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4th Aug 2011, 8:29 PM
I'm trying my hand at meshing clothes again, and trying to make a male top. It looks perfect in Milkshape, but when I import it into the TSR Workshop, it bleeds into the hands and neck. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I didn't delete any vertexes since TSRW is very picky about the morphs. Instead, I used the scale into method to make my meshes.

I Frankensteined the T-shirt mesh and the button down mesh, and used the texture coordinator tool to put it in their correct spots.

I attached an image of what it looks like in Workshop (the bleeding into skin) and what it looks like in milkshape (how I want it to look). I also attached a zip file of everything including the original T-shirt mesh and button down mesh.

♦Male Top Project is the milkshape project with all the meshes not grouped, but in the assigned spots in the texture coordinator.
♦Male Top TSRW Mesh Import is the completed, regrouped mesh to be imported into TSR Workshop (Highest LOD).
♦mult.dds is just my pathetic multiplier mesh to match the mask mesh. (The mesh won't import into Blender so I just put one together).
♦Original Button Down Shirt Mesh(TSRW Mesh Export) is the original button down shirt that I exported from the TSR Workshop.
♦Original T-Shirt Mesh(TSRW Mesh Export) is the original T-shirt that I exported from the TSR Workshop.
♦Rbg Mask.dds is the mask that I used with the milkshape texture coordinator.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could look at it and tell me how to fix it. I am really stumped and frustrated on what to do. :cry:

4th Aug 2011, 11:12 PM
It seems like you have a UV map issue :( Which is annoying, but not too hard to fix...

I looked at your mesh in Milkshape, and you have some vertexes overlapping the bodyskin. The worst problem is with the collar.

What I suggest doing:

1.) Use a body skin as a texture in Milkshape, apply it to you mesh.
2.) Move the vertexes away from the arms and neck.
3.) Update your Part Mask to match your multiplier.

I attached a print screen of what your UV map looked like.

Now, I'm not sure which shirt you used since you have like 15 morphs in there--was it the top/first one?

4th Aug 2011, 11:33 PM
You'll need to put the hands and torso back in the right place on the map too, otherwise your shirt will apply leg texture to the sim's hands and no texture to the neck.

I'm not sure what would have caused that kind of UV map screwage in the first place, though. Have you altered the map at all? Did you check between imports of new meshes to see how the map was looking?

4th Aug 2011, 11:50 PM
Sorry about all those morphs, Jasumi. Yes, the top one was the first one.
I'll reattach the zip file again with it labeled.

-The top one (button down shirt) is the main shirt.
-The middle one (Tshirt) is the layer over the main shirt(button down shirt)
-The last one (Nude) is the torso, hands, arms, neck, etc. Since I used the scale into button for the button down shirt and Tshirt, I needed to extract the nude mesh from Workshop so the arms and neck were not invisible.

whiterider, Yes, I altered the maps to get it in the color zone I wanted it to be in. If you need me to, I can upload the unaltered UV Maps if that will help.

4th Aug 2011, 11:58 PM
Ahh! That's the problem then. :) Don't do that - you should only alter the UV map, ordinarily, to eliminate any stretch/distortion. The problem with altering the map to fit one of your textures - the mask - is that it will no longer fit any of the other textures, some of which, like the skintone, you can't change to match. Alter the mask, not the map. :)

If you still have a version with the original mapping, I'd suggest switching back to that version. It'll save you a lot of time.

5th Aug 2011, 12:03 AM
That gives me a new problem. How do I know how to recolor it without changing the uv map? Sorry for all the questions. With objects, I was able to place the sections where I needed them to be, but it seems like with clothing, it's a different story.
Do I have to do a guess and check method of recoloring it? Or is there a way to save my UV map from milkshape and add it to GIMP?

5th Aug 2011, 12:17 AM
OP, you need to open up the texture maps of the original shirts you used, and them paint over them and use that as your new map.

EDIT: I'm Late lol

Good News:
1.) The nude mesh with the arms, neck, etc....is UV mapped perfectly fine!

Bad News:
1.) The two shirts need some serious fixing.

First off, I'm really not sure how or why you have arm and hand UV coordinates on your t-shirts since I see you did chop them off the mesh :(

I think your best (and less time consuming) option would be to re-import those two shirts and be careful this time! I also suggest you separate (and work on) your mesh morphs into different files as well, this could be contributing to your problem...

5th Aug 2011, 3:41 AM
Okay, I redid everything, but I am having problems with the rbg mask. There is a ring around the color and I am not sure how to fix it. I've been messing around with it for two hours trying to get it right.

I attached the TSRW project file as well as the multiplier and the rbg mask. Sorry about all the simple questions, but I can't figure out how to fix that one particular area.

6th Aug 2011, 8:44 PM
Sorry to double post, but I can't seem to edit any of my previous posts.

Anyway, I forgot to add all my meshes as well.

strangecoloring.jpg: This is the strange coloring that is on the outfit that I can't seem to recolor right. I have not modified the mesh in any way in the uv map in Milkshape.

labeledstrangecoloring.jpg: This is the .jpg labeled on where the problems are with the image.

Complete Male Top Mesh Project.zip: This is the complete project. In it includes:
Male Top TSRW.zip: This is the TSR Workshop project. It contains this:
Male Top TSRW Project.wrk: Just my TSRW Project file. It has everything put together.
multiplier.dds: The finished multiplier exported from workshop.
rbg mask w multiplier layers under it.dds: the unmerged rbg mask that has both the original multipliers under it.
Male Top Meshes and Exports folder: This is the meshes and everything exported out including the original files. In it includes:
Complete Male Top High Level Detail(TSRW Import).wso: The completed version of the male top (the one you see in the images). The UV map for it has been unmodified.
Original T-Shirt Mesh(TSRW Mesh Export).wso: The original T-shirt mesh.
Original Button Down Shirt Mesh(TSRW Mesh Export).wso: The original button down mesh.
multipliercomplete(TRSW Import).dds: The finished multiplier. It has been exported directly from my TSRW workshop project.
rbg mask w multiplier layers under it.dds: This is the reference rbg I used to try to recolor the meshes.
Button_Down_Multiplier_Original (TSRW Export).dds: The original Button Down shirt multiplier.
TShirt_Multiplier_Original (TSRW Export).dds: The original T-shirt multiplier.
RBGMaskUnmerged.dds: The RBG Mask unmerged with the recolor channels separate.
RBGMask(TSRW_Import).dds: The RBG Mask exported from my TSRW Project. (The finished RBG Mask).

Hopefully I have everything. I don't know what to do about the collar and can't figure out what section the collar is in. It seems to be connected to the T-shirt, but I am not sure how to keep them separate. :cry: Hopefully someone can help me figure out what the problem is with it. Thank you so much in advance.

6th Aug 2011, 9:52 PM
I can't look at your files right now, but there are two ways to get yourself a guide to use as far as where to put bits of textures goes.

The first is a little crude, but it works: create a new material in Milkshape, and set it to use the multiplier texture, then merge all your mesh groups and assign the new material to the new group. Go Windows -> Texture Coordinate Editor, maximise the window, and take a screenshot. That'll show your UV map in relation to your multiplier, and you can paste it into photoshop to use as a guide. Don't forget to undo so you get back to your unmerged groups. :)

The second is what I prefer. You'll need to export the mesh as .obj, then open it in UV Mapper Classic. Hit file -> Save texture map.

7th Aug 2011, 10:06 PM
You have a UV map problem because you have two shirts occupying the same area of the map.

The best thing to do (in addition to Whiterider's suggestion) is to delete parts of the mesh on the long-sleeved shirt that you can't see. It will also lower your poly-count.

7th Aug 2011, 11:01 PM
So, it's alright to delete parts of the shirt in the UV map editor? It won't cause problems?
If so, then I will definitely try that out. :bunny:

8th Aug 2011, 11:39 PM
No, No! Wait! lol Who knows what will happen if you try that...

You should delete the mesh like how you normally would in the editor. Just chop off some of the bottom shirt, no need to mess with the UV ^^;

9th Aug 2011, 1:32 AM
Ok, thanks. :)
Will it still work if I just use the scale into option so TSRW doesn't tell me I don't have enough vertexes?

9th Aug 2011, 4:09 AM
Hmm. Now this sounds like an entirely different issue, can you print-screen (or copy) the error message?

9th Aug 2011, 11:32 AM
If TSRW is telling you that the number of vertices is wrong, that's probably because you haven't updated the morphs to match your main mesh.

9th Aug 2011, 4:45 PM
I know this sounds stupid, but how do I update the morphs? Do I just keep trying to delete the vertexes and hope I eventually get the correct number?

10th Aug 2011, 1:11 AM
Nope. You need to use the original mesh to create new morphs for all the morphs you want to use.

This tutorial (http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=436612) covers that.

10th Aug 2011, 1:52 PM
If you can make the exact same edits to the morphs as you did to the base, that will work. If it's too difficult to do that, you'll have to make the morphs manually as Jasumi said. I'm working on a tool to do it automatically but it's not ready for prime time yet.