View Full Version : 2 quick (hopefully) questions =)

7th Dec 2006, 8:39 AM
This may seem like a silly question and i am quite sure of the answer but i wanted to make sure.

When i upload a file to MTS2 do i upload the .package file from the Saved Sims folder or the Projects/xxx folder? I would prefer to upload them from the projects folder as that way it doesn't have all the crappy numbers at the start but am not sure if this works.

Secondly, I am editing a maxis toddler mesh where the mesh isn't extremely different there is just like a raised area to highlight the edges of the dress. (sorry if i haven't explained this very well). Using Milkshape how can i flatten this so that it's basically skin tight?

Thanks in advance for any help, it is much appreciated. =)

7th Dec 2006, 10:25 AM
Just rename the file in SavedSims to whatever you want - you can rename files safely if you don't like that numberybit. But the files from Projects won't work for anyone - they're unfinished. You need to use the files from SavedSims.

Regarding the second issue, for that you would want to mosey on over to the Body Shop Meshing area and do the Unimesh meshing tutorials. If there's a lip on an outfit you may be able to smooth it out using Milkshape, but more important than explaining exactly how to move the vertices to do so is you knowing how to make a mesh in the first place - which you'd learn over there, in addition to info on how to use Milkshape, which is part of the tutorials.

7th Dec 2006, 11:34 AM
Thankyou very much Hysterical! I thought the second question may need to be posted somewhere else. I do know how to make a mesh and use milkshape but i thought there may be a simpler way to doing what i wanted to do. Anywhoo i'll pop over to the Body Shop Meshing area and take a look. =) Thanks again!