View Full Version : double deluxe and open for business won't start

25th Jan 2012, 1:35 AM
I have been playing double deluxe for almost a year and recently bought a new computer. at the same time I bought open for business. I tried to install double deluxe on the new computer, and it made a weird thumping noise. Following directions on different cd cleaning forums, I was finally able to get it installed. Then I installed Open For Business. When I tried playing, the computer prompted me to put in the double deluxe cd even though according to all the directions I read, I should be able to use the Open For business one. Now the double deluxe cd keeps making that thumping noise(which does not happen with any other cd's on this computer) when I try playing with the Open For Business cd, it still prompts me to put in the double deluxe cd, but it doesn't work. I'm very confused, because Open for business is newer than double deluxe, so it should be the primary disc. Any suggestions??

25th Jan 2012, 9:22 AM
Yes, you always play whit the newest disc. Dont know exactly what the problem is but as the DD disc did make noise, I think there is a problem whit the disc. Some files may be missing (was not installed correctly) and the game ask for the disc holding this files. I only guess here, I'm no expert on softwere, but I do think there was some sort of problem whit the Double Deluxe CD.