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I thought I might give it a try to write a story for the lot. There is no CC, I hope it's ok to let a Sim take some pictures to use.

Sam and Julie met at a crowded café, when Julie tripped and spilled her icy cold slush all over Sam. Julie's attempts to help him clean it up only made it worse, so she ripped off his shirt, right in front of everyone staring at them and promised to wash it for him. It all happened so fast that he didn't have time to say anything, so he just went home with her to get his shirt. While waiting for it to get washed and dried they started talking and realised they enjoyed each others company.

They decided to meet again and a few months later they were engaged. After a small wedding they moved to an apartment in the city and Sam worked hard to give Julie everything money could buy, because he was so happy to have her. He didn't listen when she told him he didn't have to work so hard, she could get a job too as soon as she found one.

After a while Julie started to worry about Sam, he was stressed and overworked. He noticed a saddness in her eyes and worked even harder to give her something that would make her happy, but nothing did so one day he asked her. "What do want Julie? I'll give you anything." She looked at him and answered. "All I want is you, and a garden where we don't have to listen to the constant street noises, only hear the humming of fuzzy bumblebees and the birds singing. I want flowers and trees, a place to call home, not expensive clothes and jewlery or nightlife in a city that never sleeps." Sam could hardly belive what she just said. All this time he thought she enjoyed living in the city with all the things to do there, when she really wanted the same thing he wanted, a peaceful life close to nature.

They sold everything they had and bought a small piece of land with some big trees on it where they built a home for themselves. It was tiny, but they both loved it. Their happiness was complete when they had a daugther, but it didn't last long. A few months after Norelle was born Julie got sick. There was nothing they could do for her at the hospital so she asked Sam to take her home and let her spend her last few days in the garden.

Julie now lies in the shade of the weeping willow and when Norelle, who was too young to remember her mother asks about her, Sam tells her that she has turned into a butterfly and if she listens closely she can hear her whisper in the wind.

Street view.

Only one floor.


Living room.



Another part of the garden.

The grave.