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  1. Help with icons please :) FIXED, see last post
  2. OSX 10.6.8 - can't delete sims 3 cache files
  3. Working with Integrated Graphics (Solved)
  4. Releasing locks on files
  5. Help! "Game launcher has stopped working"
  6. "This program may not have installed correctly" - Clean Installer
  7. A Question About TSR -- Acknolwedged as Being Out-of-Place
  8. Is a Radeon HD 6530D decent enough to run Sims games?
  9. Help Finding Graphics Card Device ID
  10. Problems with Game(What part of the Computer is it?)
  11. Guide : How to force Vsync with AMD graphic card.
  12. laptops?
  13. dsl lights
  14. Keka and/or WinZip Mac are not properly compressing my sims3pack files
  15. New monitor... suggestions?
  16. Is this Lenovo a good buy (also, hello again)?
  17. Help? (Closed)
  18. Graphics Card Help! (Building a new computer
  19. Building PC - need help
  20. Smooth Edges Disabled After Reinstalling TS2
  21. Will my new computer run The Sims 3?
  22. New Sims 2 Launcher Problems
  23. Is there any newer PC upgrade info out there for TS3?
  24. happy holiday - create a sim objects not appearing
  25. Sims 3 freezing why?
  26. Sound stutters, background noises, etc.
  27. (solved)New computer freaked out after running sims 3.
  28. Transferring package files from windows to mac - not working?
  29. I am trying to download Sims 3 Mod but it saves under PDF file (Adobe).
  30. Blue Screen of Death Only When Playing The Sims 3
  31. Edges of screen are cut off when displayed on external monitor
  32. new hard drive
  33. Buying new PC - needs a bit of input, thanks!
  34. Need help creating Meshes/Mods/CC
  35. new pc to build, needing advice
  36. Help on upload issue?
  37. Options missing?! Help!
  38. Sims 3 Create A Style Colours Off?
  39. Having Trouble Updating my Game... (Please Help!)
  40. Pictures in forumposts?
  41. Geforce GTX 650 and Sims 3
  42. How to improve my graphics performance?
  43. Where are my skins?
  44. What is .net4?
  45. Distorted Cursor, Memory Leak (Host Process for Windows Services)
  46. Good enough for TS3?
  47. which pc will play sims best?
  48. problems after updating video driver.
  49. thoughts on building a computer for TS3?
  50. ATI Radeon HD 5700 and The Sims 3
  51. Help with some file
  52. is the sims 2 + expansions compatible with my computer
  53. looking to get this Graphics Card GTX770 Need a little in put please.
  54. Will I *need* 16GB of RAM?
  55. Running Sims 2 Off Of A Secondary Drive
  56. How much expansions packs this PC can handle?
  57. What is needed to run multiple expansions?
  58. The Sims 3 not using dedicated graphics
  59. Custom Build Help!
  60. Can my Macbook Pro run the Sims 3?
  61. making pose on milkshape problem?
  62. Mini Sims 3 Benchmark
  63. Newly dowloaded SP not showing up
  64. How is a computer like this likely to fair with Sims 3
  65. My game stops working every time i try to save
  66. New Graphic card ,worth it?
  67. My game doesn't start!!
  68. Will my laptop handle another expansion?
  69. Sims 3: 32x game on a 64x computer - transferred?
  70. The sims 2 apartment life
  71. Help Buying New Computer...
  72. Almost brand new laptop from mid-2012 having issues with TS2
  73. Cannot Create Folder Mods
  74. Should I upgrade my HDD to speed up loading times?
  75. Computer crashed now have serious wireless problems
  76. New Sims 3 Update???
  77. Island Paradise Mermaid Glitch?
  78. Edge smoothing on a laptop. Yay or nay?
  79. Will this laptop run TS2 and the pre-Securom expansions well?
  80. How does this computer fair in playing TS3?
  81. Will this computer run TS2/3 with or without upgrades?
  82. After using Process Monitor HELP!!!
  83. Trouble getting SimPE to work on new computer
  84. Game crashes every time i go into community lot
  85. Most Reliable - Portable Hard Drive Recommendations
  86. Sims 3 in OS X.7.5 Lion. Can I make Xquartz my default app instead of x11?
  87. Sims 3 is deleting mods folder?
  88. object error
  89. Thinking about this laptop for TS3...thoughts?
  90. Minty Sims (Linux)
  91. Is Quadro NVS 290 good for TS2?
  92. Sims 2 - Graphic Problems (flashin' red walls, etc.)
  93. What does this 'runtime error' mean?
  94. Sims 2 & Intel HD 4000 Graphics
  95. Crash analyzer says I need to upgrade my memory- problem solved
  96. Will this computer run sims 2?
  97. Windows Update Screen Resolution...now it's my turn?!
  98. Considering nVidia GeForce GTX 260 for running The Sims 2 or is there something better?
  99. Which of these computers can run Sims 3
  100. Built a Computer... Now What?
  101. No Sims 3 folder in Documents - could it be somewhere else?
  102. Package Download Will Not Work
  103. Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application
  104. Matte vs. Glossy and Nvidia GTX 660m
  105. Smooth edges help
  106. Can my computer run sims 3?
  107. Buying a new computer
  108. Sims 2 Processor Question
  109. Milkshape 1.8.5 won't start anymore....
  110. Moonlight falls.world and save game crash
  111. Going the All-In-One route...
  112. Can I run TS2/3?
  113. Sims 1 Homecrafter Help Plaese
  114. New graphics card no good for Sims 2.
  115. Buying new laptop
  116. New hardware for extensive use of mods
  117. Whenever I *finally* get a new computer..
  118. Intel Core i7-3630QM
  119. Monitor help
  120. Beyond the ATI 5900-series
  121. Upgrading my computer
  122. Another SimPe thing...
  123. My game isn't sharing
  124. System specs for laptop
  125. Best Graphics Card?
  126. Annoying SimPE Messup!
  127. Fix for TS3CAW tool "game version issue"
  128. What does this score mean?
  129. Sims 3 Continually Crashing
  130. Sims 2 on HD5550
  131. Will it work or?
  132. So I still haven't gotten a new computer. Yikes.
  133. What Type of Graphics Card do you Really Need?
  134. Upgrading the base model.
  135. Computer Dummy needs help: if i buy this computer will it run TS3 with all of the expansion packs?
  136. Sims 2/Stories/3/Medieval generated folders in My Documents... Any way to merge them?
  137. What Kind of Laptop Should I Buy for the Sims 2 (All Exp & Stuff Packs)
  138. .NET Framework and Modding?
  139. Problems with CTU...
  140. Advice on buying a new computer
  141. CC not showing up in The Sims 3
  142. Connected to wireless but can't connect to internet
  143. Winrar gone!
  144. Sims3 Thumbnail Extractor - doesn't work !?
  145. Which computer should I get?
  146. Is my laptop okay to play Sims?
  147. Win 7 64 bit, set application to high priority?
  148. I bought the sims 2 but...
  149. Radeon 7770 vs 7750
  150. The sims 2 Graphical problem
  151. What Sims game would work better?
  152. Would this computer be good for the Sims 3?
  153. Two questions before buying new laptop
  154. Thoughts on "new" computer specs
  155. Thoughts on "new" computer specs
  156. Running The Sims 3 on different computers
  157. Sims 3 overexposed in full screen
  158. Sims 3 CC. Xm Sims question
  159. CC and windows 8
  160. Buying a new computer
  161. New pc, but sims 3 still chugs
  162. Working CC all vanished
  163. Is it safe to run TS2 on my computer?
  164. Icons not showing up on my computer
  165. Cannot Upload modthesims Content
  166. Just trying to figure out something about PC specs
  167. My comuter doesn't want to start
  168. Would this mac be able to run sims 3?
  169. My Game Keeps Crashing and I've Run Out of Ideas....
  170. Upgrading GPU and others? (I HAVE READ HUBBNC)
  171. Would this laptop run the Sims 3 very well?
  172. Considering Converting to MAC - Tips?
  173. Launcher main page has been blank for more than two months
  174. Upgrading my PC. Need advice.
  175. Game graphics and performance decreased after installing an ASUS motherboard (+pictures)
  176. Are any of these laptops good for playing TS3 and all EPs on high settings?
  177. Help downloading a mod?
  178. Help with upgrading my computer please
  179. My windows.old folder
  180. Sims 3 Seasons Crashing on MAC
  181. Is it the fan?
  182. Hi Everyone
  183. Computer instability:CTD and BSOD ( SOLVED: Bad RAM)
  184. How is this laptop for playing Sims?
  185. My game is freezing at 1am in Sunlit Tides.
  186. The sims 3 keeps crashing!
  187. Sony - VAIO E Series?
  188. Sims 3 Won't Load After Downloading Seasons
  189. GUIDE : Moving any folder (eg. EA Games) and its content around your computer
  190. input on AMD Radeon™ HD 7570 1GB GDDR5 video card
  191. Opinions on a possible build?
  192. No VGA input with new graphic card
  193. Nvidia 660gtx not recognised
  194. Copying over savegame file and does not read PLEASE HELP
  195. Updating To A New Graphics Card vs. A New Computer?
  196. How much do I need to upgrade to get good performance through seasons and going forward?
  197. Inheriting new-to-me computer
  198. Upgrading as a Precaution?
  199. Enabling 3GB switch question.
  200. Issue in Create a Sim.
  201. New video card acting up
  202. Black places in neighbourhood
  203. Can I run the sims 2 on an external hard drive?
  204. Graphics card for Sims 2 and Sims 3
  205. Trouble with sims 2 AL (long story)
  206. Building help!!
  207. I want to build a beast.
  208. Quiet computer
  209. SSD Upgrade?
  210. Sims 3 error
  211. Need Help
  212. Ugh, Assassin's Creed III
  213. Which of these 3 graphics cards in new laptop?
  214. Double Checking
  215. Will Upgrading My Computer Solve My Error Code 12 issue?
  216. Uploading my Sim (Where to?) - Quick and easy way with CC?
  217. Will The Sims 3 and expansions run well on this laptop?
  218. Trying to create a pose???
  219. Help choosing a compatible grafique manipulating program for window7
  220. Questions about graphics
  221. AMD APU with internal graphics
  222. Need a new laptop...
  223. Could my computer run all expansions?
  224. Wanting to run graphics all on high settings, buying new computer.
  225. Cannot detect video card.
  226. Downloading CC Horses
  227. Sims 3 Mods Help
  228. Installing the world tool with Wine/Parallels
  229. Compiling with Visual C# 2010 Express
  230. file compression software downloads without adware/spywear? Help?
  231. Graphic Issues
  232. How does the NVIDIA GTX 650 Ti work for you guys?
  233. Need help associating files with Simpe
  234. Buying A New Laptop
  235. Complete Computer Freezes
  236. Hard Drive Noises? [SOLVED]
  237. Should I buy this desktop?
  238. Solid state drive and custom content
  239. Something's odd with my in-game terrain and water graphics
  240. $350-$500 Desktop That Can Play The Sims 3 Comfortably...
  241. The Sims 3 on this laptop...
  242. Given a new Graphic Card, can't find compatibility info
  243. Game extremely slow after deleting CC
  244. Greenish graphics after sundown
  245. Can't Download
  246. Since installing seasons game slow - is my laptop underperforming?
  247. Will this run all eight expansions plus four stuff packs?
  248. How to counter overheat?
  249. The Sims 1 Complete Collection gray lot glitch
  250. Resolved - Thanks again! Aspect ratios are wonky.