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Non-Core Global Online Banking Mod - v1.18.48180.1022 (works with patch 1.67.2)

by Digitalchaos Posted 6th Apr 2011 at 4:15 PM - Updated 19th Feb 2016 at 10:00 AM by Digitalchaos : add words Non-Core to title
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This mod is a global mod (It is not a core mod or default replacement).
Please make sure to back up saved games, at all times or before installing a new version!
NOTE: Use this mod at your own risk ... I cannot be held responsible for corrupted gamesaves/unplayable worlds due to user error and/or user failure to backup gamesaves, in the event an issue occurs.

This should work will all games and/or only Base Game

Current Version: 1.18.48180.1022 -- before upgrading (while it is not required) you may wish to close your current accounts
NOTE: as of Version: ... I do not plan on taking anymore requests for new features ... will only fix existing bugs, etc (unless I feel like it should be added)
With v1.16.48176.704 ... all xml configuration files have been relocated to package: NeoH4x0rGlobalOnlineBankingMod-Config.package
Please be sure to export any custom settings from NeoH4x0rGlobalOnlineBankingMod.package,
you need to do this prior to installing or updating, as all of your settings will cease to exist
If you have any issues with alarms not working you might want clean up the mod. You can do this by:
* Clicking on a computer and Choosing 'Online Banking'->'Debug'->'Clean up all traces of this mod'

*Also you may need to enable debug logging: See Instructions to enable debug-logging

STBL Translations:
  • Russian: translated by Gusev Oleg (added in v1.18.48179.946)

Download Options:
  1. Download from MTS: Click the Download Tab and download NeoH4x0rGlobalOnlineBankingMod.zip (this contains everything you need, and you won't need to bother with the SVN links)
  2. Download from SVN: (It is recommended to follow the download instructions from: Download from MTS)

  • Williham's IT Career (available here ) -> (It would seem that this mod crashes, not because it is incompatible with mine, but because it needs to be updated)

  • (OPEN IN: v1.18.48180.1013 FIXED IN: 1.18.48180.1018) (reported by user: janyses)
    A sim cannot open an account using the computer when KinkyWorld ( from loverslab ) is installed -- but using Debug->Open Account works.
  • (OPEN IN: v1.18.48180.1013) (reported by user: ian898) (Cannot confirm that this is an actual bug at the moment or a just one-off issue)
    Stopping an auto payment to a sim does not seem to fully remove the alarm, associated with the payment, and may result in payments continuing to occur.
  • (FIXED IN: v1.18.48180.1009 regression from v1.18.48180.970) Traveling to another world, saveing, and re-loading will no longer result in accounts disseappearing the inventory (even though they do disseapper, they are recovered on gameload)
  • (FIXED/MODIFIED IN: v1.18.48180.987)
    • FIX: Transferring an account to another sim will now also, properly, transfer the alarms along with the account
    • FIX: Money transfers to other sims (the cost of the transfer is no longer added to the amount to transfer)
    • MODIFIED: tuning: kAllowOverDraftMoneyTransferrs now has a default value of false
    • MODIFIED: mod version display will show a branch tag (ie trunk, etc)
    • MODIFIED: numerical world names in log files will also show the canonical name, if available
  • (FIXED IN: v1.18.48180.970 broken since v1.0.14.48167) Traveling to another world, saveing, and re-loading will no longer result in accounts disseappearing the inventory (even though they do disseapper, they are recovered on gameload)
  • (FIXED IN: v1.0.14.48167) Single sims dieing while on vaction will have a change to bribe the grim repear to let them live (see this post for instruction to enable/disable this
  • (FIXED IN: v1.0.14.48167) Single sims dieing on the homelot will not get a dialog allowing them to transferr their account to someone in the neighborhood
  • (FIXED IN: v1.0.14.48167) It would seem that the alarms for the account (intereset, etc), were not firing properley this has been fixed
  • (FIXED IN: v1.0.14.48167) Opening an account in one world, then traveling to another world and then saving and reloading causes the account object to dissappear from the sim's inventory.(there is no known fix at this time)
  • (FIXED IN: v1.0.14.48167) When transferring accounts to other sims: the extra per-sim information is not transferred (direct deposit ammounts, sims to automatically pay, etc) (a fix is being worked on)
  • (FIXED IN: v1.0.14.48167) When transferring accounts to other sims: the sims to automatically pay are not updated correctly and are throwing an exception message (a fix is being worked on)
  • (FIXED IN: v1.0.14.48164) Traveling to foreign or other worlds caused the account balances to reset to 0 ... this will no longer happen
  • (FIXED IN: v1.0.14.48164) Sims could over pay their loan balances (if they paid more than was left)... if this happens, the sims will only be charged the amount needed to 'pay off' the loan
  • (FIXED IN: v1.0.14.48164) Displaying tuning data would cause $150 to be added to the account balance ... this was meant for testing purposes and was never removed..until now.
  • (FIXED IN: v1.0.14.48160) Originally the Online Banking interaction strings were hard-coded, they are now localizable via the STBLs in NeoH4x0rGlobalOnlineBankingMod.package
  • (FIXED IN: v1.0.14.48150) The Sims will now properly animate while interacting with the computer (they will no longer sit at an angle, like eidiots)
  • (FIXED IN: v1.0.14.48110) When depositing money and saving, the account balance reverts to $0.00 when the game is closed and re-launched
  • (FIXED IN: v1.0.14.48110) Some users may not have had any pie menu options, at all (fixed now targets latest core dlls from Outdoor Living)

KNOWN BUGS (Un-Fixable) [Workaround indicated, where possible]:
  • When removing the online banking mod, any money stored in the sim's account will be lost (you won't get it back)
    Workaround: Make sure to select, for each sim, either the 'Online Banking -> Close Account' option [via comptuer or the inventory object] or click and drag the inventory object to sell
    *** I may be able to add an interaction that will close all accounts for all sims (in the household and neighbor hood) so it does not have to be done on a per-sim basis
    You can use 'Debug -> Close All Accounts' and choose the appropriate options to fit you situation.

Game Crashes during loading (before main menu): [Possible reasons]
  1. You have one or more conflicting mods (the game does not know how to handle the situation and crashes) see: Game Help: Sims 3 Game Problem/Loading Crashes
  2. You have a version of this mod that was built against an earlier version of the game -or- I have not updated the mod for a newer game update.
    [NOTE: if you updated your game and it crashes, I need to know -- so I can build against the latest update) see: Game Help: TS3 Patching
  3. Some other reason...but the above are the most prominent. see: Game Help: Sims 3

You do not get the 'Online Banking' interaction available on the computer: [Possible reasons]
  1. You have one or more conflicting mods (if it does not crash as above) then the mod is not being loaded. see: Game Help: Sims 3 Game Problem/Loading Crashes
  2. You do not have the mod properly installed. see: Game Help: Installing Sims 3 Package Files
  3. Some other reason...but the above are the most prominent. see: Game Help: Sims 3

Current Tunable Data: (available in SimBankAccountObjectManager.xml in package: NeoH4x0rGlobalOnlineBankingMod.package)
Follow these instructions to edit these values.
<kCostToOpenAccount type="int" value="25" />
<kCostToTransferrMoneyToSimOnLot type="int" value="10" />
<kCostToTransferrMoneyToSimInNeighborhood type="int" value="20" />
<kCostToTransferrAccountToSimOnLot type="int" value="30" />
<kCostToTransferrAccountToSimInNeighborhood type="int" value="40" />
<kBankReclaimsAllOutstandingLoanDebt type="bool" value="true" />
<kAdditionalCostOfLoan type="double" value="0.25" />
<kAllowOverDraftMoneyTransferrs type="bool" value="true" />
<kAllowTransferrOfAccountLoanDebtToSim type="bool" value="true" />
<kAllowTransferrOfAccountOnOwnerDeathIfNoImmediateFamily type="bool" value="true" />
<kAllowInterestToAccrueWhileGameIsPaused type="bool" value="false" />
<kLoanInterestRate type="double" value="0.10" />
<kLoanInterestRate_StartTime type="int" value="24" />
<kLoanInterestRate_RecurringTime type="int" value="1" />
<kLoanInterestRate_RecurringTimeUnit type="string" value="SimWeeks" />
<kAccountInterestRate type="double" value="0.25" />
<kAccountInterestRate_StartTime type="int" value="24" />
<kAccountInterestRate_RecurringTime type="int" value="1" />
<kAccountInterestRate_RecurringTimeUnit type="string" value="SimWeeks" />
<kDirectDeposit_StartTime type="int" value="24" />
<kDirectDeposit_RecurrTime type="int" value="1" />
<kDirectDeposit_RecurrTimeUnit type="string" value="SimDays" />
<kAutomaticSimPayment_StartTime type="int" value="4" />
<kAmountToBribeGrimRepearWith type="int" value="10000" />
<kGrimRepearCanBeBribed type="bool" value="true" />
<kCanBribeGrimRepearFromAccountBalance type="bool" value="true" />
<kCanBribeGrimRepearFromFamilyFunds type="bool" value="true" />
<kBribingGrimRepearCanAddToLoanBalance type="bool" value="true" />

I looked over how LostAccount was able to create their:
Abortion Clinic - NON-CORE Mod without modifying any core files.
I then used what I had learned from it to create a set of core classes that would allow me to create any global mod on-the-fly
and target any GameObject....could even be the ground.

This mod adds to all computers the option to use 'online banking' (i.e. deposit/withdraw money from a bank account).
  1. Your sim will be able (all ages) to click on a computer and select 'Online Banking...'
  2. From there they would select 'Open Account' (an object would be added to thier inventory which stores the account data)
  3. They can then select from among: Deposit,Withdraw,Check balance, and close account (either by clicking on a computer or the object in their inventory, whichever you choose)

Shows the 'Open Account' interaction & the 'Debug' menu from the computer: (you get 'Open Account' if the interacting sim does not have an account in their inventory)

Shows the interactions available from the computer: (you will only get these if the interacting sim has an account in their inventory ... obtained by clicking 'Open Account' from above)

Shows the tooltip that is created when hovering over the object in the Sim's inventory:

Shows the interactions available from the object in the Sim's Inventory: (please ignore 'Give Gift' and 'NRass')

Additional Credits:
I would like to thank:
pljones/ingore jones for creating s3oc/s3pe/s3pi -- all would be pointless without them
Lostaccount - for creating thier Abortion Clinic - NON-CORE Mod which was the basis I used to be able to create any type of global mod that I wanted (on-
Key: - File was updated after upload was posted
Filename - Tip: You can click the magnifying glass to see the archive contents Size Downloads Date
NeoH4x0rGlobalOnlineBankingMod.zip | Description: Updated version of v1.18.48180.1018 with missing resources addeed 136.0 KB 32,277 19th Feb 2016
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Basic Download and Install Instructions:

See: Game Help:TS3 CC Basicswiki for a full guide!
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Expansion/Stuff packs required:
Sims 3

Built with Game Version: 1.67.2

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