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  1. SUGGESTION: Co-ordinated effort on new body meshes.
  2. Problem Editing Maxis Game Simulator MESH
  3. The New Wizard Recoloring Objects
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  5. Invisable Objects/Bad Tutorials
  6. Mesh problem
  7. [Tutorial] Using MilkShape for Object Meshes
  8. Can Someone Outline the Basics of Meshing?
  9. My body meshes wont animate in the game
  10. Strange ep-compatible problem.
  11. Someone is necessary?
  12. How do I make Painitngs not go down with walls
  13. Ok, I have to fix these Trxt files!
  14. Face mesh editing
  15. OMG It's in the game!!!
  16. What program are you using to edit meshes?
  17. Tub rims help please
  18. Now for the importing part....
  19. Problem with my overhead with decor
  20. how do you edit meshes with milkshape?
  21. Recoloring Recolors And New Meshes
  22. Color Options of objects turned suddenly into blinking blue textures?
  23. Colonial Ironwood Bed Frame...
  24. Any fairly detailed hair mesh editing tutorials out there?
  25. help, there's a crease down the side of my new meshes
  26. I get an error message when clicking Hash Generator
  27. Pattern?
  28. Animation Mesh Support Thread
  29. Textures in Milkshape
  30. Texture images for new meshes.
  31. Career reward object and GUID
  32. tutorial for object creator
  33. Can Someone Help Me?
  34. Help!
  35. How do I add new texture
  36. blue flash dont know how to fix...
  37. Problem with tutorial meshes
  38. At what point is the bump map applied to objects?
  39. Problem with Alienware Recolors
  40. Recoloring Refrigerators?
  41. Include vertex normals
  42. The mesh tool won't
  43. Making a new skin mesh, HELP!
  44. Apologies if this is posted at wrong place, but I need help..PLEASE??
  45. Making Visible Ceilings Based Off Of Ceiling Lights?
  46. Canopy Crib Mesh!
  47. How to add some basic animation to a object.
  48. Sony XBR
  49. No export to obj
  50. Determing where texture goes over mesh?
  51. how do you make a sim custom mesh?
  52. I want more original maxis object textures.
  53. Anyone willing to help?
  54. I'm having trouble with textures
  55. Filenames in SimPE not required?
  56. Black Screen?
  57. Mesh tool-Building a package for your object.
  58. My outdoor objects are blue from neighbourhood view
  59. MTS2 Mesh Tool - regarding catalog icons
  60. check list for your new object useing MTS2Mesh Tool Wizard
  61. DatGen v0.7.x Beta Testing
  62. Larger surface area - how add more tiles for an object?
  63. Mesh Tool Tutorial: The Dummies Way
  64. mesh created in milkshape
  65. MTS2 Mesh Tool Tutorial--New Objects
  66. need help with object workshop and textures
  67. Can't recolor asian lamps, Help pleeze
  68. help needed with my real carpet
  69. [Beta Closed] TS2 Mesh Import/Export plugins for MilkShape
  70. object
  71. I'm having a problem with object recoloring
  72. The Use of Fine Art in Recolours
  73. Whats the point in using LIFO's over Texture images?
  74. Exporting models from TS2
  75. Help! Blue flashing objects with simpe!!
  76. Counter Troubles Galore
  77. User made objects, not recolors
  78. toilet seat recolor...
  79. Question about using a transparency as a recolor.
  80. Need help with fireplace
  81. Painting Templates for PhotoStudio-- want to share?
  82. Trouble at recoloring the "TableEnd_Club"
  83. About not using OW to import textures...
  84. Even MaxiodMonkey has trouble recoloring??
  85. Beveled Glass Door - Problem
  86. Problem with Curtains in SimPE
  87. Recoloring objects
  88. Recolored Beds
  89. Recolouring [Neighborhood] Decorations?
  90. Recoloring new maxis objects?
  91. Missing Textures in SimPE Help Please.
  92. Meshes not showing up.
  93. "coloratura" shower frame
  94. No texture in object workshop
  95. Extracting Meshes
  96. Object Recolor Conflicts (Testing Results?)
  97. recolouring the velvet drapes
  98. object templates?
  99. So speaking about Mesh Editing...
  100. question about recolored objects
  101. Bedding
  102. Adding Texture Options to Objects which have only one (Tech Discussion)