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Need some building help? - posted on 4th Jan 2017 at 1:07 AM

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#303 Sims 3 Christmas '09
added on December 19th  

I couldn't let our Sims with so few objects to celebrate Christmas! So I made some gifts packages, completely recolorable, of course, and as I'm totally enable to draw a pine tree, I converted a Christmas tree made by EA for the Sims 2, as a recolorable tree.

Site Around the Sims 3
Direct Link http://www.aroundthesims3.com/objects/room_seasonal_01.shtml
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#249 Sims 3 The Old Lighthouse
added on October 3rd  

There is a new shiny lighthouse in Sunset Valley, but the old, defunct one still stands proudly on the cliffs overlooking the bay. It's been repainted and refurbished, and it's ready to be loved once more - as a home or community lot! The lighthouse is decked out in rustic seaside decor, and is quite scenic walking from room to room. **Please note we used the 'Insulator Bay Window' from the EA Store in the screenshots as it really suits the style. The Lot has the base game bay window which also looks good.

Site HolySimoly
Direct Link http://holysimoly.com/index.cfm?go=home.objects&C=D0B88034-3048-3141-26C88CD0DF33CC83
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#576 Sims 3 Tropical Terrain Set For CAW
added on September 7th  

Stop by edelyn's blog to grab a set of six tropical terrains for CAW. Included are a light color sand, a dark sand, sand markings which looks really cool, rock, dirt and grass. Moar pics can be found on the blog.

Site edelyn's blog
Direct Link http://www.edelynsblog.blogspot.se/2012/09/sims-3-caw-tropical-textures-set.html
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#606 Sims 3 India Accessories
added on October 11th  

If you want some gorgeous accessories for your lady sims make sure to stop by S-Club Privee. make sure to grab both files!

Site S-Club Privee
Direct Link http://sclub.mktm.co.uk/en/cc/props/
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#641 Sims 2 Veranka's Coral Reef
added on August 2nd  

Lovely coral reef items, including various bits of coral as well as a couple of shells and several starfish, converted from The Sims 3's Island Paradise EP. All objects are available in Deco... Misc... and can be used to decorate your beach lots, and are even placeable underwater - a few of the larger pieces of coral are also available as Neighbourhood Deco.

Site Veranka's Livejournal
Direct Link http://verounique.livejournal.com/14140.html#cutid1
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#545 Sims 2 Hunting Lodge Goodies!
added on July 1st  

A fine selection of mounted wild game, pictures, and rugs meshed from TS2 for your enjoyment by Grandma Zaza!

Site Sims3Models
Direct Link http://sims3-models.ucoz.com/forum/4-317-2#12453
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#553 Sims 3 Modular Sofa
added on July 15th  

A new way to rearrange your sofa! And with a nice style too!

Site Omega's Sims 3 Stuff (Cupcakes Taste Like Violence)
Direct Link http://omegassims3stuff.blogspot.com/2012/02/modular-sofa.html
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#474 Sims 3 October Park
added on July 26th  

Wow finding a lot of really neat lots at ModtheSims right now, including this pertiful park from beatdoc16.

Site Mod The Sims
Direct Link http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=413607
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#525 Sims 2 Clocks!
added on September 17th  

Two handy sets of recolours for the IKEA clock and the FreeTime LLama clock

Site an-nas.livejournal.com
Direct Link http://an-nas.livejournal.com/54079.html#cutid1
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#586 Sims 3 2009 Mercedes Benz G550
added on September 18th  

Fresh Prince has an awesome car for our game!

Site Fresh Prince Creations
Direct Link http://www.freshprincecreations.com/2009mercedesbenzg550ts3.htm
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#363 Sims 3 Modern Bedroom
added on March 29th  

Over at SimControl.es they have a very cool bedroom set up for grabs. 11 new meshes with this set! You must first register to be able to download. Registration is free.

Site Sim Control
Direct Link http://www.simcontrol.es/web/index.php
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#441 Sims 3 Terrell Johnson
added on June 6th  

You can grab this hottie sim for your game over at LadyFrontbum.

Site LadyFrontbum
Direct Link http://www.ladyfrontbum.com/?p=2082
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#450 Sims 3 Wave Bath Set
added on June 21st  

Sims Must Have has a new modern bathroom up for grabs. Looks like about 8 items included with this set.

Site Sims Must Have Blogspot
Direct Link http://simsmusthave.blogspot.com/
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#420 Sims 3 Mirkwood Glade
added on May 21st  

I am seeing a lot of very cool lots show up on ModTheSims! Including this *beautiful* elven theme dwelling by ninotchka. You won't find any modern technology there as part of the theme, but ninotchka has made sure there is plenty for your sims to do.

Site Mod The Sims
Direct Link http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=403612
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#639 Sims 2 Simlish Lengiza - font by gazifu
added on July 28th  

After serif, comic and handwritten Simlish Gazifu gifts us with a really pretty sans-serif font! It comes with a shadowed alternative and both versions have a bold option. Spectacular!

Site Garden of Shadows
Direct Link http://www.digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/index.php?topic=30612
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#316 Sims 2 "Neon Art Punks from Hell" by Corinne
added on February 18th  

Corinne’s Neon Art Punks from Hell, a recolor of Ghanima’s Blazer, converted by Migamoo.

These are so amazing and unique, and NEON, obviously, I had to post them.

Site Kieda Sims
Direct Link http://kieda.net/?p=447
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#664 Sims 2 Victorian Greenhouse Recolors
added on November 16th  

A fabulous set of recolors of Lethe's Victorian Greenhouse set.

Site shastakiss
Direct Link http://shastakiss.tumblr.com/post/67129366744/happy-birthday-zerodark-i-took-a-chance-you
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#229 Sims 2 A Cafe in Tokyo by Garden Breeze
added on September 24th  

6 new meshes - coffe table, dining table, bar stool, coffee deco, ceiling light and a half wall. The half wall requires nightlife. A nice little set.

Direct Link http://gardenbreeze.web.fc2.com/dlpages/miscset03.html
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#286 Sims 3 Glass Patio Set
added on November 20th  

Glass Patio set, includes a one-tile table and glass chairs.

Made by Nandonalt.

Site Nando Sims
Direct Link http://nandosims3.blogspot.com/2009/10/httpwww.html
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#601 Sims 3 Tropical Shrub and Trees
added on October 11th  

Make sure to stop by Edelyn's Blog if you want some more palm trees and a nice looking tropical shrub for your game.

Site edelyn's blog
Direct Link http://www.edelynsblog.com/
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#370 Sims 3 Woodcutter's Hut
added on March 31st  

If your sims enjoy the outdoors and would like a home that reflects such, they might like this home by armiel over at ModTheSims. Great for sims that like to 'rough it'.

Site Mod The Sims
Direct Link http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=397210
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#350 Sims 2 Glitter Fashions
added on March 23rd  

If your sims are into glitz and glitter, they might like these new outfits by Sims2Fan over at AnnaMaria Sims 2. Meshes from Ulkrhsn are included.

Site Anna Maria Sims 2
Direct Link http://www.annamariasims2.com/fashion.php?ag=A&section=Casual
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#359 Sims 2 Natural Pushed Back Hair
added on March 23rd  

This pretty hairstyle by agustin over at ModTheSims comes in eight yummy flavors.

Site Mod The Sims
Direct Link http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=395564
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#230 Sims 2 Iron Balconies
added on September 24th  

Very nice looking set including a decorative iron balcony and iron fence with rim board.

Direct Link http://gardenbreeze.web.fc2.com/dlpages/miscset02.html
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#504 Sims 3 Chest-likes
added on March 9th  

I'm using a lot the treasures chests that the expansion pack World Adventure has given us. They're perfect to store various Sims' items, they allow some hacks like the "Give" interaction from MTS to work. Actually, I'd like having a chest in all my houses, but even with Create-a-Style, the treasures chests don't fit all the decorating styles...
So, I made new ones. Due to a Workshop bug, they're not based on the WA chests, but work the same, that's why I call them "chest-like": you can store your Sims items in the chest-like by choosing the "Open" option and drag and drop the items you want to store, or to remove.

Site Around the Sims 3
Direct Link http://aroundthesims3.com/objects/function_storage_misc_02.shtml