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  1. Is there anything you do in-game that can implode it?
  2. Inanimate Sim
  3. Can testingcheatsenabled true screw up your game?
  4. Favourite Sims 3 music?
  5. Where to find screenshots
  6. Are there meals that don't go bad?
  7. What Challenge do YOU play?
  8. Do you know if there is a way to get the aquariam without buying high end loft stuff
  9. Spawning..
  10. Confused
  11. Horse caretaker mod?
  12. Anyone else crashing a lot
  13. Sims Free Play
  14. Has anyone used PC World digital downloads for Sims3?
  15. I got Lolita Goth in my game! :D
  16. If I see one more grey big lemon car, I will explode.
  17. Definition of a 'legacy' game?
  18. Worth getting?
  19. Looking for a "real person -Sim"!
  20. Pier/Jetty Placement?
  21. Ageing Sims/Pets
  22. More life in town?
  23. Private Investigator: How Do You Find...?
  24. The Sims 3 Official Website Issues
  25. 50% off of Pets and Generations downloaded thru Origin
  26. Portrait Panel Mod Problems
  27. Sims in Jail? Why not?
  28. OMGoodness, Meteor showers and disrespect for the dead...
  29. Custom Content Problems (This may get deleted!)
  30. World Adventures: The WORST EP?
  31. Can't make my own pets in CAS
  32. Cat Tail Length
  33. Where do you find this stuff?
  34. Saved my game in China, now lagging horribly
  35. Law Enforcement Career
  36. How do you change the maternity clothes?
  37. no maternity leave
  38. missing moon
  39. Large Bird Death = Death of Wife/Mother of Five
  40. Shower woohoo broken?
  41. Making my sims like this?
  42. Ready to install Pets, but, Question?
  43. Oh that lovely free will
  44. Custom City created under CAW tool questions
  45. Appaloosa Plains is EMPTY!
  46. Anyone else having issues running Sims 3 with Windows 8?
  47. Does talking to plants do anything?
  48. Do pet bowl's on community lots fill up automatically?
  49. Pose Player?
  50. Have you seen the new Sims 3 survey?
  51. When can I smooch a cat?
  52. Quick hack for package thumbnails ?
  53. Anyone teach me how to retexture without mesh?I'm so glad Newsea have new site
  54. what are some Sims 3 furniture sites I can visit?
  55. Is there a way to change the day of the week or the time in Live Mode?
  56. Sims lost their autonomy or free will
  57. Sims mysteries
  58. Traditions and rules in your game
  59. pets pregnancy
  60. Twallan's Animator/AwesomeMod
  61. Making nectar?
  62. Prom Problem
  63. A question about horsies...
  64. EA new poll: Alien World, Moon Colonist, Apocalyptic World, Wasteland Survivor
  65. reinforcing traits in pets and sims
  66. Woohooer mod
  67. Sim 3 pet pc version my sim son wont talk to anyone help me?
  68. Disappearing Fish from Inventory
  69. stealing flame fruit...
  70. Where are all the hotspots in Appaloosa?
  71. Need suggestions on organizing CC contents
  72. mysterious mr. gnome...
  73. Messed-Up Sims
  74. Probably stupid question: horse ball?
  75. Am I the only one who doesn't understand this?
  76. stray pets show only in new town?
  77. oh my gosh at last baby replacement clothes
  78. What Town
  79. Auto-noms Pet Feeder problems
  80. Your sim families
  81. Second-Hand Sims, an SP/EP idea
  82. Unicorn Powers Mod
  83. How can I get my horse to race?
  84. What's the mod that shuts tvs and what not off..? NRaas?
  85. Occupy Sunset Valley,Hidden Springs,etc, anyone?
  86. Too many old people! No new families!
  87. Adding Venues, etc. to Apaloosa Plains
  88. How do I get the "Oh my ghost!" opportunity?
  89. Unicorn with no Horn? It is a bug?
  90. Now served at the Little Corsican Bistro... Fish Pet Food?
  91. Uhm, what the hell??
  92. Sims 3 Pets for 360?
  93. Is this appropriate for MTS? Custom Career
  94. sims passed away on a community lot, where's the urn?
  95. The saddest thing I have ever seen..
  96. How to get rid of ghost horse
  97. My cat will not gain a hunting skill >.<
  98. Ghost challenge!
  99. i decided to get a horse...
  100. the food replicator...
  101. Do Sims AI buy items to accomodate pets/other sims?
  102. Fencing with gates no longer working to make NPC doors on ground level?
  103. How do I revive a minor pet?
  104. Problem with the hair of animals
  105. To anyone who likes creating Sims based off real people
  106. Is there a faster way?
  107. Unicorn Breeding
  108. Sell or Keep (found/hunted minor pets)
  109. Woohoo in 5 different places with 5 different sims
  110. How NOT to decorate a sequel: A Series
  111. Pets Collections folders
  112. Hidden Springs Ocean Fishing?
  113. Idea = create a library of downloadable prototype skilled sims with preset skills via Training Grounds world
  114. Midlife crisis wishes not counted?
  115. Sad and funny at the same time...
  116. Waghh(A sad sims day I lost my NRASS mods)
  117. giving away pets....
  118. Peeling Paint?
  119. Ice-Cream Goodness
  120. Pets in a empty neighborhood
  121. Things I've Seen/Heard/Read About in The Sims 3: Master Suite Stuff
  122. Big Sims 3 Sale at Origin 11/07-11/24
  123. My sims mother is also her girlfriend...
  124. no "pregnant" moodlet
  125. Have the sims developers been known peruse through forums?
  126. Help me please~ :(
  127. My sim keeps needing to go to work outside her working hours.
  128. Nectar and Plasma Fruit
  129. Any Megadeth sims out there?
  130. Forgot to save my sim to the sim bin
  131. Damn Fleas!
  132. Why is it taking so long to be able to propose?
  133. attention simsample!
  134. Why can't I catch birds?
  135. Lesbian pregnancy mod
  136. Anyone can enlighten me, what does this icon mean? It's ruining my game.
  137. help with master controller mod...
  138. pets stretching.
  139. Is it normal? My Sim only needs 3-5 hours of sleep a day.
  140. Regular Content not showing
  141. Help with a mod
  142. My sim is burning her food - everytime!!?
  143. Ugh!
  144. Can I alter the town
  145. Saved Camera Positions?!?!
  146. What expansion do you like the most? Why?
  147. Hello, how does the new patching work?
  148. Twinbrook debacle
  149. mod not accepted - issue
  150. Probably a silly question but . . .
  151. More pets than allowed...
  152. is the sims3 official forum down/?
  153. Question about skills in game.
  154. Can someone tell me how to install mods so they will work
  155. Game is shutting down itself
  156. Absolutely lost at the downloads section
  157. Maids no longer recurring?
  158. Future of the Extended Game Core
  159. Looking for a huge house for my sims 3 game.
  160. Is it possible to build my own apartment building?
  161. Is this a bug, a conflict or is it supposed to happen?
  162. Appaloosa Plains the only place with pets?
  163. Massive ammount of lag
  164. how can i make my sims 3 mods work on the pets expansion?
  165. Is Any One Else Getting Stuttering?
  166. Stray Pets?
  167. Changing Equestrian Center Competition Times
  168. How to set a sim's specific age and career level?
  169. Are the horses decent?
  170. horse stuck
  171. no minor pet interaction
  172. Has anyone thought of a Notification Mod?
  173. dogs and cats fur and hair meshes.
  174. PLastic surgery at local hospital
  175. New colors for ghost pets
  176. Need some help please
  177. Not sure where this is supposed to go...
  178. Pets store doesn't show up in game!
  179. Packaging Pets?
  180. How to get rid of vampires?
  181. Unicorn at last :D
  182. sims not aging?
  183. How To buy pets?
  184. Weird / ugly looking pets! :(
  185. 3 little gnomes
  186. "Quiet" cat my eye...
  187. Horse Racing Posts question: several lanes?
  188. HELP!!! Is it possible to use 'half tile' placement for build mode?
  189. Problem with pets and downloads!!
  190. Reservable Cribs??
  191. Moving to other city and deceased relatives
  192. Are there things NOT to be done in TS3?
  193. hide plumbob always active
  194. Need help with Sims 3 Store!
  195. Pet Lifetime Rewards
  196. So where are all the wild animals?
  197. Does Will Wright have a case against EA?
  198. Ability to make pet food?
  199. Baker Carreer
  200. When animals attack...
  201. Epic Fail
  202. None of the deer are boys?
  203. The sims 3 pets horse training glitch
  204. :new: Pet Sitter
  205. pregnant teen takes bath bit is just feet and a head
  206. Adopting pets
  207. creating collection files
  208. Glint 2.0
  209. Anyone built a dinosaur yet?
  210. Teen sim onily has 3 traits.Need help!
  211. We need: "register new breed" option like in TS2!
  212. Where are the strays?
  213. What do you mean there is no.......
  214. How do I make money with breeding and selling pets
  215. Can I transfer the neighborhoods from one computer to another?
  216. Scariest sims glitch ever O.O
  217. Have You Ever Called Your Boss a Sim (on accident)?
  218. Pets with Perks
  219. Ice cream/Icicle dilemma
  220. Have dogs/cats to be in the same household for breeding?
  221. Odd errror in graphics
  222. Horses in community lots...WTF?
  223. Pet households without sims
  224. "Liberating" Small Pets from Neighbors
  225. Pets and Custom worlds
  226. Bad (or maybe good?) playing habits?
  227. Similar to pets , do you think will ever be sims 3 farm life ?
  228. Colour me a house!
  229. Does anybody else find it kind of.. boring?
  230. is there a mod for the slowness of walking a pet
  231. Animal spawners question
  232. Have you seen a pitbull before, EA?
  233. Debt/Mortgage
  234. Custom icons in collections Sims Pets/Patch 1.26
  235. Where is the cash register?
  236. Ghost Foal?
  237. No Mosaic
  238. Ark lifetime wish - glitchy?
  239. What breed is my horse?
  240. "Trying For Foal"- Many failed attempts
  241. Why Can't I Buy Anything at the Pet Store?!
  242. Finally got the games, and my (grrr) experience with it.
  243. How to train a horse to be obedient?
  244. Other N'hood familys and pets?
  245. Horses and "mates".
  246. Sneaky Sims....
  247. Limited advancement
  248. Installation not complete?
  249. Selling horse problem, not sure if glitch?
  250. Lag, lag, lag after a while. Game "freezes" every 10 in game minutes.