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Well, this should eliminate every possible doubt...

This snapshot has been taken in a fresh new "Only FreeTime" AnyGame.

I never tried before the "resurrect" option of the Genie, nor I have checked the code, so I can't say whether ALL the resurrections create zombies, or which conditions must be met.
The old man (the asker) was platinum, and no money was asked at all (so, there is no check about the amount paid, like for the Resurrectonomitron).

I would like, also, to explain the file structure of the various EP.
I too thought, at the beginning, that the installation of an EP somehow "merged" the various Objects.package. This is not true: the Objects package that comes with FreeTime contains ALL the objects and BHAVs and other resources from ALL the previous EPs. But then, why can't you have the objects for the EPs that you don't have installed? Because what is missing is the mesh, along with the textures, materials, joint structure etc: basically, everything related to the exterior look of the objects. When you install FreeTime, of course, you DON'T have all the "ObjectsXX.package" (located in Res\3D), and therefore those objects can't be seen in game, even if the main objects.package contains the OBJD, BHAV, SLOT, Text Lists etc. Moreover, each OBJD contains a special "EP code" that prevents an object from appearing in the catalog if you don't have the right EP installed.

Back to zombies
As said, the main Objects.package from FreeTime contains all the BHAVs related to the zombie management, and the "3D" files from FreeTime contain all the animations and textures for the zombies (they are duplicates of the UNI ones: in most cases their name is still "ep1_xyz...").

So, I'd change the title of this thread to "Zombie in FreeTime? YES!"

EDIT: I've resurrected three sims in total, and they all were zombies...

I've checked the code; the lamp simulates a payment, based on a random number ("X") between 0 and 100:
X < 20 ---> simulated payment of 0§ ---> resurrect zombie
20 < X < 60 ---> simulate payment of 5000§ ---> resurrect sim with messed up personality
X > 60 ---> simulate payment of 10000§ ---> perfect resurrection.

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