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  1. Creating Rabbit Hole Replacements
  2. Too Many Split Levels
  3. Storybrook World
  4. University apartments in Late Night shells?
  5. Please help with a little part of a roof I'm having trouble with.
  6. Bridge problems - Underside of flooring
  7. Bed platforms + type 88 light issue
  8. Restaurant Booths?
  9. Cinderella castle build.
  10. What settings to use with 3d ripper to export from the sims 3?
  11. Expanded lot, can't use basement in half of it.
  12. Trouble with stairs..
  13. Tutorial: Making Inexpensive (often free) Wall Décor for Base Game Uploads
  14. Unroutable stairs—can't figure out why
  15. Attaching Dead Sims to Tombs
  16. no ceiling under sloped roof
  17. Removing the floor from an arch?
  18. How to get rid of underground level? There's nothing there.
  19. The Apple Store for The Sims 3
  20. Why can't I build a third floor?
  21. Pool through wall in basement
  22. Metric system/conversion?
  23. Community College Campus Lot - Professors, Lecturers and increasing attendance.
  24. Problems creating community garden
  25. A little help understanding CFE please
  26. debug setting help
  27. Kraken in custom worlds
  28. Gable roof edge problem
  29. Need help with my building project **** SOLVED
  30. Building and managing several community lots as a Sim
  31. Building a new apartment
  32. I can no longer edit lots in EIG
  33. Tutorial - Apartment building with Buzzlers NPC door mod
  34. building now and later
  35. need help around building houses
  36. NPCs keeping walking into my apartment
  37. How to release a Tomb Mummy?
  38. Measurements
  39. Requiring help concerning placing a high rise building in Roaring Heights.
  40. Questions about building custom community lots.
  41. Adding downtown deco buildings to a lot in EIG
  42. Getting ceiling lights to work with raised ceilings...possible?
  43. Rabbitholes Combined with Community Lots (Using Rugs)
  44. Large Scale Project That I Have No Idea How to Execute
  45. Items snapping to grid despite cheats
  46. Help w/ CC Pattern Overwrite Problem in Exported Lot
  47. Creating U stairs; HELP!!
  48. ZEPHYR Station. placing it into another world without create a world?
  49. help with deleting foundation
  50. Community Lots like Town Hall / School / Hospital
  51. How to have a "natural" light/sunlight over an open-air basement?
  52. Problem with rebuilding lots in new world.
  53. Enormous Export File - Any suggestions?
  54. Multi-level decks: is it possible in Sims 3?
  55. Questions on Buildings for CAW/Reduce Lag
  56. Specifying Treasure in Island Paradise Underwater Chests? (Solved)
  57. Question About Rabbit Holes and Community Lots?
  58. How to export sims 3 houses to a model format?
  59. Vacation Homes in Home Worlds?
  60. Broken diagonal roofs
  61. EA lot always sinks
  62. Dive Sites
  63. im having trouble putting on a roof
  64. Larger houseboats?
  65. Graves on a residential lot?
  66. Trouble placing stairs on foundations less than 4 steps high - Help!
  67. [Tutorial] Pool in the basement with foundations
  68. How to use 'public room markers' in this building?
  69. Festival Grounds with just one Festival possible?
  70. Can custom content be packaged in a lot?
  71. Pool Windows in Island Paradise?
  72. Pool Windows in Island Paradise?
  73. Current style is invalid error?
  74. Island Paradise Port Help Needed
  75. Is there a way to make stacked L-shaped stairs work?
  76. How to make underground garage in TS3 (tuto, no cheat)
  77. Terrain Tiles
  78. Stairs on houseboats are broken, sim can't walk them
  79. Foundations inside basements - how to?
  80. spiral stairs not working?
  81. Lighting a building
  82. Need Help With Roofs and Columns
  83. Creating an Indoor/Outdoor Pool?
  84. Maximum Textures per Lot
  85. Waterlevel reset after leaving lot
  86. Ground floor removal? [Resolved]
  87. Possible to use the level skip marker on friezes without turning it into an apartment?
  88. For Matrix54: Foundation Height Question.
  89. Is it possible to have diagonal steps?
  90. Windows not showing correctly on split level home, how to fix?
  91. Sims 3 to Real Life Measurement Conversion?
  92. What community lots do we have a lack of?
  93. Placing this door got me confused !?
  94. How can I delete this extra chimney?
  95. Can I build some circle roof like this?
  96. HELP! Stairs Problem
  97. Finding that CC in my house
  98. Apartments, Stuck NPCs, and me
  99. How to build a flat roof with a wall near.
  100. Can you place a computer on a counter?
  101. Make boat with sloped walls
  102. Inside the Normandy SR2
  103. Help with flat half wall corners
  104. Internet Cafe idea!
  105. My effort at creating Serena Van der Woodsen's Apartment
  106. My latest house... a couple of questions
  107. I cant build basement my home lot help me please.
  108. I am horrible at building houses.
  109. Pool Water Surface Deformation and Save Games
  110. How to build something like this in the Sims 3?
  111. Making an attic "winter proof" photos included
  112. Built House to Share
  113. Stacking tile on top of tile
  114. Can't put stairs in a basement, even though there's no foundation?
  115. CFE artefacts? SOMETHING is messed up! Help!
  116. constrain floor elevation does not work
  117. Bulding and decorating a House
  118. Can't copy a base camp to library
  119. Raising terrain an exact amount
  120. hide sims 3 objects, dresses and hair cuts
  121. Get rid of roof overhang
  122. Ceiling Tile Glitch
  123. Basement
  124. Stepped gables?
  125. Does CC leave "placeholders" on lots, even after folder removed?
  126. Help with L-Shaped Stairs!
  127. Shifting windows up and down walls?
  128. Roof help! 'Location out of bounds?'
  129. I'm a CFE amateur and pulling my hairs out
  130. Build question stairs
  131. Building custom skyscrapers
  132. Building aesthetics
  133. Victorian House Veranda Roof (Help)
  134. floor building without column or foundation below
  135. Organization for houses in the bin/library in World editor
  136. How do you make counters like this
  137. Game thinks hallway is outside.
  138. CFE cheat misbehaving in Seasons?
  139. How can I change direction
  140. How to MAKE tiles float? - little help to build bridges
  141. Build mode limits?
  142. Multi-story pool with windows
  143. TS3: How to place partial walls help!!
  144. I Need help with a bedroom I'm making
  145. Return a home to it's "new value"
  146. How to include custom content?
  147. "Move into a Penthouse" Without apartments
  148. Pagoda roof/CFE question [solved]
  149. Basic building strategy?
  150. Two questions! One about fog emitters(!!!!), the other about submitting a lot...
  151. Can't make hidden doors in tombs
  152. Location out of bounds
  153. I can't connect the wall or even put a stair in?
  154. [solved] "Can't do that" - IT DRIVES ME INSANE
  155. How did EA create lanes on TB pool?
  156. Misbehaving stairs (*resolved*)
  157. Best way to build a "riverfront wall" without WA?
  158. Telling a story in tomb building... longer texts?
  159. Stupid Routing issue with doors
  160. Vampire Exclusive Lounge
  161. Building 1/4 walls?
  162. Fixes for edit world in your game
  163. Tutorial- Sims 3 Minor Pets on Community Lots
  164. Problems getting through shells?
  165. Is it possible to do terrain painting outside of lots in game?
  166. add more stories to building
  167. Building an overhang over a pond/pool?
  168. Rabbit hole rugs??
  169. Broken line roof
  170. Cafe/Resturaunt
  171. rabbit holes on residential lots
  172. Need a mod or a simple explanation
  173. Roof issue
  174. Building L-shaped stairs issue
  175. How to make a lot bigger?
  176. The limits of building within Sims 3?
  177. The size of trees and shrubs
  178. Need help with curve windows!
  179. Matching plain wall and wall with baseboard?
  180. Edit lot size?
  181. Hiding Fences When Walls Are Down?
  182. Tomb Building
  183. Intersecting Roofs and Shudders Question/Help
  184. How do you make a working custom Big Show Venue?
  185. Outline foundation tool?
  186. Curious Question... CFE cheat experts.
  187. Build/buy mode : how tu change colors of items ?
  188. Problem with door
  189. Curved corner window
  190. removing swimming pool does not remove basement level
  191. Really Confused on Uploading Lots here
  192. How to make a hole on a basement?
  193. Question on Lot Types
  194. Place stairs on top of each other?
  195. Can't Place Big Venue Shells?
  196. How do i upload houses that i have made to MTS?
  197. More than four steps on stairs?
  198. Beautiful Vista Moodlet
  199. Can't place stairs?
  200. Oh hey! I managed to figure out a kickass fountain effect with CFE. :)
  201. Messed Late Night Shells
  202. showtime in caw
  203. Precise CFE for taller walls?
  204. Lighting?
  205. Object/Item test room?
  206. How do I....
  207. Confused about lot types
  208. Titanic on sims 3!
  209. Diagonal roof on orthogonal room
  210. I'm trying to make a Painted Lady House
  211. Filling a Parking Garage
  212. Help with tomb switches and activated behaviours
  213. Can this be done?
  214. Help on a roof
  215. Creating split-level walls in apartments
  216. Curved Walls!
  217. Building a Steam Shower - A Tutorial
  218. Basement above ground with windows
  219. (Un)fun with Highrise Shells
  220. Closet under stairs
  221. Please help me build an Earthship!!!
  222. Trouble with lower elevation
  223. Basement Wall/Floor help needed...
  224. Number of floors...
  225. Help on a roof
  226. [solved] How to expose a basement so that it's visible from aboveground?
  227. problem with platform tool
  228. Useful resources
  229. "terrain attached to pool wall"? [solved]
  230. Roof problems
  231. [Solved] Multi-Level Basements? How?
  232. Some questions: tomb ones, a firefighting pole one and a mod one
  233. :alarm: :alarm: I Need Help! :alarm: :alarm:
  234. Foundations inside a garage? (or cave) {solved}
  235. Haunted house using timed FE
  236. Floating Plants?!?!
  237. Problem when creating an apartment
  238. Basement rooms behind a waterfall
  239. help with routing a lot
  240. CFE issues with L-Shaped stairs; help, please? [RESOLVED]
  241. Placing lots,buildings. I don't understand,more I read more confused.
  242. Roof Problem, help of builders wanted...
  243. Using stairs to lower terrain?
  244. building lot (elevation ) lower or higher
  245. Modern Houses
  246. Curious about raised lot edges (see photos)
  247. Sims floating on invisible upper floor?
  248. No NPCs in my building?
  249. Need help to create slanted foundation for Seattle Space Needle
  250. Split-Level Lighting