View Full Version : What's your favourite Showtime profession & why?

14th Jun 2012, 2:27 PM
I do apologize if there's already a thread like this out there but I couldn't see one so I thought it was time to make one. ^^

I've had Showtime for quite some time now but I haven't really had the chance to play around with the new features and professions properly yet as I've been busy with college work and such, so I thought the best way to decide which profession I should try out properly first is to ask others!

So, what's your favourite profession (Magician, Acrobat, Singer) and why?

14th Jun 2012, 2:49 PM
Well, I stay away from the singer, generally. which is weird, since I'm a trained vocalist in real life. But some reasons why: yeah the songs are catchy, but after hearing the same damn song over and over it ain't so fun anymore. And sometimes I have to play with the sound off anyway, since I play late into the night. When they get a job level, they get a new song, but the animations are generally the same.
But I really like the other two professions. Magician is fun, but I think acrobat is my favorite, since I like to pretend that my athletic/eco-friendly/loves the outdoors sims are just doing there Yoga routines (of course, since it is Sims, their yoga is a lot different than ours!) Also, with both jobs, their tricks are relatively short, so when doing a show, you can mix it up more, and make it at least interesting to watch.

14th Jun 2012, 2:57 PM
Yeah, gotta say that when I first got the chance to play the game, I went straight to the Singer for some reason and got bored of it pretty quickly. At the moment I have a household with a sim who is an Acrobat and so far I'm enjoying it but I haven't gotten far as I haven't had much time to play it. I miss the Yoga interaction sims could do in TS2 so hopefully this will make up for it too ^^

14th Jun 2012, 11:26 PM
My favorite is the magician - pretty spectacular to watch and direct their stage performances especially when the fx machines are all set to fog and stagelights set to blue or white.

Second is singer - I get excited when the day of big show gig arrives and have a blast listening and arranging the songs and usually start the show two hours early just to squeeze in a lot of song arrangements.. verse, chorus, verse, verse, chorus, chorus, end song seems to sound like the best non-stage performance arrangement for most of the songs at least to me. I am in love with listening and arranging 'freeing myself' stage perfomances... it seems like the best song to insert poses kisses and flourishes as I feel like its best sounding arrangement is just alternating verse and chorus.

off-topic question: does anyone know the meanings for the 'audience expectations' performance icons for the singer? the ones for acrobats and magicians are pretty easy to figure out.

17th Jun 2012, 9:23 AM
My favourite is the singer profession. The songs are very great and I think that I have most possibilities with them while playing. I expected more when hearing that there will be magicians. But they have so few tricks.... I mean, there are so many coll things magicians could do. Like have assistants for the whole performance. So that this particular sim will be used for the tricks and that there were more for 2 sims. So all in all, I guess that showtime is (my opinion) the worst EP so far.

22nd Jun 2012, 6:03 PM
Since nobody has voted for the acrobat I'll do just that. She (in my game it was a she) has the most tricks and is (on level 10) capable of doing the whole show without repeating herself; also, her fire tricks are nice to watch, at least for a while. On the other hand the mime stuff gets boring very quickly. - The singer comes next and the magician the third in my book - not enough tricks. etc., as noted above.

I don't play any of them anymore, though; far too much grinding at the start and far too much money at the end of their careers. I guess the money part is realistic, at least for (some) singers and (a few) magicians, bur it's a game breaker for me.

25th Jun 2012, 6:35 PM
I've only played Acrobat and Singer. The acrobat is nice but it's so freaking easy to advance in it! I'll have to try the Magician one soon .