View Full Version : Showtime - yea or nay?

11th Mar 2012, 6:32 PM
I've been seeing a lot of advertisements for Sims 3: Showtime, and as usual, I feel like EA's rushed through this expansion a bit and missed....well, a lot of things I think would really enhance the Sims 3 play experience. Things I have heard other people say they're sorry are missing. I feel like Showtime (or even Generations) could have handled some of these issues, but they went unanswered. So my question is, is Showtime really worth the $30+ I'd pay for it; is it worth bogging down my pc and increasing my load times for the one or two things I'd use regularly for the game (like World Adventures - loads times for the world locations is just too much for me, and when I do play a vacation they're always the same, with every family - I really only keep it installed for the game content, and even then I only really use the bike, and some hairstyles); is it worth all of this, or am I really going to regret wasting my money on it. How are the glitches (because there always are some, that's why we patch) and CAN CHILDREN PLAY INSTRUMENTS YET? Because I see this as a flaw. What's the good in being a master pianist if you HAVEN'T been playing since childhood? How can we make little Teddy Geigers and self taught musicians if kids can't pick up a guitar until their teen years? And it would have been so sweet to have little Suzie Newbie taught to play the piano by her grandmother, which Generations could have made possible. I feel Showtime, or even Late Night, could have brought us this, what with the band feature. I know children can learn these skills through after-school activities, but they can't actually play the instruments like they could the piano back in Sims 2, and I miss that feature.
And speaking of bands, can singers perform with the bands now? Because I feel like a singer profession would be rather wasted if your singer can't jam with the band.
Does anyone use the new world - Starlight Shores? Is it big and buggy like Bridgeport?
Is the "special addition" really all it's cracked up to be? Or is it just overhyped in usual EA style and only gives you maybe 5 or 6 additional items? I'm not a Katy Perry fan so that has no draw for me, but I would use the extra stage items and such for another performer, if I got the game.
The magician profession? Anyone?
If you put a DJ booth in a bar/dance club, will an NPC DJ fill that spot and play music for your Sims when the player's DJ isn't there?
Was the band element effected at all? Did they fixed the bugged band system, making gigs easier to come by (Yes, I know there's a mod for that, and even with the mod and following all the directions, my bands get no gigs)? Have they added new jam types? New instruments? Can bands perform in these new venues and become famous too with the system implemented for singers in Showtime?
Did EA even include a handy booklet with this one, which Generations and Pets were missing?

I know there are going to be players on both sides of the fence, so I'd like to hear everyone's reasons as to why Showtime is worth it. Because if general consensus says, "No, it's kinda lame, don't bother" or "It's too buggy, patches aren't helping, it's slow, etc" then I probably won't bother with it. To be honest, what with waiting so long for Pets and the fact that 6 expansions in we still don't have weather, and that I've had to upgrade parts in my computer twice to be able to handle the 5 expansions I have now (and no stuff packs because I can't play them, and I have a pretty impressive machine) and I'm still having to weigh the pros and cons before I buy a new expansion....I'm a little disappointed with EA and their performance/support with these games. Really, the only things that separate Sims 3 from its predecessor are better graphics and the open world system. I look back at Sims 2 now with fondness at many of the features I took for granted then and are missing now in Sims 3.

Bah, I'm babbling. So anyway, I'd love to hear some Showtime opinions. Whatcha think?