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Default Jenna St James - R1 - Application
I still need to get my free shot done. And I have to find a photoshop cd to put it on this computer since it apparently didn't come with it. How wierd is that??? Then, I can make the background white again, I hate the way the white paint is hardly ever white when you take pics before it.

NAME: Jenna St. James
AGE: 22
BIRTHPLACE: St. Paul, Minnesota
CULTURE: Minnesota Nice (or Midwestern to those who have never heard of Minnesota Nice)

Head Shot

Profile Shot

Body Shot

How much longer do we have to finish? It's just hitting dinner time on Monday where I live.

1st Place : Superb Sibling, Hearts Consume the Stars Contests
2nd place : Daddy N Me Cycle 2 Alien Edition, Sims Real Estate Contests
3rd Place : World Zombie Model Agency Contest
4th Placce : Aspiration N Me, Maxis Makeover Home Edition, My Girl, Stages of Life, SRE Cycle 2 Contests