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Default Electronics

* Mesh (included) by Around the Sims 2
* Comes in 2 color options - Pink and Grey
* I totally remade the entire keyboard design (the graphics, not the actual keyboard mesh).
I remade all of the keys to make the keyboard look like a "TouchStream MacNTouch Ergonomic" keyboard. I placed all of the text/digits on the keyboard keys.

DVD Player (decorative) UPDATE
* Mesh (not included) by Peggy Sims 2
* Go to:
* Go to page 9 - It is the 1st set on the page

* I totally recreated the design (graphics) of the dvd player. On the front view of the dvd player, I made it look like there was a slot for a dvd to be placed in, and I made the buttons and text on the player, and I placed the design on top of the dvd player.

* Mesh (not included) by SimIncredible Designs
* Go to: "Downloads" - "Object sets" - "Livings" - page 6 Othello Set
* Mesh is at bottom of page. You can download the stereo without downloading the entire Othello set.
* I totally recreated the entire design (graphics) of the stereo. I made all of the buttons, text, and designs of the stereo.

3D Object conversion
Television (FaceCount: 1702)
* Mesh by Petomavar and RainNCandy
* TV "box shape" and stands by Petomavar
* TV buttons, "sound box", text by RainNCandy
* Antenna was not part of original 3D television, but I placed them on there to give the tv a "retro" feel.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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