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  1. Game won't start, two Sims 2 folders?
  2. Random Camera Lag?
  3. Holes in maxis clothing.
  4. Objects.package Corrupted on disc?
  5. Babies don't age.
  6. Sim 2 won't let me create a new family!HELP PLZ!
  7. Nightlife messing up my custom hair :/ Help Please!
  8. Vampire Wants Broken?
  9. Missing neighbourhood and families, also game crashes upon entering a neighbourhood
  10. Happy Holiday Stuff Installation Problem
  11. Base Game content missing
  12. Magazines can be bought but not brought home
  13. needed files were corrupted during installation..?
  14. Enabling custom content
  15. Is this the blue screen issue?
  16. Moving Houses from one game to another.
  17. How can I make a ceiling?
  18. inTeen doesn't show up
  19. Is it possible to move familys and lots to another neighboorhood?
  20. (closed)I screwed up big, can i be helped?
  21. Certain downloads not appearing: Is it me or the downloads?
  22. Error when going to vacation community lots
  23. Custom content button-gone!
  24. Game crashes when custom neighborhood is loading
  25. Duplicate clothing in CAS
  26. Errors For Teens Living Alone
  27. Downloaded lots problem
  28. Can't see any stars in the sky! Please Help!
  29. Userstartupcheat not working.
  30. Game crashes on one specific lot.
  31. Playstation Downloadable?
  32. So if I have a Mac and want to submit CC, am I screwed?
  33. I can't install Sims2Packs anymore?
  34. Individual Roof Slope Angles Not Working
  35. Can't install expansions...
  36. Problem with game
  37. Jagged ceiling tiles when using constrainfloorelevation
  38. CC contacts do not show up no matter what
  39. Children and Teens looking like toddlers
  40. CC not showing up correctly in game play.
  41. Sim "Attraction Score" Bug with Missing Aspiration?
  42. More than 1 installation of Sims 2
  43. I need help to identify a default replacement
  44. Stuff Pack Content Vanished
  45. Sims2 Double Deluxe, how to install mods? (read post)
  46. Vampire won't get Promotion
  47. HCDU Fatal Error- Can Not Find Sims 2 Data Path?
  48. Body Shapes/Types! HELP!
  49. sims are red and blink
  50. MTS2 Service Not Available?
  51. Please help me here
  52. Windows XP Error Appears after Clicking Sims 2 Icon
  53. "Previous installations cannot be selected"
  54. I really need help with this problem
  55. Celebration Stuff Pack stuck at 1%
  56. Apartment Life disk won't run?
  57. Cannot Install
  58. Community Lot not fully rezoned as Residential
  59. Mailbox and Trash Can Missing On Apartment lot
  60. My apartment life CD is about to break
  61. Sims 06.package generation
  62. I am really sorry for this, but....
  63. Occupied Lots & Houses Are Missing!! Please Help!!
  64. Crashed When Loading Bon Voyage, I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING
  65. Calculating Pet Fight Odds
  66. My meshes and other downloads won't work
  67. Can You Download Custom Content to Sims 2: Life Stories, and if so, Where and How?
  68. Downloaded files are....blank?
  69. Sims 2 w/ All available EP's Running Incredibly Slow
  70. It has to be in dowloads but I need a little help
  71. Sim absolutely will NOT die
  72. Servos - game bug (read the OP)
  73. Deleted Sim!
  74. Neighborhood view graphics error + repeated crashing
  75. The Cas Screen Is Messed Up
  76. no cursor for Terrain tool in Build Mode
  77. General Weirdness With AnyGameStarter
  78. Outfit texture inserted itself into skin textures?
  79. Where to find the Maxis Defaults?
  80. How do you walk around naked?
  81. Wallshadows not working
  82. Custom, Downloaded Lots/Houses not showing up
  83. Buy custom clothes?
  84. reinstalled sims 2, but certian things not working, did i forget something?
  85. Enable CC button not working
  86. Downloaded mods haven't shown up
  87. Copies of the same townie in Takemizu Village and other glitches
  88. Sims 2 CAS custom content doesnt show up in menus! HALP!
  89. Solved my own problem, mods please delete
  90. "The game license seems to be improperly configured" error message, just installed the game.
  91. Can't move in Mr. Big properly.
  92. I can't finish installing the game and it gives me this error: A problem occured when trying to transfer the file 'C:\Program Files\ EA GAMES\ The sims 2 Deluxe\ Base\ TSData\ Res\ UserData\ Neighborhoods\ N003\ N003_Neighbrhood.reia' from the media.
  93. Can't get abducted by aliens
  94. Help! I'm having trouble using custom content in Sims 2: Double Deluxe?
  95. Game doesn't crash consistently.
  96. mod to make my sims wants not all about pets?
  97. How do I use the AGS for installing a custom sim made with an EP I do not have?
  98. Maternity Bug?
  99. Disappearing objects
  100. Electronic Arts Autorun has encountered an error and must shut down
  101. A Couple Different Questions that Go Together
  102. My sims are engaged but can't get married!
  103. Bodyshop won't open at all?
  104. Can I do this without screwing something up?
  105. Game quit working, missing serial numbers in registry
  106. Game crashes while loading. Skips intro video.
  107. Downloading difficulty...
  108. PACKAGE File/ Sims2Pack
  109. If your downloads aren't sorted, how do you know what is what?
  110. Failed to find any DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapters
  111. DOUBLE SIM! Same sim is appearing twice in the family selection but there is only one playable....
  112. Could it be possible that I got a defective game?
  113. The Sims 2's great message 'The application has crashed. The application will now terminate'
  114. Slowness, Crashes, and Object Errors
  115. Sim Unable To Travel To Work...?
  116. Game crashes when I go to page 3 in Kitchen appliances MAC
  117. CD/DVD Patches?
  118. No wall textures after importing Life Stories neighborhood
  119. Mods On Windows 7 errors, location errors, please help. Thanks
  120. Strange starting up issue with The Sims 2, dosent start until i restart PC
  121. Neither the BodyShop installer nor Clean Installer will 'teleport' anything.
  122. Sims 2 Installing Sims and Houses - Need Help
  123. Game Doesn't Start at all
  124. Expansion/Stuff Packs Overseas Compatible?
  125. All Families and Neighborhoods Gone
  126. Custom Content Not Showing Shine (or Details)
  127. sims can't be on same tile/square nicely
  128. downloading sims doesnt work
  129. How do I get this hack to work?
  130. Is it possible to reinstall the game and keep old save data?
  131. next isn't showing up on pictures
  132. insimenator?
  133. werewolf problem
  134. Okay so I've read the organizing content FAQ, but I need an "in-game" solution...
  135. Sims 2 keeps on Crashing!
  136. ep's and custom content
  137. NPC tree won't generate individual NPCs.
  138. External Issues
  139. Gossub Tree Number Error!! Please Help!
  140. Installing in different directories.
  141. Menu bar is missing from the bottom corner of the screen and cant see Sims when creating family
  142. Crashed.all Neighbourhood Family Trees, Memories, Aspirations Deleted
  143. Only one male available for breeding?
  144. Error Code 5 with Best of Business Collection
  145. Blurry eyes after importation.
  146. Just need to know?
  147. EA Download Manager & Sims 2 Store content
  148. Game Crashes after 5 mins of gameplay most likely due to the installation of custom careers. Please Help solve!!
  149. What is wrong with this hair and clothes?
  150. Sims2pack installer not working!
  151. Can't Rotate the camera
  152. Weird Pink Sims
  153. Recoloring a recolor
  154. Sim can't sleep in bed!
  155. Blue Squares after bulldozing or having uneven lot
  156. Game crashes opening/browsing simbin of any hood
  157. lots downloads
  158. Missing Hair of a Sim, How can i still add another hairstyle to it.
  159. When playing from the Guest account, neighborhood ground flashes red
  160. no AL closets
  161. Help with custom MP3's
  162. Sims 2 will not run.
  163. Please HELP! Video Capture Pixels Issue.
  164. PLEASE HELP! Game would quit, But NOT in the processes!
  165. Wont prompt download
  166. How do I fix a mistake I made with how to open CC files?
  167. Failure to Un/install, Updates, cannont uninstall because the game, apparently, still on computer
  168. Downloads show up wrong
  169. Bodyshop retexturing borked?
  170. There's something very wierd going on with my default skins...
  171. Too much ram?
  172. Custom Content isn't recognized by body shop
  173. Home Business problem/bug?
  174. tutorial for installing SimPE on your Virtual PC to use on Mac
  175. Babies Born In White Jumpers?
  176. Please help! i dont have a mods folder!
  177. question about decay modifiers in SimPE
  178. Help with flickering graphics
  179. weird... this family can't cook
  180. Sim won't skate?
  181. How do you reach a golden annversery?
  182. The downloads won't show up in guest account but they do show up in a administrator one.
  183. AGS fullgame.id missing error
  184. Weird Mesh or Distorted clothing
  185. Trash and Trash can in the sims 2 double deluxe
  186. Please Help me! :)
  187. Missing Siblings
  188. Very odd graphics issue, small black boxes everywhere?
  189. Where are all the sims 2 downloads gone to ?
  190. Permanent Height in SimPE?
  191. My sims never stay on maternity leave!
  192. Is it possible to hide cc?
  193. Is it possible to move residential lot in vacation neighbourhood?
  194. Issue resolved...
  195. helpppp!!! iv tried everything
  196. Corrupt files that are not corrupt
  197. Games have stopped working
  198. Missing files
  199. Blue Screen and Hour Glass of Death?
  200. Custom NPCs Always Messed Up
  201. Accessory Tab in CAS
  202. Game crashes at 13.1
  203. Disappearing "Call Sim" Option on Phones
  204. Sims I've never met are in love with my Sim
  205. Problem with converting community lot into a residential lot (SOLVED)
  206. a GUID for a default career
  207. Can Sims 2 support other alphabets?
  208. Cabinets flipping 180 when trying to place
  209. neighborhoods won't load!
  210. Upgrade Problem
  211. AnyGameStarter File Redirect
  212. Quick question (windows 7)
  213. How to enable more objects when building community lots?
  214. Sims 2 Not Being Recognized
  215. Celebration Stuff content is not showing up in game
  216. Can't install Sims 2 Double Deluxe
  217. I have 2 pc logins, but the game only reads from one Doc. and Set. folder
  218. The game and Bodyshop are crashing randomly
  219. I need help with my Sims 2 graphics. PLEASE!?
  220. Pre-made Lots/Houses gone?
  221. Neighborhood TerrainType Problem
  222. The Sims 2 Graphical Issue - Walls Disappear
  223. Game-crashing sims
  224. May someone help clean my downloads folder..?
  225. Help please Teal Box where House should be!
  226. Upgrade Problem
  227. hoow do you make custom content?
  228. SetQuarterTilePlacement cheat
  229. Is content available for download for the original Sims 2 from MTS2 able to be dowloaded without crashing my Sims 2 if I have an expansion pack/another Sims 2 version?
  230. Victorian Legacy Neighborhood crashing- help rebuilding?
  231. Tombstone keeps multiplying itself
  232. Can't teach toddler skills
  233. My game is generating townies with non-townie-friendly skintones.
  234. Can't send a certain townie teen to college
  235. how do I upload a lot
  236. please help seasons problem can't find house
  237. Is it safe to delete custom content ingame?
  238. Sims 2 reset itself!
  239. Plants NOT Growing on a lot?!
  240. How do I turn a geneticised townie-friendly skin into a custom skin?
  241. Telescopes on community lots
  242. Sims 2 Black Screen
  243. Game crashes when I try to create a sim.
  244. Simpe'd sims have gone, files still in DL folder
  245. I extracted a sim from the game went to clone him and no hair showed up in Body shop
  246. Bypassing Launcher with "Collection" expansions....(Not BV or FT) (Solution Discovered)
  247. Sim gets Furious from Cleaning up Other Sims' Shower Puddles
  248. The Dreaded Gray Screen
  249. Game will not Load: After CC is Removed
  250. Sims2pack error message