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  1. Do I need custom sliders for the those ears?
  2. Import mesh into TSRW is glitchy
  3. Any in-game cheats to make fully genetic aliens in CAS?
  4. online dating question
  5. How does Oasis Landing work?
  6. Am I building my Elevator correctly?
  7. Your sims' pets
  8. Housing issues
  9. What determines a sim to do the dishes besides neat?
  10. Every residental lot is an apartment? HELP! (Solved)
  11. Gossiping about animals?
  12. I'm addicted to Setra
  13. Finding a neighbor
  14. How to make any sim of pet immortal
  15. Problem with Singing Career
  16. Interested World download
  17. Sims 3 Package files for Windows 10
  18. Strategizing the multifunctional community lot
  19. Little help finding...
  20. Can't Plead to the Sphinx!!
  21. New laptop..
  22. Might want to give your system a scan
  23. Date with the Reaper
  24. Sims not clicking in interface
  25. Any sims with holo paintings?
  26. questions about custom sliders
  27. Origin just installed Sims 3 on my Origin account
  28. World Fails
  29. Making the Most of Sims 3 Store Points or how to get cheaper or free stuff at the store
  30. I just found a Firefly reference
  31. Advent Gifts
  32. Will Lots save Collectible spawners?
  33. s3pe making compressed files larger??
  35. Move to a new town?
  36. Debugenabler Not Working
  37. New Update
  38. Buying new EP forces launcher update?
  39. End up with more SimPoints than you'll use from the current glitch? Come in and find someone to gift.
  40. Free Simpoints available
  41. Forced digital download?
  42. Is Open World really resource hungry?
  43. Friday 13 October Origin
  44. 3 Reasons to AVOID new patch - 10% performance reduction!
  45. Vampires and Sunlight
  46. New Patch (!) on November 12th
  47. Do you remember your first time playing the Sims 3?
  48. Plants that are missing from the game...
  49. How to stop daycare progression?
  50. interactions/family dynamics
  51. Dating Bonehilda ?
  52. Video Camera Stops RIGHT as I record (SOLVED BY MYSELF)
  53. Things you wish were in The Sims 3
  54. Related Households and Inheriting Homes
  55. Saving Household + Home
  56. The Sims 3 Origin giveaway?
  57. Sim lock camera mod?
  58. Does anybody know where I can find a good harley quinn costume for sims 3
  59. 180 days off work?
  60. I've got the game crash issue, tried everything I know; any new ideas?
  61. Will merging CC do much for performance?
  62. about the mod, "the selector"
  63. University and ITF expansion packs worth the money?
  64. Go to work while pregnant?
  65. Things I discovered in WA
  66. Well that was odd.
  67. Can Plumbots do WA?
  68. So what did you guys make for Midnight Hollow?
  69. ccmerged - 3 superquick questions
  70. Is there a way to change venue times
  71. Your sims' children
  72. Override Folder/Mods/nointro Mod
  73. NRASS Master Controller and Silders
  74. Autonomous jelly bean death possible?
  75. Book titles from your Sims
  76. Where is the grave?
  77. I just need to ask. How do you play without CC?
  78. (funny) Here is comparison between Sims 3 and Sims 4
  79. Which do you prefer: EA Highlights or Adjust Shine?
  80. Is there any way to increase UI size for Sims 3 ?
  81. City Hall Protest Location
  82. How do you make a horse rear up? Sims 3
  83. NRaas Traveler mod help
  84. Difference between Sims 3 Apartments?
  85. Nrass Story Progression Question
  86. IP Lag in all worlds, or just Isla Paradiso?
  87. Can Custom Worlds Run Without All EPs?
  88. Hang out on the ground interaction?
  89. Question: How to get thin WITHOUT building muscle?
  90. Anyone else having this issue with the townie mermaids?
  91. Scan scan scan
  92. Sim is stuck in the building
  93. Horse granola!
  94. Compatibility issues with expansion packs
  95. How did you end up playing sims?
  96. Where does CC that comes with .sims3pack/.sim get installed?
  97. No bartenders or bouncers
  98. Sims 3 Case Study
  99. Brntwaffles' lighting mods
  100. Giving TS3 another try: Which EPs & SPs you recommend?
  101. Can you spawn Marmaids in your own CAW world?
  102. Best Designed (Not necessarily conventionally attractive) Premade Sims
  103. Real life Sim!
  104. What is some of the craziest ways your poor Sims have died?
  105. Can't find out to get Super CAW
  106. Death By Meteor
  107. Strange moodlets
  108. In town travel option knowledge base
  109. Can I merge the .package files in the Library folder?
  110. What do you do if one parent wants a boy and another wants a girl?
  111. Can you create sub-folders in your mods folder?
  112. Have you ever?
  113. lots/sims and delphys multi pack extractor
  114. Sims on iPad using a Remote Desktop?
  115. Chun Co. Teppanyaki Grill question
  116. Death flower plant loophole?
  117. refrigerators
  118. Nraas master controller - stuck with hyphenated last names
  119. duplicate downloads
  120. Finally Have System that Should Rock this Game - Please Help me Install Correctly/Best
  121. New to Sims 3 & Question
  122. grilling on community lots
  123. Max terrain height?
  124. Sims 3 Townies?
  125. What's maximum number of sims the game can handle per world?
  126. In CAS, why can't young adults and teens be siblings?
  127. How many Sim Weeks does a typical legacy last?
  128. :help: My Sims keep cancelling actions by themselves >:( :help:
  129. The household is full?
  130. How to Upload Content For Macs?
  131. stuck in the snow
  132. Any basement building tricks?
  133. Help, please! Why does my edited premade world have gameplay bugs?
  134. Gay pregnancy?
  135. Getting the came to run faster
  136. Career issue
  137. Island Paradise + Sunset Valley?
  138. Duplicate World/Supernatural version of St Claire?
  139. Opinions on converting SL hairs/anything to sims 3
  140. Trait Combinations The Useful, The Entertaining, The Fitting but mostly the overspeacialized
  141. How to lock doors inside community lot?
  142. Some Help Needed Furnishing Lots for World (Sims 3)
  143. Bicycle/moped vs cars?
  144. Questions about Sims 3 (Mods and playing style)
  145. So funny to Just watch
  146. Need some help with my twins
  147. Why sims constantly serve new meal?
  148. How did you get introduced to the sims & the community?
  149. Considering leaving moonlight falls
  150. TS3 Generations - Found the Costumes
  151. Difference Between Sims 2 & Sim 3 Retail & Restaurants?
  152. new and need help
  153. Does anyone else spend more time fixing their games than playing them?
  154. Opening hours?
  155. unable to progress relationship
  156. Public Room Marker?
  157. Doorlock that keeps out some of the household members, but allows in NPC
  158. Skill and Motive Interactions SpreadSheet
  159. Gold,sliver and all the gems in the game
  160. Some people still plays Sims 3
  161. Creating routable waters?
  162. Children in my game has either mom or dad's face.. bug?
  163. Apartment lot vs Residential lot?
  164. World Editor is still a problem?
  165. Need advice on foreigner sims etc...
  166. Is there any way to find misplaced objects on your home lot?
  167. CC Skintones - Default vs Non-Default
  168. Infant traits
  169. How to export a sim from the vanilla game
  170. Quick question on lot ownership
  171. How big is your game.
  172. Chairs won't snap correctly to custom 1 tile dining tables?
  173. How to stop getting roommates
  174. Hidden rooms will decrease lag?
  175. Increase motives custom to lot/room?
  176. Plumbot mods
  177. A question about Nrass Storyprogression.
  178. My funny words for my dogs
  179. Easier way to access room markers?
  180. Moving out a single sim from a family living in Oasis Landing
  181. Mods
  182. Who are your favorite content creators?
  183. Funny Faces when posing
  184. Do roommates age?
  185. The good husband challenge
  186. WCIF cards, flower deco?
  187. Island Paradise lifeguard swim
  188. possible theme based on the elder scrolls
  189. Disable celebrity on skill gain?
  190. Edit In Game - I'm Confused
  191. Skill Challenge
  192. Frameworksetup not working
  193. WCIF-These eyebrows?
  194. High pitched noise coming from newly built PC when I play TS3
  195. Moving a family with an imaginary friend?
  196. Make a Plumbot in Create a Household
  197. Sims 3 Help!!!
  198. How do I upload a sim to this site?
  199. How to break up with someone who moved away
  200. Gameplay help
  201. i need a specific nraas mod
  202. Guides, advice, tips and so on for a Sims 3 beginner.
  203. Grinding for simpoints (Handy store "cheat")
  204. Grand Scale Timelines: Sims 2 or 3?
  205. What does EA consider a "toddler"?
  206. Challenges
  207. Painless ways of creating terrain?
  208. Can this be fix with Sims3Dasboard?
  209. Kick out option
  210. Extra-long tables?
  211. Any way AT ALL to make buildings bigger?
  212. Invisible Ceilings?
  213. Can a Screenplay turn into a movie in the Sims 3 Late night?
  214. Any good universe-friendly vehicle mods out there?
  215. Hide Sim icon/tag?
  216. Access to empty house + moving graves
  217. [B]Any way to get more CC w/o slowing down your game?[/B]
  218. The Wishing Well
  219. Swim in Ponds? Enabled for Daredevil Sims...
  220. A couple issues about Dragon Valley
  221. Sim can't go into room! FIXED
  222. possible to change tattoos in s3pe
  223. Help needed with collection folders
  224. CC (CAS) No Longer linked to sim in CAW (and in game) - Help pls
  225. A Mod for NPC Obstacles?
  226. What would attracting sims onto Lot's public space?
  227. How to make kittens in CAS on Sims 3!
  228. Has anyone read my story on here?
  229. Sims 3 Leaving work early bug "potential fix"
  230. Your weirdest couplings with NPC/townies?
  231. Question about pictures.
  232. Yet Another Late Night Problem
  233. Is using custom worlds safe?
  234. Place deco on lots in world editor?
  235. Granting Special Access Through The Barrier Rope To Non-Celebrities
  236. Logs me Out
  237. Best and worst store worlds?
  238. Whats the deal with Newsea, Peggy, etc?
  239. What other image hosting sites for Sims pictures do you recommend that are good, free, and aren't Tinypic?
  240. Why do we have EA?
  241. a solution for " exporting world failed "
  242. Was sims 3 really that bad with all expansions?
  243. Sims 3 how to make object float?
  244. WCIF Body Bruises For Male Sims
  245. Adult babies and spank bench
  246. Can't Uninstall Expansion Pack
  247. Trying to decide if I should get Island Paradise or not.
  248. Changing Homeworld for a sim
  249. Baby Robyn was homealone...
  250. How to delete all Sims (empty town) ?