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  1. Common bugs & (possible) solutions
  2. Celebrity Sims in other towns, not working?
  3. AI Mod Idea
  4. The best wedding gift you've received?
  5. How to Mesh Clothing
  6. How To Unlock All Rewards (Simport) Information
  7. Help With Bands
  8. How do I download store items FREE and CORRECTLY?!?
  9. Whatever happened to SAVE AND QUIT?!
  10. Installing packages for the sims.
  11. .Package file wont display right
  12. Since Show Time.....(Pets Related)
  13. Was there a banana peanut butter sandwich added in Showtime?
  14. There are so many things you can do in each EP that I've never, ever tried.
  15. So tired: can't select lots in World Editor
  16. New "hidden object" in Showtime Community Lots
  17. Is it possible to change a Sim's romantic reputation without the Clean Slate lifetime reward?
  18. Downloaded Sims not showing up in CAS
  19. Removing Tags
  20. ghost help
  21. Ugh...No More Celebrities...please!
  22. I wanna move my house from its lot to another...
  23. Patch 1.33
  24. WCIF.. A mod to stop my sim autonomously getting taxis
  25. Adding worlds to game - how can you scroll thru?
  26. I wanna fill up my apt.
  27. Things Disappeared!
  28. ONE Of My Sims Won't Interact With Himself?
  29. Sims 3 Equivalent of Red Hands
  30. Sims 3 Showtime made me go back to Sims 2
  31. So many Cache files...what are they?
  32. Stuff missing from Buydebug after installing Pets.
  33. do re mi CAW
  34. What's this?
  35. Editing big venues
  36. Kids from an affair?
  37. Non User Controlled Sims and Houses
  38. Splitting clothing
  39. Stupid Q's I Cant Find A's For...
  40. Showtime Question
  41. So my sim learned to do the "Watery Grave" trick.
  42. Am I the only one that..
  43. Showtime: retextures of previous clothing
  44. Sliders with Ambitions?
  45. How make apartments work properly in other worlds?
  46. I want to make custom content!
  47. Sim missing on return from vacation
  48. Parking mod
  49. Master Controller w/ Cheats please for 1.26
  50. Sims 3 Body Shop?
  51. Mixologist in Showtime
  52. Showtime Jukebox
  53. Magicians Not Playing For Tips?
  54. Showtime: How many stamps do you have so far?
  55. [EP7] Appreciation Thread
  56. [EP7] Complaint Thread
  57. Frustration with changing lot sizes.
  58. ???? (aka Problem with random hair styles)
  59. Problem launching Sims 3 Showtime Problem?!!!?!
  60. Can't buy Certificate of Partnership with Egypt?
  61. How exactly does the game "rate" a pregnancy?
  62. How do I....
  63. What's your favorite lifespan?
  64. How to build an auditorium? Where is the stage?
  65. Help! All of my sims won't leave one lot.
  66. Removing jealousy from base game?
  67. Did this patch add new color ramps to skintone?
  68. Things I've Seen/Heard/Read About in The Sims 3: Supernatural
  69. Showtime Performance: Relationship lost instead of gained
  70. Katy Perry's Songs?
  71. Can't sculpt in stone
  72. Is Bridgeport slow running because it's huge? Or is it buggy?
  73. Patch 1.32
  74. They seriously just came out with a new patch like 30 minutes ago!!
  75. What is the tree of Prosperity?
  76. Um. HUGE Showtime bug- anyone else got this?
  77. If not Katy Perry, then who?
  78. "Normal" edition of Sims 3 Showtime?
  79. Tattoo artist career
  80. Unique Fireflies in The Sims 3?
  81. Has the camera always been so low, or did a patch change it?
  82. Make any clothes/accessories wearable for any occasion?
  83. nraas master controller
  84. Can I run the game windowed, but stretched?
  85. Place a venue in showtime
  86. The Sims 3 Pets Sapphire Radeon HD 3650
  87. Simporting Installs Sims with Custom Content and Memories
  88. Amazon.com AND Steam downloads super cheap right now
  89. There's too many Sim Store ads in this game
  90. Sims 3 Showtime Genie/Vampire hybrid.
  91. Funniest thing someone stole from your house.
  92. Sims 3 Download Organizer?
  93. Why does it always have to be like this?
  94. Family Relations got lost after moving from one city to another
  95. Is anyone not going to buy Showtime?
  96. Maxis back with The Sims
  97. Direct to obtain opportunity?
  98. How is your SHOWTIME experience so far?
  99. Lot size restrictions
  100. CAW for TownLife
  101. Tombs and dungeons for Twinbrook.
  102. Anyone got showtime yet?
  103. The right resource??
  104. What are your favorite minor mods?
  105. Meteor Hit Me!
  106. Overwriting the existing data!
  107. Lunar Lakes new town problem?
  108. A really dumb question of which you will all think me an idiot.
  109. Oh No You Lost Your Disk!
  110. For those who don't have Sims 3 Friends
  111. Replacing the default neighborhood/mode music with custom music
  112. Legacies and WA.
  113. How to install Downloaded Sims as a Sims3Pack file from TSR
  114. I've got problems with update.
  115. Try for puppies not working!
  116. Dose anyone one have a butler named as nathaniel?
  117. Can't complete mission, hacking computer.
  118. where can i find the breed of my dog
  119. Patch 1.31
  120. EA Customer Support =/= Captain Obvious
  121. So... apparently, "Katy Perry" has joined the official Sims forums.
  122. lunar
  123. Stuffs to talk about
  124. Do Not Track
  125. Custom Content Issues?
  126. Local KISSED my sim
  127. Is there any so called M-rated stuff in Sims 3 already?
  128. Sims keeps trying to ruin relationship with her "best friend"
  129. Rooms are too dark!! What am I doing wrong!? D=
  130. Cornelia died....
  131. Help Someone Am I Going Nuts Or What????
  132. Is it possible to make a lot residential and community?
  133. Update Your Origin ID Today Before SHT Release and New Page Setup Today.
  134. Dead Ends...
  135. My Sims 3 rant about Showtime and stuff
  136. If EA made bicycles why didn't they make skateboards?
  137. How do i build my own community lots like hospitals, schools, etc
  138. I can't install worlds on mod the sims--What does this error code mean
  139. Sims 3 Store
  140. How do i fill construction hole in bridgeport?
  141. Should Electronic Arts make soft drink vending machines like the original Sims 2?
  142. Can't find employment lots
  143. Which expansion packs are worth getting?
  144. Showtime question
  145. So fed up with crashes!
  146. Interaction problems
  147. Skintones
  148. What three LTRs would you want IRL?
  149. Bakshi household
  150. Measurement
  151. Do you need an Expansion Pack to make an apartment building?
  152. Sims 3 Stuff pack code up for grabs!
  153. Inheriting Freckles/Beauty Spots
  154. Id love to see daedric armor on my sim
  155. What types of mods are considered "illegal" by EA?
  156. Diabetes Mod/ Diseases
  157. Townies death and Story progression.
  158. Game Freezes
  159. Single bed for two sims - Sims 3
  160. Make the buildings more taller!
  161. Okay, what's the deal with weddings? (Edit: FYI - Use chairs not benches)
  162. Story Progression
  163. Issue with boxstalls
  164. Populating a neighborhood
  165. Pushable statues and what can they do?
  166. Did EA just fully abandon The Sims 3 for console?
  167. I have Dexter, what next?
  168. lot placement in edit town
  169. Clearing a game of multiple infected CC
  170. Does anyone have any favorites on the exchange?
  171. Is it possible to form polyamorous relationship among three sims or more?
  172. Trouble with making friend real
  173. If you were a sim, what traits would you have?
  174. No More Creepy Ice Cream Truck
  175. Finding good legacy stories
  176. buying property
  177. Sim Shopping: Already in Inventory or Already Known?
  178. New Announcement, on Sims 3 site, about game updates
  179. Moving Sims to a new house when you have more than 8 in a household?
  180. Read to sleep issue?
  181. What is going on with my pet snake?!
  182. How do you play your game?
  183. Another expansion pack
  184. No autonomous dish washing ?
  185. Changing access to lot
  186. Was this due to inviting a sim with the "unlucky" trait, or did I just have a really unlucky party?
  187. i used sims3 and turned it into a comic
  188. Is it possible to attach an NPC to an object on a community lot?
  189. What do these hairs from the sims store look like in-game?
  190. Bad CC
  191. How much time do you spend playing TS3?
  192. Do you get bored of dealing with babies in legacy challenges?
  193. Mods to edit Geneology/Families?(Besides Awesomemod)
  194. Tall and short Sims...
  195. Mod for selling puppies and kittens?
  196. Is it possible to add more genres to the game's "music" tab?
  197. What Do You Love and Hate About Ambitions?
  198. What Do You Love and Hate About Generations?
  199. What Do You Love and Hate About WA?
  200. I've tried everything
  201. I've some problems in the Sim3 pet
  202. You Guys Are Made of Awesome
  203. CAS different hair color per outfit.
  204. Guitar/Violin
  205. The Sims 3 Lunar Lakes
  206. New Store World: "Lunar Lakes"
  207. Same-sex (female) pregnancy.
  208. Updated Vacations
  209. That annoying sound when completing a want!
  210. Stylist- Missing Texture?
  211. Shared custody
  212. pets pros and cons?
  213. ambitions or world adventures?
  214. Uh...I don't know if I'm suspended from the Sims 3 site or not.
  215. Collecting skill help
  216. Twallan's relativity mod
  217. Gnomes, gnomes, gnomes...
  218. sims 3 lots
  219. Mods!
  220. The Sims 3 Pets Interaction Bug
  221. Problem with the paparazzi
  222. Blanc lots with EnableLotLocking (answered)
  223. The problem with dining rooms...
  224. Umm... wtf? A sim met a car as schoolmate
  225. Whoa, my sim is a centaur! (Glitch w/pictures)
  226. When is many... too many?
  227. Cats and fish
  228. Are there any sliders hack for v.8.0.152?
  229. Why is EA Story Progression becoming worse and worse?
  230. Drop old romantic interests?
  231. oh my gosh you have to watch this video
  232. Call to meal on community lot
  233. packaging a lot full of CC - complete fail
  234. Are there any skins that look like this?
  235. Bored!? Come Play Sims with Coltraz!
  236. How do you like the faded painting look of Sims 3 faces?
  237. Installing .package files with google chrome?
  238. Tay Bayless
  239. Shape of Faces
  240. What about this
  241. sims on chairs/during actions and moveobjects
  242. Little help with the pets and other expansions
  243. Do I Really Need Pets...?
  244. why isnt the wiki working???
  245. How to install AwesomeMod? *MODS READ BEGINNG*
  246. How big is your saves? How to deal with big saves?
  247. Bug,any one have this?
  248. Where to sue for slander when travelling?
  249. A mod for preference of choice
  250. How do you choose which household to play?