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  1. The Sims 3: Weird behavior Sims Friends - Stuck/Thumbs down - Boo and Laugh
  2. The Sims 3 Mods Are Not Working!?
  3. Sim Shrank in Height/Sims Kissing Air?
  4. Lag when clicking on Sims
  5. Stuck at loading screen
  6. Can't Bypass Launcher
  7. New, sudden frame skips. Whats goin on here? No problems until last night..
  8. Some of the custom contents mesh wont load occasionally
  9. Sims 3 Into The Future Effects Problem
  10. Sim won't go to work anymore
  11. Social Interaction not working anymore after time travel!
  12. Crashing for some reason?
  13. Mods Don't Appear In Second World/Neighborhood
  14. Game keeps cashing after applying makeup
  15. Game crashes after 10-15 minutes of gameplay
  16. tried common solutions but still getting error code 16 when saving
  17. What does crc error mean? and how do I solve it?
  18. Sims 3 Lerpduration amount does not change camera motion speed
  19. Merge saved towns from 2 different games on one game, help??
  20. Game crashing/buzzing sound
  21. Custard doesn't agree with Dashboard!
  22. package files not working
  23. Installing cc through launcher no longer works
  24. Game Saves Corrupting Within 15 Minutes of Gameplay
  25. Game not loading, launcher not loading
  26. My game can't save or process after re-installing
  27. Which games would you use the disk for? OR How do you uninstall a game?
  28. In game Launcher suddenly won't open anymore [It's been SOLVED**]
  29. Graphics are bad and blurry
  30. "Max Memory Used" wth 8GB RAM and No CC
  31. Why is my Sims 3 game running slow after a virus scan?
  32. Cant Click on Other Sims To Socialize But They Do Themself
  33. Game stops working on build mode
  34. moving the files after install
  35. Crash when loading from welcome screen
  36. Crash when creating a new family
  37. Can't open the Download page?
  38. Can't place frameworksetup in the right place with Windows 8?
  39. cannot install to <drive> because it may cause the system to become unstable how to solve
  40. Can't See skills
  41. Supernatural not installing from Origin
  42. Modding Question
  43. Launcher crashes before I can uninstall custom content
  44. Sims 3 Base Game Not Working?
  45. Some sims not showing up in cas
  46. Computer crashes on loading screen
  47. UI house display toggles not working
  48. What can I do?
  49. I need to uninstal problem s3packs, but my launcher wont work... :C
  50. Child will not grow up
  51. Into the Future - Game crashes when Sim tries to travel back to the present.
  52. ignore and delete thanks
  53. I have used the CC instal guide and followed all the steps I feel like a stupid Comp. Sci. major.
  54. I don't know what this means and it's not answered in the help section
  55. Can't bypass launcher (downloaded version)
  56. Game suddenly won't load
  57. Installing expansion packs out of order?
  58. the sims 3 wont load at all to the game in no way!!!!
  59. I cannot activate chosen households
  60. Expansion patching issues/questions
  61. Sims 3 Won't Update
  62. I cant get my fountain geyser to work!
  63. Completley new computer, completley fresh installs, and it won't work.
  64. My sim is human but still has fairy wings
  65. The game keeps crashing.
  66. Need clarity of obtaining hidden trait.
  67. Mods dissapeared after re-arrangement
  68. Custom Content but Store symbol?
  69. Some, But Not All Things Freezing.
  70. Game crashes at certain time, every time
  71. What to do with your the sims 3 base game is incompatible with the current version of the sims 3 EP?
  72. Fairies can't use magic
  73. Still unable to download .package files.
  74. HELP!!!! please!! sim glitch!!!
  75. CC boots reappear after uninstalled?
  76. Can't rotate camera in the CAW Tool
  77. Help about "You can use this lot best in ..."
  78. Error on installation
  79. Keystone will not work
  80. Collection Helper not displaying town icons or shimmer
  81. various qns: save erros, processor cores, underspec'd sys
  82. Car vanished with my sim.
  83. CC suddenly has another icon - okay or not?
  84. Isla pradiso still lagging
  85. Modding Sims 3 (Steam copy)
  86. My sims are always running
  87. Family still exists but they are deleted
  88. red lines in launcher
  89. Custom content problem.
  90. University won't Finish loading
  91. Is there a mod that can help me? Again lol
  92. Can't get any custom content to work, none at all
  93. Job Performance Meter Frozen For All Active Sims
  94. In to the future
  95. Game problems, " It looks like you have installed an unofficial game modification...."
  96. Unable to select a family when starting a new game
  97. taking forever to save...
  98. Giving birth issue
  99. Low memory crash
  100. Pose Player "Select From List" issue
  101. Everything that is able to be recolored is pixelated.
  102. Awesomemod glitched out my textures?
  103. Time stops for a few seconds, bug
  104. Sims won't change into outerwear? plus how to change profile pic?
  105. Game keeps crashing & not enough virtual memory. Windows 8.1 problem?
  106. Advanced rendering + nice body hair = possible?
  107. Random Outfit Changes
  108. Can't Install ANY Mods on TS3
  109. what the hell does code 12 mean?
  110. Tried to Install Awesome Mod, now game won't start!
  111. Some installed CAS items are not showing up in CAS
  112. Sims 3 Crashing?!?! No Cc, Mods, Downloads Etc.
  113. Is 4 GIG of RAM enough to run 3 EP's (WA, Amb and IP)?
  114. How can I get rid of the Ice Cream truck??---->SOLVED
  115. Need Help
  116. Foreign voices out of nowhere
  117. game not playing after i press play on launcher
  118. How do i install houses that are in the package format?
  119. Sims have stopped automatically changing clothes?
  120. Is there a Mod that can help me ?
  121. My Sim's boss is a dead sim?
  122. Weird Issues with Loading One Family Only
  123. Launcher not working
  124. How to get rid of beetles
  125. Custom music
  126. How to find missing meshes
  127. After Multiple Attempts, Still Failed.
  128. Sims 3 freezing after Seasons installation?
  129. sims 3 late night no travel option
  130. Just installed, options/town are blank, unable to play
  131. Question about reinstalling CC without an EP
  132. Can't enter "edit town" mode
  133. Graphics quality automatically very low - can't change it
  134. Sim not uploading into the game and hair's gone
  135. Sims freeze, but animations continue!?
  136. Lag issues? or something like that
  137. MasterController crash? (Solved)
  138. Store content says game is not patched when it is
  139. .sim characters don't appear in CAS.
  140. Help with CC install
  141. Uninstalled Showtime, Now Save Is Toast
  142. Mods colliding with scuba diving.
  143. Patcher Can't Find Custom Directory.
  144. Can't Uninstall my Bad CC?
  145. Randomly subtracting money
  146. Re-installing the sims 3 and having trouble loading launcher.
  147. Can't play my game because creating poses don't go my way?
  148. Confused about resource.cfg files
  149. Save file corrupted, or something like that... I guess...
  150. Are there other ways to extract stuff which is Winzip?
  151. Custom Content Not Extracting
  152. Removing city flag from custom map
  153. Caw doesn't start
  154. EP11: Can't travel to the future?! (Solved? I guess....)
  155. Patches
  156. Slider showing up, but not changing anything?
  157. Dithered colors in game!
  158. All Occult Sims are Normal
  159. Mods and custom content disappear in mods folder but still work in game?
  160. 1.63 makes my game load EXTREMELY slow, can it be fixed?
  161. .sims3 files now folders, How to convert back?
  162. My game will NOT install the folder into Documents
  163. DBPF files?
  164. Blank wishes/acton bubbles?
  165. NoIntro.package not working
  167. Sim didn't return home from China
  168. The sims 3 inccorrect executable
  169. CAW Edit in Game Crash
  170. NRaas mods not appearing in-game
  171. Can't send sim to university and she never graduated?
  172. Default Replacement Penis With Morphs by Cmar doesn't show up in any outfit a male sim wears
  173. Launcher says store content is installed but it's not appearing in game. (Solved)
  174. Custom Terrain not showing up in game
  175. EP11: Descendants are unknown?
  176. FPS Too damn high (Into the future)
  177. Could someone please help me getting desperate
  178. 2 hour load times.
  179. patch 1.63 brings lag, and process monitor not working again.
  180. All selected
  181. Downloaded Sims NEVER match the screenshots.
  182. Game crashes immediately after loading
  183. Strange new routing issue since Patch 1.63
  184. Crashing Error: The instruction at "" referenced memory at "" the memory could not be written
  185. Going to work at the wrong time
  186. deformed pets glitch, please help?
  187. The Sims 3 on 10.9 Mavericks
  188. Sim Can't Atted Class in University Life
  189. mural not showing up
  190. twallan story progression question
  191. Game Crashing When Going into Lot Building
  192. The game won't start after 1.55 upd
  193. I recently patched to 1.63 and it says I have an outdated mod, can't find which one it is?
  194. Job meter/performance bar not increasing but does decrease.
  195. Terrible sim quality in normal gameplay
  196. All fixes applied, still crashes to desktop.
  197. How do I install sims3packs without the launcher or what do I do to fix my launcher?
  198. Download problems with sims 3
  199. Issues with investigator opportunities/study at home
  200. Hair in CAS not loading?
  201. please help sims3 child wnisex undershirts not working properly
  202. Sims 3 - Several problems
  203. Another stupid bug, welcome screen, blank, nothing, just blue.
  204. How do you download Sims that don't include the CC and make them look right?
  205. HELP I'm desperate! I don't have effects in my game.
  206. Sims cannot get into the apartment
  207. "Reventlov's Bot Workshop" is partly broken (Into The Future Expansion)
  208. Orange!!1!
  209. i cant install some mods
  210. downloadedsims.index question
  211. Can't Get Custom Content To Work.
  212. Lighting problems? Sims 3
  213. Forever loading when coming back from the future
  214. I have tried everything but the game keeps crashing
  215. Larger thumbnails for Buy/Build mode. Is it possible?
  216. Peggy spiky hair not showing up
  217. Sims3Pack don't reading after Into the Future
  218. Severe Camera/Input Lag
  219. Game Launcher Crashes EVERYTIME It Loads
  220. Followed Instructions on how to download .Package but .packages will not load!
  221. Package's are not working after a million tries! Please help x
  222. Can't save, enter build/buy mode, edit town or exit.
  223. Custom nude skins showing in CAS but not in game
  224. Issues in Underwater graphics!!
  225. De-Patching the nightmare ITF has created
  226. VanishingObject Scripts will make your objects invisible! by Buzzler doesn't work in my game.
  227. My games takes forever to load back into the edit town mod after I place a buydebug object???
  228. De-aging sims: does it corrupt my savefile?
  229. Crashing, lagging and freezing due to my graphics card?
  230. Packages files not showing.. but sims3pack are showing. :(
  231. Lag problem
  232. Please help! I don't know which mod causing this interactions!
  233. Buy mode
  234. After install Launcher stop working...
  235. Need an expert to determine if my system is able to handle Sims 3
  236. Sims 3 suddenly won't load?
  237. Game Crashing HELP - CLA Included
  238. No My Documents/EA Games/Sims 3 folder
  239. Mods dont appear to work
  240. Some previously working packages not working anymore (but work when consolidated)
  241. Orange-reddish tint to the game after upgrade to Windows 8.1 and patching to 1.63
  242. Mods Folder Not Working
  243. Sims 3(from Origin) Won't launch
  244. Materializing Materials Problem
  245. If It's Not One Thing.. (Slider Issues)
  246. Can Someone Direct Me?
  247. Saved Game Will Not Load. I think its corrupted.
  248. weird plant colors
  249. High End Loft Update?
  250. Sims 3 Origin Download Problems