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12th Aug 2011, 12:51 AM
The Sims: Medieval, will, not, update.

I've recently got my copy of The Sims: Medieval and already had to reinstall it twice (once for a magic mirror that killed my screen and once for a magic blacksmith that killed my computer) but now the game is working (can I get a hell yeah?).

Now there is problem 2, I open the Medieval Launcher and it tells me "there is a game update available!" but when it's actually downloading it gets to 99% and then the download speed suddenly drops to "13.5/sec" which seems to be secret code for "yeah, this isn't working".

I might want to point out that I am updating straight from the Limited Edition Disc Game condition so I'm going from 1.0<something> straight to 2.0. Also I have tried to manually download the update from the only source I could find only to have a waiting time of "76 Days" appear to tell me that that isn't going to work either.

Help? Please?

14th Aug 2011, 11:44 AM
After some further investigation, I've realized that the problem may be with my internet connection... since I'm using a Pay-As-You-Go 3 Dongle, I can't understand why I didn't come to this realization sooner. Would it be possible for one of you to manually download the patches and place them on Mediafire in a .rar or .zip file for myself and other users with similar issues?

I don't fully understand why I can't download one of the 141MB updates but I can download a 245MB file in half an hour but I guess I just can't.

14th Aug 2011, 7:34 PM
It isn't possible for you to download the manual patches from one of these two places?

14th Aug 2011, 8:25 PM
I already checked out simprograms, it's like the first place I went (launcher not counting) but it failed miserably though. Didn't think to check P-S and it all seems to be going well on the first download. I should be able to say if it's worked or not in about 10 minutes if my browser isn't lying to me again, thanks Shimrod.

Been longer than 10 minutes, I got carried away fixing the kingdom's crappy, rundown buildings and rubbish dance culture with Shimrod's mods...

In any case, downloads work just like downloads should from the Patches-Scrolls link, I'm glad somebody had the common sense to compress the patches before uploading. So if your tormented by a horrible internet connect, a horrible computer, or you just like being awkward follow the Patches-Scrolls links provided by Shimrod and just announce him as a prophet at your local chapel in thanks. ;)

Thanks again Shimrod.