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12th Sep 2006, 8:13 AM
Hi everyone,

i have read all the tutorials regarding face skinning (which are great by the way) and i have attempted one ( because i am trying to sim a real person) about 10 times based on a maxis skin.It is decent but it looks kinda fake due to the lack of a decent picture or due to the lack of my experience i guess LOL I wasn't sure so i found a high resolution image and made another face skin which looked way better so i guess it's the pic problem.My question is, what to do when you really can't find a decent photo so you can make a decent face skin? I have the face structure done which is very approximate but the sim overall doesn't look similar to the real person because the real person has special skin characteristics and details which cannot be done differently.I have really tried for over 10 days but i feel like i am in a dead end now.This project is really special to me, please help :-)

Any alternatives, any tips, anything?

Thanks in advance