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  1. Texture looks faded on new rug mesh
  2. Question regarding how to bind (joint assign) accessory correctly to the ring figure
  3. Creating shadows
  4. What have I done wrong? :(
  5. Making separate image maps for one mesh?
  6. Clothing into an object
  7. Custom Elevator
  8. How to create custom door? (diagonal)
  9. Converting floor light to ceiling light (footprint?)
  10. Downloaded car needs repair...
  11. New pet food for new pet?
  12. Taking a piece from a larger object
  13. Create a DJ Booth for The Sims 2 Base Game
  14. Can someone help me?
  15. Converting Bed from Sims 3 to Sims 2- What steps do I need to take in Simpe ?
  16. Way N00b Question: SimPE doesn't include meshes when cloning objects?
  17. I'm working on a double arch on 3 tile (need help)
  18. UV Mapping Woes: Sleeved outfits hate being unsleeved.
  19. BEGINNER ! What programs to use for creating ?
  20. Neighborhood objects must not be seen in the lot view!
  21. Is this food item possible?
  22. How do I see the meshes in GMCD for SimPe?
  23. How to lower the polycounts with DirectX Mesh Tools?
  24. May I have help with windows please?(Now w/ files to troubleshoot)
  25. Custoom Apple Tree functional
  26. 1 tile window to 2 tile window
  27. Blender error!
  28. Double assigning vertices (solved)
  29. Diagonal window frames are too far apart and original wallshadow still shows up
  30. New window wallmask reverts to original when zooming out
  31. Ambitious neighborhood water item
  32. Shortening windows.... help please?
  33. Mirroring Poses in Milkshape?
  34. Couple of questions re Creator Guidelines requirements for TS2 objects
  35. Clone Mirror
  36. How do I curve the edges of my mesh?
  37. Making parts of objects transparent
  38. Incorrect Mesh position
  39. Meshing and mapping fences?
  40. TS2 to TS3 problem
  41. editing someone elses mesh?
  42. Link reference (solved)
  43. Do Items Cloned from Holiday SPs require Holiday?
  44. Diagonal Doors (solved)
  45. Help required to create cushions and pillows
  46. UV Mapping Help Required Before I Explode!
  47. Black hair in milkshape?
  48. Fix the car
  49. Don't even know where to begin!
  50. Cloned bear not working
  51. Transparency Meshing Issue
  52. mod making in 3Ds Max
  53. Linking Accessory to Object-SOLVED
  54. Align normals in MilkShape
  55. Another Slot Problem
  56. How was this done?
  57. Is this possible at all?...
  58. Unable to read beyond the end of the stream
  59. Simpe error!
  60. Mom brushing daughter's hair animation/interaction & others- help!
  61. How to import an object into the sims 2.
  62. Hair Meshing help! Please!
  63. WesHowe said that we can animate objects
  64. shadows suddenly white blocks in game (object: kitchen counter)
  65. Converting obj-file from negative to positive index
  66. Help? Texture files missing in Simpe
  67. OFB Shelving Restrictions? (Solved)
  68. Can you make bigger a texture map?
  69. Wrong UV Mapping.. Need Help!
  70. Cannot find GMDC! --: SOLVED :--
  71. Bookcase secret door modding
  72. Extracted NH object mostly underground
  73. Object meshing - wall decorations
  74. Convert a sim to .obj file?
  75. How would I convert a mesh from Dragon Age to The Sims 2?
  76. problem with SimsPE
  77. Having problem with translation
  78. Repostoried bed flashes blue after interaction
  79. Crashing problem after getting guid's
  80. Sheer objects?
  81. Object Creation with 3Ds Max?
  82. Replacing the cloned import with my own mesh?
  83. Invisible Custom Guitar Amp-Solved
  84. Error, Always happens.
  85. Converting from the Sims 3/ Sims Medieval to the Sims 2?
  86. UV Mapping with Blender 2.59?
  87. Help!: Bearded Ladies and Misplaced Pigtails
  88. Dining chair problem
  89. Help plz!!!! Pon n zi stuff
  90. Help!?!?!!?
  91. **Resolved** Creating a new morph group with Milkshape
  92. Import bedding GMDC resource to Milkshape?
  93. Need help. Neon store sign?
  94. how can i make an object sculpture of an in-game sim?
  95. Need Help: "Resource List" in SimPE doesn't show up
  96. ... how SimPE counts polys - Part II
  97. Please help me clear up how SimPE counts polys
  98. Need sims cache information
  99. New arcade machine - add movies
  100. Help with "Index out of bounds"
  101. Is there a way to merge Maxis meshes together?
  102. Hi - new to the world of creating/meshing
  103. 3D Max -> Milkshape -> SimPe -- help?
  104. I need advice...
  105. Models to Deco?
  106. In Character files, which part is the hair used by a particular sim? (i have SimPE))
  107. Custom mesh texture appears white with black letters
  108. Bird won't sit in cage - Fixed
  109. Missing Objects In SimPE
  110. Difficulties In Object Creation
  111. Non-animated bedding causing weird things
  112. Fence is driving me crazy, lol :)
  113. How hard is it to move a window (so an n-tile window is centered in n+1 tiles)?
  114. Numerous clones messing up game (Solved)
  115. Domed/Quilted Furniture in Milkshape
  116. Meshing curled paper?
  117. Shadow problem in my meshes
  118. Black Textures When Indoors?!
  119. Texture assigned, but mesh remains white (Milkshape)
  120. How do EA make their meshes?!
  121. Missing GMDC When Cloning (Solved)
  122. Gardener's Pickup
  123. Purple light..
  124. How to get a .obj into The Sims 2
  125. Fence gate for driveways
  126. My textures have gone crazy?
  127. University Photo Frame - where i can find it?
  128. Window Help
  129. programs , mesh
  130. Maybe Im Just Silly But?
  131. Manor West Nightclub
  132. Simpe Site Down
  133. Poly Count Question
  134. Default replacement objects
  135. How do I create a custom computer for The Sims 2?
  136. Seasons Trees
  137. (Solved) Help with a gate, please?
  138. Object appears black in Milkshape
  139. extract woohoo heart
  140. Cloning a Maxis Rug
  141. Help with creating a custom fence please?
  142. Editing double beds-SOLVED
  143. Wall Hanging w/ Deco Slot
  144. Textures Mapped Differently In Game?
  145. To many vertices and faces
  146. Viewing objects outside of the game?
  147. My mesh is crashing my game!
  148. Custom object for the "Purchase" interaction
  149. Creating Stairs, Need help :)
  150. Are the neighborhood objects availible in Object Workshop.
  151. Cloning a radio
  152. GUID/ SIMPE problem
  153. Altering a wall shadow
  154. Mountains
  155. Meshing. Still the same problem, two objects showing in the group mesh importer
  156. Convert a Sim 3 window to the Sims 2
  157. "Square" around the leaf
  158. Getting texture for a resized Maxis object
  159. texturing my new object
  160. Crib creating issues?
  161. Is it possible...
  162. SimPE's mesh preview shows my mesh black, and the mesh doesnt show in game
  163. Meshing/Showing up in game
  164. Problem with Direct X Mesh Tools
  165. Double Trouble with mesh
  166. Meshing/UVmapping troubles
  167. Wings 3D-What i need to say is WAY to long
  168. Subsets- hard to explain in a title :)
  169. Too many Vertics or Faces?
  170. Meshing for free?
  171. how can i change the file format when i export it from simPe?
  172. Neighborhood Decorations.
  173. Cloned objects replacing originals?
  174. Object not showing up in game
  175. Single Foot Mesh?
  176. Modified Maxis mesh- slave question
  177. Wings 3D giving me trouble again -weird faces and holes in my mesh
  178. Can this be done...
  179. SimPe!?
  180. fallout 3 meshes in sims 2 or 3?
  181. My model is invisible
  182. Making stuff shiftable (with AL)
  183. Help needed with editing a mesh! Please help! D;
  184. How do i make Railings?
  185. avoid lamps fading out
  186. Custom objects larger than the clone base?
  187. Question about mirrors
  188. Lamps & colored lights
  189. Please help!!! can't find tab!!
  190. Window woes no more, but oh this @#*!&# door!
  191. Cant replace obj mesh
  192. Texturing problem - SOLVED
  193. Question about meshes and shadows
  194. Poly Count
  195. Where to look at in SimPe, for EP requirements?
  196. Turning a mesh without editing the mesh itself
  197. I need help with subsets
  198. Converting Objects from the Sims 3 into the Sims 2?
  199. Problems w/Glass
  200. How do you make signs in The Sims 2?
  201. [SOLVED] Question about meshing chairs - works now, ADDED FILES and another question!
  202. Unable to import object using Blender v2.5
  203. Mesh "in-game"?
  204. Vital Chamber Idea but no idea where to begin
  205. Cloning Custom Meshes
  206. question of pbject 3dsmax
  207. Neighborhood Objects...
  208. Problem with Alpha Blend Mode set to blend
  209. Food?
  210. help needed for simple problem
  211. Mesh turns edgy, original is smooth
  212. Can't find the object I want to alter in SimPE.
  213. How to Put rug on a omsp / Surface ??? O.O
  214. Cannot find the SMD plugin for SimPE?
  215. Help - Adding a 2nd Texture to a 2nd Mesh?
  216. Only one OBJD to update: Sim PE
  217. OMGWTFOCM!!! It works!!!
  218. What is "managed DirectX" and what does it do in the process of object creation?
  219. possible to remove shine of round objects?
  220. meshing help
  221. Please Help! Unable to select seperate vertices in milkshape
  222. SimPE problems
  223. Free modelling software?
  224. Milkshape View (fixed)
  225. Creating new dolls?
  226. simPE won't show any previews in GMDC -solved
  227. How to make new modular stairs? SOLVED
  228. Adjuting Normals... Planes?
  229. I hope this is in the right place...Sims 2 car question?
  230. Need a little direction, please.
  231. How Do I Make Windows with Non Recolorable Glass Recolorable?
  232. Wall Mask for Object that is Not a Window or Door
  233. I'm trying to replace a mesh, but I'm having difficulties.
  234. Problems with wings -suddenly blue facets can't triangulate
  235. Need help. Looked all over. Answered
  236. My RC Hover glider stopped working after Freetime.
  237. Possibility of converting a whole .package into a milkshape editable file type?
  238. Sunken hot tub ground issue
  239. Milkshape 3D - Change Face on a Cylinder?
  240. Transparent Objects?
  241. Solved: Many little shining triangles under one edge -how to remove?
  242. help--simpe[SOLVED]Thank you
  243. SOLVED - Delete surplus objects from the GMDC in SimPE?
  244. Help with reflective Bathroom meshes...
  245. Milkshape error
  246. Solved/redundant problem with polys and coloring
  247. Solved/redundant post about mesh being eaten by wall.
  248. Coat Rack
  249. Meshing a rug
  250. Modular Stairs