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Default Main Bedroom Objects - Part 1

Wallpaper & Flooring
*Wallpaper & Wavy Wood Flooring comes in 2 colors - Pink and Turquoise.
*Looks great coordinating or with mixed colors.
*Flooring looks really great with reflective flooring.

Bed and Room Bench
BED ERROR FIXED (was an error in the texture file; is now fixed, so please REDOWNLOAD!)
* Meshes by Jope at Simply Styling (included)

Floor Pillows
* Mesh (included) by ChinaFan Sims

Trash Basket
* Mesh by Avalon (included)

Flowers w/vase (FaceCount: 1992)
* Flowers and vase mesh by Maxis (edit by RainNCandy)
* Water addition mesh by RainNCandy

3d object conversion: *No separate meshes to download for all 3D object conversions*
* Extra Bed Pillows (FaceCount: 972)
* Pillow was a 3d object that I converted. Was a single pillow that I duplicated and resized to make a "double pillow" set.
I used the "OMSP (One more slot package) For Beds" by "JohnBrehaut1" to place the pillows on the bed. Here is the link:
* Mesh by SteelSM and RainNCandy
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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File Type: zip (117.8 KB, 2667 downloads)
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File Type: zip (137.6 KB, 2321 downloads)
File Type: zip (79.7 KB, 2183 downloads)
File Type: zip Pink Panther Pink Wallpaper & Flooring (124.3 KB, 2728 downloads)
File Type: zip Pink Panther Turquoise Wallpaper & Flooring (134.2 KB, 2659 downloads)
File Type: zip RainNcandy_PinkPanther_TeenBed - (1,018.6 KB, 2743 downloads)
File Type: zip MAIN BEDROOM OBJECTS - PART (1.64 MB, 7352 downloads)