View Full Version : Thumbnails not changing after outfit change (Cache deleted)

3rd Feb 2012, 7:08 PM
The thumbnails in the relationships bar are not changing after a townie changes outfits, nor is the large image of the selected Sim changing either. this is not a problem with all my sims, just a certain few.

eg.) I changed a townies top from a red top to a blue top. their icon/thumbnail is still showing the red top, also when they are being talked/gossiped about it shows the image with the red top still, If I make them selectable, the large image in the bottom left of the selected townie still shows the red top too. Same in Sim Pe, their image still has the red top.

However the image of their hair seems to change fine.

I have deleted cache/thumbnails several times.

(I Have much bigger problems than this in my game, but I thought while I was asking about them, I'd ask about this too while I'm here)

3rd Feb 2012, 9:50 PM
That is happaning for me too from time to time. The thumbnails under relations and the image of the sim do not change after the outfit had been changed. I don't know why (and to be honest, I do not care so mush about the problem) but it is a little annoying. Hope you find a solution.