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27th Apr 2012, 4:18 AM
I want to make a pool on my new lot so I went to the pool and the game crashed this has been happening lately but never before.

I have windows 7 and it's worked in the past making new lots with pools so this is weird. I have tried deleting my cashe for sims 2 and making swure the settings are low my card doesn't need an update i checked and flash is up to date

Peni Griffin
27th Apr 2012, 4:34 AM
Every time I've ever had a crash-on-specific-ridiculous thing problem, it was bad CC. You're going to have to work through the FAQ, I'm afraid. I'd start with testing build items, since this is happening in build mode; but it could be almost anything.

The good news is that working through the FAQ almost always cures a problem like this. Get a book and a drink and settle in to possess your soul in patience as you load and test and close and move files around and reload and test and so on...


27th Apr 2012, 4:48 AM
it's not CC pools have been on sims since I think freetime if I remember right.

I've always had the same CC so it's not CC this just started happening I dunno what is doing it but I want it fixed.

27th Apr 2012, 4:50 AM
Please give us your system specs:

27th Apr 2012, 5:10 AM
ok what is your address and how do I know I can trust you not to just take it and never return it?

27th Apr 2012, 5:12 AM
Oh for crying out loud.

Looks like our old friend is back, this time with an actual login.


Good night.

27th Apr 2012, 5:29 AM
WHat? if I"m going to send something to someone online something that I paid MONEY for I want to be sure I'm not going to lose that something.

the person wants me to send them my system. It's fine but I'm not going to hand some random net stranger my system and say "Here! I don't care take it!" when I paid money for it.

the fact you have a problem with that tells me this is a scam you are running to steal peoples computers.

27th Apr 2012, 5:30 AM
Pools have been around longer than Freetime, too. :)

27th Apr 2012, 5:33 AM
Pools have been around longer than Freetime, too. :)

I knew freetime sounded wrong.

can anyone vouch for the guy that's wanting me to hand over my system?

27th Apr 2012, 5:39 AM
People post their system specs all the time on sites across the internet and I've never heard of anyone computer being stolen, or hijacked or anything else this way. I'm not sure anyone who does that sort of thing is hanging around the sims 2 help section stalking unsuspecting victims.

Alternatively you could just mention stuff like graphics card, processor speed and ram etc. Perhaps? Mootilda goes out of her way to help others all the time out of sheer generosity so even if you do not wish for her help you could at least not accuse her of being a computer theif.

Peni Griffin
27th Apr 2012, 1:25 PM
I think you misunderstand what Mootilda is asking for here. Please follow the link she provided to see what she's talking about. The system specs are just a description of your computer - your operating system, graphic card, power levels, etc. Knowing these details gives her no access to your computer. If you post a description of your system here, someone who understands the system requirements and specifications (many of us, even among the not computer illiterate, have a hard time reading and comprehending them) can tell you if everything in your system is up to running the game. Many people run for a long time with a system that's almost good enough, and the strain damages their computer's system, which can cause sudden borkage where everything worked fine yesterday, as the system starts to give way.

And just because the pool isn't CC and you haven't added any new CC recently, doesn't mean the problem isn't a bit of CC that got corrupted by some minor computer burp you may not even have noticed, or in a very specific way for which the conditions didn't all line up until recently. I once had a blouse that caused the game to crash when the photobooth was used for its intended purpose - that was a pain in the neck to track down, let me tell you! I've also had a bad copy of a sim in the sim bin - a sim I had extracted myself from a premade, no less! - that crashed the entire game every time I went to the clothing catalog.

Computer systems are vastly complex, this game is mind-bogglingly complex, and nobody ever has enough elements in hand to be certain that this or that highly improbable-seeming cause of malfunction is either impossible, or even truly improbable.

And you can leave your prickly defensive posture at home. Trolls and scammers do not frequent the Sims2 Help board. It's not worth their while.

27th Apr 2012, 3:59 PM
@CammySims2, I guess you didn't even click on the link, did ya? If so, you'd understand what was asked of you. So, please do so and then read the guide over and provide the information asked for as we can't help with no proper information.

And FYI - "Post System Specs" is not "hand over my system". It's like "Describe yourself" is not the same as "Hand over your money, YO!" at knifepoint. Unless that is what you do in your little corner of the world? ;)
Basically, that is what that link is wanting you to do - describe your system, as @Peni Griffin has explained. But not any old how, there's a specific format to use, which the PC conveniently extracts with that DxDiag program..

27th Apr 2012, 4:02 PM
Oh, Meeki. Why do you insist on continuing with this nonsense? We know you're an intelligent, interesting person - you were great that one time you came into chat and made real conversation rather than trolling. You are actually a very likeable person other than this behavior. Why not let us see that wonderful side of you more often, rather than wasting our time and yours with these pointless shenanigans?