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  1. help with mod
  2. Some of my Sims3Packs are not showing up in the game
  3. Can someone please help me download the mods with the macbook?
  4. Invalid File Found, But Patch Log says its fine.
  5. Baby's social motive
  6. Are Anyone Else's Walls Doing This?
  7. Ea's story progression
  8. bizarre Build Mode glitch with new patch..?
  9. Freezes in CAS--Late Night
  10. Game closes at loading screen?
  11. TS3 Late Night
  12. Help! :(
  13. 1.17.60 patch, anyone got information on this?
  14. Unloading CC?
  15. sims 3 lagging b/c of CC
  16. Game crashes to desktop
  17. I have newborns, toddlers, and children with adult skin clothing...
  18. Runny terrain paints...
  19. CC (.sim and .package files) not showing up in CAS.
  20. Is there a faster way to download Sims 3 packs than using the launcher?
  21. Sims3Launcher has stopped working
  22. Sims 3 Deluxe: "Error during startup"
  23. Simbot Stuck Underwater!
  24. problem with launcher; base game incompatible?
  25. Game keeps crashing to desktop...tried everything in simwiki
  26. I have stuck at the loading screen to the town.
  27. Poor/no ghost activity...
  28. Can't Find Mods/Packages folder?
  29. Some cc working & some missing, Mainly hair.
  30. Installed CC, deleted Cache files, game is broke.
  31. Pattern Favorites Have Disappeared
  32. Unable to click on sims TS3
  33. sims testingcheatsenabled true isn't working
  34. download manager upgrade prevents game to load
  35. Can someone help me with this mod?
  36. Resolution Settings.
  37. Plants that won't grow
  38. Getting rid of unwanted custom content Help
  39. Loading screen all white...
  40. Yet another Sim Gone thread!
  41. Whenever i load a lot ,my game will crash and send me to desktop
  42. Constant in Game Freezing
  43. Custom Content No-Shows
  44. Vanilla Base game, no cc keeps crashing. Why?
  45. oops double post
  46. SIMS 3 shuts down, Have tried all your tips...
  47. Sims 3 Crashing an Unable to install CC
  48. Sim from Exchange won't install
  49. None of my mods showing up after i messed with the resource.cfg
  50. Downloading Mods
  51. Cannot get my .package content to show up!
  52. Game won't save after going into buy/build mode
  53. Major bug maybe an easy fix?
  54. Now she is stuck listening to him
  55. Sim 3 packages refuses to install properly
  56. Icon Issue
  57. Can't find CC that came with a Sim from the Exchange
  58. Custom content won't show up. Period.
  59. I Can't Get My Global/Item Mods To Work (Fast Lane Stuff)
  60. Will not load when trying to return home from China
  61. Sudden graphics glitch on all lots
  62. Game crashes
  63. INSTALLATION ISSUES *tear* please help
  65. Shoes in the shower?
  66. Sim got YOUNGER on his birthday
  67. A question for smart "techies"...
  68. Vanishing plates and laundry
  69. AHHHHH! Pulling my hair out with this...
  70. Random Crashes - Solution Urgently Needed
  71. Having trouble with switching to new way
  72. The installer isn't working...
  73. Organizing sims3packs
  74. All Sims Selected At Once/ Scrolling Problem
  75. Worlds error
  76. Packages; Merge Error with S3PE
  77. Game laggy and jumpy, not sure what's wrong?
  78. Custom Content error and CC-less game not loading
  79. Game Freeze When Scrolling
  80. Random floor tile?
  81. my game won't patch?
  82. package files don't work after installing it the new way (my document folder)
  83. Sim won't go to school
  84. Extract Sims3Packs from launcher?
  85. Deformed arms
  86. Black screen after launch
  87. When I press the escape key in the Sims 3 intro vid, it crashes to desktop. What to do?!?
  88. I get an error message when i try to update
  89. Icons stuck!! Help me dammit, I can't play like this!
  90. having problems downloading specific version
  91. My Favorite Sim Disappeared! PLEASE HELP!
  92. First Time Upload
  93. CC won't install properly
  94. Game Launcher Won't Open
  95. Sims aren't showing up
  96. Ambitions Stuck Again.
  97. Pregnancy Glitch
  98. Moving issues
  99. says i need a software update, my game is up to date.
  100. .package files not working!!
  101. Lots not showing in Downloads
  102. Ok, got a huge problem with WA
  103. My launcher freezes when I press play
  104. Certain Save files lag
  105. Sims wont change into work clothes.
  106. The New Patch Is Crashing The Sims 3
  107. Errors
  108. Game Has Slowed Down from Simply Adding CC
  109. Game crashing to Desktop
  110. The first loading screen just loads and loads and loads
  111. Game crash to desktop shortly after starting
  112. Help, any computer related action in sims 3 gets canceled right away :(
  113. userpresets
  114. Half Fun Bar and 8020 Days for Epic Life Span
  115. No School
  116. Bugged floortiles sticking out of the roof?
  117. Buying Mirror Causes Crash?
  118. Game won't load story progression mod
  119. Turning off the tutorial
  120. Game Exits on its own...
  121. Going to High School as Young Adult
  122. Installing houses without the launcher/3viewer
  123. The game is simply gone
  124. Sims failed to return home
  125. Multiple Skill-Based Careers
  126. My Game is Flipping Out! - Help Please?
  127. Framework Installer Problem!
  128. Maids and cars
  129. Need help with .package files
  130. New Monitor = Choppy Graphics
  131. Sims3Packs not showing in the game
  132. Stuck on one sim
  133. Missing CC and file wont load.
  134. Unable to start game service initialization failed
  135. Game Won't Load Mods
  136. Game Crashes after saying I have modifications that could crash my game, but i have no custom content
  137. Downloaded Sims not showing up in game
  138. I Can't Stand This Game,stupid Sims 3
  139. My sims wont interact
  140. Sims 3 Crashing To Desktop After About A Minute Of Gameplay
  141. Writing career errors after installing latest patch.
  142. My sims have arms coming out of their heads
  143. Make Sims Suffer?
  144. New games load fine, saved games DON'T LOAD
  145. Quick easy question about folders and sub-folders
  146. Can't Click On Sims
  147. Strange Graphics Issue - Trees
  148. Delete this please
  149. Subfolder issues with Mods/Packages folder [RESOLVED]
  150. Sims 3 Launcher shows donwload but says nothing to instal
  151. Game running slow.
  152. Black sims of doom
  153. Custom content not showing up after "old way" to "new way" move along with Ambitions install
  154. Barnacle Bay won't install.
  155. .sims3pack not installing
  156. Can't see file extensions?
  157. cannot get CC to work
  158. Cannot talk to ghosts
  159. Game crashes, sims show up blacked out and CAS categories scrambled after installing patch
  160. Sims 3 - Crashing to Desktop (During Live, Buy Mode and after exiting Plan Outfit)
  161. i cant see my installed sim file
  162. Weird shapes + shadows on lots when zoomed in/looking inside active household
  163. Any idea why cc hair does this?
  164. Sims 3 Black Screen after Launch - Task Manager "Not Responding"
  165. Aquarium related crash?
  166. Can't go back to work after visiting China.
  167. No sim interaction with other sims
  168. Travel home crash to desktop
  169. sims freezes with CC
  170. Crashing & Sims3pack not installing
  171. Base game is incompatible?
  172. Problem with going from old way to new way for CC saving
  173. Bunch of glitches
  174. No backups and sims losing autonomy
  175. Custom Content/Mods not showing in game
  176. Installed Sims 3 and now I can't find Sims 2 folders
  177. cheats not working, and opportunity not working
  178. No relationship gain with babies/toddlers even after complete reinstall and patch update
  179. Rocks and Gems spawning inside house?
  180. Family Tree Changed
  181. Quick save button?
  182. cheat code to get rid of tracking tag?
  183. Sims wont age anymore?
  184. Need help with crash please!
  185. Menu bar disappearing completely?
  186. Custom content not loading
  187. downloaded sim crashing game
  188. my cas sliders won't work...why?
  189. Invalid file found error
  190. Problems With Updating.
  191. Is there a way to keep all plants visible on zooming in/out?
  192. Disappearing Portraits?!
  194. Can't dig out relics after installing Ambitions
  195. Custom patterns for walls not showing
  196. Sims Keep Resetting After CAS
  197. Sims 3 crashes on loading screen
  198. Materilizing Materials... forever.
  199. Excavation Bug
  200. Can someone please help me download the mods with the macbook?
  201. Paintings too Dark
  202. Missing family member
  203. [EP02] Crash to desktop
  204. Martial Arts skills don't update when return home
  205. Downloads not working?
  206. Helper Monkey?
  207. Awesome Mod - installation help for people who crash computers with a single glance?
  208. Is Story Progession Fixed?
  209. I don't know how to delete a mod.
  210. Sounds turned down ingame but sims gaming on the computer is on full.
  211. Infinite Loading Screen in Edit Town Mode
  212. Sims 3 fast lane crash!
  213. New Computer/Changed Package Files to Open With
  214. Sims 3 CTU tool
  215. CC was put in docs folder and game wont load.
  216. Downloading Package files and getting .php?
  217. Unable to download/install ANYTHING from official website
  218. Cache Help!
  219. Riverview conked my game
  220. Problems with coloring in game - Any ideas? Please Help
  221. Crash to desktop when loading town SUDDENLY
  222. Since my thread was closed w/o a solution..
  223. Mods - I Have Read On the Forum...
  224. I Can't Find Something...
  225. CC possibly causing meteor madness?
  226. Sims can't change clothes after doing laundry
  227. Exporting neighbourhood (Sunset Valley)
  228. my sims can't get a tattoo?
  229. Cannot connect to EA dowload manager
  230. Special effects not showing up
  231. My game crashes some seconds after I enter a lot
  232. CC Kitchen Counter Corners Messed Up
  233. Game mods won't work... Help, please?
  234. Sims can't interact with each other
  235. sims 3 randomly freezes. help!
  236. Can having too much CC slow down your game?
  237. Appearance of Hair
  238. Launcher: Error msg: Error during startup...please see the log
  239. HELP! .package files not showing up in game
  240. Help!sims 3 on/off glitch
  241. Game is dragging and so slow can't play at all
  242. Placing Lots?
  243. Likely candidates
  244. My game crashes to desktop without errors?
  245. problem
  246. Back to Square One in Egypt!? (Er...square four at least?)
  247. Finding Rocks/Minerals
  248. Sims3 not working?
  249. Impaired Interface
  250. Custom Content wont work whatsoever