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  1. Can't change the price of some objects.
  2. Go beyond the 32000 price limit.
  3. Index out of range?
  4. Neighborhood Deco Help?
  5. Custom Foods
  6. Lifetime Wants - issue with BHAVs
  7. Need help with a default replacement cellphone.
  8. Problem with adding slots - slot ends up in the wrong place
  9. Object is invisible - Repo failure
  10. Bar Stool Not Showing Ingame
  11. Shifting Alien nude details in a meshed garment, more Alien questions
  12. Rooting issue
  13. Objects not showing up in-game
  14. Cancelling Breaks Object
  15. Routing Slots
  16. Object Not Appearing in Catalog
  17. Resource Tree Information
  18. Fix Integrity Error
  19. New GUID for telescope still overwriting the original
  20. Custom buyable video game not working
  21. Lines appearing on edges of object
  22. Custom career preventing families from loading - Fix Included
  23. Curtains don't have a back
  24. Won't register animations
  25. Hack Problem
  26. GUID problems
  27. Object or interaction
  28. Door Help
  29. Advanced stove editing -noob-
  30. Spider Gnomes
  31. No function on Maxis' dressers
  32. Texture files not linked properly
  33. Deleted
  34. Seasonal Plants with 2 Recolorable Subsets
  35. Guid Reassignment and Recolours
  36. Very Frustrated--Wings 3D tutorial
  37. Slave object isn't showing recolors
  38. Object crashing only Macs
  39. Piano Practice Issue
  40. Dislocated Slots
  41. Object animation not working
  42. Failing at Repository, where'd I go wrong?
  43. Cannot set animation to object. (BHAVs)
  44. Adding a Counter Slot to the Uni Fridge
  45. Stove recolors not applying
  46. Calendar Updating Issues....
  47. How do you CEP enable maxis objects?
  48. 2 issues with my beds
  49. Fridge won't do leftovers
  50. In Catalog but can't be placed.
  51. Double balet barre
  52. Slaving cabinets
  53. Making objects OFB friendly
  54. Default replacement tumblers causing droped-out actions?
  55. Subset Selection Empty for An Anonymous Masterpiece
  56. Hot tub BHAV's
  57. Slots in incorrect places in game, but translation is correct
  58. Slot problem?
  59. How to commit in SimPe
  60. advice on which light to clone
  61. "Item Attractiveness" ?
  62. New Custom Garage Door Not Appearing in Catalog
  63. Custom Food Textures Not Showing
  64. Select Object by Category
  65. Slot Problem
  66. Sink animation problem
  67. Can't select custom Object after placing it
  68. Alpha problem solved- groundshadow not - Worked around it.
  69. Disappeared/invisible/can't see it?
  70. Repo linking breaking recolorable. My standard problem
  71. Part of mesh is transparent
  72. Part of the mesh is floating
  73. A Question of Time (BHAV Related)
  74. Too many faces?
  75. New Texture not showing up
  76. Texture not sticking to new Neighbourhood object
  77. Making an object with a "Join" and "Ask to join" interaction
  78. Bed problem - texture too dark
  79. Sim bursting out in flames-Solved
  80. Modern Coffin
  81. Synyster Gate's Guitar
  82. Add item to Inventory?
  83. Recolour texture leaves white areas in game
  84. Diagonal Window Help
  85. Strange thumbnails
  86. help with a bed...
  87. Issue adding slots
  88. 1 Tile Vanity
  89. Object causes Sims to freeze
  90. Noob has 2 problems! (Solved!)
  91. game crashing because of bed
  92. **Updated** Firepit - Same project, new issue
  93. Wrong buy mode icon
  94. Help please - which tutorials do I need to create new work stations?
  95. chair issues
  96. Slot number out of range. Can't see the problem.
  97. Animating a food processor
  98. Slots = Crash and I really need help..
  99. Flashing blue but okay in SimPE. No textures when recoloring.
  100. Custom mesh texture appears white with black letters
  101. Milkshape issue - Can't get joints to show up for birdcage [SOLVED]
  102. Sims will not autonomously pee at custom urinal
  103. Slave Counter flashing blue
  104. Simple problem, object not designable - wtf?
  105. Slave object not pulling recolors
  106. Slaving two subsets to the same textures?
  107. Multiple recolor-able subsets on slave object.
  108. Mesh looks weird and transparent from front, but fine from side
  109. Custom Object Recolour Not Showing Up In Game
  110. Parent CRES was not found - problems with new mesh
  111. Fixed, thank you! Designable subsets acting weird in game.
  112. Magic Overlapping, Escher-like issue
  113. Slaved object not recolourable (again)?!
  114. "Illegal owner field in data reference" - BHAV trouble!
  115. Bizarre lighting on rug recolors
  116. mesh won't import
  117. Grabbing the Object
  118. Incorrect chance cards showing up
  119. Created object goes into the wrong sim's inventory
  120. Changing States
  121. Changing the way light hits an object
  122. Unrecolorable slaved table
  123. Slaving a one-tile object to a two-tile object, and enabling design mode
  124. Kitchen Island losing texture association
  125. Indoor/Outdoor Grill - Made a hack by mistake
  126. Stuck on staircase with slots
  127. Counter Slots in other kinds of Objects
  128. Mesh disappearing upon placement
  129. Resolved *Update* CRES error the cause? Vanity - Problem with textures showing on the thumbnails
  130. Social and Pop up Menu Help
  131. moved
  132. Question on cloned/recolored fences
  133. Broken Shower Curtain Animations
  134. Pie Menu does not show in game
  135. New Mesh - One Tile/No Chimney Fireplace Texture Issue
  136. new mesh candlebase texture doesn't show up in game
  137. Texture not cooperating with me!
  138. Clone Table
  139. I need help with the anims in my cloned object, please
  140. Bizarre lighting on repository object
  141. Missing Textures...Maybe
  142. Minor problem with Enthusiasm, hopefully easy to fix
  143. Why do my tiny sculptures not act tiny when placing them on surfaces?
  144. Textures Mapped Differently In Game?
  145. Trying to recolour/clone doors and windows
  146. Why is my object never works?
  147. Can't make ceiling lamp recolourable
  148. Adding a deco slot to a desk
  149. um, my rug is floating in midair...
  150. Default replacement: car - TXMT
  151. Problem selecting custom object
  152. Computer Mapping and Texture - Information Request
  153. Problem with repository lampshades - AGAIN!
  154. Small problems with my window
  155. Help needed with replacing an object
  156. Object is flashing magenta???
  157. Partial transparency problem
  158. Lamp- I thought I figured it all out..
  159. Subset not showing up
  160. Having trouble getting a new texture to appear properly
  161. Modular Sofa Repository Recolour Problem
  162. Subset problem and wrong texture
  163. Playground Mishaps
  164. Looking for 'partner' for object creating...
  165. Changing object placement on floor tv
  166. Convert Sims 3 Car Mesh for Sims 2
  167. Problem with meshing and/or mapping...i think
  168. Added TXMT, updated Shape - still flashing blue
  169. can't find my object anywere
  170. Object has become repository on its own
  171. Barstools not moving.
  172. Fixing Castaway Stairs
  173. Enlarged end tables..err my new slot isn't working
  174. No actual TXTR image for custom object
  175. Only one part of texture showing up in-game?
  176. New mesh showing up black
  177. "In Use?" Cause of disabled school desk?
  178. Shadows won't work right
  179. Neighbourhood deco: white lines around transparency
  180. Bookcase has lost all interactions?
  181. old textures from cloned obj. on my new mesh?
  182. Shininess won't go away!
  183. How to make these modular stairs recolourable?
  184. Stool wont move for sims to sit on it
  185. Bounding mesh causes crash
  186. Bump Mapped floor & wall not showing up on BS
  187. Can't get slots positioned right
  188. computer crushing game
  189. Missing Thumbnails
  190. New Object Overwrites Original
  191. Object floating above surface
  192. Cloning Fences
  193. Problem with slots or effect bhavs?
  194. Fridge - interaction broken
  195. Robot Crafter Clone: Sims Can't Use
  196. What's Black and White and Red all Over? My floral texture
  197. SOLVED-thank you buggy -what does the game do with meshes in packages?? how to fix it?
  198. mirror - how to clone and how to recolor it
  199. Help with ceiling light
  200. Help with object mesh/texture mismatch(?), please
  201. Lamp Subset added -- TXMT for different states not tied together
  202. need help mirror problem
  203. some cars seem to be fine but don't show up in the catalog
  204. Custom hood deco texture overrides original CC - Resolved, thank you
  205. Need Help with adding effects to a crystal ball
  206. Bad gosub tree number with cloned object?
  207. I,ve got a strange problem...
  208. It just goes away...please help...
  209. Serious Texture issue!
  210. Meshes defective
  211. Posebox ... fixed problems (yay!) but now have a few questions
  212. Changing door rotation
  213. my object is too huge
  214. Two problem - game crash and scale
  215. Can't Pick up New Column
  216. Can't replace old mesh with new one
  217. BHAV not recognised
  218. Footprint and slots problem with 2x3 table
  219. Object refuses to be recolourable
  220. Object autonomy
  221. help with a custom shelf
  222. Object not showing as designable
  223. Object with custom BHAVs overriding all deco object interactions
  224. Qortex poster recolors - show correctly in SimPe, but red cross in game
  225. Stackable thing not stacking
  226. Mesh areas not being transparent like they should
  227. My obj. is invisible
  228. Recolor Not Showing
  229. Need help finishing cloned object..
  230. Repository problem
  231. HELP: Recolors of New Object Meshes Do Not Show in Game
  232. Custom fence crashing game, error in SimPE
  233. Problem with object cloned from the rose bush
  234. more light from custom lamps
  235. Object blinking blue and I have no idea why?
  236. Cloning and recoloring Activity Table (FT)
  237. Need help with adding texture to an arch
  238. New Custom Object Crashes during Catalog - Buy
  239. Subset issue - with a clone table.
  240. mirror - problem with resizing
  241. need help with reflective surface
  242. not responding
  243. [SOLVED] RT Problem: slaves don't show up recolours
  244. [SOLVED] Wallmasks don't work anyway
  245. Two package/meshes with problems
  246. Catalog Description isnt showing up for objects
  247. My original object doesn't shows up
  248. Object partly disappears when zooming out
  249. Object won't place
  250. Repository Techinique Problem