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  1. So am I the only one with just the base game?
  2. noob here
  3. Help: Lots disappearing after using EIG
  4. People with slow computers, is this game worth it?
  5. Check social groups not working + Various other issues?
  6. Random Roommates Spawning
  7. Islands in Hidden Springs?
  8. What types of sim personalities are 'essential' for populating a world (in your opinion)?
  9. No TS3 creative competitions?
  10. Buying used ex packs
  11. Sims 3,helper monkey no net framework installed
  12. Consolidating Outfits?
  13. Half Mermaid Half Sim
  14. Cats Becoming Younger
  15. Chest Bump pose pack???
  16. Why are these defects happening?
  17. Pet Shelter Help
  18. Gnightmare
  19. Messed up seasons
  20. How best breed horses?
  21. Just installed TS3 ver 1.0.631.00002 but I need updates.
  22. TS3 stories?
  23. Can't bypass launcher / can't use NRAAS NOCD Mod
  24. How to Export a house with gutted gems?
  25. Which EP Gives the Option to Turn Off Creatures
  26. How can I remove social group interactions?
  27. Bigger house boats with curved bow?
  28. Accessories while naked?
  29. Natasha/Casanova reputation
  30. What files to back up before uninstallating TS3? (did check the Game Help section!)
  31. I built a building intended to be an Apartment Complex but am too stupid to do this, I need help...
  32. Is "into the future" the last expansion pack?
  33. Questions About Unlocking Islands...
  34. Mods for woohoo
  35. Preventing resort marriage arch divorce/remarriages
  36. NONE of the jobs in Ambitions will work for me
  37. Transfer a family to another PC?
  38. Favorite ways to entertain your sims?
  39. Superpatcher
  40. Community Lot Help Please
  41. Welcome to the real (Sims 3) world, kid!
  42. Romance + jealousy on same lot
  43. Question regarding Patches - not related to problems
  44. Quick question about legacy
  45. What EP's and SP's do these things appear in
  46. Downloads from sexysims2.com
  47. Un-able to register band
  48. Confused when using MasterController to change mersim tails...
  49. "Katy Perry Sweet Treats" and "Showtime Katy Perry Edition" discontinued by EA.
  50. Omni Plants
  51. Another Idea
  52. Issues with nonworking stuff in IP
  53. Random rainbow baby born...
  54. Editing Student Union building?
  55. What's up with the price of this game?
  56. Determine life stage of unknown sims
  57. Ageing problem
  58. how to add sims in to the world
  59. A stupid question
  60. Is there a way I can slow down how long it takes to get a promotion and to earn skills?
  61. No system in who you can choose as your roommate?
  62. Tiberium.. my latest headache..
  63. Winning at University
  64. Accidental Attraction
  65. Eating animation of sims..
  66. I have a problem with aging, and would like some ideas
  67. Play Dates
  68. ?
  69. PIcture/Autograph removes queued actions
  70. Gyeongbok Palace World.... Crashes My Game :`(
  71. How Can I Make My Own CC?
  72. How to change the name of a neighborhood?
  73. University in your town?
  74. Best Sims 3 custom World to Play with the expansion packs ihave
  75. What are the metrics for Stylists?
  76. How Do I Un-Do NoCD crack??
  77. mummitomium??
  78. A question...
  79. Efficient Fish Spawners
  80. How to stop receiving IF Doll in the mail?
  81. How do you alter the code on graveyards?
  82. Help required with lot edges
  83. Sims forgot how to flirt (island paradise ep)
  84. Photographer without WA?
  85. Funny thing happened...
  86. Dragon Valley Question About Dragons
  87. Inviting a Foreign (U) Sim to House, but Can't Ask to Move In
  88. How do i have better control in free camera mode?
  89. mod for relax here
  90. How to recover deleted DCCache files
  91. Issue with The Business As Usual Bistro & Teppanyaki Set.
  92. I Need Help:Getting New Graphics Cards Recognized by the Game
  93. I Need Help:Getting New Graphics Cards Recognized by the Game
  94. Sad about the business aspects...
  95. Custom Casino Content
  96. TS3 Launcher won't show up all installed items.
  97. So i created a blog for a sims story...
  98. NPC Grandma ignores baby
  99. Bouncers not Bouncing
  100. Skill Classes
  101. Best selection of traits for these descriptions..?
  102. Mood Drinks on Community Lots?
  103. Mermaid Travel time
  104. A black screen, loading wheel and then not responding
  105. Daycare Profession without Generations?
  106. Annoying white "wall" in my sims' home!
  107. Can I store large household items in a Sim's personal inventory in The Sims 3 Seasons?
  108. About Laundry...
  109. Can I install The Sims 3 Seasons after I've installed Supernatural and Island Paradise?
  110. How do ~you~ prepare the family history background?
  111. Can Ports Have Multiple Mooring Points?
  112. Resort Staff Not listed on Financials...
  113. Occults and their non-possible deaths
  114. Has anyone made a winter type of resort?
  115. Underwater Building
  116. Help with s3pe with mono? (Mac)
  117. Store world #10
  118. TS3-IP Freezing every 3 secs
  119. The Sims 3 pumped icon
  120. Where can I find skyscrapes/towers but decos?
  121. nite life stops at 1am?
  122. custom movies for the televsion?
  123. Owning multiple residential lots
  124. Can anyone tell me how to make it stop raining so much?
  125. Sim Can't Interact with Specific Sim
  126. Come on, daring another Sim isn't cheating!
  127. Avoid gaining muscles?
  128. Did You Know Gaming - The Sims
  129. Group Science Project displaying regardless of floor choice?
  130. Probably the funniest Sims 3 let's play ever.
  131. Tell me about IP ep ;)
  132. Untouched Simpack?!?
  133. Posters - celebrities
  134. Feet for your babby's.
  135. Youtube Let's Play...?
  136. Why can't they just make the game consistant with itself...
  137. Butler gone
  138. help with using the "moveobjects on" cheat please?
  139. The fire in the server room
  140. Children
  141. Can't Register My Band (and can't find a solid answer).
  142. I cant seem to make my sim move to a certain place
  143. Removing Clouds From Hidden Islands
  144. Blue babies in Isla Paradiso.
  145. No Blogging Prompts?
  146. What should I be seeing in VIP rooms?
  147. Master Controller - Am I in the Right Place?
  148. Why Has TS3 Creation Been Slow?
  149. How do you transfer real estate from one sim to another?
  150. FireFighter Tattoo
  151. Kraken II
  152. I install cc magic i have all eps and....
  153. How Does Party Formed
  154. Can't move a sim out on their own even though I can afford to?
  155. Key Sims 3 Working 100%
  156. Unlocking Treasure Chests in Debug
  157. How Do I install Awesome Mod?
  158. Harry Potter Books
  159. Sim Guilt
  160. Ever Had a Completionist Sim?
  161. Modding Sims 3
  162. Hats?
  163. Where is the Graduation trait?
  164. Wild Horses and Deer in IP
  165. Neighborood became supernatural
  166. What is this song?
  167. A new Sunset Valley
  168. Master Controller - Cheats
  169. Resort problem
  170. The Sims 3: Missing Something The Sims 2 Had
  171. Quick Question About Packages & The Launcher
  172. Kraken
  173. How to get the new Careers
  174. Army Uniform from Pets
  175. Problem with Sim death! I'm sad!
  176. My Sim won't graduate!
  177. Mod Maker For Hire
  178. Business possibilities with Island Paradise.
  179. venues and festival lots
  180. Favourite Simblrs?
  181. More than 8 RELATED sims per lot??
  182. RIP TheQuxxn
  183. How to remove laggs in the Uncharted Islands Fog??
  184. HOTELS: EA (another) epic fail
  185. 'Meet new friends' interaction
  186. Only One University?
  187. cheat box
  188. Sim is stuck
  189. Cc Magic Tool Help
  190. Working horse traler
  191. My sims won't go to work??
  192. No guests?
  193. EA Store's New Options
  194. What are the best/worst looking descendants of EA premades you have seen? (pictures please)
  195. How to update a core and xml mod??!! Please Help ASAP!!!!!
  196. Playing multiple families in one save for a challenge.
  197. Wouldn't it be Nice..!
  198. Oval coffee tables and babies never getting older
  199. Sims taking random days off?
  200. Improving genetics.
  201. my sim walks like a ghost
  202. In your opinion, what sims from the sims 2 would be wonderful to have/make in sims 3?
  203. Is this supposed to happen?
  204. Is there a way to make a community lot only visitable by a certain
  205. Missing mermaid outfit please help
  206. No Mosaic mod question, what one to use?
  207. What do I do?
  208. Can you make a werewolf turn without the full moon?
  209. Challenge where each generation has rules
  210. Working through Pregnancy using mods
  211. My vampire sim is only vampire in CAS??
  212. Moving large family between worlds.
  213. Question about NPCs and immigrants.
  214. long commutes?
  215. Aging, Trait Question
  216. If you were a sim in the Sims 3, which lifetime rewards would you have?
  217. Nifty legacy tree
  218. Sims 3 EP10: Mermaids & Disappointment
  219. DCCache files
  220. Possible to mod inheritance of Pet layers?
  221. Resorts as Hotels
  222. Making my own sims hireable at resorts
  223. Origin Sale on EPs and SP. Base game only 5$!
  224. Can zombies....
  225. Mod The Sims
  226. Resort towers
  227. Resort Casino
  228. Nraas Story Progression sacred houses?
  229. Which EP should I buy?
  230. How to make this building an apartment?
  231. Question about the Slob trait...
  232. Really need help on an issue with custom content, cant find any info online.
  233. Sims 3 Keeps crashing and Glitches occur
  234. Stuck in France Museum??!!
  235. How do you come up with names for your sims?
  236. help!!!!!!!!!! with mods on mac
  237. How do I fill in that box, before you load your saved family, that would be the description of the neighbourhood?
  238. How many households do you play per save?
  239. Can't try for baby or risky woohoo?
  240. Mermaid romance
  241. About the hotels in this game...
  242. sims 3 Sweet treats
  243. Resorts question
  244. Sims 3 Beta vs Final
  245. The Sims in Island Paradise are really actually cute
  246. May or may not be an issue with gardening
  247. I had 4 babies at once in the sims 3
  248. Mermaid shell bra
  249. Saving Mermaids
  250. Am I the only one here that doesn't like the mermaid scales??