View Full Version : Ottomas family did not get fixed by Seasons patch

11th Jun 2012, 7:34 PM
Hi all!

So I was just reinstalling my Sims 2 collection. Applied all the patches, as all the people here (http://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=477802) talked me into doing that. :)

And I came to Seasons. Installed it with no problem at all. Applied the patch, and went in-game to check out the Ottomas family mystery (if you're interested, read more here (http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Ottomas_family)). To see what happened, read the title. :rolleyes:

Now even though I installed Seasons in the following order;
install -> patch -> run
(so on that note the "Weather" suburb is created after the patch), I ran the game but nothing happened. I even tried deleting the user files (which don't have any saves - just the basic loadings from the previous games I'm going to overwrite with my save), but nothing helped.

Actually, it did. Sort of. Instead of giving twins random pet, townie, special character set as a father, the "father", or should I say, second biological mother, always appears to be Patricia Wan.

Now I don't really plan on playing the Ottomas family. But remembering that the fully glitched family is in the family bin (I backed up my game before, as I said - but those games weren't patched) is giving me nightmares (ok, not litteraly. Like I would dream of my Sims, yea' right... :sarcasm: must've been the only one who does that, JK).

What could I do to get rid of the family/twins? (Now, I don't want to kill parents and then have the kids be taken by the SW - on that note, I'd still have glitched Sims! -- I also don't want to age the twins up and then kill them all.) Could I use some SimPE magic to get rid of the pregnancy, or something else rather than killing the pregnant mother? :( (Damn, that smiley is really inappropriate there.)