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Latest News Build a Resort--New Contest 27th Apr 2016 at 10:07 PM EDT

Attention all builders! Have you been itching to create your own exclusive resort area from top to bottom? Do you dream of having a stage to show off your wicked building talent and sweet decorating skills? The Build a Resort contest wants YOU! ... read more

Older News IRC is down.... Let's try Discord! 29th Mar 2016
Monthly themes 2015/2016 2nd Mar 2016
Monthly themes - February 1st Feb 2016
Monthly Themes - January 1st Jan 2016
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Adding New/More Interactions to Multitasking? 30th Apr 2016 5:25 AM EDT
(Update!) Animal Crossing: New Leaf Items to Sims 4 29th Apr 2016 1:26 PM EDT
Texture Oddness and Possible UV Map Trouble 29th Apr 2016 10:56 AM EDT
Replace heavyweight LOD0 hair mesh by lighter LOD1 27th Apr 2016 12:14 PM EDT
Making new interactions for the sims 4 help 27th Apr 2016 9:08 AM EDT
Como Sei que meu upload foi aprovado? 25th Apr 2016 5:57 PM EDT
Can someone show me how to mesh? 25th Apr 2016 5:18 PM EDT
Poses 23rd Apr 2016 9:54 AM EDT
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The Medieval Charter Challenge, ***"New!" Luxury Version 3.0*** 1st May 2016 11:40 PM EDT
The Mommy Challenge 1st May 2016 12:44 PM EDT
The Junkyard Challenge 1st May 2016 11:12 AM EDT
Live off the Land Legacy Challenge: Sun & Moon Star Factory Edition! 29th Apr 2016 4:44 PM EDT
Rags to Riches 24th Apr 2016 2:22 PM EDT
Legacy through modern times (1910-2010) 22nd Apr 2016 3:34 AM EDT
Asylum Challenge 20th Apr 2016 8:21 PM EDT
Internet Lover Challenge 15th Apr 2016 12:46 PM EDT
The Test of Time Challenge 13th Apr 2016 9:20 PM EDT
The Xenophilia Challenge - 7 Alien Babies Twist 5th Apr 2016 9:18 PM EDT
The ISBI challenge - I'm Surrounded By Idiots! Yesterday 5:38 PM EDT
The Kidnapped Challenge! Yesterday 3:34 PM EDT
A-Z Children Challenge Yesterday 3:25 PM EDT
The Homeless Challange 1st May 2016 12:45 AM EDT
Twins University 30th Apr 2016 7:25 PM EDT
The Upstairs, Downstairs challenge. 30th Apr 2016 6:02 PM EDT
The Random Legacy Challenge (2nd Thread) 30th Apr 2016 6:03 AM EDT
Dream Academy Chellnge 29th Apr 2016 7:58 PM EDT
The Inheritance 29th Apr 2016 5:17 PM EDT
Sims 3 boarding school challenge. (NO MODS NEEDED) 29th Apr 2016 12:59 PM EDT
The Airlock (Alien Shelter) Challenge 30th Apr 2016 5:05 PM EDT
The Sims 4 Random Legacy Challenge 30th Apr 2016 9:30 AM EDT
The Hired Help Challenge 28th Apr 2016 11:12 AM EDT
The Sims 4 Xenophilia Challenge 26th Apr 2016 8:07 PM EDT
The Four Immortal Sisters (Sims 4 Version!) *Updated for GTW!* 24th Apr 2016 8:29 AM EDT
The Princess Challenge 21st Apr 2016 3:50 PM EDT
Sims 4 Brothel Challenge 16th Apr 2016 12:19 AM EDT
•♥•The "Do it as you Go" Challenge-Sims 4 Edition!•♥• [Updated Monthly] 15th Apr 2016 11:11 PM EDT
The Forgotten Orphan Challenge 12th Apr 2016 11:00 AM EDT
:lovestruc Forbidden Love Challenge :lovestruc 12th Apr 2016 12:17 AM EDT
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