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  1. DOWNLOADING not installing .package files.
  2. Sims doesn't download all the mods..
  3. Please Please Help!
  4. New way of installing custom content not working
  5. Please help!
  6. Game Freezing, problem getting worse!
  7. Sims 3 completely freezes seconds after loading
  8. Problems with ghosts
  9. Sims breasts not appearing correctly.
  10. [SOLVED]Sims 3 not responding and Launcher installer doesn't respond either
  11. Invisible Pregnant Teens
  12. Game crashes in town mode (custom worlds only)
  13. Wojtek's Hair
  14. SimBin not working
  15. Strange Lag/Stuttering In Live Mode
  16. sim turned into 'local seller' after moving out!
  17. Please help: I accidentally delete all S3P from the launcher without installing them.
  18. Issue with Repeating Patterns
  19. Mods not working
  20. Black loading screen with sound after downloading expansion packs from Origin
  21. Any way to tweak attraction system?
  22. can' see water on waterfall and toboggan in sims 3 island of dream
  23. in the Sims 3 i have no Amination for the laptop at all and sims legs are huge
  24. Sim's motives and moodlets stuck?
  25. Can't find plasma for Vamp Sims!
  26. Family Disappears when Moving to Different Neighborhood
  27. Help!!!!!
  28. Custom Content takes forever to load up in the CAS screen.
  29. my game have some bug!!!
  30. Launcher: Installing CC = black screen... even though game works?
  31. Erasing Backup folder?
  32. Find easy used expansions and stuff packs in creations before uploading
  33. Edit Town - Stuck on loading screen, flickering black box over "Loading..."
  34. Mods not showing up.
  35. Crawling Child -- help!
  36. Town loads to 99%
  37. installer is just a black box (not responding)
  38. The sims 3 freezing ever since I got mac
  39. XCAS core mod
  40. Game wont load after installing Sims3pack
  41. I cannot log in the sims 3 website?
  42. Pool Objects are Dark?
  43. Mods wouldn't install?
  44. HELP! Accidentally downloaded CC during gameplay, now getting a black screen?
  45. Houseboat Glitch?
  46. Black screen while starting game and installing CC
  47. Everything is turning black and i can't click on anything.
  48. Pose Player issue
  49. Sims 3 University Degree glitch
  50. My Game Won't Start... At All :(
  51. I deleted a game... now I want it back!
  52. "There was an error during startup Please see the log for more details."
  53. I can't see one of my sims.
  54. Create a Sim Mac OSX- Missing menus and odd freezes
  55. Story Progression suddenly enabled?
  56. Ladders after being removed leave holes.
  57. for mac users; How can I download mods?
  58. Sim Teen can't eat
  59. Launcher Not Responding for 3Packs
  60. Startup problem - please help! :(
  61. Some CC not showing
  62. Building problem in basement
  63. Key word search in buy/build mode?
  64. Adventure Board not working
  65. Launcher fails to install custom content
  66. base game with disc + digital download EPs?
  67. package files dissapeared and i cant re-install anymore
  68. Saved Sims Showing Up In CAS, But Not Loading When Clicked? [UPDATE]
  69. Dead Sim on Community Lot
  70. Processor object doesn't show up while buy mode
  71. Pose player problems? help?
  72. Clearing DCCache
  73. Make NPC Door fix/mod/help? Its a bug!!
  74. No music in from speakers, just waves??
  75. I have a problem with that one .sim file
  76. No package files showing in game since IP installed?
  77. Buy/Build bar disappearing in build mode
  78. Please Help!!!! CAS crashes when I enter accessories?
  79. Adding Sims to Active Family - Relationships
  80. Sims3Packs Installer Problem!
  81. Stuck in Game Setup
  82. I am unable to edit new sims names in Create a Household.
  83. Black Startup Screen/ Finicky With CC
  84. sims 3 pose player cmomoney
  85. Awesome Mod - addtraits works only on pets
  86. my overrides folder doesn't work.
  87. The Sims 3 Crash Too Desktop.
  88. Can't click on sim's bed or homework
  89. Can't Spar with Opponent
  90. What's the current/latest version of Create A World?
  91. Is there a way to delete items from EA store package files (Sims3)?
  92. Sims 3 won't play after force quit
  93. Game Freeze when Someone Gives Birth
  94. Monster Sim
  95. Game crashes in live mode:is there something wrong with my pc?
  96. Can't Interact with Sims
  97. Plant/particle Glitch blocks view!
  98. When my sim's kids (toddlers and babies) have their birthday, he becomes unemployed?
  99. HELP: Game keeps crashing
  100. Game is somewhat zoomed in with larger monitor
  101. Serious Error on All Patched/Expanded Saved Games
  102. Camera in live & buy mode
  103. Sims 3 pose player + Emmy homes
  104. Game Crashes in Live Mode: Can my Computer Handle the Sims 3?
  105. Anyone with Twallan most recent Woohooer MOD help me?
  106. Game crashes in edit town
  107. Dive lots visible from ocean?
  108. snorkel option does not work.
  109. Jobs erased on saved game load
  110. HELP my package mods and savedsims mods are not working ... ;A;
  111. How do you create .package files?
  112. collection folders not showing in-game
  113. Sims 3 University Classes
  114. Downloaded .Sim files not appearing in CAS since IP
  115. New Update mixed things up
  116. Game not working with packages
  117. Autonomy Loss
  118. Some .packages files work, but others don't.
  119. Installed (basic) mods not playing in-game
  120. Packages Cause Startup Freeze
  121. ProjectK for Mac users to mod for The Sims 3
  122. Need some help with this bad CC
  123. Odd Glitch with Back of Sims' Necks
  124. Create-a-Sim won't load with CC (Sims 3 on Windows 7)
  125. "A serious error has occured" and "Error 16" nothing worked so far!
  126. Installing .sims3packs on Mac, launcher won't work
  127. My object mods arent working?
  128. IP Ladder and UL Keg Bug
  129. how do you get height sliders out of the game
  130. Island Paradise LTR and Traits Missing!
  131. Plants disappearing in winter in live mode?
  132. Weird Sims in CAS
  133. Freezing must be closed with Task Manager
  134. New Patch Issues
  135. Freezing after launcher
  136. Sims unable to go to book store rabbit hole in Twinbrook
  137. My game is not loading at all.
  138. Career Being Reset
  139. How do people get these images?
  140. Game using integrated graphics; is practically unplayable
  141. No funny or mean interactions on certain sims
  142. Seasons rain glitch
  143. Can't Install Sims in .sims3pack Files
  144. .package Files
  146. Extracting file from EAstore World sims3pack
  147. I am not a computer whiz! Help me install .sims3packs
  148. Plagued with Error Code 12 Issues
  149. CC installer not working
  150. Help! Two Electronic Arts Folder
  151. No saved files/frequent crashing
  152. Game will not respond when I have packages installed
  153. Game help: Black box around my cursor when I try to play Sims 3?
  154. E. A. folder missing
  155. Child not growing up?
  156. Is the World Adventures patch part of the 1.55 superpatch?
  157. Aqua-Sled is glitched
  158. Blurry Clothes and other Graphics
  159. Game not recognizing ts3packs only
  160. Trouble where to install custom content
  161. Career has reset after patch 1.55
  162. Jump bug with professional bars
  163. Hair Settings Not Saving in CTU
  164. Help me!
  165. Problems with 1.55 patching
  166. Everytime friends see my sim they start mourning.
  167. What is the best way to minimise lagging?
  168. Processing 5ever
  169. My Sims 3 Game has stopped working. It was working yesterday!
  170. Options
  171. Black Screen When Launching
  172. Game Will Not Load Town - Fixed -
  173. Lot Fading Out
  174. Some of my CC is not showing up in game??
  175. Installed the newest patch, now game stalls at loading screen
  176. How do I patch the game without a DVD? (I'm using nnras NoCD MOD)
  177. Why does my Windows 8 Computer keep Restarting itself whenever I try to play the Sims 3?
  178. Game not running on AMD A8 APU after system restore
  179. BlameItOnMe.mp3
  180. Sims3pack files wont associate with sims 3
  181. Game Freezes with Just One Sim
  182. main menu shows nothing, can't start or choose any game
  183. HUD disappeared
  184. Problems Installing the censor removal
  185. Super-weird clicking sounds after using Save Cleaner [obsolete]
  186. Keep only few objects from sets
  187. LTR and Traits missing?
  188. So here comes "Sims 3 has stopped working" again (Island Paradise)
  189. Downloads from this site not downloading properly?
  190. I lost my sims 3 dvd, is it possible to register a stuff pack's code in the TheSims3.com?
  191. Sims 3 'Not Responding' on startup
  192. Missing visual effects in EP9 objects
  193. error during set up...WHAT???
  194. The Sims 3 keeps SWITCHING to desktop, then to the game, over and over?
  195. The Sims 3 has stopped working
  196. Mods Aren't Showing Up?
  197. *Some* (not all) of my cc isn't working
  198. nothing in menu after updating ( picture )
  199. Shoes texture affects bottoms
  200. CC showing up in game but not launcher.
  201. Missing "MODS" Folder?
  202. PLEASE HELP!!!! Sims 3 Black Screen won't load?
  203. Another case of terrible freezing...
  204. Day 1,492. I finally figured out how patching works. [SOLVED]
  205. Some Traits images missing since Patch 1.55
  206. Game Freezes with Just One Sim and Family.
  207. unable to play with a family - game is not charging
  208. inconsistent loading & freezing
  209. collections not loading
  210. Game is freezing too much/unplayable.
  211. Game is freezing, but animations continue?
  212. Job/School/University performance missing or invisible
  213. Problem with DCCache after 1.55 Game Unplayable
  214. cant explore on foot
  215. Game crashes during load, I've tried a lot to fix it
  216. Glitch in relation to bars
  217. Crash log says WA update possibly needed?
  218. I Need Help With Mods
  219. Two weird glitches
  220. Sims "invisible"/not existing causing game to lag/crash?
  221. awesome mod - blank menu
  222. Sunlit Tides wrong icon in launcher?
  223. Sims not entering community lots
  224. The Sims 3 Dissapearing Stuff
  225. Custom clothes problem
  226. Launcher will just stop working
  227. Sims3Launcher has stopped working error. Unable to access my games in any way
  228. Custom eyes and eyebrows missing :(
  229. Mayday: strange bug with menu and now stuck!
  230. Custom Content Missing!!!
  231. When I try to throw parties my sim just puts the cell phone back down.
  232. Post-update to 1.55 Store Worlds don't show up
  233. after the FORCED update no mods work AT ALL
  234. Mermaid glitch!
  235. School Help
  236. my game keep crashing at entering a n.hood
  237. Can't install re-install Store content after patch 155
  238. Reformatting Computer...which files should I save to keep my games intact?
  239. Game freezes and stops responding at start up
  240. Weird Problem...
  241. How to install .package LOTS?
  242. Improve load speed for patterns and presets?
  243. Unknown sims move into household forcibly
  244. Can't get engaged, move in or add to household
  245. Mods removed by game not loading after patching to 1.55
  246. How do i Forsake The Fae?
  247. How to have shortcuts for custom music?
  248. Island Paradise unplayable thanks to a sound issue
  249. custom content not showing up in game
  250. Game won't start