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11th Sep 2006, 1:50 AM
i am trying to make a different skin tone, i still havnt found a good custom skin tone for african americans yet... its either light or dark, what about in b/w...

i am stuck at what to do once i get to photoshop

11th Sep 2006, 2:26 AM
Well, if you are starting with the maxis skins that you exported with bodyshop, you'll have a folder with several graphics in it. To make a new skintone that properly works, you'll need to make the _same changes_ to all the different graphics.

What I'd probably do is load one graphic into photoshop and then either apply a layer filter (which you can then copy and apply to all of your graphics) or just create a new layer, dump color into it, and experiment with 'overlay' or 'multiply' and modify the opacity and shade of it until you come up with something you like. Then open each of the other graphics and also put them in under that layer to get the same changes on them (or copy and paste the layer effects onto them). I'd then for safekeeping, save the photoshop file in psd format - so you can come in and adjust things further and resave your graphics if you need to.

12th Sep 2006, 2:49 AM
Dark skins are hard, If you burn the image to much, its contrast is drastically over done, be wary of that. Also I personally try to avoid. "ashy" skintones, For african americans I like to make shiny and lusterous dark skin.

Hope that helps!

12th Sep 2006, 5:05 AM
Y'might also want to bear in mind that skintones are about the hardest skinning project you can do. In order to get a really nice one with matched seams that looks truly good, it may take you quite literally dozens if not hundreds of hours - I've got a skintone I've probably worked on for a good 150+ hours and it's still nowhere near done. If you're confused by what you should do once you get to Photoshop, it sounds like you need some more experience in Photoshop and with skinning in general - go through all of Faylen's clothing tutorials, and any other tutorials we have on Photoshop (like mine on displacement and warp) as well as the Photoshop Hints & Tricks thread. Practice practice practice on Body Shop projects, and once you're more confident, come back to your skintone project.

A tip, though, for once you get back there: dark colours, especially dark skintones, tend to get a very "crunchy" pixellated look in the game, where you can see the boundaries of the colours as they fade together. I've seen discussion by people working on darker skintones that have suggested that it can help to add just a tiny bit of noise with a filter before you save. The noise itself will not be noticeable, but it may help you keep your nice smooth detailing on the skin without looking too crunchy.

12th Sep 2006, 8:12 PM
Actually, I used the nude V map when I made my latest set, That can really help in making it seamless.