View Full Version : Box keeps coming up asking for code, could this be a compatibility problem?

The Regal Sim
27th Feb 2012, 3:16 PM
Hi guys, so i have taken up this issue with some people from customer service, i have 7 expansions packs the base game and a stuff pack all on hard disk for TS2, but i have apartment life on Origin digital download.

EA has not been able to help me.

So this is what happens first i download and install apartment life VIA origin, everything seems fine, after installation is done i click on play game and a little box pops up asking for the registration code, so i type mine in that my origin account gave me for apartment life.

I click ok and the box keeps coming up over and over, i have asked for another code, they gave me about 3 new ones didnt work.

I also used revo a un-installer they recommended that removes backup files that might have been hiding in there.
I did that twice. I have tried un-installing and re-installing many times didnt work.

I tried patching the game. That didnt work.

So now im playing on my free time game and i have been doing so for a awhile missing apartments :( i hope you can help. Its been a bit since i tried re-installing but in the past i also tried waiting a long time and trying it again with no luck. This dang box wont go away. I had a picture of it and sent it to a worker and said they have never seen it before. I'm using a legal version of the game i payed for so i should be able to play it :rolleyes:

Please help! :help: