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12th Oct 2006, 3:11 PM
I've been searching for an answer here but my search for "rename package" returned too many results and threads. I hope it's okay to ask here because I'm afraid I may have made a deadly mistake in a submission...

Is it okay to rename the makeup .package files from the Saved Sims folder? If it's okay, are there rules for renaming?

Many months ago, I remember reading that it was okay to rename .package files like those for clothes and makeup. I did an experiment and I renamed my own created files. I moved all the original files out of the drive my game is in. I put in the renamed files only. My game works and the files show up.

However, I was just told that I shouldn't have done that and that renamed package files won't work or will cause the game to crash.

Can someone clarify this issue please? :(

12th Oct 2006, 3:40 PM
Yup, rename all you want. Just don't exceed 255 characters in the filename + file location if you have an NTFS file system (trust me, unless you're insane like me you won't even get NEAR that number) and it's fine. The only things that can't be renamed are certain megahacks like the InSIMenator: ALL Body Shop content can be renamed, all build mode content, all regular objects, and almost every hacked object. Rename to your heart's content. :)

I would suggest using something like a prefix for file type (HR for hair recolour, Blush for blush, etc.), who the mesh is by and what it's called, if it's not Maxis (PrettyHair_SomeCreator) and a description of what you've made and your name... so if you made blonde hair you'd do HR_PrettyHair_SomeCreator_Blonde_shimmeringcatMTS2.package - it may be long but it sure as heck tells you what the file is. Of course, that's just how -I- rename files. You can put as much or as little of that as you want or more. Some creators put their name as a prefix ("shimmeringcat_BlondeHair01.package") so that all their stuff shows up together in someone's Download folder. I subfolder by creator so that's pretty useless to me. But whatever works for you. 90% of people just leave the darn SavedSims name anyway, so ANY descriptive name in there is better.

I don't know why the "zomg don't rename stuff onoz!" rumour has persisted all this time... There are only a handful of files that matter at all for filename (and that's only because Windows appears to load by filename, and they need to be loaded in a certain order - it's not technically the filename itself that matters) and they wouldn't crash your game even if they were renamed... they just wouldn't work.

12th Oct 2006, 3:55 PM
Oh, thank you, thank you! Oh boy. I really appreciate the assurance. At last, a definitive answer!

*is feeling 150 different kinds of relief*

:bunny: :bunny: :bunny: