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  1. voices in the CAS
  2. Anyone interested in a toy mod?
  3. Expansion Pack GameplayData Location?
  4. Tomb Building - Adding New Triggers
  5. Trying to find this particular mod.
  6. Creating floor cutout that hides floor edges
  7. How to go about making a mod that changes pronouns
  8. Is there a mod to remove the sim location beacon?
  9. Partially editing an XML?
  10. Custom video for tv shows, video games, and renaming
  11. Is it possible to create a pose to use with the pose player for the dragons of Dragon Valley ?
  12. Is it possible to make the voice pitch go pass the limit in TS3?
  13. Placing an object on residential lots
  14. Really wanting to learn to mod
  15. Adjusting Longjohns and PJ pants.
  16. How do I make actions available while scuba diving?
  17. Adding effects to existing moodlets
  18. I've got a custom object animation to work, now need it to loop...
  19. Loading Clip files?
  20. Custom script or add an interaction?
  21. How Do I Add a NGMP Resource To a Package?
  22. Help with Making my New and Custom Core Mod
  23. Adding a cost to interactions
  24. Add teens to SimFinder app.
  25. Creating a New Major? (University Life)
  26. Object Count VS Object Complexity
  27. Sims 4 to Sims 3 Animation Conversion?
  28. Save mermaids
  29. How do I place a "button" in a game notification?
  30. Create-A-Sim Face Template Replacement?
  31. Script to override default backpack prop
  32. Help needed in fixing CC 'D&M_ElvenBed'
  33. Animated beds a certain way?
  34. Ideas for a tuner mod, anyone?
  35. Objects with multiple geostates
  36. Vivec City Cantons
  37. SocialData XML: limiting interaction to males or females?
  38. Help with car rigs/joints
  39. Quality of textures on tea set from Old Miller Tea Time Store Set
  40. Sims 3 Belladonna Cove Statue
  41. How to duplicate an existing interaction and add as autonomous action to same object
  42. Project Wardrobe (MOD)
  43. Sexmod
  44. Is it possible? (Having pets swim in non pools)
  45. How to check if a Sim owns addotional properties
  46. Where can I find Fireflies animation effects
  47. The Sims Medieval Content Compatibility with TS3
  48. BIG PROJECT: Let's Recategorize the Sims 3 Catalog! Build Buy Overhaul! (FEEDBACK WANTED)
  49. Tweeking jobmods
  50. Sims 3 Rapper career mod (can someone write the sims 2 mod rapper career and rap star on sims 3 to)
  51. Tweeking a sunrise/set mod
  52. Tattoo edit.
  53. looking for a way to make parts of a sim invisible
  54. Rubber ducky disappears when bathing
  55. How to change value in XML?
  56. Would this mod be a core mod or a pure script mod for a mod requiring action variety in Sims?
  57. Tutorial: How to make a default replacement!
  58. Sunshadow in Blender
  59. Modding tutorials for absolute beginners?
  60. How do you add custom poses and/or different facial expressions for custom Magic gnome?
  61. Making functional perfume
  62. How to disable the 'resize room' tool in build mode? Causes lag
  63. Modding/Creating New Holidays
  64. University Mascot Dance
  65. Making things recolorable - which resources do I need?
  66. Sims3 Unhashed STBL
  67. No weight loss for swimming (solved)
  68. Bartending animations - no more acrobatics
  69. Granthes' OMSPs become visible after resets - possible to fix this behaviour?
  70. Looking for Help Making a Field Trip Mod, Please
  71. Sims can't watch TV, nor intereact with it, and also can't buy them(SIMS3)
  72. IMAG resources request (solved)
  73. Book Mod Question
  74. Default override preset icons not updating
  75. Where to Upload Simlish Fonts
  76. Who knows how to make Mod :!: ideas
  77. Improved meal quality on a stove
  78. Skill Decay mod
  79. S3PE Adding in Shiftability
  80. Getting started? (Quick questions)
  81. s3pe - error reading resource
  82. Adding a 'broken' mesh through a script mod and animated snow
  83. Default Replacement for France Train (Adding new self-illumination channels/completely replacing object)?
  84. Vending machine mod
  85. About a Potty Chair
  86. s3pe Error - "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."
  87. Career Mods
  88. Forcing dithering?
  89. Increasing cubemap detail?
  90. Disable Expansion Pack Features with a Tuning Mod Without Uninstalling
  91. Adding trait requirements for opportunities.
  92. First attempt at a core mod crashing at load
  93. Alien brain power mod
  94. MODL vs MLOD
  95. CC Magic Question
  96. BoneDelta editor problems
  97. Fullbright and Alpha
  98. help with dew fight mod
  99. Could someone double check this XML code for me?
  100. Help on scripting a mod
  101. In a saved/exported Lot, do we know how objects on the lot are represented?
  102. Shadow draw distance
  103. trying to find mod or help at modding rain effect
  104. WCIF Latest Updated s3pe?
  105. Cloning an Effect?
  106. Injecting custom buffet tables with heaven's script
  107. Looking for mod "collaborator" - need help with Apartments & Roommates Mod
  108. [Mod Released] Canning Station Mod
  109. I want the bicycles and brooms to go wherever I want
  110. Naming Mod Questions
  111. How do I increase the font size of S3pe?
  112. Proof of Concept Help- Replacing France Train with New Model
  113. Have searched everywhere - Help needed modifying environment value
  114. Turning a Sim into a Plumbot?
  115. How do I change EA Storyprogression and Demographics XML?
  116. Problems using S3PE
  117. Sims 3 Default Replacement IPhone 6
  118. Adding recolours to an item
  119. Small object not placeable on shelves with small slots despite OBJD edit
  120. The Snowboard (aka: how to tell in a script which mesh using)
  121. Stellar Observatory ~ Astronomy Career Question
  122. Noob Question
  123. Is there a mod that let you write comedy routines without using the computer?
  124. Crazy, but... I would love a mod that would let me assign specific things for my sims to use.
  125. Lifesimmer Default Contacts HELP!
  126. Object Not Showing Up in Edited CLIP
  127. Fantasy tree texture location
  128. Creating a Sim with a Script
  129. Poses
  130. Invisible Floor Tiles
  131. Request or help with hanging store sign
  132. How do you convert Package Files from Other Sims Games Into The Sims 3
  133. need a guide - mermaid for Supernatural CAS
  134. A step by step guide of making custom TV channel
  135. Creating custom Opportunities.
  136. Vampire Sun Mod Help
  137. About The Alchemy Station
  138. CCLoader - Creation Thread
  139. Trying to make a role object
  140. Need help adding cc cars to the Eco Friendly Mod
  141. Sprinkler on "grass" rug
  142. Decode .SNR files : problems
  143. Someone bring my career to life in S3?
  144. Sims 3 Dragon valley dragon recolors
  145. Direct link to Pose Pack Creator by cmo NEEDED!
  146. Make CAS play only certain songs?
  147. Modding Bed Footprints
  148. Default Replacement Pet Breeds (help needed)
  149. What do I use to open the swb.effects file
  150. How to increase the maximum amount of active lots?
  151. Mods are not working, tried everything, please help!
  152. Siren Mod
  153. Help the newbie: Custom interaction animations
  154. Send sims to "additional home lot"
  155. How To Script To Read XML Data
  156. "Netflix" mod ideas
  157. s3pe and blender.
  158. Event Tracker for new game created
  159. Custom Painting Loader - aka Helping creators to add custom content to the game, a different approach (theory + working example)
  160. Looking to make a custom trait or two
  161. Mod for the sims 3 supernatural witches
  162. Photoset Loader - PSLoader
  163. Revive! Chocolate Maker with Custom Skill
  164. Is it possible to create custom pet species?
  165. Guide please.
  166. Creating more with the canning station? Advice?
  167. Ski Run
  168. EventListener Regarding Boats
  169. Trying to take the "minor" bird pets and re'color' them help please....
  170. ITUN values basic question
  171. Need mod creators advice
  172. Cloning University or Showtime posters/paintings?
  173. Customizing World Contents
  174. Is it possible to convert Skyrim dances into Sims 3 animation?
  175. simsmx, Zedrael, usage policy.
  176. Stopping nectar and bar drinks from being cleaned up
  177. Is it possible to lock the speed at ultra?
  178. [SOLVED]Sim to Object Animation Madness
  179. Building a Sims 3 compatible modding project without visual studio
  180. How Should I Test My Mod?
  181. Is it possible to convert content from TS4 into TS3?
  182. Understanding Dreamtrees
  183. Sims 3 Generations Challenge
  184. How would one add a cost to something?
  185. how do you get a horse to rear up?
  186. Elixir Consignment Register for Basegame
  187. Need help with highly requested cannabis mod
  188. Adding songs to existing radio Stations?
  189. Script that makes the shell buildings disappear on zoom?
  190. More paintings mod to share
  191. Modders Wanted!
  192. Sims 3 "Expansion Pack" Mods? *shrugs*
  193. Hannibal lector mod
  194. How to improve custom animations ?
  195. My apartments & roommates fix mod issues...
  196. Anybody interested in being one of the voice actors on a brand NEW sims 3 show?!!!
  197. Voice Actors NEEDED soon!!!
  198. Adding Custom ingredients to my game by linking to preexisting maxis models
  199. Self-employed Career String
  200. Custom TV Channels
  201. Problems with Petrol Mod
  202. Localization Keys
  203. Trouble Installing S3PE Unwrapper (Kuree's UITX)
  204. Sims Eating While Standing
  205. Fireplace stove?
  206. pose help-s3pe
  207. Sims 3 Cars Pack
  208. S3PE Wrappers and ANIM file
  209. Sketchbook Replacement Mod
  210. cloned object not showing up
  211. PostWorldInitializers
  212. Custom Active Career
  213. Objects in Inventory?
  214. Check this out!
  215. Objects affected by Water Depth?
  216. How to update thumbnails to reflect changes made to presets with TextureTweaker3?
  217. Help regarding Adding Custom Recipe Books
  218. Problem with the code
  219. Sims 3 Medieval Library with .Net Reflector
  220. How to make custom harvestables?
  221. modify smustle dance
  222. Where can I learn more about motive decay rates? (TS1-TS3 also)
  223. Sims 3 hair
  224. Adding Inventory to Barista Bar
  225. Trait - Lifetime Wish - Correlation
  226. creating mod sim to sim
  227. How to employ alarm handlers?
  228. Disabling (existing) sliders for certain age groups
  229. Editing OBJD for IsGreenhouse Flag
  230. [SOLVED] phone.jazz
  231. Preventing building shells from disappearing (as deco objects)
  232. Custom world loading screens
  233. Tuning trouble
  234. Help with Createobject?
  235. Missing textures with CreateObjectOutOfWorld
  236. Almost There
  237. Gravestones and CAS ghosts
  238. Adding ObjectTypeFlags2 to an existing object
  239. Modifying part-time careers
  240. FadeType (objects fading when zooming/approaching with camera)
  241. sims3py -- a Pure Python library for manipulation of DBPF files
  242. Routable Object- Help Needed!
  243. How to use an existing in-game animation, if it's not in Animator/PosePlayer?
  244. Editing my own unique drinks
  245. Mod to add traits
  246. How can I make the camera video discs from Generations sellable?
  247. Food Ingredients Mesh
  248. Custom Content Loader - CCLoader
  249. S3PE basic tutorial?
  250. Rakable Zen Garden, first prototype