suddenly not working
  43. How can I create a family tree? [SOLVED, mods please delete.]
  44. Extracted .rar file doesn't look right...
  45. 2 huge annoyances
  46. help! package making game crash
  47. My doctor Sim can't read his Medical journal
  48. Velvet Ropes
  49. Can't restore saved game
  50. Sims Cannot Interact Normally
  51. Family doesn't load, but isn't frozen?
  52. Please Help
  53. File download problem
  54. Safe way to get rid of duplicates?
  55. "___" died memory
  56. Installing Generations / Corrupt Games
  57. Removing individual content from combined packages
  58. Unable to Start Game. Service initialization failed (0x039e8474)
  59. twitching sims?
  60. Family Tree Relationships are gone
  61. Some accessories are not visible on a sim
  62. Issues with Sims 3 and Mac OSX 10.7 Lion
  63. Lots won't load when visiting
  64. Patching
  65. Problems With Map Icons & More
  66. Some game files missing
  67. Blue Lots caused by Sim3packs
  68. China lag between 10pm 7am sim time?
  69. I can't interact with my sim's baby?
  70. Base Game Wont Load
  71. Loading Crash
  72. When patching my game, are there any steps that I must take with my mods to ensure that I don't have errors?
  73. Slooow reactions
  74. Sims 3 crashes right after I log into a family
  75. Returned from vacation to meet self at home! Cloned?
  76. Custom Content not showing up
  77. Update Error: invalid file found
  78. Choppy gameplay
  79. Sims3packs will not install.
  80. Disappearing and Automatically Resetting Sims
  81. How to install CC on steam?
  82. Strange Makeup Issue
  83. Games not saving?
  84. Possible Corrupted Save
  85. My marriages are gone!
  86. Ever-Loading Create-A-Sim Mode
  87. how do you merge sims3packs for faster installation?
  88. Game won't start with CC (Followed Install instructions)
  89. Some custom content not installed after re-opening launcher
  90. Anyone else's Body Hair not working?
  91. Groups problem
  92. Crashes at start-up.
  93. Stuck on One Sim
  94. My uploaded sims are not showing in other people's games
  95. Why are they Missing?
  96. Help me sort my mods, please
  97. Sims have twitching hands, breast issues, and stomachs...
  98. mod objects cause my Generations to crash help?
  99. Glitches are getting worse
  100. I dont have a clue.
  101. The "Great Lecture" bug
  102. Mailbox has flag up but says "No interactions available".
  103. My packages stopped working suddenly
  104. Harmful Packages?
  105. Sims 3 Stops Loading
  106. unable to write reports or question someone as a cop sim?
  107. No wall guide icon thing when making walls?
  108. How do you uninstall Help.Mon.
  109. Patching the Base Game to 1.22 help, please [RESOLVED]
  110. Certain sliders randomly starting to crash game
  111. Scorched Sims
  112. Sims keep cheering
  113. Not finding downloaded sims
  114. Missing Sims
  115. Question About Master Controller?
  116. Ambrosia Recipe Disappeared
  117. Package files not working
  118. How to make The Sims 3 use more of my memory RAM?
  119. Script Errors, Frozen sims, Corrupted lots
  120. Sims3 Slow and laggy?
  121. placing community lots
  122. Trouble getting game to start; Origin download
  123. cant play more than 2 generations
  124. Mesh?
  125. A few problems
  126. HELP! My Sims CAN'T Interact With Each Other!!!!!
  127. Menu for Twallan's Story Progression Mod?
  128. Driveway Help?
  129. Reinstalled, saved games won't work "base game incompatible"
  130. Weird graphic glitch (img attached)
  131. I Can't Build a Basement... THE OPTIONS AREN'T THERE!
  132. Can't take Sim couples relationship past "Romantic Interest"
  133. How to download off of Tifa's site?
  134. teen sim stuck sneaking around
  135. NOTHING on this site will download (program opener isues)
  136. Disc Authentication Failure: No game disc found!
  137. CC not working
  138. Possible glitch with thirst counter whit vampire sims
  139. Generations live play Crash no CC
  140. Deleted files inside DCCache... bad idea.
  141. Custom world not showing up
  142. Cannot make lifespan shorter than 220 days?
  143. Weird freezing in China after generations install
  144. Need help troubleshooting hard restarts with a clean install
  145. My computer is so slow running the Sims 3
  146. Installing TS3 and EPs across multiple drives / partitions
  147. My Makeup Colour Won't Change!!!
  148. relationship/marriages will not save
  149. Files Won't Install?
  150. in game random computer graphics crashes
  151. CC sometimes doesn't show or is messed up - not just hair
  152. Are my specs the problem or something else?
  153. Need help removing a bad CC installed through the launcher, but can't remember it's name.
  154. If i installed sims 3 in drive D where will the saved games be saved? Is it on drive D or C?
  155. Custom content goof?
  156. Game won't patch
  157. Is my graphics card compatible? "NVIDIA GeForce 320M"
  158. Alt+Tab causes my game to 'dim' when I get back to it
  159. Game is erased after doing step 3 of deglitching
  160. Custom Content not showing in launcher
  161. Returning Home From Travel Bugs Kids??
  162. Package files not working. Pics added.
  163. Game Lag
  164. Can't find the wiki page with the resource.cfg file
  165. Returning Home from Travel.
  166. The Sims Crashes Loading a new Neighborhood
  167. Buy mode music keeps playing in live mode and on the neighbourhood?
  168. CC has downloaded, but won't appear in Launcher's Download list.
  169. CC won't show up
  170. Keeps crashing every time I try to start the game
  171. Blurry ground textures
  172. Big black thing showing up on lot
  173. Just some overall help needed... take pity on a newbie.
  174. Installing Late Night after UI bug
  175. Lots are blue! What do I do?
  176. Help Error in creating style with materialkatorin in Others just charge can not accept the style.
  177. Lag During Gameplay
  178. My sims won't go to work
  179. Becoming a tattoo artist?
  180. Strange Breast Slider Issue #217
  181. Custom Sim Alien children/Skin Glitch
  182. Is this a Genrations problem?
  183. Help with error at startup
  184. Launcher won't install store content
  185. Case of the disappearing bicycles!
  186. My naked skins won't work
  187. Getting .package files into Sims 3 (Steam version)
  188. Default eyes/skin show up in CAS but not in game
  189. Packages files won't show up in the game
  190. sims 3 furniture won't show up?
  191. Unusual issue - Body hair showing up using original game???
  192. Town loads to about 95% and then Freezes??
  193. Autonomous screaming even with reactions mod installed, sims keep screaming at each other
  194. Twinbrook crashes my game.
  195. Delphy Dashboard - can't find any package files
  196. Poly Count & Game Play
  197. Sims 3 "Game Lag" (Not Video Lag)
  198. Launcher Won't Start (TS3-Base Game)
  199. Few Problems with Game
  200. Download Organiser
  201. No custom content tree
  202. Newspaper not giving hotspots anymore?
  203. Help with downloading cc onto mac
  204. Sims can't interact after traveling
  205. Problem with custom content working properly.
  206. CC Installer Keeps Crashing
  207. Ambitions keeps crashing to desktop after reinstall and DEP doesn't work.
  208. What to do to stop neighbours aging and progressing.
  209. Game keeps crashing (after update I think)
  210. Make fireworks shoot faster and not just 1 shot each time?
  211. My Sims are black and there is no skincoloure anymore
  212. Issue with installing Sims3Pack world files
  213. Sim stuck in Pregnancy Morph Forever
  214. Game crash when trying to interact with a certain sim
  215. problem in Sims 3 install * STUCK*
  216. After reinstalling mods dont show up
  217. 0x0175dcbb Problem Initialization Crash Sims Generations
  218. Solution to custom sims not showing up in the bin
  219. need help to figure out what is going on.....please!
  220. Issue Installing CC - Message "Sims 3 has stopped responding"
  221. After computer restore, cannot play sims at all, frequent CTD
  222. NRaas woohoo mod?
  223. TONS of glitches in new patch?
  224. Your neighborhood is corrupt and has exploded in a BFBVFS
  225. Searching for advice - new game install
  226. Is there a way to know if CC is compatible?
  227. Please help. Ground looks blurry/no textures!
  228. Updating Issues
  229. Where to place the resource.cfg file
  230. Downloads Folder to Launcher Problem
  231. Game Crashes on Play after installing Master Controller
  232. Spiral Staircase
  233. Inevitable Eventual Freeze since downloading Nraas Master Controller
  234. Cannot load mods with the new way.
  235. Animation glitch with fire/fish and building.
  236. Too many .package files in DCBackup
  237. Can't use the shower ... I'm confused!
  238. Save the game but lose all romance when reopened? & School Problem
  239. SOLVED Constant Running Since Obtaining LTW
  240. Game doesn't load at all
  241. CAW Controls Problem
  242. Rainbow_Brite's Positive Buffs not working with the newest patch
  243. My game never responds after I press the play button( to turn on the game)
  244. Can't install custom content- Launcher problem
  245. Furnishings vanish. Help please!
  246. Sims thumbnail is gone, but she's still in the house?
  247. Saving problems
  248. Breaking News : Taking photos now turns Sims catatonic.
  249. Plz help - Games crashes
  250. CC removal allows gameplay sometimes