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RebaLynnTS 1st Jan 2012 9:15 PM

Sim Tracker
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I created the Sim Tracker because my paper file was over 4 inches thick, and I knew there had to be a better way. I found a few programs online, but none were updated for all of the EPís.

There was only one thing left to do. Write my own.

Now we have the Sim Tracker.

The Sim Tracker is an, all EP ready, data-base like application that allows you to keep all the records you will ever want or need, about your sims, there households, businesses, or pets. Unfortunately, the Sim Tracker does not retrieve information from the game, at this time. Everything must be added by hand.
I hope to add this capability at some point in the future. Right now, I just don't know how.

In the Options Section, you have control over a lot of things that can be listed. Once you add a main neighborhood, you will be prompted to update your options (Ctrl + O). There is a lot there, so please check it out, thoroughly.

The Sim Tracker should be installed, and run as administrator.
In Win 7: Right click the Icon, choose Properties. On the Compatibility tab, check the Run this program as an administrator.

Also Needed
You will need Dot Net Framework 4, Found Here in order to run this program.

Additional Credits:
I would like that thank all of my Beta Testers for their help in getting this tool finished.

Installing Add on Packs
To install Addon Packs download the file and unzip it to any location.
In Sim Tracker, go to the options page, and findd the section you need
(For Custom Small Pets goto ... Options, Household Options ... Custom Small Pets box)
Right click the box and choose Install Addon Pack.
Find and open the text file that you downloaded.

Fix Careers
If you have problem with the military or politics creeers not loading properly, PM me, and I'll send you the fixed career files.


Want to know what's going on with the Sim Tracker ... Check Here!

This thread will be outdated soon, the new Sim Tracker 2 will be out in the very near future.

Arth 1st Jan 2012 10:20 PM

You've became ma herro :3

Liv Lukas 1st Jan 2012 10:21 PM

Thank you so much!

CatOfEvilGenius 1st Jan 2012 10:36 PM

An app like this is certainly an improvement over stacks of notes. However, given my huge number of sims and the time that elapses between when I play, it would be much better to have this app auto update from game data files. Have you taken a look at the DBPF file format wiki info? It is very helpful. If you are currently hung up on compression / decompression, berq at MATY has written routines to take care of that, and I have a library that wraps those routines so they are even easier. If you're writing in C++, you could use it.

Zirconia Wolf 2nd Jan 2012 1:48 AM

Thank you so much for this!!!!!

While I suppose many folks are going to be "upset" about the lack of an auto-update feature I'm actually quite happy with Sim Tracker as it is, since auto-updating means only "normal" Maxis stuff could be properly accounted for & for somebody like me who's addicted to custom skins, eyes, careers & even "species" (Maxis-code doesn't "know" about Merfolk, Angels, Pixies, etc) I am absolutely thrilled that you made the Sim Tracker so customizable!!!

Thank you for thinking of us "non-standard" players!

SimCeleste 2nd Jan 2012 2:04 AM

Wow! I thought I was a little bit crazy for trying to keep some track of my gazillions of Simmies!!!! Now I'm very happy to know I'm perfectly normal and in good company! LOL
BTW, I'm too addicted to custom "species"...

This will be very helpful! Thank you very much!

CatOfEvilGenius 2nd Jan 2012 4:03 AM

Zirconia and RebaLynnTS Custom content like careers and eyes can be auto tracked just like Maxis content. It's all just package files. Some things, like custom species (merfolk, angels, pixies) will show up as human if you just go by game flags. However, the app could have a "custom species" checkbox that let the user input their own species if they wanted.

Not criticizing the app, it is nifty, just saying since you plan to automate it, here's my thoughts on that. I certainly do appreciate the amount of work and planning (and testing) that went into this.

FranH 2nd Jan 2012 4:59 AM

Now that it's finally released to the general public, I must admit that I'm very happy having been a beta tester for this program. It does everything I ever needed/wanted a tracking program to do, and Reba has done an outstanding job of not only creating such a great program, but making it sure to update it as necessary.

I'm also glad she has the patience of a saint with the huge amount of details that we testers probably unloaded on her every single day for 3 months!

Great job!

RebaLynnTS 2nd Jan 2012 6:59 AM

I just posted an update, not sure how long it will take to show up, but if you have problems with the 1.09 version, they should go away in the 1.40 version.

I'm posting that one to my site in just a few short minutes.

aparkin85 2nd Jan 2012 5:59 PM

Thank you! Now maybe I won't have to have mile long spread sheets.

SingleClawDesigns 2nd Jan 2012 8:06 PM

I'm posting this now here because if people run into this problem they'll most likely see the solution here instead of on creator feedback. The new version did the same as I posted in the creator forum, but I've found a workaround for now.

If the program crashes when you try to run it and windows tell you they'll find a solution run the program under administrator even if you're on an administrator account it should bring the program right up.

boneheadiii 2nd Jan 2012 8:15 PM

Wow. I started writing my own recently, but I had far fewer details I was interested in tracking. I have dual monitors, which lets me have mine off to the side while playing, so I wanted to see a concise list of details. Mostly, I wanted to see what skin each sim had, to know what bodyshape to look for when choosing new clothes, aspiration, main hobby, and significant other. Yours looks great, but honestly for me personally it's too much information. But it looks like you've done a great job.

Mine does read package files, but I only do that to keep my skin list updated with family codes. I occasionally like to change skins. Mine also serializes to XML, which it looks like you've chosen as well. Which is great, because then it's very easy for other tools to use the same information. Great job. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only weirdo still playing Sims 2. All the Sims in 3 look like downs syndrome kids to me.

RebaLynnTS 2nd Jan 2012 11:48 PM

boneheadiii, check the options section. You can hide all the tabs you don't want to use. Personally, I hide the Magic tab, and the Roommates tab, as I never use them. Since some people might, I put them in there. I tried to make it as versatile as possible.

I forgot to mention this. When you open a household in the latest version you may only see a list of names in the household family list. Right Click, and you will be able to turn on any information you want to see.

Faerieimp 3rd Jan 2012 1:22 AM

A simmer after my own heart. However, it would probably not work for me to use this since the time I need this info is when I'm playing and I only have one monitor. I will probably try it and maybe I'll be wrong. The majority of what my sister and I write down is stuff needed for each household to do, matchmaker lists so we can keep track of who's marrying who (some are betrothed practically at birth. Chemistry is irrelevant), and who attends weddings. It might be nice to include info about births and stuff like that, so I will probably check this out and see how it works for me.

123blissb 3rd Jan 2012 7:19 PM

Wait... I thought you were kidding about the SimTracker! Never mind now! *mashes download button* Yay! Thanks!

maxon 4th Jan 2012 5:49 PM

Congratulations on getting it released Reba.

Jaxck 5th Jan 2012 12:51 AM

Great idea for a program, keep up the good work.

I am working through to see if there are any bugs. Currently I have not found any actual bugs, but several typos. "Ascending" and "Descending" are both misspelled at every instance. As I explore the program further I will post anything I feel needs to be addressed.

RebaLynnTS 5th Jan 2012 1:23 AM

Originally Posted by Jaxck
Great idea for a program, keep up the good work.

I am working through to see if there are any bugs. Currently I have not found any actual bugs, but several typos. "Ascending" and "Descending" are both misspelled at every instance. As I explore the program further I will post anything I feel needs to be addressed.

It would not surprise me if you found several. Visual Studio does not have a spell checker, and I am extremely dyslexic. Not to mention, I am not the best speller in the world

At least, when I am wrong, I am consistent about it

Jaxck 5th Jan 2012 3:32 AM

I'm getting an error when trying to add new sims. The error first occurred when I tried to make Bella Goth's career Military lvl 10 General. I'm now getting a box with the below message whenever I try to do anything.

"Conversion from string "sStartTime10" to type 'integer' is not valid."

I don't know how to fix the bug, and I am incapable of doing anything further with the program.

RebaLynnTS 5th Jan 2012 6:35 AM

Military Fix
Sorry about that.

Here's how to fix it.

1. Download the file attached to this post.
2. Go to c://RLMsoft/TextFiles/W7-SimTracker/Careers
3. Replace AdultMilitary.txt & AdultPolitics.txt with the downloaded files.
4. Go to MyDocuments/RLMsoft/W7-SimTracker/[UserName]/Files
5. Delete Files "AC7_AdultCareer.bin" and "AC8_AdultCareer.bin"
6. Rerun the program.

It should fix that problem. I'll post an update that will keep it from happening to anyone else.

Edit: It would appear that the politics career text file, also had issues, so I am uploading a corrected version here.
I have re-uploaded the Sim Tracker with the corrections. Re-downloading, will not fix this issue, unless you delete the AC#_AdultCareer.bin files.

I have attached the corrected files to the main downloads section.

Jaxck 5th Jan 2012 9:03 AM

Thanks! I'll keep using the program, see if there are any more bugs or features that could be improved.

EDIT: You can't reorganize the order of neighborhoods, households, or sims in the side window. A system which auto alphabetizes those lists would be invaluable.

RebaLynnTS 5th Jan 2012 2:32 PM

Try right clicking

I make use of right click context menus, a lot.

Zirconia Wolf 5th Jan 2012 7:15 PM

Just wanted to say thanks (again) for this amazing program & the easy-to-install updates! Also tickled that the "add-on" thing for the custom pets was so easy to install! (I love user-friendly stuffeths!)

Also wanted so say, that I'm very Dyslexic too & admire anyone with such a "disability" that has the guts to write their own program code! (I dearly want to learn more HTML & such, but am afraid it may all end in tears.)

As to spelling, there is a neat (free!) program available called "TinySpell" that works on anything/program you are typing in on a Widows environment which has been a godsend for me when typing in WordPad or other such non-spell-check applications.

For anyone interested, you can find more info here:

nuidyaforever 5th Jan 2012 8:19 PM

I have a question... I am using Windows Vista, and I downloaded the Sim Tracker and used the link you posted for downloading the .Net Framework. I installed them both and tried to run the Sim Tracker, but when I click the icon I get a message telling me that "I haven't installed the .Net Framework v4.0.30319" even though I have... the version I downloaded says it's v4.0.30319.1, is that what the problem is?

(Sorry if I sound utterly clueless or if this is the wrong place to ask. I just want to get the program up and running.)

RebaLynnTS 5th Jan 2012 8:27 PM

Did you install the framework first?
Sometimes the order can make a difference.

I'd suggest reinstalling framework 4, then reinstalling the Sim Tracker. If you are still having problems after that, let me know.

The good thing about windows, is also the bad thing about it. It can be changed easily. The more options you include, the more problems can crop up.

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