View Full Version : Globalstartup.cheat or userstartup.cheat

18th Apr 2012, 5:48 PM
Is there a difference between these? Does it make a difference? I did a Mike inside tutorial a while ago and it instructed to make a globalstartup.cheat instead. I do know it overrides the userstartup.cheat.

20th Apr 2012, 6:56 PM
the only diff I know of is you better don't mess with the globalstartup.cheat
because it can wreck the game if you do it wrong or delete te wrong line

it says so inside the original file by telling you "do not edit this file, make a userstartup.cheat and.........."

if you make an error in the user version it gets to be ignored from there
if you do it in the global the game may not start anymore

-->just my thoughts based upon the warning inside

21st Apr 2012, 5:55 PM
Also, if you write a cheat in globalstartup.cheat file, the cheat will be applied to all of the users on your computer, 'cause you made the cheat global. Like a global mod - inserted in game, modifies all neighborhoods. While the cheat in userstartup.cheat will affect only your game. But first you should refer to mr_db1's post! ;)


22nd Apr 2012, 10:53 PM
Thanks. I decided to revert the global to default and make a userstartup file. I messed around with the global cheat file for weeks trying different things and nothing bad happened. One automatic cheat I put in was 'boolprop allobjectlightson true' and the game wouldn't start unless I deleted it. A few other cheats make the whole file stop working ingame. Nothing major. The "aging off" cheat is not working for me unless I enable it ingame. I'm sure I remember it working at one time.

Probably the safest practice is to regularly make a copy of the neighbourhood folder. Then most game problems would be less worrisome.

24th Apr 2012, 4:23 PM
some cheats don't like being called before the game start and some are not wise to use that way

if you want to use "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" in whatever way(1/3,2/3or all 3 ways you can use them in) you capitalize it,
it can not be in the user start-up cheat file (won't work before neighborhood-view)

and don't put the cheat for placing items 'off grid' in there if you want to build your houses, I just found a bug with that one
you can't place windows and doors with it active

and be sure to use the correct folder to make this file in or it will not be read by the game
(for that reason I have it in the userdata for AL and MG and the copy that rests in the my documents from the first install day
contains my cheats too (just to be sure))

24th Apr 2012, 6:16 PM
I've never had any problem with the testingCheatsEnabled cheat in my userstartup.cheat file. Works perfectly.

24th Apr 2012, 11:52 PM
I'm not fond of using testingcheats while playing. I don't like how it stops actions sometimes. What's that about? Like when two sims are playing together and they jump apart and stand still for a moment. The action queue disappears too. I find it annoying. Any mods that use tc does the same so I avoid them.

The offgrid cheat doesn't let you place windows and doors when you enter it ingame either. I always use an alias. Or do you mean if it doesn't appear in the userstartup at all you can place windows with it 'on'? I figured it was because it is next to impossible to centre a window on a wall perfectly so it is disabled. I find it is one I use a lot so I definitely want to use an alias.

Besides I use letter aliases to enable those cheats so it's is quick to switch between. 'g' for offgrid, 'e' for cfe, '45' for allow45degreesofrotation, etc. To disable they are all followed by 'o' (meaning off).